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This is the prologue to two, maybe three, more stories.
It's maybe a little long to be called prologue, but it's the starting story. And the real quest don't start
in this part. That's why I call it *prologue*. If someone has any questions, just post a message at the massage board!
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" Survivor's Log "

By Decembergirl

Copyright Decembergirl 1997, all rights reserved



"Life turns"

... Space ... The final frontier. This are the voya...

" Paul, turn off that TV, dinners ready!"
" Commin' mum!"
The twelve year old boy rushes up from the floor, were he laid watching the reruns of the old show; Star Trek Next Generation, brushes his brown hair back, and heads for the kitchen. There he finds his mum by the stove, and his four year older sister Shelly already sitting by the table and waiting for the food, while she neatly makes her blond hair into a ponytail.
"Yummy! Roast beef!" Paul exclaims as he sits down.
" Mum, I refuse to eat this!"
The mother turns away from the stove and looks at her daughter.
" What now?"
" But mum, I've told you a hundred times, I'm a vegetarian!"
" Oh really?" Paul looks doubtfully at his sister. " What about that hotdog you ate at the mall yesterday?"
Shelly sticks her tongue out at her brother.
" Okay you two, stop it! Shelly, eat the beef or I'll make you spinach instead."
" Uhm... I think I could make an exception today, and eat meat...hrm.."

In another part of town

A shadow-like figure stands tall by the roof edge of a skyscraper. From there it overlooks the city. After a while it raises it's head to the dark and starry evening sky. Did they see me?
It waits a minute. Then it walks over to a motorcycle standing in a corner, sits up, and drives towards the edge. As the bike goes over the edge, the driver gently accelerates and turns the fall into a perfect jump. Despite how unlikely it may seem, both bike and cyclist lands safely at the street below.
The city gleams in a flood of neon lights, and makes the streets a playground for shadows.
A lonely motorcyclist makes his way through the half empty streets. So, what's so special about that? Not much. The man riding the bike, is just an ordinary man. Well, maybe not so ordinary.
He's a long way from home, searching for a hope. A hope that long lost friends can give.
But sometimes friends are rare. He is different. In many ways. He's different from the dwellers of this city, and he has changed. Changed since the last time he was here.
Then he was a playful young man, living for the adventure. Now? Living for the adventure still, but no longer a young man. But he's not old yet. No way! But changed he is.
Loosing your kin, your home, and your planet could change the best.
To the better, or worse.
Without hesitation he leaves the main road, and follows a smaller street. Suddenly the cyclist stops. On the other side of the road stands a quite big deserted building. His eyes scan it thoroughly. When his gaze comes upon the old and nonworking neon sign, he sighs.
With the sign in his thoughts, he moves on forward down the street again.
After four blocks or so, he finally stops. After he'd hidden his bike in an alley, the man walks up to the front gate of a two-story house. The sign says; first floor, - Mr & Mrs Connors
second floor, - Joe Berg & Charlene Berg.
Silently as a mouse the man walks the two stairs up to the second floor. After a minute of thinking, he rings the doorbell.

" Hey, That's the doorbell! I'll get it!
" Oh no you don't, young man! Eat your dinner, I'll get the door."
She shakes her head as she watches her two children. Time really flies, It seems like yesterday they both were mere wishes of my mind. After a sigh she heads for the door.
She opens it slightly, with the safety chain still on.
" Yes?"
The figure in the stairway is just a big shadow to her eyes. Damn that darned lamp! Always broken!
" Charley?" A low male voice says.
" Huh?"Charley? None has called me that for years!
" Who is this?"
"Your friend."
The man holds out his hand and shows the item it holds.
It's a little piece of cloth, with some marks on it. Suddenly Charley recognize the green and yellow cloth. It's a part of a Martian freedom-fighters uniform! And that means ....

