Part Four

By: Leanne Mac Leod, Sept 15,1997

I wrote this story to share my feelings of the Biker Mice with everyone, I won't be making a profit.

Throttle, Vinnie and Modo grinned foolishly at Stoker.Their eyes pleading for a positive response.
"Throttle, did you tell your bro's they could be Freedom Fighters?"
"No, I said I'd ask you if they could." Throttle said.
Stoker casually strolled around the surveilance room, he turned and said to him, " So, you brought them to our secret base along with you to ask me?"
"Umm,yeah." Throttle replied a little uneasy not knowing what Stoker was getting at.
"And that doesn't strike you as odd?"
"Ummm...." Throttle said nervously, Stoker was mad at him, and he was beginning to understand why. He goofed up big time!
"Let me rephrase that, it was stupid!Stupid,stupid,stupid!Do you have any idea how much danger you've put your friends in? What if a Plutarkian was spying on you in the desert? They could capture those two and force them to reveal our location or anything else they might know about us!" Stoker bellowed at Throttle.Throttle made an angry face at him. He didn't appreciate being hollered at.
"What's the problem with them joining?! You're always saying we could use more fighters. These guys will be a great help!" Throttle said annoyed.
"I'd love to have them as Freedom Fighters! But there's two problems! One, I'm a little busy to start training new recruits right now! Two, I doubt they have their parent's permission!And I can't tell them the benefits of being a Freedom Fighter because, people will go crazy if they knew the truth!"Stoker said.
"That's three problems." Throttle corrected.
"Then it proves my point even better then!" Stoker said.
"Actually, it doesn't!" Throttle said. " All the schools have been closed because the cities are scared from the other Plutarkian attacks! The government has issued a public announcement to the Martian people revealing the real nature of the Plutarkians! And their urging people to join the army!" Throttle said.
"And our Parents think it's a good idea." Modo said.
"It's true Stoke, we saw it on the news a while ago." A communications officer said.Stoker glared at him, that sort of thing was extremely important, goodness knows when he would have found out before Throttle mentioned it.The officer hurried out of the room.
"PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, Let us join the Freedom Fighters! I don't wanna shave my head!" Vinnie pleaded. Throttle elbowed him
"Vincent, I said to let me do all the talking! And you don't have any hair!!!"Throttle said in a near whisper to Vinnie, he had gotten to know Stoker pretty well, he knew how to push all the right buttons.
Stoker shook his head, "I don't know! I could make time to train them but that's a lot of responsibility, your lives would be in my hands!"Stoker said.
"The life of every Freedom Fighter here is in your hands, what's two more!"Throttle said.
"I guess you're right. I'll go talk to your folks, why do I feel like I'm about to sell encyclopedias?" Stoker asked.
"I'll go," Silverdawn said as she walked into the room. "I know their parents and they might feel better talking to someone who is in the same position as them." She looked at Stoker with the 'Don't try to change my mind, cause it ain't gonna work' look."Besides you'd be a lousy encyclopedia salesman!" She smiled.
"Kay." Stoker said,succumbing to Silverdawn's will. He put his hands behind his head and strolled over to the comunications board.
"YEAH!!!!" Throttle, Vinnie and Modo all hollered at the top of their lungs and high fived each other.
"Your parents didn't agree yet!" Silverdawn warned. But by the wrestling match that commenced immediately after she said that, she figured no one was listening.

The doubled over doctor used the electric drill to replace a computer chip with another. He put the metal panel back in place. He walked over to the lab tray, picked up the remote and turned it on. Tredz's eyes popped open. The computer on the side of his head blinked and beeped.
"Excellent!" Karbunkle exclaimed.
"Our Bionic Soldier is finally operational?" Lord Stilton asked, his face on the lab view screen.
"Ready to do your bidding, your cheesiness! I think these new improvements on the brain controller will work splendedly!" Karbunkle said.
"Well, let's test it out first, shall we?" Stilton said and laughed.

