Part Two

By: Leanne Mac Leod, Sept 3, 1997


I wrote this story to share my feelings of the Biker Mice with everyone, I won't be making a profit.

"So, why are you back?" Modo asked Throttle as they sped down a town street.
"Training break, came home to visit Mom." and you guys.
"Man! I wish I could be a Freedom Fighter, it's so boring here, I wan't some action."Vinnie exclaimed.
"Being a Freedom Fighter isn't a game,Vincent! It's hard serious work."Throttle said sternly. He felt bad for being harsh. The Freedom Fighters never revealed what actually went on out in the deserts, only that they were keeping an eye on the Plutarkian's operations and intervened when things got out of hand.The Army did the same, only the Army never intervened. The citizens didn't have a clue about the danger they were in from the Plutarkians. The Army got after Stoker all the time for interfering. They said if the public found out there would be mass histeria, and the battle's would give the secret away and were a safety violation of the martian people.Stoker said what the Plutarkians were doing was a bigger saftey violation. All Vinnie and Modo knew was Throttle joined the Freedom Fighters and was in combat training, and they thought it was super cool.Throttle wished he could tell them the truth, but if they knew too much they would be in danger.
"That's easy for you to say! You're not stuck in this town everyday with nothing to do! Right Modo?" Vinnie replied.
"I have a summer job, bro. I have stuff to do."Modo said.
"The Vin Man wouldn't be caught dead working at M-Mart!" Vinnie said.
"Well, if the Vin Man had a job, somewhere, he wouldn't be complaining to me everyday about the chores his folks made him do for gas money!"Modo said.
"C'mon Modo! You know how I hate menial work."
"Yeah, you'd rather run around the desert all day, take part in grueling combat training and accumulate a large number of bruises!" Throttle said.
"It's better than dishpan hands!" Vinnie exclaimed. Modo and Throttle burst out laughing.
"You're a real piece of work Vinnie!" Throttle said between giggles.
"I'm a masterpiece!" Vinnie said ,pushed out his chest and grinned.
"Want to catch a movie later,Throttle? You should get as much fun in as you can before you have to go back." Modo said.
"Yeah!" Throttle looked at his watch. "I should go visit Carbine now then!" He had gone out with her a couple of times before he left to become a Freedom Fighter, she told him before he left that she wanted an ongoing relationship and he'd better visit her when he got a break. Throttle agreed because he liked her. Alot! And also because it was really hard to say no to her, at least without a fight.
"Don't go to her house looking for her,cause she won't be there now."Modo said.
"Where will she be?" Throttle asked.
"The army training facility, she joined the military acadamy." Modo replied.

Carbine knelt behind a wall of sand bags and aimed her gun at the target field. The targets popped up at uneven intervals, the last one being five minutes ago. She stared at the field in front of her, so far she hadn't missed a single one. She was so busy concentrating on the field she didn't notice someone coming up behind her. The person grabbed her shoulder. She pulled her gun forward and thrust it at the person. Sometimes the instructors would sneak up on the soldiers in training to evaluate their reactions, Carbine figured this was person was one. But instead of catching the butt of the gun it contacted with the person's stomach. The person fell to the ground, Carbine turned to see who she'd rammed.
"Throttle?!" Carbine exclaimed.
"Don't worry....I didn't need all that stuff in my stomach anyway." Throttle grunted holding his stomach.
"Serves you right for sneaking up on me like that! What are you doing here?" Carbine demanded.
"I came to ask you the same question!" Throttle said as he sat up, one arm still around his stomach.
"I joined the Army, did I need your permission?" Carbine asked.
"No! I just thought we told eachother everything. We wouldn't have a very good relationship if we didn't."Throttle said
"I know, I was going to!" Carbine looked back at the firing field she'd already missed two targets. "Look, we'll both be in trouble if someone catches you here. I'll come to your house around seven and we'll talk."
"But I was going to go to ..." Throttle started.
"If you wish to continue being my boyfriend you'll be there!" Carbine said then returned her attention to the firing field.
"Yeah I'll be there." Throttle said grumpily.
"Bye hun!" Carbine called after him cheerfully. Throttle rolled his eyes.