She takes off the chain and lets him inside. The man steps in. He's tall, very tall. Charley reaches him to his cheek. The clothes he wears are all in an extremely deep blue, near black, color. The leather jacket has some markings on the shoulders, but except that it's without any pattern. Under the jacket he wears a tight black T-shirt, and his high boots looks like they've been through a lot.
Charley looks up at his face, but she can't make out his face behind that dark visor on his helmet.
"Who are you?" She repeats in a low voice.
The man reaches up to the side of his helmet, and folds the visor away. Charley freezes for a moment. She can't believe what she sees. But as soon as the paralyzation leaves her, she throws herself around the mans neck with joy and laughs.
"THROTTLE!!!! - What in the world are you doing here?!?! - OOH What I've missed you guys!!!"
When she pulls away to look at him again, her smile fades when she sees his face.
He smiles at her, but it's a sad smile. And his eyes seems to hold more sorrow than she has ever seen in a mans eyes. And he looks tired.
" Throttle? what's the matter?"
Throttle gently brushes her cheek, and sighs.
" You have many questions, sweety."
While searching for an answer, Throttle notice a movement in the corner of his eye.
Charley follows Throttles gaze when he turns his head.
Paul stands in the kitchen door and chews on a tomato. He looks eyes wide at Throttle.
" Who´re you?"
" This is an old friend of mine, Paul." Charley says, and gesture for Throttle to sit down in the living-room. He goes inside and sits down in the sofa, Charley pulls out a chair and sits down opposite to him. She was just going to ask him something, when Paul speaks.
" Aren't you going to take off your helmet? Or can't you show us that you're really a Martian freedom-fighter?"
" Uh...!?!?!"
" Paul!" Charley can't help but blush at her sons statement.
" Who's a Martian?" Shelly says, as she enters the room.
" He is! doesn't he look like one of the Biker Mice??!"
Paul points at Throttle in excitement. His sister looks at the tall man in the sofa. Blinks a few times, and says to her brother;
"You're SO annoying! They don't exist, you dummy! Right mum?!"
" Uhm, didn't you have some homework to do, Shelly?"
" Alright, alright! I'm going!"
Shelly waves her hands, and glares at Paul when he sticks his tongue out at her.
" And you too, young man!"
Paul looks suspiciously at the man in the sofa, swallows the last of his tomato, and heads for the stairs. Not too willingly.

