By: Leanne Mac Leod, Aug 30, 1997


I wrote this story to share my feelings of the Biker Mice with everyone, I won't be making a profit.

"Um....Hi!" Throttle said to the Plutarkian aiming a gun at him. " It sure is easy to get lost around here, so I'll just get out of your way." Throttle stepped back toward the edge of the sand dune he was standing on, Making the Plutarkian taller.
"Nice try, Mousie, but Sand Raiders like slaves whether their Freedom Fighter scum or not!" The Plutarkian grinned slyly. "Besides, a dumb tender foot like you can only slow em' down. The way I see it I'm doin' em' a favor!"
"I don't see it that way at all!" Throttle said then backflipped off the sand dune, but instead of landing on his feet and sliding down the rest of the way, he landed on his back and tumbled down head over tail.
He landed at the bottom with a thud."Ah Crap!" he exclaimed loudly.Wonderfull idea Throttle, spy on the Plutarkians by yourself, use your youth to your advantage, park your bike SO DAMMED FAR AWAY! Throttle got up and started to run toward the place he parked his bike. The Plutarkian started to fire on him.Luckily he seemed to be the only one around. I'm in for it now!Dad's gonna be furious and Stoker will probrably send me home to Mom. Provided I don't end up being part of the slave trade!That wasn't going to happen though, his bike was headed towards him. Throttle jumped on,revved the engine and tried to pull the bike in the opposite direction of the firing Plutarkian. The bike had another plan, it started to head toward the Plutarkian.Throttle slammed on the brakes.
"What are you doing? Go the other way!" Throttle hollered at his bike. Sometimes having a machine that could think and act on it's own could be frustrating. The bike bleeped and flashed it's lights furiously. Throttle tried to rev it's engine again but the throttle wouldn't budge.
"You're going to get me turned into a slave and you into scrap metal!" Throttle nearly screamed. He'd bet his freedom that more Plutarkians were on the way, actually he had no choice but to do it.His bike was always doing stuff like this, but never in life threatening situations. The bike was treating him like all the other Freedom Fighters did, like he was too young to make his own decisions and too weak to follow them through if he did. At 17 he was the youngest of them all, and he wasn't considered a valuable asset to the group.Well, Throttle was going to prove to them that he was a valuable part of the group, by spying on the Plutarkians, pretending he was just some biker kid out in the desert. Unfortunately he hadn't fooled the Plutarkian. Which left plan two to come into effect,' Get your stupid tail outta there'! But the bike was refusing to cooperate.I still think this bike is wrong for me! Dad said it takes time to get used to your bike, but two years is a little much! We have nothing in common! This bike is Stubborn, and it refuses to change it's mind once it's made it up! Hey.... that is a lot like me!"
"O.k we'll do it your ..." The bike took off before Throttle could finish his sentence. He wasn't ready and he flew off backwards. He landed on his stomach, hard!
"Thanks!" Throttle said weakly, the wind had been knocked out of him. The bike revved impatiently. Throttle got up and hopped back on, making sure to hold on tight. His bike charged towards the firing Plutarkian. The bike disarmed the Plutarkian with it's cannon. The Plutarkian tried to get away but the bike was too fast. Throttle tripped the Plutarkian, Who rolled down the sand dune and took out four more on the way down. Unfortunately there were about ten more armed ones on the way, and the bike or Throttle weren't that good.
"What now?"asked Throttle. The bike took off toward the attackers. Throttle reached for his blaster only to find it wasn't there. Oh, great! I must've lost it on the sand dune. I'm dog food! His bike shot past his attackers so fast that before they knew what happened and turned around he was out of firing range.The bike headed to a bunch of tents, it plowed into one. there was noone in it. It was a storage tent, there were weapons and other impliments of war in it. The bike's view screen was bleeping, Throttle hadn't noticed it doing that. It had a blinking red dot in the center of the screen, indicating whatever it's sensors were picking up it was right there.The bike flashed it's headlights at a medium sized rectangular box. Throttle grabbed it and tucked it under his arm.
"O.k I've got what you came for, now let's go." Throttle said. He readied himself for the bike's departure, but the bike didn't budge.
"Oh no! You got us into this mess, you get us out!"The bike did nothing.Loud shouts outside told Throttle that one of them had better do something fast! Or they'd be in big trouble. Throttle took off through the other side of the tent, knocking several Plutarkians down on his way through. He circled around and shot straight toward the sand dune. Plutarkians started to fire on him. He narrowly avoided a couple of shots as he went around the dune, back toward command center. He went full throttle until he knew he was well out of range, then he slowed down a bit. He was a little shocked at how fast it all happened, it was his first real battle. And he felt really good!