"If my girlfriend talked to me like that, Man, we're talking splitz ville!"Vinnie said over the noise of the video game he was playing. The three of them were in Modo's basement.
"You don't have a girlfriend ,Vincent." Throttle said blankly, he was busy reading a comic book.
"Well if I did, I'd want her to treat me with respect!" Vinnie replied.
"She respects me!" Throttle exclaimed, forgetting the comic.
"Mmmm hmmm!" Vinnie and Modo said sarcastically.
"You guys aren't with us all the time!How would you know!?" Throttle demanded, he couldn't believe his bro's were dissing his girlfriend.
"Well we're with you most of the time, when your not at the base. When Carbine is with us too she's really mean to ya. If she isn't screaming at you she's smacking you! It's like she's trying to prove that your under her control or somethin'."Modo said.
"She doesn't control me! She's just very independant and a little bossy that's all!"Throttle said.
"If she doesn't control you then prove it! Come to the movies with us tonight, if she respects you she'll come crawling back and start treating you right in public!" Vinnie said.
"I can't, I have to talk to her!"
"No she has to talk, you're going to listen!"Vinnie said.
"It's not about our relationship, it's about .......something I can't say." Throttle caught himself before he blabbed too much.
"You can tell us, we're your bro's.We won't let on we know."Modo said.
"I can't!" Throttle hated keeping things from them.
"I don't believe you Throttle! You go off and become a Freedom Fighter, doing who knows what, and then you won't even trust your own bro's and tell us about it!"Vinnie said in rage.
"I wan't to tell you! But you might be in danger if I did!" Throttle said.
"You've been reading too many comics!" Vinnie accused.
"Leave him alone Vinnie! We'll stop buggin' you about it, you have your reasons not to tell us." Modo said.
"You'll know one day I promise."Throttle said. There was a long silence between them, Modo was the first to speak.
"Are you free tomorrow?" he asked.
"No, I'm returning to base." Throttle responded, he wished he wasn't because he wanted to spend more time with his friends.
"Good riddance! Too much of you gets annoying!" Vinnie teased, smiling.
"Isn't that what your mother always says whenever you're about to leave the house?" Throttle asked, grinning madly.The two of them began their favorite game 'Who can make up the best insults.'!