When both children had disappeared upstairs, Throttle turns to Charley.
" What was that all about?"
" Uhm, I used to tell them about you guys and our `adventures'. They are good stories, you know." Charley answers and blushes once more.
Throttle smiles that sad smile again.
"Yeah, those were great times..."
He stands up and walks over to the window. The evening night is clear and the stars shine bright over the city of Chicago. Charley walks up to his side, and lays her hand on his shoulder. They stand there a while before Charley breaks the silence. Her voice is low and uncertain when she speaks.
" Tell me about it."
" About what?" Throttles voice is just a whisper. And he doesn't face her. He just stares out in the cold late February-night.
" What ever happened. Please."
He sighs.
" I guess I can."
After a minute of more silence, Throttle begins his story.
"Remember when we left, sweety?"
" Yes, I do. Like it was yesterday."
She remember how Stoker and Carbine came and gave them the news. The Biker Mice were needed on Mars. It was now or never, the final great battle. She remember seeing them leave. She had felt sorrow, and fear.
" Did....did you loose the battle?" Charley swallows hard.
" No."
She turns to him in surprise.
" But, why are you so sad then? You won!" Charley thinks about it a moment more when a thought strikes her.
" Oh no! Oh please don't let it be so! Vinnie and Modo... They aren't ...Are they?"
" No Charley, they live. At least I think so."
" What do you mean I THINK SO ?!?!?" She almost yells at him.
Throttle turns to his long lost friend. Worry shines all over her face. When he first saw her, he didn't think she had changed so much. But she has. Her hair is a little longer, and she's a grown woman now. Not that she wasn't before, but she has a family now. She has kids. she's a mother.
He puts both his hands on her shoulders to comfort her.
" Calm down Charley! Calm down!"
She takes a fast breath, and does as he tells her.
" I,..I'm sorry.."
" It's okay baby."
Throttle places his arm on her shoulders, and squeezes her gently. Charley leans her head on his shoulder. She sighs, and shakes her head in sorrow.
" Throttle?"
" Yes?" Throttles voice is once again a low whisper.
The warmth of his body makes her feel a little safer. Charley clings tighter to him as she prepare herself for what he will tell her.
" Go on." She closes her eyes at the sound of his lowered voice.
Throttle struggles to find words. Slowly, slowly his memories comes out, and forms to a story. The story of an condemned planet and It's unlucky dwellers.
" Yes we won, Charley. Although we were outnumbered, we fought like never before. That single battle went on for days. We lost many great warriors, but so did the Plutakians too. I really don't know how, what, or where the final blow came, but we came out as the victorious side. That feeling, Charley, that feeling. Mars was finally free. Never in my live have I experienced such high feelings. It was an unforgettable moment.
With joined troops we transported all of our enemies back to Plutark. And made it their prison.
Oh sweet revenge..."
Charley looks up at Throttle. She can barley see the lines of his face. Oh god, she thought. For the first time of my life I wish that Vinnie with his ego was here and babbled. She closed her eyes, and tried to remember that that they didn't have to be dead.
Throttle went on, still in his low voice. Almost like he was lost in his memories.
" ...The war was over, Mars was free, and we would never ever have to worry about the Plutarkians anymore. At least we thought so.
After a year or so, life on Mars had began to be like it had been before the war. Once again grass grew on the planes, and even small forests had began to form themselves. When we imprisoned the Plutakians, we stole back as much water, and plants samples, as we could. The future suddenly felt bright for our people.
And we swore that no one would be able to do this to us again. Therefore we kept the army up. And it became a good provider of work too. Carbine continued to work there, but Stoker finally retired. He had got seriously wounded in the battle anyway. But instead he helped Modo and Harley in the combined motor shop and garage, they've started. I and Vinnie helped them too, but I worked mostly at the army with Carbine. Vinnie on his behalf, became a test-driver and racer instead. He's got it in his blood I guess.
Modo found a love,and even got kids of his own. That was three wonderful years living close to his family. If there is one mouse on mars that were destined to be a good father, It's Modo.
It was sad when Carbine and I broke up, but I'm glad we could be friends even after that.
Whole Mars were finally back together, cities were pulsating of life and our planet was no longer a dead one. We had recovered surprisingly well, but of course something had to go wrong.
That particular day will not many Martians forget. Our radars picked up a Plutarkian vessel on It's way to Mars. The funny was that it wasn't big. The army shot it down, and it exploded in the atmosphere. We thought that it just was a desperate try for revenge from the Plutarkian side. We had forgot that they, despite how stupid they may occur, they can be clever. And damned trickery.
It took a while before the first cases of what we came to call "The Plague", showed itself. But then it was too late to stop. Suddenly Martians all around the planet began to fight. Just of pure greed, over the land and the power. Not with weapons at first, that came later.
But pretty soon brother fought brother. The Plutarkians had not been so stupid as we had thought. The ship contained some sort of virus, and when it exploded in the Martian atmosphere it spread itself over the planet. We could do nothing but watch as our home once more stood face to face with war. A war where Martian fought against Martian.
The Plague took almost a third of the population of Mars. And to my and the others sorrow, that included even Vinnie."
" Oh no!"
Charley looks up at Throttle, and he looks down on her.
" Afraid so. He went berserk and almost killed me."
" Oh dear, can it get worse than this?"
" You'd better believe it, Charley sweety."
Throttle suddenly felt tense.
" Sorry if I asked. Continue."
He takes a deep breath and tries to relax a little.
"When the infected ones began to go berserk, we who were left discovered that they were under the Plutarkians control. They let them free, and with the Martians at their side, they enslaved more than fifty percent of the population of Mars. It was horrible. See how sister enslaved brother, son attacking his parents, and parents their children. One of the darkest days in the history of Mars, That's for sure."

