Part Three

Leanne Mac Leod , Aug 6, 1997.

I wrote this story to share my feelings of the Biker Mice with everyone, I won't be making a profit.

The figure standing in front of Stoker and Throttle was tall, muscular and frighteningly familiar!
"Dad?!!!!" Throttle asked in shock. Stoker's jaw was dropped in surprise. Tredz was alive! But it wasn't the same Tredz they had known.He was wearing an unfamiliar sleeveless leather trench coat. His arms had been replaced by two shiny steel ones armed with cannons. His right side was replaced by metal machinery to his shoulder. Steel plates was all he had of a neck. Only the left side of his face was recognizably Tredz. His right antennae was substituted by what looked like a T.V antennae.It was surrounded by a piece of metal that was blinking wildly in red flashes.It looked like a computer of some kind.His eyes glowed a bright red and he wore a horribly mean look on his face.
"Tredz.... what happened to you?" Stoker asked concerned.
"You Rebel scum have seen too much and now must be terminated!" Tredz said in a droning mechanical voice.He raised both arms and readied his guns.
"RUN!" Stoker screamed, he and Throttle took off in a flash.They were followed by lazer fire. Tredz got on his bike, which had changed a lot as well, and began pursuit.
My Dad's alive! But he's mean and obviously working for the Plutarkians! I have to snap him out of it but how? Tredz grabbed hold of Throttle's jacket and hauled him off his bike. Somehow he'd gotten behind him! Tredz threw Throttle to the ground as the bike was still moving. Throttle slammed into the ground and rolled for what seemed like forever.A stabbing pain shot through the shoulder that connected with the ground first.Throttle looked up to see his father stopped about ten feet away, both guns ready to fire on him at any second.
"Dad, please don't do this!" Throttle begged. Tredz didn't move a muscle.Stoker was behind Tredz aiming his blaster at him.Throttle shook his head vigorously when he saw him Please don't shoot him Stoke! I can get him back I know I can! "Don't you remember me? I'm Throttle, your son!" Tredz lowered his guns.
"Throttle?" The mechanical voice said,the red glow in his eyes disappeared.That did it!
"You remember!" Throttle said with joy.Tredz shook his head furiously from side to side.
"No...No! Stay away! Get away from me! Just stay away from me Throttle!" Tredz said sternly and sped away into the desert. Stoker let him go and ran over to Throttle who was kneeling in the sand holding his shoulder.
"Throttle, are you hurt?" Stoker asked.
"Yeah." Throttle replied blankly, but he wasn't talking about his shoulder.