Throttle was late getting home. He found his mother and Carbine in the kitchen, drinking coffee and having a conversation.He joined in, but mostly listened, they were talking about stuff Throttle knew nothing about, like how much vegetables rose in cost this past year, Throttle didn't like vegetables much anyway so he had no intrest in talking about them. His mom finally left them alone after an hour.
"Why'd you join the army?" Throttle asked as soon as his mom left. "I thought you wanted to be a ferenzic scientist."
"I do, the army will pay for my education, I don't even have to go back to high school. I think you should do the same." Carbine said then sipped her coffee.
"Me in the army? Yeah Right!"Throttle said.
"Well at least you could make something of yourself after the Plutarkians are dealt with. You can't be a Freedom Fighter for the rest of your life!"
"I don't plan to." Throttle said.
"So, you're going back to school after summer vacation?"
"I don't know."
"You don't have much of a choice, there aren't any jobs for undergraduates on this planet! You might as well join the army, you can finish school and help the planet at the same time."
"But the army isn't doing anything to help the planet." Throttle said calmly, then took a drink of coffee, awaiting Carbines reaction to what he'd just said.
"You're Mother thinks it's a wonderfull idea." Carbine said, completly ignoring the statement, and surprising Throttle so much he started to choke on his coffee.
"What!" Throttle managed to say between coughs.
"You heard me!" Carbine exclaimed.She was finished with his verbal fencing game.
"I can't believe you! You don't know anything about the situation on this planet and you take it apon youself to go butting into my life!" Throttle said furious. Once his mother had an idea in her head it was impossible to get it out.Stubborness ran in the family.
"I know everything that's going on with the Plutarkians, from the their land mining operations to their weapons reseves, which the Freedom Fighters recently destroyed. Causing chaos for us! People heard the noise of battle and we had one heck of a time trying to think up a logical excuse.Did it ever occur to you that maybe Stoker jumped to conclusions about the Plutarkians. We have everything under control!"Carbine said.
"Even the experiments inthe vivisection lab?"Throttle asked.
"What vivisection lab?"
"The one in Sand Stone."Throttle replied.
"Sand Stone was covered in molten lava from a volcano eruption twenty years ago, it's abandoned, there's nothing there!"Carbine said.
"Wrong! There's a Plutarkian strong hold and a Vivisection lab!I should know I was there!" Throttle told Carbine all about Karbunkle and what he was going to do to his test subjects.
"That's not funny Throttle!" Carbine exclaimed.
"It's no joke! You don't believe me!" Throttle said.
"Yes I do! I don't wan't to though, I was hoping you were just kidding about all that stuff. You have to tell someone." Carbine said upset.
"The Freedom Fighters know."
"I mean someone with more authority, with more power."Carbine asked.
"You don't think the Freedom Fighters can handle something they discovered?" Throttle asked annoyed." Besides, no one would believe me!"
"They would if you were in the army."Carbine said.
"I'm not joining the army! I think I'm doing the right thing by being a Freedom Fighter, and if you love me you'll respect my decision and drop this me in the army idea!Capice?" Throttle said.
"Yeah, Capice." Carbine said reluctantly."Now that you know that I love you, Do you love me?"
"Do you think I'd still be here if I didn't?"Throttle asked. If any other girl had talked to him the way she had this evening he'd be gone.
"Yes, this is your house,answer my question!"Carbine said.
"I love you very much!" Throttle said then smiled"Now I have to leave tomorrow so why don't we do something tonight, like go out on a date?" Throttle asked.
"Well I guess we could do that. That is if you don't mind being seen with an army girl!"
"I don't mind, do you mind being seen with a Freedom Fighter rebel."
"I love rebels!" Carbine said and hugged Throttle.
"But I'm the only one, right?" Throttle asked as he hugged her back. She had said rebels not rebel."Right? Carbine?!" Carbine only giggled, broke away from him and went to get her coat.
"Carbiiiine, answer me! That's not funny!"

"Why are girls so confusing?" Throttle asked.His father and him were installing a surveilance screen at the base the next day.
"Carbine confusing you son?" Tredz asked.
"Yeah, she says one thing, in plain english but it really means another. And one second she loves me the next she hates me! I can't figure it out! She totally knows what she's doing, but I have no clue!" Throttle said.
"I know it seems like she knows what she's doing but believe me she doesn't, She's just as confused by you as you are of her." Tredz said.
"Isn't that what they say about wildlife?" Throttle asked suspiciously.
"It's a similar expression." Tredz said. "Don't worry, you're new to the dating game, you'll figure it out eventually." Tredz said as he tightened the last bolt in the screen. "There, it's ready to go. Turn it on, Throttle." He did as his father told him. There were a bunch of fast moving dot's on the screen.
"Is it working?" Throttle asked. The surveilance cameras were posted in the south desert, so far out not even a lot of animals lived there.Certainly nothing that moved that fast.
"Yes!" Tredz said grimly. He walked over to an intercom "Stoke, you better come to the surveilance room, there's something you have to see!"