"Vincent, the point of these computer simulations is to react to and correct dangerous situations, not create them!"Throttle said annoyed. All three of them were in the training room. Vinnie and Modo were Freedom Fighters in training, thanks to Silverdawn and Stoker.Vinnie was being his usual impulsive self, and therefore treating the simulations like a video game.
"Chill bro! It's not as if I'm in any real danger!" Vinnie said as he blasted another enemy.
"From what I see if you act like that on a battle field we'll all be in danger!" Throttle said.
"Listen you! Keep your eyes on your own simulation!"Vinnie.
"My simulation was over ten minutes ago, on the highest difficulty setting too!" Throttle said smugly.
"You lie!" Vinnie said, looking at Throttle.
"No lie bro, take a look for yourself." Vinnie abandoned his screen to look at Throttle's, sure enough Throttle's name was right below Stokers and ahead of countless others. The difficulty setting was near impossible.
"Woah,bro! You could be a leader or somethin'!" Modo said, he'd left his terminal to have a looksee too.
"That's the plan." Throttle said smiling proudly.
"No way! I'm not taking orders from you!" Vinnie said.
"You'll have to!" Throttle said and smiled wildly."But don't worry, I won't be too hard on ya, you being my bro and all!"
"Gee, thanks!" Vinnie said sarcastically,"Now, if you don't mind, I'll be getting back to my terminal now. I have to practice so I can beat you out!"
"O.k,shall I cancel all your magazine subscriptions, and have your meals brought here then? Cause you'll be a while!"
"Ha Ha Ha! You're too funny!I'm putting you on ignore now!" Vinnie replied. Throttle laughed and resetted his terminal.
Stoker walked in, glanced at Modo and Vinnie's screen. "That's great, keep it up guys." He said to them. He stopped and looked at Throttle's. "Did you beat me out yet?" Stoker asked.
"No, not yet." Throttle said, concentrating on the screen.
"Can I see you outside?" Stoker asked. "Right away!"
Uh oh, what did I do this time?

Outside in the hall Stoker beconed Throttle to walk with him.
"We're going to try the plan again." Stoker said.
" When?" Throttle asked. Someone spotted his dad? It had been over a week since the last time anyone had seen him.
"Right now!" Stoker replied.
"But, what about mom?" Throttle asked.She'd gone home to see Torque for a while.
"We don't have time to wait for her! We have to get Tredz tonight! He's too dangerous to be running loose in his present state!"Stoker said.
"Where is he now?" Throttle asked blankly.
"Outside another town, just east of here."
"Many Plutarkians with him?" Throttle asked.
"No, hardly any at all, only about a dozen of us are going." Stoker said. "Are you up to this? It won't be easy, I'm not sure what we'll have to do in order to get your dad to listen to us."
"Yes, I'm up to it!" Throttle said in a determined voice, he wanted his father back. And he'd go to any lengths to get him!