Throttle and Stoker walked up the pathway to Throttle's front door. It was about two in the morning. Stoker had taken Throttle to the hospital to get his shoulder looked at. It wasn't broken, just badly bruised and sprained, his whole arm was immobilized by a splint. The doctor said it would heal in a few days.Stoker knocked on the door. Throttle had no idea why, it was his house they could've walked right in.
"Now, let me do the talking." Stoker said.
"What are you gonna tell her?" Throttle asked.He was curious as to what Stoker's plan for getting him back into the Freedom Fighters would be.
"Everything." Stoker said. The door opened. Throttle's mother stood there in her house coat, her hair wasn't tangled indicating she hadn't been sleeping.She looked right at her son ignoring Stoker.
"Do You think I'm Stupid? I heard you sneaking out last night! What did you thi......" She saw the splint." What happened to you?!!" She demanded. Throttle opened his mouth to explain but Stoker cut him off.
"Silverdawn,can I talk to you? It's important." Stoker said.
"Get in here the both of you, the neighbors are gonna start talkin'!" They entered the house. Throttle tried to sneak off to his room, but his mother wouldn't allow it. She grabbed him by the ear and pulled him toward the kitchen.
"Nice try, Mr. Man, but I haven't even begun to deal with you!" all three of them sat at the kitchen table. Silverdawn got right to the point.
"Say what you're gonna say Stoker! I have to discipline my son before my anger fades!" Silverdawn said. She folded her arms and glared at the two of them. Throttle knew that look, it meant he was in big trouble!
"O.k, but I'm warning you, it's not gonna be pleasant!" Stoker said. He told her everything, from how powerful the Plutarkians really were, to the Army's not getting involved attitude.He told her about Karbunkle's lab, Throttle's misadventure there and finally about Tredz.
Silverdawn's facial expressions changed from fury, to shock and repulsion, to fear and finally to despair.All in the hour it took Stoker to explain.She had her head on her palm, finally she spoke.
"I don't understand, how did Tredz survive? Why is he working for Plutark? What did they do to him to make him act like that?!!! He'd never hurt Throttle! Never!!!! Why did he though?!!"Silverdawn shouted in rage and despair.The stuff Stoker told her about the Plutarkians didn't effect her as much as the news about Tredz did.
"I wish I had answers for you but I don't.I have a question for you though. Can Throttle please be a Freedom Fighter again? I told you the army does nothing to stop the Plutarkians, he has real talent to be a leader and to help put a stop to all this craziness. People are going to continue getting hurt! Also, Tredz recognized Throttle,and told him to stay away. I think he knows what he's doing, but he can't control his actions and needs our help! If we could trap him somewhere long enough to talk to him I think we can snap him out of whatever brainwashing Karbunkle has done to him!"Stoker said.
Tears were streaming down Silverdawn's cheeks, there had been a long pause before She spoke."I love my husband, and my children. I want the best life possible for them. And I see now that the Freedom Fighters are the only chance of that."she wiped her cheeks.
"Excellent!" Throttle shouted and jumped out of the chair. His shoulder screamed with pain but he didn't pay any attention to it, he was too happy.
"None of what Stoker said gave you any excuse to act the way you did!" Silverdawn said sternly. Throttle blushed in guilt.
"I know, I'm sorry Mom." He gave his Mom a one armed hug, she hugged him back and said."I love you very much sweetheart, I was very worried about you tonight! Don't you ever do that again!"
"I won't I promise!"Throttle said. He thought about how rudely he'd treated his mother,and realized she wasn't the only one he'd treated that way.
"I have to take care of something right away!" Throttle practically screamed.
"What do you have to take care of at this hour?" His mother asked.
"Trust me, it's important! I promise I'm not going to do anything stupid!" Throttle said.
"Well all right." Silverdawn said suspiciously.
"Thanks!" Throttle ran out of the house before he heard his mother say....
"Don't be too long!"

Carbine woke up to a tapping sound coming from her window. She turned on the lamp rubbed her eyes until they adjusted to the brightness and opened the window.
"Who's there?" She asked sleepily.
"Carbine!" A familiar voice called out from the ground.Carbine recognized her now ex-boyfriend, pebble in hand ready to pelt the window.
"What do you want?" Carbine asked impatiently. He had made it quite clear he wanted nothing to do with her anymore, so why was he in her yard at three thirty in the morning?
"I came to apologize to you,It was wrong of me to treat you the way I did! Please forgive me!" He said sincerely.
"Give me one good reason why! You seemed pretty sure of what you wanted earlier, what made you change your mind?"Carbine asked angrily.
"I realized it was wrong of me to blame you for everything! I was hurt and angry and I wasn't thinking straight! I learned so much tonight, about everything! I didn't appreciate you or anyone else, I'm so sorry!!! I'll understand if you don't forgive me, because I can't think of a single good reason why you should."
There was a long pause, then finally Carbine spoke up."I can. You're sweet and kind. Not many guys would come to their girlfriends window and admit that they were wrong." she said and smiled.
"You forgive me then?!" Throttle asked.
"Of course I do, Wrenchhead!Now go to the front door! My parents are gone for the weekend and I could use some company." Carbine said and grinned. Throttle ran to the front door.He fixed his helmet hair while he waited for her to open it. The first thing she noticed was the splint.
"What happened to you?!!" She asked surprised. His arm wasn't like that before he took off into the desert.
"It's a long story, care to hear it?" Throttle asked.
"Start talking!" Carbine said and dragged him to the living room couch by his good arm. Throttle told her about his dad and the way he acted. She was as shocked as his mother.
"That's awful, I'm so sorry!" She said sympathetically."How will you get him back to normal?" Carbine asked.
"Stoker will think of something." Throttle said. Carbine nodded.
"I know he will! I'm starting to think I should have joined the freedom fighters instead of the army." Carbine said.
"Well, it's not too late." Throttle said. Carbine shook her head.
"You know my Dad, he'll never allow it." Carbine said. Throttle remembered the warning her dad gave him the first night he picked her up. It was worded as 'Hurt my daughter in any way and I'll brake your legs!' He was a former soldier himself, he was put out of the army when his knee was injured in training procedures. Now he was a history professor. He didn't break Throttle's legs. Carbine said her father liked him better than any other guy that had ever talked to her.Throttle was relieved at that.
"Ya wanna watch a movie? They usually have them on this time of night." Carbine asked. Throttle agreed, forgetting about Stoker and his mom completely. He was so happy Carbine forgave him. The two of them snuggled up together on the couch and started to watch an old sci-fi thriller.