Charley felt Throttles body tremble at the memory. She hold on to him. Both for his and her comfort.

" The Plutarkians made prison-camps on Mars, but many were sent to one of Plutarks moons. I guess that's were Modo is now."
A tear rolls down Charleys cheek. She looked out the window. The stars shines in the black night sky. So far away. So far away.
Her voice almost fails her when she speaks.
" What happened, and what will happen to you who´re left...?"
Throttle rubs her shoulder, and when he answers his breathing is heavy.
"We'll survive. That's what We'll do."


Paul looks around the corner, into the living room. No Tall-muscular-biker riding- under cover-Martian freedom fighter here! Were did he go? He sneaks inside and examines the room.
Shelly yawns while she pour herself a cup of tea. Who was that guy last night? She wonders.
When she hears someone moving in the living room, she takes her cup and walks over to check it out. She locates a little figure clad in jeans and a big white T-shirt, doing something underneath the table.
" Paul, WHAT are you doing under the table?!?"
Paul looks up at his sister from under the table. She wears her usually blue jeans, and red tight T-shirt. One hand on her hip, and the other one holding a cup of tea, she looks down at him.
" I'm looking for clues." He responds firmly.
" Clues?? From what?" Shelly shakes her head.
" From the Martian, of course."
" Oh, please! Do you really believe that?!"
They eyes each other. Paul stands up and folds his arms.
" Where IS he?!"
Shelly sighs.
" Like I care!"
She turns to walk back to the kitchen. But stops at Paul's statement.
" doesn't care, huh? You cared last night! I saw you eavesdrop!"
" You little.. But you did too!!!!"
Sister and brother glares at each other for a moment.
" Yeah I did. So? And didn't you think it sounded a little suspicious?"
" okay, I admit it. It sounded quite weird. - But I still don't believe in Martians."
" Have it your way, sis. But I'm going to get to the bottom of this!"
Shelly is just going to throw a comment at her brother, when the sounds of footsteps interrupts her. Charley comes down the stairs, fully clad, and heads for the front door lost in thoughts.
" Uh, mum? Where are you going?" Shelly asks.
Charley looks up.
" Hum, I'm just going out to the garage a while."
" Why??? It's closed!"
Her mum looks a bit nervously at her.
" I'm,... Uh...I'm going to clean up a bit! ...Yeah, That's it..."
Both children watches as she leaves.
" okay, what do we do now?" Paul asks.
" Why do you ask me? You're the one playing Sherlock!"
" Oh yeah, I forgot. Let's follow her, maybe she'll lead us to the Martian! Follow me Watson!" Paul takes off for the door.
Shelly rolls her eyes, but follows him out.

Charley looks at the old sign. Many good memories have their roots here. Too many. She wipes away a tear before entering. She doesn't notice the two figures that peers at her from around a corner.
Shelly and Paul runs over to the garage, as Charley enters.
" So, what do we do now, bro?"
" I dunno.. Wait! There's a window!"
They tip toes over to it. And looks inside. The glass is a little dirty, but they can see through.
When they sees what's inside, a wide and exited grin shows itself in Paul's face. And Shelly makes a jaw-drop in surprise.