About a half hour later, Tredz, Throttle , Stoker and about half the Freedom Fighters were out in the South Desert. Watching Plutarkians hurry about from the cover of a sand dune. Stoker said Throttle should come and observe the events that could take place.
"What are they doin'?" asked Tredz
"I'm not quite sure." Stoker said he was looking through binoculars. "They have a lot of heavy equipement, they must be up to something."
Just as the words came out of Stoker's mouth, lazer fire came from behind.
"It looks like we're about to find out what!" Stoker got on his bike. Plutarkians were firing from both sides of the sand dune.
"What are we gonna do?" Throttle asked.
"Why, don't you tell me?" Stoker said.
"Huh?!" Throttle asked.
"Hands on combat training, what's the call fearless leader?"Stoker asked. Fearless was the wrong word to describe Throttle at this particular moment.Shocked, terrified or completely unconfident would all work perfectly. Throttle didn't argue though, he just wanted out of there.
"Half of you take care of the Plutarkians on that side, the rest of you come over that side with me!" No one argued about being ordered around by a kid. Both sides sped toward their targets.The Plutarkians were no match for half an army on motorcycles, the Plutarkians didn't have that advantage.The Freedom Fighters blasted their vehicles first, then disarmed the Plutarkians.Most of them were taken care of in about five minutes. Tied by tow cables, they were at the mercy of their captors.
"Good call!" Stoker said to Throttle when the air was free of lazer beams. "What now?"
"Let's get rid of the equipment so they can't do whatever they were about to!"Throttle said.
The Freedom Fighters began to blast everything, Throttle noticed a stack of crates half hidden by a sand dune in the distance.Tredz was closest to them.
"Hey Dad! There's a bunch of stuff back there, take care of it huh?" Throttle bellowed.Tredz waved a response and headed toward it. Throttle turned to blast a digging machine when ...
Throttle turned to see what the explosion was. None of their weapons could make a noise like that!There was a large black circle around where the crates were. It extended out quite a bit and Tredz was no where to be seen.
"DAD?!!!" Throttle called out in terror.He scanned the black ground in the distance looking for any sign of his father. He revved his engine to start searching. If his father was hurt he'd need his help.Just as the bike started to pull away someone grabbed the back of his jacket, pulling him off the bike.
"RETURN TO BASE NOW!!!!" Stoker bellowed to everyone as he hauled Throttle on the back of his bike. He then took off.Throttle's bike followed them. Throttle stared back at the scene, then looked to the mass of fleeing Freedom Fighters searching for his dad's black and red bike among them, but he didn't see it.
"Stoker, go back!" Throttle screamed in Stoker's ear. Stoker didn't reply. "Dad's not here, we have to go back and get him!" Throttle hollered. "PLEASE!"Throttle begged, but Stoker still said nothing. He pulled away from the group and headed to the east. When they were alone and Stoker was sure no one had followed them, he shut off the bike and turned to Throttle.
"I am so sorry." Stoker said with grief in his voice.
"We have to go back right now, he's probrably hurt!" said Throttle not hearing what Stoker had said.
"Throttle, your father's dead." Stoker said again with grief.
"You don't know that! I didn't see him lying anywhere!" Throttle exclaimed.Deep down he knew it was true, but he didn't want to believe it.
"Because he was blown to bits. He hit a land mine."
"It... it's all my fault!" Throttle said shocked. He was the one who told him to take care of those crates. If Throttle hadn't of said anything no one would have known they were there.
"No! No it's not!" Stoker said and hugged Throttle."No one knew that land mine was there except the Plutarkians! Your father wouldn't have followed any leader if he thought they'd made a bad call!No one could have known that would happen, It's not your fault, understand?"Stoker said.
Throttle nodded shakily, tears were welling up in his eyes.He'd never see his father again. The thought hit him like a ton of bricks.He looked up at Stoker to see tears streaming down his cheeks. Tredz had been his best friend since jr. high.
"Let's go home kid." Stoker said a few minutes later.