"WHAT POSSESED YOU TO DO SOMETHING THAT STUPID! DIDN"T YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW DANGEROUS SPYING ON PLUTARKIANS WOULD BE! I CAN'T LEAVE YOU ALONE FOR FIVE MINUTES......" Throttle's dad screamed at him.All Throttle heard was 'Blah, blah, blah , STUPID!Blah, blah , blah, DANGEROUS!.Blah, blah...' Talk about no appreciation!He had never seen his dad this angry before. Throttle'd hoped that his dad and Stoker would have been too busy with the box to notice that Throttle risked his life to get it.But noooo! Tredz just had to know where he'd found it, and he definately wouldn't have believed 'I found it in the desert with noone around.'So, Throttle told him the truth, seeing no other choice. The reaction was Stoker grabbing the box and running to the research room and Tredz doing the same with Throttle. Only Stoker didn't blow a gasket at the box.
"C'mon Tredz, the kid did okay." a research technician said picking up for Throttle.
"Do you have kids?" Tredz asked unusually calm.
"" the technician replied.
"Then you have absolutely no idea how I feel so SHUT UP!" Tredz hollered. Throttle couldn't believe how rude his dad had just acted. The technician bit his lip and looked at Throttle, his expression said 'You've really done it this time haven't you?'
"Stifle it for a sec Tredz and c'mere!" Stoker said. Tredz walked over to him. "This is a computer and it catologues all the weapons the Plutarkians have on Mars, and there's way more here than we thought they had!"
"How many more?" asked Tredz.
"By the looks of this they're planning a war!" Stoker said.
Tredz looked at the list of weapons and whistled "Where are they keepin' all this?"
"Good question! Throttle, how many weap......" Stoker's voice trailed off as he looked up only to find Throttle had dissapeared.
"That's it! I'm takin' him home Stoke, he's not ready to be a Freedom fighter!" Tredz said angrily.
"You're gonna have to put the brakes on that, I need you to inform the rest of the Freedom Fighters about what's goin down, and make sure their ready for battle at any time. We're getting rid of those weapons before the Plutarkians have a chance to use them." Stoker said.
"Why can't you do that?" Asked Tredz annoyed.
"Because I have to have a man to man talk with your son."
"Look, Stoke I appreciate you trying to help, and I know you have plans for him but he's just not ready, maybe in another year." Tredz said.
"That's not what I'm talking about Tredz, Iknow he's ready, he knows he's ready and deep down you know he's ready but your parental instincts won't let you believe it. I'm gonna find out what else Throttle saw at that camp, he's too mad to talk to you about it and I don't blame him. He did good today Tredz." Stoker turned and walked away. Tredz just stood there and stared at Stoker's back as he left.