Throttle, Stoker and the other Freedom Fighters charged into the already raging battle. The army was there but they weren't doing so good. There was a mass amount of Plutarkians there all armed and on their ugly cycles. They were riding circles around the Army, it was as if the army was failing on purpose. Stoker immediately dissarmed four Plutarkians, punched them off their cycles and went for four more. Throttle walloped a guy in the face, grabbed his gun and used it to knock another oncoming one unconcious. The passed out Plutarkian fell off his moving cycle, the cycle then plowed into three other Plutarkians. Throttle ran over their blasters crunching them to scrap. All five Plutarkians fled the battle ground. Throttle scanned the area, his dad was no where to be seen. He didn't have a lot of time to look though, a few more Plutarkians closed in on him. His bike disarmed two of them. The still armed one blasted at him, Throttle dodged the lazer, he shot back with the Plutarkian gun. Missed. The Plutarkian fired at him again, Throttle revved his engine and tried to put some space between him and his attacker. He gained a little but not much. The Plutarkian kept on firing.Throttle returned the fire but this Plutarkian was quick, Throttle soon found himself disarmed and his hand stinging from the blast. He reached for his own blaster and resumed firing, this time he disarmed the Plutarkian. The Plutarkian turned and fled, weaponless, he was like a fish in a barrel. Throttle blasted his rear tire sending the Plutarkians cycle swirving out of control. The Plutarkian fell off, got up, and ran. Throttle let him go, he was useless to the Plutarkians now anyway. He was about to drive toward more Plutarkians but Stoker halted beside him.
"Follow me!" He said. Throttle obeyed. They drove away from the battle, right into the town the Plutarkians were trying to gain access to.
"Your dad's in here somewhere." Stoker said as they drove down a large deserted street. Normaly it would be busy with the night crowd, but everyone was locked in their houses tonight. Throttle scanned the downtown area. Skyscrapers dotted the sky, streets intertwined with eachother, creating mazes.Finding someone here, even when deserted would be difficult.
"How are we gonna find him?" Throttle asked.
"I'm tracing the signals from that computer on his head." Stoker said.
"You can do that?" Throttle asked. He knew very little about computers, only that they could do a lot of really cool stuff.And some not nice stuff, ever since his dad was changed.
"Yep, I can trace computer signals." Stoker said. "Only problem is I sometimes don't know what computer I'm tracing, Like I could think I was tracing a motorcycle, when I'm really tracing the signals from someones pc. I know this is your dad though, the signals are extremely strong, no pc, or motorcycle could produce them."
"So where is he?"Throttle asked.
"On the roof of that building." Stoker pointed to the highest skyscraper of them all. They both fired their jets and sped up the side. Halfway up they were being fired on from the street below. Four Plutarkians were on the ground.
"I'm gonna take care of that annoyance, you go try and talk to your dad, or at least keep him busy till I can help ya." Stoker turned around and sped down the building.
Throttle kept on climbing.
When he reached the top of the building his father was standing on the opposite side. He was waiting with his arm cannons out, as if he were a sniper. Actually that was exactly what he was. Ready to blast any incoming soldiers or Freedom Fighters as they rode ,fighting down the street. His father turned, eyes glowing red,and stared at him. A cold, hard stare that made Throttle shiver with fear. His arm cannons retracted. There's a good sign, at least.Throttle relaxed slightly.
"Umm... Dad, can I talk to you? You remember me dont ya? I'm Throttle." Throttle waited nervously for the response, hoping it wouldn't be in the form of lazer fire but ready to react if it was.
"Yes." Tredz said.
Throttle smiled with joy at that response."That's great! Can you control your actions enough so we could get out of here?" He walked over to his father, he stopped when he stood right in front of him, he looked up at his face, Tredz was almost two heads taller than him.
"Yes, I could....."Tredz said,Throttle smiled even wider."Before" Throttle's smile faded. Tredz grabbed the front of Throttle's biker jackett,hauled him off the ground so they were snout to snout with each other.
"Dad! What happened?" Throttle asked in surprise.
"A little reprogramming!" Tredz said, his eyes staring hard and angry and his mouth curled up in a frightening smile.Throttle's eyes went wide at the thought, there was only one thing he could do.
"Then I'll just have to undo it!"Throttle said, he grabbed the computer on the side of Tredz's head and pulled trying desperately to remove it. Tredz threw Throttle across the roof. He landed with a thud just in front the edge of the building. Tredz laughed menicingly.
"Fool, did you actually think that would work?"
Throttle looked up at him, tears streaming down his face at his failure, and his father's treatment of him. He was deeply hurt even though he knew his dad couldn't help it. "I..I had try. I wan't you back." he said with difficulty.
"I'm not your father, Throttle! He's dead! I'm a Bionic Soldier using your father's body. Without that computer I'm dead too! And I don't appreciate snot nosed mouselings trying to kill me!" With that he picked Throttle up and threw him again.This time to the opposite side. He landed very close to the building's ledge.Throttle didn't move.
