I don´t own The Biker Mice From Mars, and I make NO money from this . This is just a story made by a fan for other fans, for the fun of it, in respect of the show.

This is the first of three individual stories that´s bond together by an ongoing plot in the `time line' of "Survivor´s Log", and it follows right after the SL Prologue. Hope you´ll enjoy!!! -- DG

Survivor´s Log


By Decembergirl

Copyrighted Decembergirl 1997, all rights reserved.

part 1


The wind gently rustles his hair. The marsian male stands tall, and overlooks the red planes extend themselves over Mars´s surface. A single tear rolls slowly down his cheek. He makes no try to whipe it away.
Once.....Once this was an endless forest. What happened?
He bows his head, and his dark beige hair falls down his face. On a distance you could mistake this man for Throttle. But meet him, and you´ll see the difference. He sighs.
Green and blue, and living. Not red and dead.... You may be a red-soiled planet my mother, but your face was once green and fresh blue as well.....once........
A faint tune finds his ears. At first he thinks the song is a dream, with words taken from his thoughts and heart. But as he listens closer he finds that it´s coming from around a corner.
He closes his eyes, and listens to the slow and floating tune, and lets it touch him.

::: ...aaaaaaaaaaaah ...ooooooohhhh... aaaaaaaaaah....ooooooohhh....
.... what about all the peace... that you pledge your only son...
what about flowering fields... Is there a time? ...
what about all the dreams... that you said was yours and mine...
did you ever stop to notice... all the children dead from war...
did you ever stop to notice... this crying earth is weeping shores?
....aaaaaaaaaaaaah... ooooooohhhh... aaaaaaaaaaaah... ooooooohhh....
... I used to dream... I used to glance beond the stars...
now I don´t know where we are... although I know we´ve drifted far....
.... aaaaaaaaaaaah... oooohhhh... aaaaaaaaaah... oooooooohhhh.... :::

Whitout a sound he leans around the corner. There in a room with wiew out over the planes, lays a boy on the floor beside his portable cd-player. A brown haired woman sits in a chair near the window, and beside her on the floor sits a teenage girl. The marsian man smiles. He looks over to a man sitting opposite to the earth woman. He smiles again. Think of it... isn´t it amazing how a single woman can provide you with such hope, my friend?
He turns and moves silent down the corridor, deper into the building. The song follows him like a faithful friend as he goes. He inhales slowly and grins. It´s life... , he says to himself as the song comes to it´s climax, and the dark corridor swallows him up.

:::... aaaaaaaaah oooooohhh aaaaaaaah oooooohhhh....
....hey, what about yesterday.... what about us!?...
what about the seas... what about us!?...
the heavens are falling down... what about us!?...
I can´t even breathe... what about us!?...
what about nature´s worth... ooooooo...
it´s our planets womb... what about us!?...
what about forest trails... ooooooo...
burnt despite our pleas ..........
aaaaaaaah ooooooohhh aaaaaaaaah ooooooohhh..... :::


The big room is filled with the sounds of voices. Marsians moving, sitting and talking. In the background, can an old radio be heard playing guitarr music.
Harley tryes to stay fokused on her task. And that´s eating up her food, without falling asleep.
" AaaaaaaOooow!" Harley streches and jawns.
" Tired?"
She looks over ar her companion, on the other side of the table.
" Yeah, but not half as much as you."
Stoker smiles and shakes his head, while eating his food.
" Don´t try to deny it Stoker! You ain´t so fresh as you once was!"
He looks up at her, and their eyes locks. Harley tryes her best to sound angry.
" You shouldn´t work so much! You´ll wear your self out!"
She sighs and smiles at him.
" Really, you shouldn´t. I know you wanna help, and we all appriciate it. But if you blow yourself, you won´t be at any help at all. Don´t try to be something that you´re not. We like you as you are."
" I´m NOT a helpless old man yet!"
" No. You STILL know how to demolish my garage."
Stoker shrugs and smiles innocently.
Harley stands up and grabs her plate.
" Gotta work.*sigh* I don´t remember the last time I slept."
" Cant you get Terrance to help you?" Stoker ask just before he too jawns.
" Terrance is a sientist. And besides, he has to work on a way to stop The Plague."
" I could..."
" Oh you stubborn....! All you should do for the next tvelve hours is to rest! We have an important mission tomorrow to prepare for!"
Harley slaps Stoker on his head playfully. Then she leaves for her work.
Stoker looks after her with an angry stare, but he smiles.
" I am NOT tried." He assures himself.
While finishing his food, he places his head in his hand. Three minutes later, he´s fast asleep.