Throttle sat in an empty room in the Command Center.It had been built into a large cave, hundreds of miles away from any kind of civilization. Stoker didn't think anyone would look for it there, and so far noone had. This particular room was at the far rear of the center,so deep into the cave you needed a flashlight to see. Throttle hadn't thought of bringing a flashlight, he was too mad at his Dad to even think about what he was doing at the time of his departure. It was bad enough he'd gotten Tredz so mad he started screaming( Tredz never raised his voice) But it was worse that he'd stormed out before he was finished. Throttle thought he'd stay there until his dad cooled down, he had never been that angry before. His dad didn't get mad often, and when he did it was controlled. Throttle thought his dad's head was gonna blow up this time. Oh well, at least noone would find him here.I think I can go without food or water for about four days, Dad should be calmed by then, or maybe not, I guess I'll find out,sigh!
"BOO!" came a voice suddenly from behind. A figure sat down beside Throttle and put a flashlight up to his face. It was Stoker. "Did I scare ya?"
"Did you come here to get your kicks in too?" Throttle asked not answering Stoker's question, Throttle knew Stoker saw him jump.
"Nah, you're dad did quite a thorough job.I came to ask how you pulled off such a great plan."
"You mean such a stupid plan." Throttle corrected. "Go have a talk with my bike, she's the one who made it up." Throttle said.
"It wasn't a stupid plan, the information in that computer is gonna save us a lot of trouble, you've probrably saved the planet by preventing a war." Stoker said.
"Like I said, talk to my bike, If she hadn't forced me to go to that camp I would've just ran!" Throttle said.
" I suppose your bike forced you to go spy, too?" Stoker asked.
"Fine, the bike had a good plan but mine was impulsive, and dangerous,and....."
"Original." Stoker said "Using your youth was a good idea, noones thought of that before."
"But it didn't work!"
"So? You thought it might and gave it a try, not very many martians would be brave or smart enough to do that. And when it didn't work you got another plan and followed it through with great results."
"But it wasn't my...." Throttle started
"Maybe not, but you hafta understand that you and your bike are a team, the bike couldn't follow the plan through without you, and you couldn't do it without her if you had thought it up. That was you're first real mission, and it was a success! Congratulations!" Throttle thought about it for a minute, and decided it was true, His bike and him were a team. Now he felt bad about all the mean stuff he said to her on the way back to base.Boy, do I owe her an apology!
"But dad doesn't think so! He'll send me home for sure." Throttle said, five minutes ago he actually felt like going home, to get his father out of his face, and he missed Vinnie and Modo, Big Time!But now he didn't wan't to, he wanted to go on more missions.
"No he won't, he's my second in command, he takes orders from me. And I'm not gonna have him send home one of my unit leaders in training." Throttle's mouth dropped as he heard what stoker said. A unit leader, he want's me to be a unit leader?
"You look surprised, you think I'd let any seventeen year old kid hang around here?"
Throttle didn't know what to say "Um.. Thanks."
"Hey don't mention it, now, are you gonna sulk here all night in the dark or are ya gonna patch things up with your dad? You'll have to do it sometime and there's no time like the present."
"Yeah, now's good!" Throttle said and smiled.

"We'll go to battle at 1500 hours, Battle Units one and two will go to the camp in the south desert, Three and Four to the North, Five to the East and Six to the West." Stoker belted out orders to the Freedom Fighters. "Let's go!" The troops started to dispatch.
"Where do I go Stoke?" Throttle asked eagerly.
"You're staying here." he said and went over to his bike.
"What am I gonna do here?" Throttle asked annoyed. Stoker told him just under three hours ago that he was a unit leader in training. How was he supposed to know what a unit leader does if he never watched them in action.
"You're on guard duty." Stoker said as he put on his helmet. Throttle gave him a look. "Look, Throttle. You're not ready for battle yet, and everyone in the base is going to battle.Someone has to be here in case the unexpected happens. You know how to use the communications board right." Throttle nodded disapointed. Stoker started his bike " Oh, and Throttle, I don't wan't any parties in here while I'm away."
"Right Stoke." Throttle said and rolled his eyes. Stoker took off.

This is soooo boring! I wanna get in on the action! I'm not doing anything usefull here! Guard duty my tail, the stupid Plutarkians have no idea the base is here!
A loud sound, like an explosion came from the rear entrance.Throttle got up from the communications board and looked down the hallway.
PLUTARKIANS! Man, I hate being wrong! He ran over to the communications board and opened a link to the nearest group of Freedom Fighters.
"Attention unit four, you have to return to base, Plutarkians MMMFFFF....."
"What was that all about?" the unit four leader asked the communications officer.
"Ahh, the biker brat was messin' around with the communications board."
"Hmmff, children!"