Throttle left Carbine's house and strode over to his bike. A huge smile plastered all over his face. He went to get on when...
"Not so fast,Biker breath!" A female voice said loudly. Throttle looked in all directions but saw no one.
"Who's talking to me?" Throttle asked.
"Waddaya mean 'Who's talking to me?' Don't you recognize your best friend?"
"Vinnie? Modo?"Throttle asked.
"Not them ,stupid!ME!!!!!" Throttle's bike did a wheelie and flashed it's headlights.
"You? You can't talk!" Throttle said.
"I'm talkin right now aren't I?" The bike said as it put both wheels back on the ground.
"Well, how come you never talked before?" Throttle asked.
"I wasn't being replaced by a floozy before!" The bike said.
"Carbine is not a floozy!" Throttle said defensively.
"Yes she is! She's a floozy and a scuz!" The bike said meanly.
"I don't like your language!" Throttle said.
"And I don't like your girlfriend!" The bike said.
"That's too bad! Because You're a machine and there's no reason for you to be jealous because I'll never love you the way I love Carbine!" Throttle said.
"That's all I am to you?!! A MACHINE?!!!!" The bike revealed it's guns. "START RUNNIN BIKER TRASH!!!!!!"
"You wouldn't dare!" Throttle warned.
"TRY ME!!!!!" The bike shot a lazer, it landed at Throttle's feet.
"STOP THAT!!!" Throttle hollered.
"NO!" The bike shot another lazer, it landed closer this time.It kept on shootin'.
"AAAAGGGHHHH!" Throttle screamed and ran. The bike chased him all over Carbine's lawn, screaming curses at him.
"Throttle?" Carbine was at her window, she was wearing a silky red night shirt."What's going on?"
"CARBINE LOOK OUT!!!" Throttle screamed as the bike shot a missile at the window. It was just about to hit when......
"AAAAGGGHH!" Throttle woke up with a start. That was one crazy dream!
"Mmmmmmppppphhh," Carbine groaned, her head was on Throttle's shoulder. They'd both fallen asleep watching the movie."What time is it?" She said and yawned at the same time. Throttle looked at the living room clock.
"Ten Twenty Two A.M. " Throttle replied.
"Does your Mom know you came here?" Carbine asked and sat up.
"Ooooh,That's not good." Carbine said.
Throttle said his goodbye's to his girlfriend and promised he'd see her when he'd get back from base. He walked towards his bike, very cautiously. The bike bleeped in recognition, Throttle paused then thought Don't be silly, It was just a stupid dream! He got on and started home.

His Mom was fully clad in her riding outfit, black leather pants,boots and gloves. Not to mention the chains on the shoulders of her biker jacket and a gun at her side. He walked into the house, Stoker at her side.
"Um Mom, Why are you wearin' all that stuff?" Throttle asked. He had never seen her in that outfit. He'd only seen her on her own bike a few times. She usually drove the truck or rode with Tredz. Tredz said she was a mean biker chick when she was young, and they'd done some crazy stuff together.Having children made her settle down. He said people used to call her Demos' Angel, Tredz always called her Biker Beauty. Now that he thought of it, besides his grandparents, Stoker was the only person Throttle had heard call his Mother by her real name, Silverdawn.
"Stoker and I have a plan to get your father back to normal."Silverdawn said.
"And that explains why you're dressed like that?" Throttle asked.
"I'm going to help!" Silverdawn said.
"Don't be silly, you're a mother! You can't go ridin' around fighting! What about Torque?"Throttle asked.He didn't want to ride with his mom! That would be too weird.
"I sent him to Grandma's! Now get on your bike we've wasted enough time waiting for you!"Silverdawn said sternly, ignoring what her son had said about being a mother.
"I guess you'll want to know where I spent the night." Throttle said nervously as they left the house.He hadn't thought up a way to tell her he'd been at his girlfriend's all night.
"Where you went is your business." She said and got on her bike. Throttle and Stoker got on theirs and they headed for the desert.
Throttle pulled up to Stoker. "Why is mom really coming with us?" It didn't seem right that Stoker would let her be a part of the plan. Stoker didn't like civilians getting involved.
"She told you why, I have a plan,But we're gonna need all the help we can get. Besides, Tredz recognized you, he'll recognize your mother too."Stoker said. Throttle accepted the explanation, he was just glad his mother wasn't coming to protect him or something embarrassing like that.
"Didn't I ever teach you it isn't polite to talk to someone in front of a person you're talking about?" Silverdawn asked her son.
"Yeah, sorry Mom." Throttle replied.This is going to be a long few days!