The home Stoker meant was Throttle's, not the base. Stoker tried to break the news to his mom as gently as he could. She went into histerics.Stoker tried to console her,while Throttle went to see how Torque was taking it.Torque was playing a video game in the living room, blasting spaceships into oblivion.Venting all his anger.
"Torque?" Throttle said as he entered.
"I don't want to talk right now." He said, his voice shakey.
"I do." Throttle said.
"I don't! Dad's dead! That's all I have to know!" He said in a loud voice, threw the controller on the floor and stormed off to his room. He slammed the door and locked it. Throttle stood in the living room and watched the spaceships fire at their target. Stoker entered the room.
"I'm goin now Throttle."
"O.k I'm gonna say goodbye to mom."
"You're not going with him." His mother said.
"What!?" Throttle asked in surprise.
"I won't lose you like I did your father." She said sternly. Throttle looked to Stoker.
"I'll see ya around, kid." Stoker said then began to leave.
"Stoker wait! what about all the training,everything., you're just going to throw it all away!" Throttle said.
"I don't like it, Throttle. But it's your mom's call not mine, sorry." Stoker walked through the front door.
"I'm sorry sweetheart, I know you liked being a Freedom Fighter but it's not worth dying for."His mom said."I'm thinking of your future."
He didn't look at her, he was too mad at her. He stared at the video game, the words Game Over blinking wildly. It might as well say Life Over!
"You have no idea how much trouble this planet's in! If someone doesn't do something no one will have a future!"
"I'm aware of how potentially dangerous the Plutarkians are!" Potentially dangerous Throttle thought to himself." That's why I've decided to send you to the Military Academy. That way you can help the planet, get trained properly so you won't get hurt, and finish you're education!"His mother said
"Military Academy!? I'm not going to Military school!"Throttle hollered.
"My decision is made! It's not up for discussion, so go get ready, you're going in the morning!"
"NO! I'M NOT GOING!" Throttle yelled and ran to his room, he slammed the door and locked it.
"I'M NOT A PUP!" Throttle yelled back
"Then stop acting like one and get out of there!" His mother said.
"I won't come out until you come to your senses and let me be a freedom fighter again!" Throttle said.
"That's not going to happen!"
"I hope you have a current picture of me then, because I'm never coming out!"
"THROTTLE!!!"His mother exclaimed in shock. He'd never spoken to her that way before.
"You can keep talking but I won't be listening." He said and put on his stereo earphones and started to think about what he was going to do.

It was about ten thirty when Throttle opened his window and climbed out. He pushed his bike down the street until he was far away from his house. He got on and started to speed toward the desert. He had done a lot of thinking in his room. There was no way he was going to waste his time being in the army, they did nothing to stop the plutarkians. He thought about how the Plutarkians were setting up land mines, slowly destroying the planet.No one knew the land mine was there except the Plutarkians.Stokers words ran through his head over and over. It was their fault Tredz was dead, and they were going to pay! He was about to reach the end of town when someone pulled up alongside him.
"Where are you going Throttle?You're mother's worried!" It was Carbine's voice. Throttle stopped his bike and lifted his visor.
"I'm going back to be a Freedom Fighter and no one is going to change my mind!" He said.
"I know about your father, I'm very sorry.But don't be stupid! You're going to ruin your life if you do that!" She said.
"My life is already ruined and it's all your fault!If you hadn't have opened your big mouth and told my mother about the army she never would have gotten that stupid idea in her head! I could have told her about the Plutarkians and then she would have let me be a Freedom Fighter! But now she'll wan't me to be a soldier no matter what I tell her! So I have to disobey her and shove her out of my life! All because of you!"
"Did it ever occur to you that I told her about the army because I care about you! I love you and I don't want to see you get hurt!" She said.
"Well you can stop caring about me, because I don't want to have anything to do with you anymore!" Throttle said then and sped off. Leaving Carbine to dwell on what he'd said. He was so angry at everyone! He didn't want anything except revenge! And he'd go to any lengths to get it!

Throttle quietly walked into the surveilance room, Stoker was staring at the screen. Throttle reached to tap him on the shoulder, Stoker spoke before he could.
"What are you doing here Throttle?" He asked
"How'd ya know it was me?" Throttle asked. Stoker saw his reflecton in the screen as he came in.
"Answer my question."
"I came back to be a Freedom Fighter, but first I need your help."
"Forget it! Your mom's one tough biker chick! I wouldn't wish her rage on my worst enemy!"Stoker said.
"I don't care about her right now!All I care about is making the Plutarkians pay for my father's death! I need your help!"Throttle said.
"Revenge is an ugly thing. You're angry and hurt, you're not thinking straight. Now, listen to your mother and get back home!" Stoker said.
"I don't believe this! Dad was your best friend and now when it's time to right a wrong that was done to him you're just giving up!" Throttle said. "I'm going to make those Plutarkians pay without your help!I can take care of myself anyway!" Throttle said, then stormed off.
"Throttle!" Stoker called after him.Oh great!