As Charley enters she looks around. Everything looks familiar. Just like she left it the last time. Her eyes stops at the big motorcycle in the middle of the room. It's a standard Martian freedom fighters cycle. Except for the fact that It's black. She walks over to it, and lets her fingers touch the metal.
She examines the leather jacket and helmet, that lays on the seat. A sudden noise behind her makes her spin around.
" I didn't mean to scare you. Sorry."
Charley looks at at Throttle and blinks. My god! He's changed more than I thought!
The first that she notice is his hair. It has changed. Almost the same, but longer. He even has a ponytail. The second is the fact that he has no sunglasses on!
" Uh, Throttle? don't you need your shades?"
" Hm?" " Oh, the Field Specs you mean? Not as much as before."
" How come?"
Charley watches him walk over to the table, and pick the shades up.
" A friend of mine is a scientist, and he did finish Karbunkles work for me. Almost at least. I still need the Specs, though."
Throttle puts them on and looks over at his friend, where she stands by his bike. He sighs and smiles. Time does fly...
As Charley walks over to the table, he speaks.
" So... what's YOUR story, babe?"
She faces him. Smiles. And sits down at the edge of the table.
" It's no special, really. After you guys left, my life were no more than any other Americans."
" So tell me.... What is that then?"
Charley snickers softly.
" Really want to know?"
" Uh-hum."
" okay.. Let's cut it short, shall we? ... Well, after you guys went home, I did what I did before you came. Being a poor little mechanic that is. After a few months, don't remember exactly, I met Joe at a car festival. He and I got well together, and we got married. After a time we got Shelly, and later Paul. We moved to the house we live in now seven months ago, when Joe got a raise. Unfortunately we had to close this place. Not enough customers."
She looks over at Throttle sitting in an old armchair. He absently scratches himself behind an ear. Without moving a face, he says;
" THAT was a short and precise story. I need to practice on that."
Charley can't help but laugh.

" See, what did I tell ya?!!!" Paul can't stand still in his excitement.
Shelly on the other hand is frozen at her place by the window.
" I. don't. Believe. This. ..." She says through her teeth.
" I wa-as rig-ht! I wa-as rig-ht!" Paul sings while doing a little victory dance beside the window.
" I don't believe this. My mother is talking to a Martian, a M-A-R-T-I-A-N! - I don't BELIEVE THIS!"
Paul joins in with his sister by the window once more.
" What are they saying?"
" How the heck is I supposed to know???!" Shelly answers as the shock fades.
" I'm gonna find out!" Paul starts to move along the side of the building, towards the back door. Still with that victorious grin on his face.
Shelly folds her arms. So, Martians ain't green after all. They are MICE. Well, this is interesting. Where does this leave those little aliens with big heads and big black eyes, then? Maybe they come from Pluto?

"What is this?"
Charley carefully examines the item on the table before her. It looks kinda like a small laptop. But the keyboard is flat. It is in a dark gray color, and the small screen is black. On it, letters in an almost glowing green color can be seen.
She slowly bends it over to look at the front of it. In computer letters it says "LOG".
Nothing more.
"It's my Log." Throttles voice says from behind her.
She turns to him. He's still sitting in the armchair.
"Yeah. I make notes in it, and It's also a communicator with my friends."
Charley looks down at the screen. It says;

date: 2014-02-15

location: Tellus, the United States, Chicago

Arrived yesterday. I think and hope my hunters lost my trail.

Met Charlene at her house. Told her.

My wounds are healing well under the circumstances.

" Wounds?!"
" Oh, It's not dangerous Charley sweetie. Just got hit in my back on my way to base."
Charley eyed him angrily.
" Idiot! Even the smallest wound can be ugly if you don't tend to it!"
" Gee sweety, I know. But It's not so easy to do it when It's in your back."
Throttle jumped up from his position in the armchair, when Charley with a determined look on her face walked his way.
" Take it easy now honey! It's just a scratch!"
" don't play the `Nothing-can-hurt-me' hero with me, mouse!"
Before Throttle could do anything Charley shoves him down in the chair again.
" Now, STAY!"
Throttle mumbles and puts his head in his hand, while Charley goes to get the first aid kit.