"I see our bionic soldier has some flaws." Lord Stilton said as he entered Karbunkle's lab. Karbunkle was tinkering with a remote. Tredz was strapped to a lab table.His eyes fixed on an unknown point in the room, not struggling. Karbunkle strode over to him.
"There's a couple of bugs to work out, I'm working on a way to erase his long term memory, then he'll forget about his brat or any other ties." Karbunkle hit a button on the remote. Tredz eyes stopped glowing. He looked around and began to struggle.
"You made me hurt him! You made me hurt my son!!! I'll kill you!!!! I'll find a way to gain control and I'll kill you all!!!!!!!"Karbunkle hit the button again, Tredz returned to his trance like state.
"Also the bionic components aren't as strong as I'd wanted, but he's still a killing machine, those pesky Freedom Fighters won't stand a chance against him."
"Is he safe to use Tonight?" Stilton asked.
"Certainly, provided that kid isn't around to jog his memory again!" Karbunkle said.
"He was injured was he not?" Stilton asked.
"Yes, not seriously though. Mice have an amazing ability to recuperate quickly, he'll no doubt be there."
"Well, we'll just have to make sure he gets no where near our walking arsenal!"

It was 8:24 p.m. The sun had just finished setting and the desert was dark. The lights from the small Martian town could be seen in the distance. Throttle,Stoker, Silverdawn and the rest of the Freedom Fighters were hiding in the cover of the rolling sand dunes. A steady procession of Plutarkians could be seen heading towards the town on silly looking Plutarkian motorcycles.A single Martian cycle led them.
Stoker sighed, "The army's really gonna get on my back for this one!" The Plutarkians intention was no doubt to seize the town,and obtain guinea pigs. At the speed Karbunkle transformed Tredz into a bionic soldier , they'd have at least four more the next day to deal with. And one was too many. Stoker had no choice but to go to battle, and if the Martian people found out about the Plutarkians then that was fine. They'd find out eventually anyway.
"Bold aren't they?" Silverdawn stated.
"Not so much as stupid!" Stoker said in anger. "Listen up Freedom Fighters! We're going to battle. When you find Tredz try and force him back this way!" Stoker shouted then turned to Throttle. "When your Dad gets here try and jog his memory again, your mom and I will be nearby to make sure he doesn't get away.Understand?" Throttle nodded. "Let's go!" Stoker bellowed. The Freedom Fighters took off over the sand dune. Silverdawn paused at her son's side.
"Are you sure you're o.k. with this?" Silverdawn asked.
"I'd do anything to help Dad." Throttle said. Silverdawn smiled warmly then gunned her engine .She caught up with Stoker and they headed behind the fighters.

