by lisbeth

copyright 1997 ,Lisbeth,all rights reserved

Vinnie mmmmmmmmooooaaned deeply.Jason walked to him.
"Well well...Finaly got her in bed?"He sayed and looked to sleeping Opal.Vinnie cave him a low look.Jason laughed and winked his brother to come with him.Vinnie dressed and followed.
"What...?"Jason pointed to Jesse on the sofa...boy sleeped and that warmed Jason´s heart.
"I tought he went back to Neptunus..."Vinnie sayed and walked to Jesse.He rubbed jently his hair and sighed deeply.Jesse snapped awake and back off when he saw Vinnie.Then he saw Jason and jumped to him.
"THEY TOOK HIM!!!THOSE SONS OF BICH TOOKED MY SON!!!!!"He yelled to him...tears escaped from his eyes.Jason hugged shaking boy jently and rubbed his hair.
"Calm down...who took your son?"
" face a...a...and red eyes...FISH."
"PLUTARKIANS!"Vinnie and Jason yelled and looked Jesse.With out a sound Marianne
walked to Jesse and looked to his eyes.
"Why someone would stole a little boy..." She asked with no voice.
"Marianne..."Jason stardet and layed his hand on girls sholider she shaked it off.
"No...tell me what kind of animal can stole someones kids."She sayed allmost crying.
"Plutarkians stoled my kids too."Modo sayed suddnely.No one noticed that he had arriwed.
"Oh man..."Vinnie sayed.Sudenly they heared a shriek from Vinnies room.They ran there but too late.Opal was gone.On the bed was some blood traces Vinnie looked them.
"Who ever you are i gonna kill you..."He sayed between is theets.Vinnie lift little peace of paper from table and read it.

With all love:

Modo looked paper cheaplisly.
"He is so"He sayed and walked away.Marianne ran after him.
"How old are your kids?"She asked with shaking voice.
"Amber is soon 15...and Ashes is 13..."Modo sayed and tryet to hold tears.Marianne looked him and stopped walking.
"Why are they doing this?What are these Plutarkians...wh..why they are so evil?"Modo turned to her allmost suprised.He felt sorry when he looked to shaking girl.
"I...i...i wouldn´t wanna be one to tell you..."
"WHY?!!!I NEVER WERE IN WAR!!I DIDN´T EVEN BORN IN MARS BUT I`M MARTIAN!!!!I WANNA KNOW WHAT IS THIS!!!!!!"She yelled to Modo.Jason ran to her and warbbed her with his arms.Marianne cryed against his chest and slowly calmed down.Jason cave a angry look to Modo but played his attention back to Marianne.
"Hush my love...hush..."He sayed and kissed her head.