"Ooofff," Throttle said as a Plutarkian slammed his head down on a table and held it there. Another forced his arms behind his back and shackeled his wrists.
"This is the kid who stole the weapons computer, captain." one Plutarkian said to another.The two Plutarkians holding Throttle grabbed a handfull of his long hair and pulled back his head, forcing him to look into the captains face.
"You three bring him, Lord Stilton will wan't to deal with him personally." He turned to the other dozen soldiers gathered in the control room. "The rest of you trash this place!"

"Well, all the weapons tents have been destroyed, not to mention the camps." Tredz said as he turned off his com, "All units are ready to head back on your order."
"There weren't as many weapons in the camps as there were on that computer." Stoker said in thought.
"The Plutarkians are dumb and incompetent, they likely made a mistake." Tredz said.
"I don't know, hmmmm. Well, if there are any more they'll turn up. If this poor display of defense is any indication, the Plutarkians are going to be easy to handle for a while. Give the return order."
"All units return to base." Tredz said into the com, he changed the frequency. "Throttle open the bay doors we're on our way back, copy?" Tredz waited for a reply, all he heard was static. "Throttle? You still there?" no answer. "Where could he be?"
"He probrably got bored and decided to do something more interesting. Don't worry the base is totally safe."

"You jerks better let me go, or you'll be in big trouble!"
"Shut up!"a Plutarkian said then jabbed Throttle in the back with the barrel of his gun. The Plutarkians were escorting Throttle down a hallway in a plutarkian stronghold. It was a big building at the edge of a deserted martian city, at least the martians thought it was deserted.
They entered a large meeting room, a plutarkian was sitting at the end of it.
"What is the meaning of this captain?" The Plutarkian asked.
"This is the mouse that stole the weapons computer Lord Stilton."
"It is?" Stilton strided across the room and looked down at Throttle who'd been forced to his knees. "You've caused lot of trouble."
"I caused trouble?You're destroying my planet!" Throttle said enraged.
"Not yet, we're just borrowing some of your natural resources." Stilton said.
"You mean stealing them." Throttle corrected.
"Well,You're an expert in that field. Thanks to those blasted Freedom Fighters our land mining operations will be set back at least four months. Since you were responsable for this you're going to pay. Now....." Stilton trailed off in thought. "... how do you punish a thieving young rebel?"
"Kill him, I would." The Captain suggested.
"I didn't ask for your opinion! Besides, ending his pitiful little life would be doing him a favor!" Stilton said in a raised voice. "He's usefull." Stilton returned to his chair. "Take him to Karbunkle."
"Karbunkle isn't going to wan't him!" The Captain.
"I don't care what he wants, I'm paying his salary and providing the means of his laboratory experiments, he'll take whatever I give him! Care to argue the subject further, Captain?" Stilton said in rage.
"N..NO sir!"
"Good. Now my dear mouse your attempts to thwart our occupation of your planet have turned out to actually aid it."
"I'd rather die than help you!" Throttle hollered as the three Plutarkians dragged him away.
"Eventually." Stilton called after him "Eventually."

