Vacation Blues.

Part 2.

By: Vinnie , 97 All Rights Reserved

Amy: This has got to be an elusion.
Monster: Well it isn't. Take that. HA!
Vinnie: DUNK!!!!
Luna: Is everyone OK?
Throttle: Well I'm o....hey, your a talking cat.
Luna: No time to explain now just follow me and Artamis.
(They led them into an in door basket ball court.)
Artamis: This is scout business.
Luna: Right.
Modo: You can talk too?
Artamis: Yes.
Vinnie: Wow cool.
Serena: Luna, Artamis, they will no are secret identities.
Amy:Rei:Lita:Mina: Yeah.
Luna: You three must promise never to tell anyone what you see here. Got it?
Modo:Throttle:Vinnie: Promise.
Rei: Luna is this guy from the negavurse or what?
Luna: No dought about it. This guy is definitely from the negavers.
Modo: Huh?
Vinnie: What?
Throttle: Nega. what?
Artamis: The negavurse is an army of very powerful, evil people and monsters with evil powers. But I can't talk anymore about that, that thing will be in here any minute. All right its scout time.
Lita: Right.
Amy:Rei:Lita:Mina:Serena: SCOUT POWER!
Vinnie: I've never seen anything more beautiful.
Throttle: You said it.
Modo: I totally agree with you bros.
(Just then the monster came in the room and shot a fire ball at Sailor moon.)
Sailor moon: Ahhhhhh.
(Right before it hit her a magic rose hit the fire ball and stopped it. Then a young man, about 16 years old in a tuxedo, cape, hat, and white mask, jumped down from the basket ball hoop.)
Sailor moon: Tuxedo Mask, you saved me.
Throttle: This is a good guy right?
Sailor mars: Yeah, this guys definitely good.
Monster: And who might you be?
Tuxedo Mask: I'm Tuxedo Mask sworn to defend the universe against evil like you.
Sailor Mercury: I'm Sailor Mercury.
Sailor Mars: Sailor Mars.
Sailor Jupiter: Sailor Jupiter.
Sailor Venus: Sailor Venus.
Sailor moon: And I'm Sailor Moon campaign of justice. I will right wrongs and triumph over evil, and your the worst kind of evil. On behalf of the moon in concur you.
Monster: Oh, and you guys think you hot too huh. Who are those other three?
Modo: Ugh, I'm Modo.
Throttle: I'm Throttle.
Vinnie: I'm Vinnie Swarzanager.
Every good guy: Who????
Vinnie: Never mind.
Monster: I've never heard of you guys before and I'm sure I never will once I'm done with you. Salong sucks.
(He shoot three base balls out of the base ball bat at them. One of them was about to hit Sailor moon.)
Vinnie: Sailor moon watch it.
(He pushed her out of the way and instead of her getting hit by the base ball he did.)
Throttle: Vinnie, no.
Modo: Vinnie.
Tuxedo mask: Hurry and bring him outside through the back door.
Throttle: I'll help him. Modo stay here and help the scouts.
Modo: Right. All right creep you messed with a family member and thats going to far. I have a weapon of my own. Here chew on this.
(He through a granade at him and then they all ran out of there and to Throttle, Vinnie, and Tuxedo Mask.)
Sailor Venus: Where did you get that from?
Modo: I always carry some just in case of emergencies.
Sailor Venus: Oh.
(When they looked at Tuxedo Mask they saw him patting Throttle on the back saying I'm so sorry over and over again. Throttle was crying.)
Modo: Why is Throttle crying? How's Vinnie? Is he going to be ok?
Tuxedo Mask: I'm sorry Modo. I'm so, so sorry.

Continued in Part 3