"I SAY WE TRY TO ESCAPE!!!"Rascal yelled to other prisoners.All what he got to answer was couple of flat looks.
"Shut up...i´m trying to sleep..."Orrange/brown fured boy murmured.
"Oh am i interrupting Gimili the singer-silky-brain awww how sad..."
"at least I have brains...."
"Too tired...maby some other time...zzzzzzz"Rascal grabbed his shirt and looked to Gimilis eyes.Gimili moaned deeply and closed his eyes again-zzzzzzzzzz-
"Okay wiseguy...I´ll beat you happily......"Rascal bunched Gimili so hard that blood escaped from his mouth.Gimili blinked his eyes and moaned.
" begged *moan*this..."He sayed and rised up.
"HAH!!!Like you would be somekinda danger!!!"Rascal laughed.Gimili smiled.
"Yeah...I beating up YOU!No way..."Rascal atacked but Gimili took a sidestep and atacker hitted painfully the wall.
"Old least I have a brains..."
Amber looked the situation and admitted to her self that this new one had more sense than Rascal had.Gimili had sweet voice and lovely eyes...and he was pollite...he resbected what girl wanted...Sweet...seemed that he never lost his self-posession...other wise than Rascal...
"What am i thinking....?!"Amber hissed to her self.
Some girl walked between Rascal and Gimili.
"Okay boys...we are in same trouple...let´s not make it worse!"Alyssa sayed and looked to Racal.Boy cave her a glare and went to place what he chooced to keep as his bed.Gimili smiled to Alyssa.
"Who are you beauty?"
"I´m Alyssa...and you...?"
"Gimili...but friends calls me Kim..."They smiled to each other meaningly.
"Okay...Kim...Do you know why you are here?"
"Spoked something about ransoms...but i think that my mother comes to free me soon."
"Who is your mother?"
"Lisbeth Key..."
"LISBETH KEY!!?"Amber Ashes Rascal and Opal yelled amaized.Gimili looked around him little blushed.
" do you know my mum...?"
"Never mind that...How come we never heared about you?"Ashes asked.Rascal looked Gimili with evil grin.
"Youre son of Throttle aren´t you?"The silence landed when Gimili turned to Rascal like he just had a shot to his back.
"S...son of Throttle...Pond....?"Alyssa whispered and looked deep in to Gimili`s eyes.
"Yes..."Boy answered with broken voice.
"Good God...i´m your aunt..."
"WAIT A MINUTE!!!TIME OUT TIME OUT!!"Opal yelled and stepped front of the others.
"Let me get this staight...You Gimili are Lisbeth´s and Throttle´s son.And you are Throttle's sister.I know you two...Rascal...who´s son are you!?"
"Ever heared about...Stoker."
"Daddy is gonna kill yoou...or him..."Ashes sayed to Amber.Girl looked him poisonisly.
"Not if you keep your tongue under control..."She hissed.Opal stared Rascal mouth open.
"...S...son of STOKER!?Good creef..."Sudenly the door opened and boy "flyed"in.
"I´M GONNA KILL YOU!!!"Rimfire yelled and kicked the door and flyed to his back.
"unh...YOU STUPID%&/))(!)//##"!"#¤%)"¤!#%&"¤/&%#(/&¤)"!!!!!"
"Cousin?"Amber walked to him and helped him to his feets.
"*grumple*Thanks..."Rimfire sayed and looked around him.
"Hi Gimili."He sayed with little brightler voice.Gimili smiled and walked to him.
" are stuck in here too?"Rimfire asked.
"Yep...How did they catch you?You are so quick that even gerbile doesn´t get you."
"I was uncarefull...that´s all..."
"How do YOU know each other?"Opal asked.
"Our busines..."Rimfire sayed and cave her a bad eye.Opal srugged her sholiders and turned to guietly boy.
"Who are you?"Todd looked her scared.
"Are you Jesse´s "son?"
"Ye...s..."Opal sat next to him and looked him.
"Happy to know youre allright...Jesse is worried..."Todd looked her amaized.
"I´m his bigbrothers girlfriend...sortof..."
Gimili walked to Alyssa.
"Are you Throttles sister?"
"yes....i tought he was dead..."Alyssa cryed.She looked Gimili.
"Can you tell me something about him?"She asked with hope in her eyes.
" father doesn´t even know about me...My mother desited to keep me as a dirty secred...*"Gimili's voice broke.He loved his mother,yes but he hated the fact that he was... an actident.Alyssa sighed disapointed.
"Do you really belive that your mother comes to save you?"
"Oh yes!She loves me!"Gimili sayed and he was right.


Modo ,Stoker and Lisbet are keeping a meeting in old headguartes.

"Gimili...oh god why they had to took you..."Lisbeth whispered and looked the pic of young boy.
"What?"Modo asked and turned to her.
"N...nothing...Ummm don´t you think it would be time to save o...your kids!"
"We have searched but we haven´t find the place where they keep them."Stoker sayed with broken voice.Modo turned to him.
"YES I HAVE A SON TOO!!HE IS CAPTURED LIKE YOUR KIDS!!!"Stoker yelled.Modo looked him.
"When did you have a time for love?"
"Not your busines you big grey idiot..."Stoker murmured.
"CALM DOWN!!!!"Lisbeth screamed Modo and Stoker looked her...silence...
"sorry"She sayed and whipped her hair away from her face and sat back to her chair.Modo looked her worried but sat back to his chair too.
"I'm just worried father....i want to save my kids..."He sayed.Lisbeth placed her hand to his sholider.
"Your kids will be saved."She sayed with deep voice.Modo saw a great worry in her eyes...he got an crazy tought but pushed it away.Lisbeth vibrated and looked away.Stoker sighed when he looked them."Oh great two love sick mice were truly needet right now...darn it...".Sudenly they understood that Throtte had came in.Modo cave him a glare,Lisbeth turned away and closed her eyes.Stoker smiled to him sadly.
"Umm...i...heared...that Modo's kids...umm...vere captured..."Throttle sayed but closed his mouth waiting that Modo would explode...but Modo stayed calm...just cave him a worser glare than a moment ago.Throttle continued.
"S...someone...from my family...has been captured too..."Lisbeth rised her head scared and looked Throttle her mouth open.Modo looked her studying and when woman noticed this she looked like nothing happened.
" sister...Alyssa..They captured my little sister."Modo heared a angry sound in Throttle's voice.Lisbeth allmost melted to her seat because of relive."Thank you god!"She tought.
"Do you think there might be some connection between..."Stoker asked.
"'s...Lllliiiimburger who captured her."
"Limburger?He captured our kids too."
"Has Rascal been captured too?"Throttle asked.Modo allmost jumped up.
"I wonder is Rascal 15 years old."He growled to Stoker.
" did y...oh shit...So...that "darn good looking girl"was Amber..."Stoker murmured.


