Vacation Blues.

By: Vinnie , 97 All Rights Reserved

(This story starts out where the Biker Mice are on a plane ready to land in Japan,Earth.)

Vinnie: This is going to be a great vacation. I just hope Charley's ok.
Modo: Don't worry. She's at her friends house having a great time. Now have fun were almost there. See we just landed.
Throttle: Yes were finally out of that plain. Now we can do some sight seeing. What do you think we should look at first?
Vinnie: Sight seeing later, first lets have some fun by watching a football game or something.
Modo: Hey this sign says that there will be a volley ball game a couple blocks from here starting in 5 minutes.
Vinnie: Volley ball isn't my favorite sport but lets check it out anyway.
( When they got there the couch was calling out the names of the players.)
Couch: Lita, Rei Hino and last but not least Mina Minako. Give a clap for these volley ball winners!!
Vinnie: Wow you didn't tell me this was a girls volley ball game.
Modo: Well you never asked. But who cares lets just watch um for a couple of minutes.
Vinnie: Hey, I got no problem with that.
Throttle: Nether do I.
( They sat down next to a girl in short blue hair and blue eyes. She was wearing white overalls and a blue short sleeved shirt. Her name was Amy. The girl sitting next to her had long blond hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a pink skirt and a white sleeveless shirt. Her name was Serena. She had a black cat and a white cat sitting on her lap. The cats both had little crescent moons on their forehead. The black cats name was Luna and the white cats name was Artamis. Amy and Serena looked like they were about 14.)
Vinnie: This is a great game but what we need is some popcorn.
Throttle: Yeah, great idea Vinnie.
Modo: Hey, there's a guy who's selling some popcorn. Will take one.
Popcorn seller: That will be a dollar please.
Modo: Ok, here.
Popcorn seller: Thank you. Have a nice day.
(45 minutes later the game was over.)
Vinnie: Hey guys lets go get there autographs and congratulate them for winning the game.
Throttle: Ok Vinnie. Modo ya coming.
Modo: Sure.
Amy: Lita, Rei, Mina, you guys were great.
Rei: Thanks but it would have been even more fun if you where playing.
Amy: I would have but I was studying for are math test tomorrow. Anyway it was really fun watching you guys.
Lita: Thanks Amy.
Mina: Ya thanks.
Rei: Well aren't you going to congratulate us Serena?
Serena: Oh ya, Lita and Mina and the others where ever they are you were really great. Rei you were ok I guess. Well for an amateur that is.
Rei: Hey, what do you mean amateur? Why you don't no even how to walk one block with out falling down. Your just jealous meat ball head.
Serena: Oh yeah. Arrrrr.
Vinnie: Excuse me. I hope I'm not bothering you but can we have your autograph.
Rei: Oh ya, sure. Lita, Mina, these guys here want are autographs. Sorry the others left right after the game was over.
Lita: Oh, ok.
Mina: Sure. Here ya go.
Modo: Vinnie: Throttle: Thanks.
Rei: Your welcome. Oh, and if I'm an such an amateur and your not how come no ones asking for your autograph Serena?
Serena: But-out Rei.
Lita: Are they ever going to stop fighting?
Amy: Not in are lifetime Lita.
Mina: Yeah, tell me about it. They've been fighting ever sense they met.
( Just then something blasted out of the ground about 100 feet away from them. It was a huge red monster with his veins pooping out of his skin and giant muscles. He had a whistle around his neck and his left arm was a giant baseball bat and his left arm was a basket ball that was a fire.)
Lita: What's going on here?
Mina: I'm I seeing right?
Modo: Throttle: Huh?
Serena: L...L...Luna, Ar...Artamis, HELP!!!!!!
Rei: What's is that thing?
Vinnie: Pinch me if I'm dreaming.
Monster: Everyone say bye-bye.

Continued in Part 2