Vacation Blues.

Part 3.

By: Vinnie , 97 All Rights Reserved

Modo: What do you mean? Whats the matter with Vinnie and Throttle.
Tuxedo Mask: Throttle is crying tears of joy.....
Modo: What??????
Tuxedo Mask: Tears of joy because Vinnie is alive and will stay alive for a long time to come.
Modo: Ohhh thank god. What did you do to help him?
Tuxedo mask: Well nothing actually. There was a poison in that base ball thing and you die in five minutes. Thank god he lived through it. I was saying sorry that he had to go through five minutes thinking Vinnie was going to die.
Modo: Saying sorry to who?
Tuxedo Mask: Throttle.
Modo: Oh.
Vinnie: Ohh....a......ouch. I don't feel very good. I gotta headache.
Sailor Jupiter: Hang in there tuff guy. You passed the worst part. You'll be OK.
Vinnie: Yeah I guess I'll be........hey is that monster still out there somewhere.
Sailor Venus: No I don't think so. Thanks to Modo that is.
(Just then the monster came walking up. He was all bloody and cut up. He was very weak.)
Monster: That's what you think you pueny fools you can not defeat me HA HA HA HA. I'm invincible and can never be defeated.
Vinnie: I thought you said this guy was dead.
Monster: Oveusly they were wrong. This time you won't escape.
Luna: Sailor Moon this is your Q.
Sailor Moon: Ohh yeah. MOON TEARA..........
Sailor Mars: Why does everyone have to ceep reminding you Sailor Moon? You could never do anything on your own. Could you?
Sailor Moon: Can to.
Sailor Mars: Can not.
Sailor Moon: CAN TO!
Sailor Mars: CAN.......
Sailor Mercury: You guys ,ya no were kind of busy here, can't this wait?
Artamis: Right.
Sailor Moon: Well if Mars wouldn't have kept......
Everyone: JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sailor Moon: Ok, ok, already. MOON TEARA MAGIC!!!!
Monster: NOOOOOOOO!!!!
(The teara cut through him like a blade and killed him instantly.)
Throttle: Yes we won.
Luna: You nailed that creep Sailor Moon. Everyone good work.
Artamis: Yes good work.

Airport a week later.

Modo: Were going to miss you guys a lot.
Throttle: Yeah. Maybe will meet again.
Mina: I hope so.
Lita: Yeah it won't be the same with out ya.
Luna: Artamis: Good-bye!!
Amy: See ya.
Vinnie: I'm going to miss everyone so much.
Serena: Bye guys.
Rei whispered: Vinnie here's my number. When ya get home call me. Or call me the next time you'll be coming out here.
Vinnie whispered back: Sure thing sweety.
(They got in the plain and left.)


Charley: Hi guys welcome back. I just got back from my friends house two hours ago. So how was your guys vacation.
Modo: Ugh, well ya see...
Throttle: It was, it was...
Vinnie said this very fast: Well we got there and a monster almost killed me but the scouts came, and no I don't no how they are in real life, but they saved us and ectra, ectra, ectra.
(Everyone's mouth dropped open.)
Vinnie: But anyway I'm looking forward to going there again soon.
Vinnie: What'd I say? Well I have someone to call so I'll be in my room.
( He walked in his room and dialed Rei's number.)
Dial tone: I'm sorry the number you dialed is at earth and can not be reached. Please hang up and try again.
Vinnie: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

The End.