Paul gently pushes down the "stop" button", and opens the CD player and changes disk. Soon the room is filled with the tune of Witheny Houston.
" What are you writing?"
Throttle looks up at Charley, and then down at the Log laying in his lap.
" Just some news about what´s going on here an the base, and the, uh... events that has happened to me the last few days."
Shelly suddanly rushes up from the floor, beside Charleys chair.
" And it´s ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!! Look at us! Here we are, whitout home and father, and we´re trapped on this dirty and dead planet!!! ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!!!!!!!"
She storms out of the room, and slams the door shut.
Charley looks over at Throttle. He´s looking down at the Log, and his face is a mask.
"She didn´t mean that." Charley says in a low voice.
Throttle looks at the log in his lap. But he sees nothing, exept the colours of fire.
In the fire he can see the limp figure of a human body, laying on the ground. The tounges of fire stands high around him. And in the cold and empty eyes of the man, he can see the red and yellow reflections dance.
Charley walks up to stand beside him. She lays her hand on his shoulder.
" She didn´t mean that." She repeats.
Throttle sighs.
" Maybe not. Or maybe."
" I knew that you did your best, Throttle. No-one could ask for more."
She pats his shoulder, and heads for the door to find Shelly.
But just as she is about to open it, the door flungs open. Charley jerks back in surprise.
She stares at the male mouse appearing in the door. He´s about Throttle´s hight, but more slim built, and he´s dark grey, almost black, with a mop of copper coloured hair on the head.
The marsian looks down at Charley.He eyes her up and down, and then he just walks pass her into the room. He walks in, and stops just behind Throttle, who hasn´t noticed a thing.
" SIR!!!"
Throttle jumps high out of his chair, when the other mouse yells. The log falls to the floor with a thud. Throttle whirls around, and almost drawing his lazer. He stops dead in his tracks when he recognizes the mouse behind him.
" Arrence Pike!!! Don´t ever...!!!!"
Arrence looks lazily at Throttle, and hides a smile.
Throttle bends down and picks up the log, as he puts his lazer back in place.
Then he turns to the other male.
" OK, this better be good."
Charley walks up curious from behind.
" Scout mission, sir." Arrence says calmly.
Throttle slaps his forehead.
" OH! Darn! I forgot!"
" Scout mission?" Charley asks her friend.
" Yes, It´s been planned for awhile, but I completly forgot!"
Throttle turns to the marsian male called Arrence Pike.
" Uhm, go ahead. I´ll come as soon as I´ve fixed some things."
The male nods, glance a little over at Paul, who´s listening from his place on the floor,
and the walks out the door and down the corridor without a word.
Charley looks after him. And then turns to Throttle again.
" What a strange man." She says, a little puzzled.
Throttle looks up at her, from being packing his log in his bag.
" Yeah, Pike´s strange."
" Pike? I thought his name was Arrence?"
" Arrence is his first, and real name. But he´s usually called Pike."
Charley looks out the into the dark corridor, and shrugs her shoulders.
Throttle closes his bag and tosses it over his shoulder, and then heads for the door. When he passes Charley, she lays a hand on his arm.
" Do you mind if I come?"
She watches him thinking it over. Then he nods.
" You can come Charley girl. I think there is many marsians who would like to talk to ya. Perhaps you´d like to see Stoker again. And Harley?"
" Stoker and Harley? Oh, I´d love to! But... Shelly...and Paul..."
Charley looks over at her son in the middle of the room where he sits. Paul has been listening quite interested, through the conversation. - Well, it´s not everyday you visit an alien planet.
" I´m sure Stoker or Harley would be happy to help you search for Shelly. And Paul could come with you. "
Charley nods.
" Mmm. That´s an idea. It would feel much better if someone could accompany me while searching for Shelly. I don´t wanna be lost too." She laughs a little nervous luagh, and walks over to Paul.
" Can you promise to stay here a while? I´ll come back, and then we search for your sister. Okay?"
" Okay."
" Promise?"
" Mum! Don´t you trust me?"
" No."
They both smiles and hugs.
" Don´t worry mum, she´ll be okay. She´s not like me, always running into trouble!"
Charley laughs and rustles her sons brown hair.
But inside she´s not so sure, too much has changed.