Charley folds her arms, and stare at her company, who also has folded his arms over his chest, but for a different reason.
" Cut it off Throttle! This is ridiculous, You're a grown man! A behavior like this you could expect from Vincent, but not from you! Get that T-shirt off, NOW!"
" No. Way." Throttle answers and backs away one step more.
" Alright, you asked for it!"
Charley charges at Throttle and grabs his shirt. Despite his efforts, she gets it over his head.
She freezes on the spot.
" My God!" Charley stares at all the scares covering Throttles muscular chest.
He opens his mouth to answer, when a faint sound reaches his sensitive ears. His muscles tense. And with a slim movement of his body he grabs his lazer, laying on the table, and points it at the back door.
" Come out, whoever you are!!!" He roars coldly.
Charley, who didn't hear a thing, jerks back in shock still holding Throttles T-shirt.
A rustle can be heard, and a familiar little face shows itself behind the door.
" He he.. uh,.. Hi!..."
" PAUL!!!" Charley stares wide eyes at her son. " What are you doing!??"
Throttle takes a step back and lowers his gun, as he inhales deeply and relaxes.
" Er, I was just kinda curious of what you did, mum..."
She shakes her head and sighs.
" don't EVER sneak up like that again!"
Paul looks around the garage. Puts his hands in his pockets, and says;
" Whatever you are doing mum, I see you saved the cleaning till later."
Paul grins when Charley blush. Then he turns to Throttle.
"And who did you think I was? A Plutarkian!??"
At first Throttle just stares at the human boy. Then, slowly a smile forms on his face.
" No. Your´re to small. And not even Plutarkians are so dumb that they sneak up alone, on ME!"
" I'm NOT small!!"
Throttle grins wider when Paul reacts as he thought he would.
" And I'm not dumb! I figured that you were a Martian, didn't I???!"
" Ya, you did kid."
Throttle lays the silvery shining weapon back at the table. And Paul turns to his mum. She sighs once more, and lays her hand on her sons shoulder. They look at each other, and Paul nods smiling. Charley leaves her son and walks over to Throttle, to tend his wounds. Paul follows, after a look at the lazer gun and the bike.


Oh, God. Oh, God. Please say that this is a nightmare. That this is just not for real. I'll be a good girl. I promise. Oh please.
Shelly closes her eyes. She doesn't want to see her guards. She hopes that her mum will rescue her. Or anyone.


Evening. The dark starts to fall over the houses in Chicago. The streets are full of cars and people. People who are eager to get home from work, and eager to get home to their families.
A man rustles with his keys, and opens the door to his familiar home.
The boy sitting by the TV, lights up when the man enters.
" Dad! Hi!"
The dad smiles tiredly, and runs his hand through his short blond hair. He's an ordinary guy. And why not? Not everybody can be the long dark stranger.
"Hi son. Whatcha watching?"
Paul turns the TV to `mute', and walks over to his dad.
" Nothing in particular. Had a good flight?"
Joe yawned and stretches his arms.
" No."
He takes off his shoes and walks into the kitchen. Paul follows.
" So son, how's it been?"
Paul grins for himself and answers.
" Like always. I've made a new friend, though."
" How nice."
Joe doesn't even look at his son, who watches his dad dig in his briefcase under silence.
" How was it in New York then, dad?"
Joe sighs, and looks down at his only son.
" Nothing special. The company I visited, turned down their order on 500 new cars from my factory. So I'll probably get fired by my boss. *sigh*"
" Uhm.... Dad? ..."
" Not now sonny. I need to rest. Go and play with this instead. It's a present for you."
" Thanks." Paul takes the object, and starts to leave.
" Paul, tell your sister that I got something for her too, when you see her."
" ´Kay."
Paul walks slowly up the stairs to his room.

So liveful, so alive. Just as I recall it.
Throttle looks out over Chicago from the roof of The Last Chance Garage. The night breeze rustles his hair, and he breaths in deeply.
A movement on a street nearby catches his attention. what's that? A citizen on his way to the night-shift on the job, don't sneak around like that! Hmm....
Throttle hides in the shadows, and puts on his helmet. He zooms in on the object of his curiosity.
By the moons of Mars! - Stalkers!!! But... what are they doing?.....
The stalkers seems to discuss something. Suddenly they disappear. Throttle only catches a glance of red, and a little spot of yellow.
He waits. After a while he sneaks down on the street, and moves towards the place he spotted them in. Silent. Mustn't make a sound., he reminds himself.
The place is a only half light up street corner. Throttle raises his lazer. Through the field specs, his eyes scans the area. No sign of them. Wonder if they know that I'm here? Probably. Damn!
He looks over the place again, and is just about to leave, when he spots something sitting on the brick wall. Slowly he walks over to it and picks it up. It's a lock of blond hair. Throttle stands there puzzled.
What? I don't .. Wait a minute, The yellow color I spotted! Could it ..? Oh, no! - Shelly!!!