Stoker sped through the south desert searching for Throttle. That little biker brat! I can't believe he's doing this! He'll get himself blown up by one of those land mines, then his mother will stalk and kill me for not stopping him! He's in for an earfull when I find him! He had given Throttle a five minute head start. Just to see if he'd think about what he was about to do and come back. He didn't come back. Stoker rode to the top of a sand dune and found Throttle sitting by his bike.
"What's wrong with you?" Stoker asked. Throttle didn't even look at him.Stoker rode over to Throttle's bike and looked at it. The gas gage read empty. Stoker started to laugh. "Well, Mr. I can take care of myself, looks like you're out of gas!" Stoker got a tube out of his storage compartment and started to transfer some of the gas in his bike into Throttle's.
"Go ahead and lecture me, I don't care about anything anymore." Throttle said blankly and stared out into the desert.
"You should care, people care about you!" Stoker said.
"They care too much. "
"Do you realize how lucky you are? Not everyone has people who truly care about them!And you were about to throw everything away! There are land mines all over this desert, You would have been killed! How do you think your mother, brother, Modo and Vinnie would have felt?"
"I didn't think of that."Throttle replied.
"You didn't think of anything except getting revenge. Do you think you're dad would wan't you to risk your life over something you can't change? Revenge wouldn't bring him back."
"I guess not." Throttle said.
"I know he wouldn't. And he wouldn't want you worrying your mother either! So are you going to go back home?"
"No."Throttle said and looked at Stoker. Stoker sighed.
"Were you listening to anything I just said?" Stoker said exasperated.
"Yes, and I decided not to have revenge on the Plutarkians. But I still want to be a Freedom Fighter."
"You can't because your mother said no! The first thing she'll do is search for you, and kick your butt when she finds you. Then she'll kick my butt even harder!"
"What's to say she'll actually find us?" Throttle asked smiling.
"Oh she'll find us! Why don't you just humor her and go back? You only have one more year of High School to go, then you'll be eighteen and be able to do whatever you want.Not even your mother could stop you from being a Freedom Fighter then!"
"I can't go back because she's making me go to military school! You can't just up and quit the army whenever you feel like it!"
"That's such a waste! You're too smart to be goin around doing other people's bidding! People should be goin around doing your bidding!You can't join the army I won't accept it!" Stoker said loudly. He jumped up off the ground and started to pace. Throttle smiled wildly."We have to think of a way to convince your mom to let you come back to the Freedom Fighters! Telling her the truth about everything probrably won't do it." Stoker said, Throttle nodded.His mom knew about as much about the Plutarkians as any martian citizen, telling her the whole truth would only make her more enthusiastic about sending him to military school."We gotta come up with something!" Stoker racked his brain trying to get an idea.
BANG!!!!! A loud noise sounded in the desert.
"What was that!?!" Stoker asked his concentration was broken.
"Stoker look!" Throttle pointed far out into the desert.Stoker looked to see someone, most likely a Plutarkian installing a huge oil pump. It wouldn't be a surprising sight, the Plutarkians tried to assemble oil pumps all the time, but this time it was different. It took many Plutarkians to assemble an oil pump, this one was alone and could lift it himself. Also he hadn't been out there ten minutes ago.
"When did he get there?! And how is he doin' that?!" Throttle asked.
"Let's find out shall, we?" Stoker replied.
"What about land mines?" Throttle asked.
"The plutarkians aren't stupid enough to put an oil pump in a land mine filled area, it's safe!"They hopped on their bikes and sped toward the Plutarkian. They got about twenty feet away then they both hit the brakes! It wasn't a Plutarkian in front of them!

Continued In Part 3