Throttle gently closes the door behind them. He stands still for a moment, like he´s thinking of something. Charley waits. Suddanly he sighs.
" There´s some things I have to do Charley girl, like packing my things for the mission and so. It won´t be funny, but I guess you have to come with me." He smiles a little foolish grin at her.
" Well, better than walking by myself and getting lost. This place is BIG." She can´t help but giggle at the thought.
They are just about to walk in the other direction, when a voice from out of nowhere interrupts them.
" Is my eyes fooling me, or is it really the lady from Earth?"
Both Charley and Throttle turns around surprised. The man who the voice belongs to, walks towards them. Charley blinks, and looks at him again. If she didn´t knew that Throttle was standing by her side, she had misstaken this man for him. The same hair and fur colour, and even the smile looks alike. But as he moves up to them, she can see all the differences.
The marsian has much longer hair than Throttle, collected in a ponytail flowing down his back. He has a short wild beard and grey eyes. He wears blue pants, and a military jacket in the same colour, and under that, just some sort of white-grey shirt. The most surprising is though, that at first he looked like Throttles age, but as she watches him closer, he´s much older. But shows no signs of it in his movements.
Smiling, he walks up to her.
" Charleene Davidson! It is indeed a pleasure and an honour!"
He bowes, takes her hand, and kisses it gently.
Charley can´t help but beeing surprised. This is the first "charming gentleman" mouse she´d ever met in her lifetime. If you don´t count the little white mouse her uncle owned when she was a kid, of course. It could actually shake hand.
" Good morning Captain." Throttle says in a strange voice.
To Charley it kinda has an undertone that says; " Overacting again, huh?" She tries her best to hide an upcoming smile. But fails.
" Oh, hi there lad!" The so called Captain says and turns to Throttle. " I didn´t see ya! Hiding in the shadows again, are we?"
Charley has to cover her mouth to not start laughing. The total innocent expression, and cheerness in "the Captains" face, is just too much. Throttle however, doesn´t seem to be half as amused as she is. He just lifts an eyebrow at the other marsians statement.
Silence falls, and the two males stares at each other. Then the Captain flashes a bright smile at Throttle.
" I know! You go and pack you things for the mission, and I follow the charming lady here, down to the meeting point!?"
Throttle looks at the male. Charley wonders if he´s angry, but apperantly he´s not. Cause he answers with a smile, and shakes his head.
" And I assume that that was no question, but an order."
" Bullseye lad!" The Captain says and laughs.
Throttle turns to Charley.
" I´ll see you down there, then." He turns to leave, but hesitates and turns back to her. He bends down and says in a little lower voice;
" Beware Charley girl, don´t belive everything he says, he might be one of the leaders of the resistant, but he´s darn trickery...."
" HEY! I heard that!"
Now it´s Throttles turn to snicker. Charley watches him closely as he disappears down one of the corridors.


The solid concrete walls and floors glares at her, with a glance of red when the light from the lamps hit it. Seemingly endless corridors come and goes. It´s indeed a labyrint.
Charley can´t help but think of the labyrint of Knossos, wich held the monstrous Minotaurus, in the greek myths and tales. If you put a plutarkian here, it would be just the same.... , She thinks and smiles at the irony.
This Marsian Freedomfighters stronghold is quite impressive, as it spans out under ground. But if it wasn´t for the cheerful marsian at her side, it would depress her to her soul. So dead, so cold.
And so unnessesary. If it wasn´t for those plutarkians....
She looks up at her companion, who still is babbling cheerfully about something, that she already lost track of what it originally was. This mouse who calls himself "Anakin MacCloud", is facinating to her. He´s not like any mouse she´d met before. He seems to be a little bit of everything. He´s got an ego like Vinnie, but a mind like Throttle. He reminds her of Stoker actually. But still not. There´s something she can´t put her finger on.......... But still ...something.
By the way, "Anakin MacCloud"? Just the name, can it really be his real? She has to ask Throttle about that.

" Hey!"
Charley gets thrown back to reality, by Anakins sudden voice. She looks up at him surprised, and he looks down at her with a loopsided grin.
" You´re not paying attention gal!"
She feels a bit stupid.
" Uhm, sorry. Guess I was lost in thoughts."
" Yeah, yeah, of course you were. Why does that happen to ALL women, when I try to talk about something else but war strategies, huh?!"
Charley can feel the light of laughter rise from her stomach.
"... And when I DO talk war strategies, they say; - Men! , and leaves!!!"
He shakes his head, and makes a loud sigh. Then they both laughs.
It feels great to laugh, to Charley. She hasn´t been doing it a lot these last weeks. It took a while to clean up the mess back on Earth. And Joe.
Then there was nothing left. Her garage maybe, but not the money to restore it. No family. Nothing, but beeing able to help her friends on the red planet. If she´d stayed alone, she´d be hunted to get to the freedom fighters. If she came, she entered a war. Lovely choices, isn´t it?
She couldn´t handle the plutarkians by herself, and the Biker Mice had saved her, her city and planet more times than she could remember. So if she could help, she was going to. Her only worry was her children. She didn´t want to loose them too.

The echo of steps rings down the concrete corridor. And suddenly, Throttle appears in another hallway. He waves at them with one hand, still holding his bag in the other.
" Hello lad!" Anakin greats him. "Did ya got what ya wanted?"
" Yeah, no problem."
" Good, then ya go and make the guys ready for the mission. I´ll meet ya there!"
Throttle nods, as Anakin starts to trott down the hall Throttle came from.
" Be well, Beautiful!"
Charley smiles after him, and then turn to her friend.
" How far is it to that `meeting point', my feet is starting to hurt?!"
Throttle chuckles softly.
" Not far babe, just around the corner."