Throttle had been alone for five minutes. He looked at the battle taking place. His mother was kicking a lot of Plutarkian butt. Throttle wasn't aware of that part of her, he'd always thought of her as Mom, not a mean biker chick. The battle was raging. Plutarkians were firing everywhere. So far Throttle couldn't see his dad anywhere.He tried to think of what he'd say to his father when/if he ever got there.He thought about how much he was changed. He was scary looking. It was like he was a robot. In a way he was, he was obviously controlled by the computer on his head. He wasn't a Martian Mouse anymore,he was more robot than mouse.But he was still his father.That computer has to go! But how?The question of what he was going to do popped back up. Throttle concentrated as hard as he could but he couldn't think of anything.He was concentrating so hard he didn't hear the two Plutarkians sneaking up behind him!
One put his arm around Throttle's neck and put a gun under his chin.
"MMPPHH!" Throttle said in surprise the Plutarkian clasping his mouth shut.
"Shoot him, quick! We don't want any of those Freedom Fighters catching us!"
"It's a waste! They could sell him as a slave!I don't see what's so important about him, he's hardly worthy of an assassination!
"Quit yakkin and just kill him! Orders are orders!"
"Yeah....hey! I'll get his blood all over me!You do it!"
"I can't! If you let him go , he'll scream!"
"If you don't let him go you'll be the ones screaming!"
All three of them looked towards the voice.Silverdawn sat on her bike aiming two blasters at them. She had snuck up on them somehow.
"Forget it lady! Our commander wants him terminated!"
"Shoot him then."Silverdawn said in a menacing voice.Throttle's eyes widened in surprise"But I can guarantee the two of you will be dead before he hits the ground!" The Plutarkians exchanged nervous glances.The one holding Throttle threw him on the ground hauled out his blaster and ......
Silverdawn shot it out of his hand.The other one tried to blast Silverdawn, but she shot it out of his grasp too.
"You two stink faces have ten seconds to explain yourself before I rip out your worthless spines and beat you with them!" Silverdawn said. The two of them began to talk at once.
"SHUT UP! One at a time! Silverdawn hollered at them.
"The bionic soldier has a lot of flaws and we were supposed to kill the brat so he wouldn't jog his memory and...." The Plutarkian's run on sentence was cut short by the noise of battle getting increasingly closer. Silverdawn turned to see what was going on. The two Plutarkians saw their chance and ran.
"Throttle" Silverdawn said. "Get on your bike, your fathers almost here." Throttle got up from where he was sitting on the ground and went to his bike.
"But aren't we gonna talk to him?" Throttle asked.
"Yes!" Just as the words came out of her mouth. Tredz flew past them followed by Stoker.
"Follow him!" Silverdawn bellowed. They took off after him. Tredz began to shoot at them. They were swerving between the blasts. Not an easy task with Throttle's busted shoulder.
Stoker pulled up beside Tredz."TREDZ STOP!" Stoker bellowed. Tredz blasted a response. Stoker barely dodged it. "I don't think this is gonna work!" He said. Tredz turned around and tossed something behind him, A Grenade!The three of them flew off away from it.
The blast covered an extensive area. Luckily Stoker, Silverdawn or Throttle weren't in it. They watched as Tredz disappeared into the desert.
"That didn't go so well did it?" Stoker asked. Throttle and Silverdawn grunted in agreement.

When they got back to base, there was more bad news. While the Freedom Fighters were attacking the Plutarkians near that small town, two other groups attacked two other towns simultaneously. Amazingly, The army stopped them before they got any prisoners. Now the Martian people knew at least that the Plutarkians were very dangerous. After that battle there were several more that week. Both the army and the Freedom Fighters intervened. The army told the Freedom Fighters that they were in the way and they should leave the fighting to the professionals. This enraged Stoker! If the Freedom Fighters didn't stop the Plutarkians from carrying out their plans of destruction months before the army decided to get involved, Mars would have been big red ball of deserts and scrap by now! Also,Tredz disappeared, he wasn't in any of the battles since the night they first attempted to get him back.That made Silverdawn worry.
Throttle stared at the barren Martian desert. Stoker was doing some much needed repair work back at the base. Silverdawn was helping him. That left Throttle to be by himself and think for a while.He thought about the Plutarkians and how they were destroying the planet. He thought about his father and how he'd been altered into something horrible. He thought about his friends and how he should be back home having fun. Just like a normal teenager would.But he wasn't living in normal circumstances, no one on Mars was anymore.He wished the Plutarkians would just disappear. Yeah right, and it might rain root beer!
"Hey, Throttle!" Throttle recognized that voice!
"Vinnie?!" Throttle turned to see Vinnie and Modo riding towards him, he'd been thinking so hard he hadn't heard them."What are you guys doing here?" Throttle felt like telling them it was too dangerous for them to be riding out into the deserts alone, but he was too happy to see them, he smiled wildly.
"You gotta help us!" Modo said.

Continued In Part 4