by lisbeth

copyright 1998, Lisbeth, all rights reserved

Modo walked quietly behind Lisbeth and sudenly grapped her arm.Lisbeth turned scared.
"What do you going sleep.Can't you...go to your sister or something...?"
"You acted strange when we were at headguartes."
"I...i didn't sleep well..."
"Specially when Throttle came...-Modo sayed and tightened his hold of Lisbeth's arm.-I got an funny idea...that you and Throttle..."Lisbeth jerked herself off.
"Well...we are not petraying Kitty if you think that."She sayed and looked Modo.
"I'm sorry...i'm worried about my drives me crazy..."Man sayed and looked Lisbeth straight to eyes.Suddenly man falled to her arms.Modo yelled and hold his sholider.Lisbeth saw a dart.She taked it quite roughly off.Modo yelled again.
"AUTCH YOU SHOULD HAVE WARN ME!!!"Lisbeth looked her lazily and smiled a little.
She looked the dart and tooked a little piece of paper from it:


"What's in it?"Modo asked.
"I think i know where your kids are..."


"Jenner...ah i mean Vinnie take it easy...we will find your girlfriend..."Marianne sayed to Vinnie who seemed to be quite pissed off.Vinnie cave her a glare and broked a fifth plate by throwing it from window.Marianne sighed and walked Jason.
"How's Jesse?"She asked and sat next to him.
"Worried...*sigh*....very worried...."Jason sayed.Marianne placed her head against his chest and closed her eyes.Jason smiled and warbbed his arms around her.Jerry looked this little amused."And they try to say they are not lovers...."He tought.Then he turned to differend he looked.Long white hair hanged on his face what was full of sorrow.
"Jenner...-He walked to his twin and placed his hand to his sholder.Vinnie looked really love Opal don't you?"Vinnie noted and looked to table.
"But i'm not sure does she love me..."He whisbered so quietly that Jerry could hardly hear him.
"She loves you....Jenner...She loves you more than anything...So don't let her down."Vinnie looked quickly around him and hugged his brother.
"Thanx bro..."