Charley looks around the big underground hangar, it kinda reminds her of home.
She and Throttle is standing on the top of a staircase leading down to the garage floor, looking down at the activity below. In the middle of the rectangle formed room, stands four shining marsian motorcycles. Charley recognizes one as Throttles, the one he rode back in `the old days'. Beside it stands a big black and blue machine, a black, grey and green one, and a standard freedomfighters bike.
In one end of the room is a platform with spare parts and weapons, in the other - a fully equiped garage.
Charley smiles when she recognizes one of the marsians down there. Stoker.
He stands and talks to a marsian working on a half trashed bike. Her eyes continues to look around the room.
" So that´s why he´s called PIKE, eh?"
Throttle turns to Charley. He blinks, and tries to follow her gaze. It falls on two males, standing by the military bike. It´s Arrence.
He´s standing listening to the other guy, leaning on a large spear. It is dark and mossy green, and seems to be quite a few years. The weapon´s sharp point gleam cold in the light from the ceiling lamps.
Throttle remains silent for a moment, before answering.
" Yeah," His voice´s low. " He know how to use that thing. And it´s not a pretty sight."
Charley watches the strange mouse awhile.
" Who´s the other guy?"
Throttle moves his eyes from Pike, to the guy he´s listening to. It´s a dark, dark grey marsian, both in hair and fur. He´s wearing green uniform as Pike, plus a funny looking tool belt. Same hight and same haircut as Pike, but just a little broader shoulders.
" Oh, that´s Terrance!" Throttle says in a lighter way than before. " He´s our chief scientist around here."
" A scientist?" Charley gaze down at the marsian.
" Yeah, he´s working on a way to stop The Plague. Not much of a fighter, though. But as he puts it himself ; `I´m staying alive.'."
Throttle is just about to walk down, when Charley stops him.
" May I ask? ; Terrance & Arrence?" She looks at Throttle.
He answers with a grin.
" Yeah, they´re brothers. - And as different as night and day."
" Oh."
They walks down.


Stoker sipps lost in thoughts on his soda, as he watches Harley at work. A strange, but still familiar voice takes him back to the moment.
" Stoker!"
He turns around surprised, only to be met by a smiling womans face. A HUMAN woman. He blinks.
" I don´t believe it, Charley girl!!!!" Stoker smiles wide and embrace her. " What in the world are you doing here!?!?"
Charley smiles at the ageing marsian.
" Just changing my adress."
" What!?"
Charley smiles sadly, so Stoker drops the subject.
" Tell me sometime?"
She nods. Stoker light up as if he suddenly reminded something.
" Hey, Charley girl, I think there´s someone here you´d like to meet."
Charley looks at him curious. He turns around and walks over to a thrashed bike standing in the corner. He nocks on a nearby oilcan.
" Hey, anybody home?"
A cream-brown head appears on the other side of the bike. The blue eyed marsian female pushes her hair from her forehead with an oily hand, and looks wondering at Stoker. He streches himself.
" Harley, meet Charleene." Stoker grins, and makes a sweeping gesture with his hand her way.
The female blinks, and then burst out in a big smile.
" Charleene?"
Charley walks smiling over to her.
Harley wipes off the oil on her hands with a piece of cloth, and reach one out to the human woman. Charley takes it smiling.
" I can´t believe I´m finaly meeting you! The guys has told me SO much about you!" Harley says enthusiastic.
" The same!" Charley answers and shakes the martian females hand. Suddanly she comes to think of something.
" But.. Harley... Wasn´t you kidnapped by Mace?..."
Harleys smile fades for a second, then returns.
" Yeah, that dirty rat! ... But... thanks to one marsian hunk, who had the kindness to stop by my prison, I made it to the final battle."
" Can I ask who....?"
Harley snickers softly, and points over her shoulder. She, Charley and Stoker turns that way.
" What?" Anakin MacCloud says to the three who suddenly started to stare at him. Harley starts to giggle.
" Nothin' Mac, my bro. Harley here, just told our guest who helped her get rid of Mace." Stoker says.
" Oh." " But spare the whole story til later, we´ve got a mission to accomplish here."
Stoker smiles mysterious.
" Right let´s get moving!" He says, and walks slowly over to a large computer by the wall, and starts to tap in commands.
Mac (Anakin) tosses a bag over his big, black and blue bike, and turns to Harley and Charley.
" Harley ya go with Charley, you kan show her the place and help her find her kid."
" Your KID?" Harley leans over and says curious in a low vioce.
Charley waves a hand to her.
" Not now, tell you later. Let´s see to that the guys get started first. Then we can be off sooner."
Harley nods.
Throttle puts his hands on his hips, and glares at Mac. Will he EVER stop calling me that?!
" I said, MOVE IT!!!!!!!"
Throttle mumbles, but jumps down from the weaponry platform, located in the far end of the room, and jogs over to his bike.
" PIKE, TERRANCE!! Are ya ready!??!!"
" YES!" The twins shouts in unision.
" Well then... Stoke?" Mac turns around on his bike, and looks over at Stoker, who stands by the comp.
" Go for it bro!" Stoker says and grins, while giving him a thumb up. Then he presses down a button.
A rasping sound can be heard, and a door opens in the wall opposite to the one Charley, Harley and Stoke are standing.
Mac´s bike roars, as the door reveals a ramp leading up to the surface.
" Well bros..." He says and looks back at Throttle, Terrence and Pike, standing behind him, all ready on ther bikes. He raises his fist in the air.
All four bikers accelerates and speeds out and up the ramp.