"I don't believe you," He said weakly, gasping to catch the air that had been knocked out of him."My dad's not dead, I know!" Tredz stood looking down at him, Throttle turned over to look at him."Dad please,I know it's you, try to get control, Please!" Throttle begged. Tredz stared down at him, the same silent torture as when Throttle first arrived, His eyes still glowing red but not as brightly as before.
"Try and remember, the Plutarkians are using you to do horrible things, you have to try and stop! Please! Think of Mom and Torque and everything you've worked for, are you going to just throw it all away?"Throttle said, his breathing was normal again and he was controlling his tears.Tredz stared at him, the glow in his eyes still fading.Throttle tried to get up, slowly he accomplished it, but he felt that if he moved a step he'd collapse again. Tredz started to back away.
"I'm programmed to destroy you. But something else is overriding it.!That's not supposed to happen!" Tredz said and kept edgeing back, the lights on the computer flashing frantically.
"You know deep down it's wrong!Just follow your heart you'll do what's right!"Throttle said.
"What are you doing!?" The Plutarkian Captain asked Tredz.He stepped out of the shadows near the roof staircase enterance. Tredz's eyes glowed full force again. Throttle's stomach sank. That's it then,I'll never get him back now.
"Carrying out my orders." Tredz replied.
"No you're not! You've been kicking him around!Finish him off,now!" The captain walked over right beside Throttle.
Tredz revealed his cannons, aimed at Throttle. He hesitated.
"Well, hurry up! We need you down on the battlefield!"
Tredz stared at Throttle, but made no move to fire.
"Shoot him!!!!" The Plutarkian screamed. Tredz's eyes stopped glowing. He lowered his cannon.
"What!!??" The Plutarkian asked.
"He's my son, I love him, and I refuse to hurt him anymore!"
The Plutarkian seethed with rage. "Fine if you won't kill him then I will!" The Captain hauled out his blaster.
The Plutarkian slammed into Throttle from the force of Tredz's lazer fire, and the both of them fell over the ledge and plummeted. Throttle closed his eyes awaiting impact.A sudden upward jerk knocked the wind out of him and forced his eyes open. He found himself dangling about seventeen stories up.The Plutarkian captain slammed to the sidewalk below. He looked at the grapling claw around his torso and felt himself being slowly pulled up. When he reached the top again his father released the claw, Tredz's breathing was fast and he had a terrified look in his eye.
"Are you allright?" Tredz asked concerned.
"Perfect." Throttle said out of breath but managed a smile.Tredz hugged him.
"I'm so sorry I hurt you." Tredz said.
"It wasn't your fault, Dad." Throttle said,tears welling up again, but they were happy tears.
"I still feel horrible." Tredz said, tears streaming down his face as well.
"Don't, You're okay now, that's all that matters." Throttle said. Tredz broke away from the embrace and looked at the ground.
"I can't be sure of that." Tredz said. Throttle felt a little nervous, then tried to shake the feeling off. Not wanting to think of losing his father all over again. " I don't know how this computer works, I could regress in five minutes." Tredz sighed.
"Stoker will be here soon, he knows computers, he'll fix it!" Throttle said, he knew what his dad was getting at and he didn't want him to leave.
Tredz shook his head. "It's too big a risk to take right now. I'm too dangerous to be running around out of control."
"What are you gonna do? Where are you gonna go?!" Throttle asked desperately.
"I don't know,son. I'll find out when I get there I guess." Tredz hugged Throttle tight, then looked at him."Tell your mom and brother that I love them and that I'll be back....someday." Tredz turned and walked towards his bike.
"Y...You promise?" Throttle asked, crying again.
"I promise, I'm very proud of you, son.Ride Free." Tredz sped off the building, Throttle watched as he rode into the desert.
"You too, Dad." Throttle said into the night.
Stoker appeared on the roof."Throttle, what happened? Where's your Dad?"
"Gone." Throttle said blankly.Stoker walked over to him, seeing the tears he put his arm around Throttle's shoulders.
"Don't worry bro, we'll get him back." Stoker said reasuringly.
"We already have." Throttle said in all confidence and smiled.

A week later Carbine and Throttle sat on the top of a billboard in their hometown. Carbine rested her head on Throttle's shoulder, Throttle had his arm around her. They sat their silently watching the stars, no one around to bother them.
"This is so romantic, Throttle." Carbine said. "I wish we could do this every night."
"Someday." Throttle said.
"I wish you weren't going back to base tomorrow, I miss you when you're gone for so long."She said.
"Yeah, I miss you too." Throttle said absentmindedly. He was thinking about his dad. It was only a week ago he'd left and he missed him already.
Carbine looked up at him."Don't worry, your dad'll be back before you know it."She smiled.
Throttle smiled back, she always knew the right thing to say. They locked in a kiss.
"Throttle and Carbine....."
"Sittin' in a tree....."
Carbine and Throttle looked down to see Vinnie and Modo staring up at them from the ground.
"It's not a tree, it's a billboard! Can't we have any privacy!" Throttle shouted down at them.
"Billboards aren't too private, bro!"Modo shouted up at him. He and Vinnie started to laugh.
Throttle threw an empty rootbeer can down at them, Carbine and him laughed too. They started to kiss again.Life was pretty good! All things considered.

The End