" Joe, have you seen Shelly?"
Joe yawns, and looks up from the movie He's watching.
" No honey."
Charley looks at her husband. *Sigh*.aren't we a tired couple? She walks out into the hall, only to meet Paul, who's walking down the stairs.
" Hi son. What are you doing?"
" Nothing now. I've been playing that computer game I got from dad."
" Oh, was it fun?"
" It was OK. But it would be MUCH more fun hunting aliens for real!"
Charley grins. She opens the fridge to see what to prepare for supper.
" By the way Paul, Have you seen Shelly?"
Paul looks up from the comic book He's reading.
" Uh? No. Haven't seen her since we split outside the garage."

Shelly tries to scream. But the gag makes it impossible. she's never been so scared in her hole life!
The stalkers are standing on the other side of the room. They seem to wait for something. A sudden explosion makes her jump. As a wall collapses, the stalkers get ready to attack.
She can't see clearly because of the smoke from the explosion, but she sees a figure coming in from the hole in the wall. The figure gives the nearest stalker a right hook, which sends it to the ground.
Shelly watches as the figure advances against the other three. Suddenly a bright flash is shot out from the mans hands. The light seems to hypnotize the three stalkers. Then the man turns over to her. Shelly recognize him. - It's the Martian!
Throttle hurries over to the girl tied in the corner. He cut her loose and ungags her.
" Comon Shelly, run!"
Shelly does as the Martian says. She runs for the demolished wall, and climbs out.
" Get on the bike!" Throttle yells.
She spots the bike move towards them. A self driving bike!!??! Whatta??!!
But There's no time for hesitations, she can hear her captors have begun the hunt already.
Shelly jumps up on the bike behind her rescuer just in time. The stalkers bangs through the wall and speeds after them.
The city flashes pass in a sea of dark colors and lights. The cold air makes Shelly freeze to the bone. She clings on almost panicingly to Throttle as they speed through the city. With the stalkers in hot pursuit.

Charley looks at the shiny blue car. In the light of the garage lamp, it seems almost new.
" You know, You're always have had a funny way to deal with your worries."
She looks up from the car, up at her husband, standing in the houses garage door.
" Yeah," She tosses the dirty towel she holds in a bucket. " Work takes your worries from your mind, and helps you to think."
" Uh-hum. But do you always have to work on the car?"
" So what do YOU suggest? Should I clean your room?"
A tense silence falls.
Paul, who has been standing behind his father, doesn't like it.
" don't you think we should try to find sis, instead of arguing?" He says in a irritated voice.
Charley opens her mouth to answer, but her words drowns in the echo of an explosion.
" My god, what was that??!!" Joe exclaims chocked as they run outside.
Giant smoke pillars rises to the black sky. Some houses in the neighborhood is on fire.
" what's going on?!?!"
A motorcycle rounds a corner a block down the road, and speeds up in their direction.
It seems to be hunted. When it comes closer, Charley recognize the rider. -Throttle!
Throttle stops the bike near Charley and the others.
" Shelly!!" All three shouts.
The girl jumps off the bike and hugs her mum.
Charley lets go of her daughter, and turns to Throttle.
" what's going on???!" Worry shines all over her face.
He looks back the street. The stalkers are advancing.
" Run Charley-sweetie, run. It's ME they want."
Throttle once again raises his lazer and fires at his hunters.
" WHAT IS THIS!!??!!??!" Joe screams and tugs his hair. " ALIENS??!!????"
" Comon!" Charley grabs him by the arm, and the little family runs to hide.