Red and brown, the only colours that can be seen out on the prerie of Mars. Throttle sighs. He remembered the joy he´d felt to see treees and grass on mars again, after the war. I can´t belive that the plutarkians took that too, and builds all their bases like oases with it. But I guess that´s better than that they took it all and shipped it to Plutark.
Throttle lays with his chest to the ground, and studies the plutarkian stronghold in the distant. The spies were right, it lays a base here.
" Pay attention lad."
Throttle turns his head slowly, and meets Anakin MacCloud´s gaze. Mac puts his binoculars to his grey eyes, and looks at the stronghold. He shakes his head.
" They were right, it IS a Plague holder."
Throttle puts on his helmet, and zooms in the stronghold. It´s red walls rises itselfs high, and the gates are heavily guarded, - by marsians. Marsians that serves Plutark like a pack of dogs in leash.
" How are we gonna get close enough to capture one of them, without being spotted?" Throttle asks, without taking his eyes of the structure in the distant.
He can hear Mac´s breathing, steady and calm. Throttle had to admit that Mac had a habit to annoy him, but that didn´t changed the fact that he was a good leader. Stoker was still the head of the freedom fighters, but age and wounds is a things every mouse has to accept. And with Mac to take Stoker´s place in battle, their chances were higher, no doubt. Sometimes Throttle and Mac worked more than well together, sometimes they were like cat and dog. But in some situations Throttle could find himself feeling as young and fresh as when he was 17, and just had joined the freedom fighters, in compare to Mac.
" Sneak down that ravine, and see how long it leads. If it can take us close enough to the stronghold, a simple deversion would be enough, to buy one of us time to knock down one of the guards."
Throttle nods, and moves over to his bike and takes out his lazer. Then he starts to sneak silent down the side of the narrow ravine.


He moves onvard with one hand on the wall of the ravine. The red and orange stone feels dry and rough under his fingers. Carefully not to make the smallest sound, Throttle sneaks closer to his goal.
A sudden noice makes him freeze on the spot. He looks around, no one. Then a battle cry ecos in the ravine, and the air is knocked out of him from above. He crashes to the ground by the sudden weight on his back. The marsian that jumped on him, growles and tries to strangle him. Throttle fights panicly for air, and wirls his tail around the other marsians neck and pulls him off. When regained his feet, Throttle rubs his throat. Hope I didn´t breake your neck, my unlucky brother.
He walks over to his unconcious attacker. Did you have any friends with you, or was you alone? I can´t go on alone without bike, if I risk to run into more of your kind..... too risky, don´t wanna be infected too, you know....
Throttle bends down and feels the marsians puls. Darn. He thinks, when his fingers don´t detect heartbeats.
Then he hears a low growl from behind, and spins around ready to defend himself. Another Plague victim stands growling and ready to attack, by the opposite cliff. His eyes has a crazy red glow in them. Throttle can´t help but shiver. Without warning, the male attacks. He jumps up in the air in a wide arc, and lands were Throttle stood seconds ago. Throttle grabs his lazer and sets it so it won´t be deadly, just knock the target into unconciousness. But his attacker moves all too fast for Throttle, to give him a clear shot. He shoots a couple of times, but misses.
By Mars!! He´s too fast! I can´t ..... OOOOF!!!!
Once agin Throttle finds himself knocked to the ground. But this time, he lays face to face with his attacker.
The marsian growls manicly.
In a attempt to get free, Throttle swings his right fist to knock the male off himself. He hits him in the face, hard. Throttle jerks his hand back, in surprise of the suddan pain in his hand, by hitting on metal. He looks over at the marsian, who tries to regain his feet from Throttle´s blow. The hood that covered his face before, has fallen back, and reveals a metal mask over the left side of the male´s face. His eyes glows clear red in contrast to his untidy white hair, and fur.
Throttle stares at him in chock, and reacts a second too late when the white mouse jumps for him. Throttle finds himself about to beeing thrown to the ground again, but instead he falls on his back, and with help from the mouse´s own speed, throws him over with his legs. The male hits the ground hard, but doesn´t get up.
Without hesitation, Throttle runs over to the unmoving marsian.
Oh, thank God! He´s alive!!
Then Throttle falls down on his knees. And cries.