"We thought he was just messing around, you know kids, and I'd sure be mad at being left behind."the unit four communications officer said defensively.
"You better hope he's hiding somewhere, or else you'll both be on guard duty for the rest of your service as a Freedom Fighter." Stoker said angrily.He wouldn't actually carry out the threat, he didn't have enough qualified personel, he was hoping to scare them into treating Throttle with the confidence he deserved.
"We searched the whole base, he isn't here!" Tredz exclaimed. The worry in his voice was obvious.When they got back the base was trashed and Throttle was nowhere to be seen. Stoker didn't think very many Plutarkians had been there, the damage wasn't extensive.
"He probrably got away, and went for help." Stoker said trying to console Tredz, Stoker learned over the past few months that anything was possible with Throttle, but the message the communications officer described told him Throttle had definately been captured. If that was the case Tredz would have to be calm in order to help get him back.The look on Tredz's face told Stoker that he wasn't buying it.
"Fraid not, Stoker. Check this out." A communications technician said grimly. Stoker walked over to the communications board.A typed message was on the view screen it read.
" We came to retrieve our property and the little thief who stole it."
"It was written over an hour ago." The technician said in the same grim tone.
"What are you trying to say?!" Tredz exclaimed loudly.
"Calm down Tredz!" Stoker said to Tredz, the last thing needed in this situation was a frantic parent.
"Calm down? My son is missing and this guy is implying that he's dead!" Tredz practically screamed,half in fear and half in anger. Those two emotions were always a dangerous combination, but in a situation such as this the most likely to be rampant.
"He's not dead! I'm sure of it, we'll get him back I promise." Stoker said to his friend.
"How? We destroyed all the Plutarkian bases we knew of, we don't know where they took him!" Tredz said in despair, he had his hand on his forehead and was staring at the floor.
"I have a plan, we'll put it together while the rest of the base makes preparations to move to the alternative post." Stoker said.
"But that will take hours! If Throttle isn't dead now he will be by then!" Tredz said angrily. The urge to take off now was overwhelming, but he knew that it wouldn't do any good, it might make things worse.
"I know what I'm doing, trust me!" Stoker said reasuringly.
"I always trust you, Stoke." Tredz said as he looked at him. His eyes said it.

"Lord Stilton told us to send him to you." The Plutarkian said to a skinny creature. Throttle had never seen an alien like that before.He had heard descriptions of Earthlings and guessed this Karbunkle guy was one.
"He's not suitable for the project I was going to undertake, I don't want him!Take him somewhere else!"Karbunkle said.
"He's your problem now. " The Plutarkian said. Two others had just finished attaching one end of a chain to Throttle's wrists and the other to a support beam.He was sitting on the floor in a lab. They heard the other Plutarkians statement and started to leave.
"Wait you idiots get back here right now!" Karbunkle hollered after the soldiers. They dissapeared around a corner. Karbunkle growled and walked over to a view screen and turned it on. Stilton appeared on it.
"Problem Doctor?" he asked.
"Yes! I gave you specific details of what I wanted in a test subject. The mouse you sent me isn't even close to what I specified!" Karbunkle said angrily.
"Why can't you use him in your project?"Stilton asked.
"All the components I built were made for an adult, that is an adolescent!"Karbunkle pointed to Throttle."He's the wrong size and build and his chances of surviving the first limb replacement are about a million to one!"
"I don't care if he survives!" Stilton said.
"It'll be a waste of time, technology and my talent! I refuse to do it!"
"Well, I refuse to pay a large sum of money for a Sand Raider slave. Do another one of your experiments on him."
"I don't have another alternative project ready to go, I'm a man of science I don't have time to play torturer with some trouble making biker brat. You'd think with the all the ground you lost to the Freedom Fighters today you'd wan't me to make a bionic soldier, since your soldiers are so incompitent." Karbunkle said angrily.
"Think of another experiment.I'll be checking your results. You never know, by the time that happens your present subject might have become an adult." Stilton logged off.
Karbunkle slammed his fist on the table "Cheap son of a....AAARRRGGGHHH! How dare he insult me! I'll think of something allright!" He turned to Throttle. "Sit tight mousie,his won't take long." He left the room.