"RIMFIREEE???"Michelle answer..She had searched her littlebro long time.Now she was realy worried."I don't understand...Did he got so pissed off??"She continued use."No...we had worse fights than this."Michelle stopped her bike and begain to cry.
"Rimfire you stupid little *sob*...where are you.*sob*"Michelle loved her brother more than anything...she just didn't show it.Sudenly she heared this bikes sound,She whipped her tears away and turned to face totaly vinered man.
"Omega...did you find him??"She asked.Omegas heart hurt when he shaked his head.Michelle sighed.Omega placed his hand carefully to her sholider.Michelle looked to man's green eyes.
"Thank you for helping me..."She sayed and sudenly hugged him.Omega blushed (but Michelle couldn't see it under his redfur.)and patted his back.
"You know that i'm your's okay."He wishpered.Michelle looked him and tryet to smile.
"Yea....youre my friend and im happy because of it."She sayed and cave him a kiss to cheeck.
"Ehhh...."Omega walked quickly back to his bike.
"Let's continue searching..."He sayed quietly.


Rimfire looked Amber and sighed.She remembered so much Sindy...his dead lovemate.He looked up to ceiling and closed his eyes."I love you Sindy...I will revenge your death i promise...i will revenge..."Tear rolled down his cheeck."Why were so good and sweet...why you...?"Then he turned to look him self.Rimfire lived allways in danger...he knew too much.He wanted to live because he made a promise.He vibradet when he remembered how he sat next to Sindy's crave in rainy night and opened his palms.He let the blood fall to crave and promised that he will revenge.He looked scars on his palms."I promise..."He lived just because of his mission.He chanced his out look when the situation needet it.Now...he had colored his fur to grey and he had cut his hair to army style.He was thin but muscular and he had black leather jacket.He had tight black jeans and black boots.Rimfire tought Modo...they hadn't met for many years.Same thing with his parents.Michelle...well...he stand her but everytime when she tryet to talk something about their family Rimfire left...he was too a shamed.
"Rimfire..."Amber sayed and sat next to him.Man tryet not to notice.
" is your sister doing?I haven't babysit her in long time."Rimfire looked her suprised "Babysit???MICHELLE???"
"I tought SHE was babysiting you when you were kid."He sayed.
"No not Michelle i me...nt..."Amber looked amaized Rimfire.
"Don't you know that you have a littlesister?"She asked with no voice.Rimfire cave her a glow.
"Leave me alone."He growled.Amber left.Rimfire groaned."So this is the thing what Michelle tryet to tell to me..."He wanted to see he couldnt...or could he.
"AMBER...come back!"He asked.Amber walked carefully back to him.
"Can you show her to me...and...what is her name?"Rimfire asked...allmost beging.
"Sure...her name is Maxine but we call her Max."Amber sayed friendly.She closed her eyes and begain to "send".Rimfires saw Maxine in his mind.Her hair was in ponytail on both side of his head and ponytails were darkbrown but everything else were yellow.Rimfire smiled.Her fur was light brown as Michelles was and she had hazel eyes.
"She is about four years old now."Amber sayed.Rimfire noted...his voice was broke.Amber smiled and left.
"My sister..."Rimfire whisbered.

continued in Lisbeth: Plan?