" I must say that your garage is a mecanic´s dream, Harley."
Harley smiles back at her newfound human friend.
" Mmm, and now when we´re two, we can use it to the max!"
Paul walks behind his mother and Harley, playing with a tennis-ball, and his sister follows close behind. Then Harley turns around to Shelly.
" You want to help too gal? Thinking about that we found you in the computer storage playing around, you´d be of great help."
Shelly looks at the female mouse. Then she just shrugs her shoulders.
" Why not? At least I´d have something to do."
Harley looks over at Charley, who looks worried over at her daughter. She lays her arm around her daughter´s shoulders, and says in a low and comforting voice;
" We have to live, no matter if it´s on Mars or Earth, but we have to live. And we´re gonna. In time you´ll see, that this is the only place we´re able to fight back. Even if Throttle hadn´t come to Earth, Limburger or any other, could have wanted to use me as bait."
Shelly just nods, and hugs her mum.
A upset voice echos down the corridor. They peer around a corner.

The corridor ends up in a square room that´s furnished with benches around the walls, and a couple of tables. By one wall there´s a vidcom, and in the high ceiling a bright lamp fills the space with white light.
Charleys eyes falls on the guy who´s the owner of the upset voice, - Throttle. He´s standing and talking to a almost black mouse in a white labcoat, by a big door opposite to the vidcom. After some time she recognizes the other mouse as Terrance, the guy who was scientist. That would explain the coat he wears, she thinks.
" What do you mean YOU DON`T KNOW!!!!?????!!!!"
Charley is taken aback, she´s never seen Throttle so upset over something. Even Harley looks puzzled.
" I...."
" You SAID it WOULD WORK!!!! So WHY CAN´T YOU TELL ME!!!?????!!!"
" I... I´ve never tested it for real before...!" Terrance looks quite worried over Throttles behavior, and tries to back away. But suddenly Throttle grabs his collar and pushes him up against the wall.
" IT BETTER WORK!!!!!! .. OR I´LL.... I´LL..........!!!!!"
By now, both Charley and Harley´s in chock. As Terrance is beeing pushed harder and higher up against the wall by an not so little upset Throttle, he slowly reaches for that funny looking toolbelt of his, and pulls out something. He raises his hand, and stabbs it down in Throttle´s upper arm. Throttle jerks back surprised, and tuches his arm. He looks at the other mouse surprised, and then collapses. Luckily, Terrence catches him before his head hits the floor.
" By Mars! What happened?!?"
Harley asks, as they runs over to the guys. Terrence looks up from holding Throttle.
" He just got carried away." He says calmy.
" Bu.. But WHY?! I´d never seen him like this before!" Charley says as she kneels down beside the marsian scientist.
Terrance smiles lazily at her, and the smile remids her of Pike´s.
" 24 hours of stress and no sleep, could make any mouse flip. But our dear Throttle here, is just scared for a friend."
Charley looks puzzled at him. Then her eyes wanders down to Throttles face. He looks tired and sad. Absently she pats his hair.
" I´ll explain, just help me get him up on that bench over there."
Together the three of them moves him, and lays him down on one of the broad benches.
" What did you do to him?" Paul asks.
Terrence turns to the human boy. He reaches to his belt, and takes out an object that looks like a pencil.
" This is just an anaesthetic. I always carries a few, mostly cause I´m such a bad fighter." He smiles. " Our friend will sleep for a couple of hours or so, he´ll need it."
The group falls into silence, just as they´re thinking it over. Then Shelly speaks.
" So what was he so upset over?"
" He said it was a friend." Paul say matter of factly. And Shelly answers by giving him the glare of death. Terrance chuckles softly.
" Come, I´ll show you."
He walks over the big double door and opens it. They follows.
Inside is a rom filled of computers, labratory equipment and several machines that Charley has no idea of what they does. Two marsians stands and discusses something behind a counter, and several of the comps is working.
" This way." Terrance says and waves at them to follow. They stops in front of a normalsized door. Terrance turns to them.
" I guess you all know what the misson was about?"
" No." Charley, Shelly and Paul says in unison.
" Okay, Harley?" She nods, and turns to the human family.
" They were going to confirm some data about a new stronghold of Plague holders."
" You mean marsians who has gotten infected by The Plague, and works for Plutark?"
" Yes Paul. If the data was correct, and there were a base there, they should try to capture an infected marsian, and bring back to headquarters."
" What ever for??!! What if it spreads??!"
" Whe had to take that risk, cause Terrance here needs a patient to test if his cure works."
" You´ve worked out a cure??!!" Charley says exited.
" Well, kinda. We don´t know if it works yet. But it looks promising that it at least would neutralize the effects of the virus, even if it won´t entirely whipe it out."
Charley scratches her chin.
" So you mean that even if it doesn´t kill the virus, it´ll neutralize it enough to let the infected to go back to a normal life?"
" That´s what I hope. But then the patient need to take regular doses of the cure to not fall back."
Charley nods.
" So, what was it you was gonna show us??" Paul cuts in.
Terrence smile at his impatience.
" Whats behinds this door, or more like WHO." He answers.
" Oh."
Terrence turns to Harley and charley.
" I´ll think you´ll recognize him, though he´s in desperate need of a bath and a haircut."
The girls looks cluless at each other, as he opens the door. They steps inside.
The only thing inside the small room is a hospital-like bed, together with a bunch of computers monitoring the paitient.
Charley and Harley walks up to the bed. The male mouse laying in in the bed is asleep, and his breathing is heavy and calm. His cloaths is torn and dirty, as is his white fur, and several wires is attached to his body. What draws Charleys attention, is the silvery metal mask on one side of his face.
" Oh Gods.... it can´t be......" She hears Harley wispers in chock at her side.
She looks once more time at the all to familiar male face. She can´t speak.
........ Vincient....................
A tear rolls down her cheek.