As soon as Karbunkle left Throttle started to think of ways to escape.He didn't want to stick around to find out what Karbunkle was going to do to him. He tested the locks on the shackells and chains ,they were combinaton locks. He wished they were padlocks, he could use his tail to get those open.He had trouble with combination locks even when he knew the combination.So he tried pulling on the chain to see if there were any weak spots that would break, but there weren't. Then he thought about the likelyhood of being rescued. Considering the Freedom Fighters didn't know this stronghold existed he concluded it wasn't very likeky.So his only hope of escaping would be rescuing himself.
Karbunkle is a skinny little screwball with a big head, he can't be very strong. He'll have to get me on that lab table before he does anything to me. He'll have to unchain me, I'll overpower him , get my hands free somehow and run for it.He started to refine the plan in his head when Karbunkle returned. He had a syringe in his hand, it was filled with a clear liquid.
"Time for a nap mousie." Karbunkle said as he approached Throttle.
Oh no! I can't overpower him if I'm unconscious. I can't believe I didn't think of that!
"What are ya gonna do to me?" Throttle asked, he'd rather not know but he was trying to stall for time.I gotta think of another plan, the other one wouldn't have worked. ah, who am I kidding I'm as good as dead!
"It's a surprise, now hold still, It'll be easier for me and less painfull for you." Throttle shut his eyes and waited for the inevidable oblivion.
Throttle's eyes snapped open in surprise. Karbunkle had froze, the needle centimeters away from Throttle's neck. There was a gaping hole in the wall opposite them ,a figure on a bike silouetted in it.
"Dad!" Throttle shouted. Tredz revved his engine and shot across the lab. He blasted the chain , freeing Throttle from the support beam. Throttle moved away from Karbunkle, the creepy man was still frozen in shock. Tredz grabbed the needle from Karbunkle's grasp, Stuck it in his neck and mashed down the plunger with his palm. Throttle couldn't help but flinch, it was brutal, not that he was complaining.Karbunkle fell unconscious.
"Get on." Tredz said. Throttle obeyed. Tredz wrapped his tail around his son's waist. Throttle's hands were still shackeled and he wouldn't be able to hang on. Tredz sped out of the lab at top speed. Outside three Plutarkians began firing on them, the bike disarmed them with ease. Other than those three there was no other difficulty in escaping. Tredz didn't stop until they were way out in the south desert, far away from the Plutarkian stronghold and even farther away from the Freedom Fighter base.The whole rescue had only taken five minutes. Throttle was dumfounded. Tredz turned around, grabbed his son's shoulders and looked right into his eyes.
"Did they hurt you?" Tredz asked calmly.Throttle shook his head no. Tredz then hugged him for what seemed to be an eternity. Throttle wished his arms were free, he wanted to hug his father back.

"So, the fishheads have a vivisection lab? Figures." Stoker said. Throttle had just told him and his father about what went on in the stronghold. They were in a new base, the old one had to be abandoned because it wasn't a secret anymore. This new one was beneath a monastery.
"We have to do something! We can't let them experiment on our people like that!" Tredz said angrily. He was appauled at what they were going to do to his son.
"They wont be doing anything for a while, They've lost too much ground and they're still losing it." The Freedom Fighters were at battle as they spoke. Four different groups started relocating in different directions. The Plutarkians thought they had the upper hand and attacked the groups. It was a rouse, the mice were ready for them and had succeded in disarming a great number of them. All the Plutarkians battling with the Freedom Fighters left their stronghold unprotected, making it easy for a lone mouse rescue mission.
"How'd you find me anyway?" Throttle asked. "Did you know about that base Stoke?"
"No we used a tracking device." Stoker said
"What tracking device?" Throttle asked he hadn't remembered being given one.
"The one we injected into you?" Stoker said.A slight grin on his face.
Throttle definately didn't remember that. "What?! When!?"
"A couple months back, it's a prototype. We decided to test it out on you.We kind of forgot about it, I just remembered it a little while ago. We injected it into you while you were asleep. Your dad said you had an irrational fear of needles." Stoker replied, his grin now a wide smile.
"It's not an irrational fear!" Throttle said angrily, it wasn't considering all the time he'd spent in hospitals after fights. "and I do not appreciate being a guinea pig!"
"Better ours than the Plutarkian's." Stoker replied.
"Yeah, I guess so." Throttle mumbled.
"This thing is great," Stoker said grabbing Throttle's left wrist. "We put it right there, just above your artery." Stoker pointed to that spot on Throttle's arm. "It works by detecting your pulse. It's perfect, I think every Freedom Fighter should have one!" Stoker would have kept on talking about it when a soldier walked in the room.
"The Plutarkians have retreated, Everyone is easing their way back."
"Great!"Stoker said "Let's start getting this place organised, the Plutarkians are at a disadvantage and we're keeping it that way!"

Continued In Part 2