The big Martian bike basically flies down the street. It's not the same one he rode and fought on, the last time he was in this city. It's not his. But they still work well together.
He activates the weapons and gets ready to rumble. One of the stalkers shoots fire arrows at him from the top of a building. Oh, well... , He thinks, ...here I go again! as he charges up for an attack.

" I wanna Help! No one kidnaps MY sister, and gets away with it!"
" Stay down Paul!"
" But mum..."
"Shut up!!!"
The fight has gone on for almost an hour now. And Charley´s getting worried. Several houses are on fire. Throttle may be a Biker Mice, but He's just ONE.
He hate to admit it, but He's getting tired. But he HAS to go on!. For the safety of Charlene´s family.
A stalker fires a missile. Throttle has to make a fast turn to avoid it. Too fast. He's thrown off by the force from the turn. He hits the ground hard, and rolls. When he gets to his feet, It's only to see the missile fly through the air and hit a two storage house 200 meters away. Charleys house.
In true desperation he turns, and tosses the grenade He's holding on a near house wall. By mere luck, it falls down on two of the three stalkers. Not noticing, Throttle rises up the half wrecked bike, and rides down the

Charley almost screams her lungs out when the building collapses. At least, That's how it feels.
She sees her family being surrounded by an inferno of fire.
The ground Suddenly starts to shake. Charley tries desperately to stay on her feet, when she realizes what's happening. Oh, no! The ground collapsing! All those holes Limburger left after his soil robbing, they're finally breaking down!!!
Panic stricken see search for he children. The heat! can't stand it! Have to.. What is.. SHELLY!!
She grabs her daughter, and they tries together to find a way out.
Throttle ducks as a burning plank nearly falls on him. He scans the catastrophe. In the smoke he spots a figure lying on the ground. - Paul!!
As carefully he can he lifts the unconscious boy up, and begins to make his way out. He groans when he falls surprised to the floor. Throttle takes off his jacket and wraps it around Paul to protect him from the heat. While rising again, he looks back to see what it was he tripped on. The sight makes him wanna scream.
Shelly cries against her mothers shoulder. The ground shakes, houses burn. Charley feels so helpless.
" Charlene!"
She turns around, and almost falls to the suddenly `alive' ground.
" Throttle!!!" Charley runs the best she can to meet him.
" Oh, thank goodness! Paul! He's alive!"


Throttle, Charley, Shelly and Paul sits on the remains of a shattered wall across the street to the totally demolished two story house. Charley´s face is dirty by soot, an her tears has made clean stripes down her cheeks. Both her children look at the devastation with bloodshot eyes. Throttle is just silent.
" Why?" Charleys voice cracks when she speaks. " Oh Joe. Our marriage wasn't the best on later years. But why did you have to DIE!!???!" She begins to cry.
The children look at their mother. And Throttle lays a comforting arm around her.
After a while he rises and walks over to his damaged bike.
" I'll have to go. The stalkers will come back after me. And I don't want to be the cause of another catastrophe."
Shelly looks up scared.
" Do you think they'll come after us again?"
His heart refuses to let him tell the scared girl the truth. But he doesn't have too. Her mum does it for him.
" Probably. Now they know that we are effective baits to catch Throttle with."
" Oh , no." Shelly says shivering.
" Mom? What are we gonna do now? Were are we gonna go?" Pauls voice is weak, and he holds on tight to his sister.
Charley looks over to Throttle. He looks back at her.
" Yes, Sweety. What are you gonna do now."
She can see in the way he stands, how beaten he is. Just like her. She stands up, and lays her arms around Paul and Shelly.
The houses around them, are a bunch of wrecked buildings still smoking a little from last nights party. Charlene watches as the rising sun paints the sky and the skyscrapers in the distance, in red and gold. She takes a deep breath, and looks Throttle right in the eyes.
" We will do as your people. - Survive."




This is not the end,

It's just the beginning....

Continued In Part 1: Brotherhood