" Uuuuh.... What...?" Throttle hides his eyes in his arm, from the bright light. His head hurts like hell, but he tries to sit up anyway. The results of that, is that the world starts to spin.
" Lay back, you shouldn´t try to sit yet." A female voice says, and a pair of hands pushes him back down on the bench. He opens his eyes slowly, and looks up at Charleys face.
".... Wha ... what...?"
Charley just smiles a weak smile, and squeezes his shoulder.
" Terrance made you fall asleep, that´s all. You´ve been sleeping for tvelve hours."
" TVELVE HOURS!!!!????!!! ..... What??!!! ... But.... Vincient!!!" Throttle rush up, but falls down again, when his head starts to spin and his knees weakens. Charley tries to calm him.
" Take it easy Throttle! Vincent is good taken care of!"
He looks up at her under silence. He wears no glases, she took them off so he´d sleep more cofortable.
" .. I... I nearly killed him...." His voice starts to crack. " ... and I killed an innocent back there..."
His voice trails off, and tears starts to colour his eyes in deep pink. Charley feels so helpless. She takes him in her arms, and rocks him slowly.
" It wasn´t your fault..." She wispers, " ... you just defended yourself." Then she can´t take it anymore, and starts to sob too.
Darn this war!!... Darn Darn Darn!!!..............
Throttle cries silently aginst Charleys shoulder. He can´t belive he´s actually doing that, - crying infront of Charley. Ten years ago, he´d rather died than do so. But she make him feel safe, for some reason. And he can´t belive he´s seen one of his bros again. Oh please Gods, make him well. I would happily sacriface my regained sight compleatly, if so.... please......please......
He breakes loose from Charleys arms, not too willingly, and sits up.
" Thanks Charley girl."
She wipes away a tear, and smiles at him.
" Anytime friend. Sometimes even muscular heroes has to show feelings."
He chuckles. Then he walks over to a small water container in a corner, and drinks slowly.
Charley watches him, when she suddanly feels a tapping on her shoulder, and turns around to meet Shellys face.
" Shelly, what..?!"
" Wow mum! That was almost romantic!" Her daughter says exited in a low voice.
" Wha..? .. Oh..."
Charley stares at hes daughter, but smiles.
" It´s not nice to eavesdrop Shelly......." Shelly answers by looking up in the ceeling, with an innocent expression.
" I´m warning you, to eavesdrop is becoming a bad habit for both you and Paul."
Shelly pretends not to hear. Instead she walks over to Throttle, to Charleys surprise.
She looks up at him.
" I´m sorry I blamed everything on you yesterday. I really didn´t mean it."
Throttle watches the girl for a second.
" It´s okay girl." They smiles at eachother.

" AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Charley, Shelly and Throttle jumps in surprise.
" My God, WHAT was that??!!" Shelly asks wide eyed.
" I don´t know!!!"
Charley turns to ask Throttle, but is taken aback by his looks. He stands all white in face, staring at the large lab doors.
" Oh.... no....."
She follows Throttle, as he storms into the lab.

The only word to describe it with. An lab assistant stands by a bench looking helpless at a crashed computer. Charleys eyes finds Terrance in the `upside-down turned' lab. He stands looking at something behind a large shelf, out of Throttles and Charleys eyefield, and he looks exited. She rushes over to him.
" What´s going on!???! What has appened here??"
Terrance turns to her, and at Throttle who appeares behind her. He hushes at them, and nods towards the other side of the room. A person stands staring wildly at something, by a second look it´s a mirror. The male tugs his short but wild grown hair. Throttle puts on his specs to be sure he really sees, what he think he sees.

The white mouse looks down on himself and grabs his own torn and dirty shirt.
" And WHO MADE ME WEAR THIS!!!!????!!! I´ll turn him to plutarkian pulp!!!!!!" The male
Throttle hesitetes a second, but then steps forward a bit.
" ... Uh.... Vincient..?..."
Vincient looks from his shirt too Throttle, and blinks. And blinks again. Vinnie´s mouth curves and he starts to chuckle, and....
" .... Throttle? ... Bro?..... BWAAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!"
Throttle is taken aback. Charley wispers to Terrence;
" Are you sure that cure really works as it should?..."
Terrance answers by shrugging his shoulders.
" You tell me, I don´t know how he should behave in normal state."
Vincient is now cluching his stomach by luaghter, and Throttle looks more than a litte worried.
" BWAHAHAHAHHAAAA!!!! ... Your hair looks even worse than mine, bro!!!! BWAHAAAAhahahahahahahahahahHAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAHhhhhh!!!
Throttle folds his arms and stares at his bro, as Charley chuckles in releaf and smiles.
" I think it´s okay, ... normal state it was....."


Vincient shakes his head. He can´t belive it. The first chock was to awake looking like a nightmare, the second to see Charley, but the greatest and the worst, was the chock of realizing the ten years he´d been "gone". He turns his head and looks over at his bro, sitting in a chair by his bed, - asleep.
He can´t help but snicker, Dear ol' Throttle, always taking the responsibility. You´ve changed my bro, but I don´t feel like I have. *sigh*.
Vincient looks out the window, out in the black marsian night. In the glass he can make out his own reflection. It shows him a white mouse sitting on the edge of a bed in a green army waistcoat, under that his old chest belts. Then a pair of blue pants, his black biker boots and gloves, plus a red piece of cloth bound around each upper arm to match the one around his neck.
He flashes a grin at the reflection, - Not bad... He he...
He stretches and walks over to the window, and opens it. A fresh night breeze fills the room as Vincient climbs out.
Throttle blinks and sniffs the suddan and fresh air. .....?....... Slowly he stands up and looks around the small room they gave Vincient to rest in. No Vincient. Throttle´s eyes falls on the open window. After a small hesitation, he takes off his leatherjacket so he just stands in the black tight t-shirt, then he slowly climbs out.

The air is almost freezy, but Throttle takes no notice. He starts to walk carefully in the sand beneath the rocks that´s the roof of the Headquarter. He feel a sudden tap on his shoulder, and turns to face it´s maker. A figure jumps at him from the night shadows, and both males tumbles to the ground, their weigt makes them tumble down the whole slope of the sanddune. When they reach the bottom of it, Throttle hears a cheerfull luaghter as he tries to regin his feet. ....Vinnie.....figures....
" Did ya think I was going back to the Plutarkians to report the location of the Headquarters? ..he he.."
Throttle smiles, and takes a handfull off sand and throws it at Vinnie, who responds the same.

After awhile.....

" Good to have you back bro..."
Throttle lays phanting on his back, after been wrestling for about an hour.
" Good to be back! Beside, look at you, - bored, sad and waaaay too grave! You wouldn´t have made another day without me!!"
Throttle just chuckles for answer. Too true, bro.... Too true....
" Yeah, that´s more true than you´ll ever know!"
Both male sits up in surprise by the third voice. With a couple of fast moves they grabs a shoulder each on the stranger, and pinnes him to the ground.
" OOooOFF!!! .... Geee, I didn´t know you guys were SO eager to get a girl on her back!"
" Charley!!????!!!!"
Both Vinnie and Throttle almost jumps back in surprise, both blushing mildly.
" What ya doing out here babe?"
" Following you, ofcourse." Charley answers Vincient, while bruching off unwanted sand from her shirt. Then she sits back on the ground, the guys do the same. She smiles at them.
" It´s good to see some Biker Mice manners again!" Charley says reffering to the wrestling.
" Yeah!" Vinnie says and luaghs.
But Throttle just turns his head to the clear night sky.
" What is it Throttle?" Charley lays her hand on his shoulder worried at his once again sad face.
He doesn´t answer. Now even Vinnie looks serious. After a long moment of silence, Throttle speaks.
" There is no Biker Mice in two guys." His voice is low, but steady.
Charley and Vincient follows his stare up on the stary sky. The space highens itselfs coldly above the three small figures sitting in the Marsian desert.
" ... But we will be three again."
Throttle holds out his hand infront himself. Under silence Charley lays her hand on his, and Vincient places his on hers. They stares at their hands awhile, and then they turns up to the sky and the stars.
" ... The Biker Mice from Mars will ride soon..... so hold on bro, .... hold on....."


You go there you´re gone forever

I go there I´ll lose my way

if we stay here we´re not together

Anywhere is .....




... There will be more.....


So? Waddya think? ... - Too confusing? - Too sad? - Too much? - Anything!
TELL ME!! I wanna know!
But I DO hope you enyoyed it!, .. a little atleast..... ; )

-- The Decembergirl