In evening at headguartes
A pointment.
Modo looks Lisbeth "Why is SHE so worried...??Like she would have someone to save too..."Lisbeth turned to Modo.
"What do you think?"
"About the plan..."
"O...oh it's great..."Modo sayed (he didn't want to admit that he werent listening).Lisbeth rised her eyebrow.
"Did you listen at all?I tought you want to save o...your kids..."
"What does it help to do plans when we don't even know what is against us???"
"Yep...What does it help Stoker...?"Jason asked and looked his "step father".When he looked back Jason hoped that he never asked.
"How do i know what helps...I'm now just a old guy who wants to have his son back...."Stoker sayed and closed his eyes.Lisbeth rised slowly.
"If you are not ready to lead this friend...i suggest we chooce new leader."Stoker looked her allmost angry but noted.Everyone looked around "Who would be the one?"Was guestion in everyone's mind.
"Who wants to take the place?"Lisbeth asked.No one...not even Vinnie answered.
"Very well....Then we ask from Stoker...Who will be your follower?"Stoker looked Lisbeth and blinked his eyes.
"I...i don't...want to say."
"Why not you!"Modo sayed to Lisbeth.Woman looked her amaized."You are doing well allready."
" can't take that honor...."Lisbeth mumbled."and you know i'm not worth of it..."She hissed to Modo.Man shrugged his sholders.
"why don't we vote?"Mint sayed quietly and blushed when turned to stare her.She hide herself beind Jason and tooked his hand.Jason cave a glare to everyone.
"Why don't we vote??Idea sounds good to me."He sayed.Someones noted.
"How many mice are here?"Lisbeth asked.Mint,Omega and Kitty cave her a glare.
" many mice AND halfgerbiles are in here?"Somebody counts.
"16...i think..."
"OK...someone gimme paper..."Lisbeth sayed.Se got the paper and begain to tear little pieces from it.Woman gave everyone one piece.
" sign to the paper who you want to lead us.EVERYONE are in."Someones typed fast and sure what they tought and someones begain to wonder.One of them was Mint.
She looked Jason...onlyone who she knew well.She looked around her then typed Jason's name.
"Everyone ready? give the papers to table."
Sometime it was quiet.Then...Lisbeth rised.She gave a angry look to Modo.
"Seems that I am going to be your new leader...FOR NOW"Stoker smiled lazy but very amused.
"So then babe....what shall we do?"He asked.Lisbeth felt crazy...she was actually leading them all the time....NOW it was official leading.
"W...we...I..."She felt like schoolgirl who had to explain why she didn't do her homework....front of the class room.Everyone looked her...waiting...exept Modo...he looked her kinda amused "Well sweet you ARE leading...Want it or not..."
"I...t...think...that we should make a plan...after we send some...spys to check what are we dealing with..."Someones yawned(someones like Vinnie)
"Man it would be so boring..."
"BORING?HOW CAN YOU SAY SO VINNIE??OUR KIDS ARE IN TROUPLE!!FOR GOD'S SAKE YOUR GIRL FRIEND IS IN TROUPLE!!!And you DARE to say..."It would be BORING"????"Lisbeth yelled.Someones looked situation amused.Someones who knew Lisbeth better (like Modo) looked her little wondering.
""OUR"kids Lisbeth?"Modo asked.Lisbeth vibrated
"BAH..."She hissed to him.
"Who wants to spy?"She asked.
"I...i can...i think i can handle that..."Mint sayed.Jason looked her.
"But loveone....."
"Shut up Jason.I can handle it."Mint sayed and smiled to him.Jason noted and smiled.
"Are you sure?"Lisbeth asked and smiled friendly.Mint knew what everyone were thinking.
"Have you ever killed?"
"K...k...kil...led?"Jason narrowed his eyes.
"Yes Mint.Killed."
" am not murderer..."Some amused whisbers were heared.Lisbeth smiled.
"Is it murder to kill....plutarkian for example?"She asked as friendly as she could.
"'s still a think...."Someones looked her pretty badly.
"It isn't a murder when you protect your land?Are you calling us murderers?We all have killed...
-Lisbeth looked her to eyes and hissed-....are we murderes??"Jason rised and tooked Mint's hand.Lisbeth looked him amused when she remembered the night they shared.
"Lisbeth...Mint wasn't in the war...she didn't born in Mars...She is model who lives save try to understand...SHE can't."Jason sayed with soft voice.
"And now...this little model is ready to spy for us?"Lisbeth asked.
"She feels guilty because she werent sharing the war with us."
"If you don't want my help i can leave."Mint sayed.Jason tooked harder hold from her hand.
"You are not leaving..."He whisbered to her.Lisbeth looked very very amused all this.
"Jason...may i have a word with you?"She asked and smiled sly.Jason narrowed his eyes but noted."Well what is this?"Modo wondered.Lisbeth and Jason went out of the room.
"Why in the hell you have to be so mean??"Jason hissed to Lisbeth.Woman smiled innocently and talked with so soft voice that Jason felt sick.
"My dear one-night-lover. You think i just listen when someone calls me or my friends MURDERERS?"
"Marianne wasn't calling you murderer."Jason sayed.Lisbeth smiled like she would have been smiling to her son but eyes were cold and full of anger.
"She ment that."
"I know Marianne...."
"I bet you do.I just wonder why did you slept with me when you have so sweet and innocent girlfriend as she is."
"Not your busines!"Jason felt VERY bad.
"Oh...i isn't my busines if i give my self to someones love?"
"What is between me and Marianne isn't your busines!"Jason hissed and walked back to room were they came.
"Boys...."Lisbeth sighed and followed him.
Everyone looked her waiting.Lisbeth sighed.
"Mint handles the spying part....but i fould still like to have someone with her.-Jason was about to open his mouth-you are out of the cast Mr Carter"Lisbeth looked around her and wondered who would be the one to be with Mint."Throttle..?Naaaa..."
"I can go."Kitty said Throttle allmost jumped up from the seat.
"NO WAY!!"He yelled.Lisbeth smiled to Kitty.
"Friend...what about your baby?"She asked and touched Kitty's tummy.Kitty smiled.
"I want to do something.This is something what i think i can handle."Throttle bushed Lisbeth away and looked Kitty.
"Over my dead body lady."He said and looked deep in to Kitty's eyes.
"Very well...-Kitty took Throttle's gun and pressed it against his nose-...If i need to kill you to help about 5-6 mice i WILL do it."Throttle knew she wasn't joking.
"I will not let you go."Throttle whispered.Kitty hit him to face with her free hand.Throttle fell to floor.Vinnie allmost begain to laugh but when he looked Kitty he decidet to keep his mouth shut.Lisbeth and Kitty looked Throttle lazily.Throttle rubbed his chin."Darn darn darn darn darn....."
"OK Kitty you can more family violence okay?I can't take it."He said.Most of the mice begain to laugh.Kitty and Lisbeth looked each other and begain to laugh too.Throttle lyed back again.


Amber yawned.
"Darn it's boring here..."She tought.Way she was tired told that it must be evening.She looked what other mice were doing.Gimili had found something interesting from the walls and went round the room touching them.Amber tought he was gone nuts.Rascal sleeped.Opal and Todd were having somekind of conversation.Ashes sleeped.Rimfire was doing same as Gimili."Both nuts..."Amber tought.Alyssa looked Gimili and smiled to him everytime they looked each other.Amber hated it."C'mon....they are relatives....they are relatives...darn you bitch stop that grining!"
"This place is warmist."Gimili said to Rimfire.Man noted and touched wall.Gimili placed his finger to little hole what was in wall very near of floor.He jerked it away.
"Burns -He grinned to Rimfire-We ARE very near of volcano!This wall is near of lava!"Gimili's smile disapeared.
"T...this...this alive...if it would damage lava would...YIPES!!!"He said and back offed.Rimfire looked him.
"...kill us..."Amber rised her head.
"W...what?" Rimfire and Gimili smiled innocently.
"Umm nothing Gimili keep looking that exit from that wall!!"Rimfire sayed and pointed to some wall.Gimili went there and begain to study it like he really would be searching something.Amber looked them.Rimfire ran to other wall.
"I think it was here when i fell in but i'm not sure..."He said and studyet the wall.Amber sighed.
"Nuts..."She hardly could say to end when room begain to shake.Sleepers woke up and looked
scared around them.
"OOOOOOOOOOH SHIIIT!!!!!!!"Gimili yelled.Rimfire looked around him "%)/&)?)&)/% SHIT"Wall explodet.Gimili was sure he was going to be dead meat soon but lava never came.
When they got their eyes clean from the dust they saw a mouse behind bars.And behind mouse they saw a lava lake Gimili gasped.She looked them innocently and was about to leave.
"WAIT!!!"Gimili yelled.Woman turned slowly to him.
"Yes?"She asked.Gimili looked her.White...snow white all but eyes.Eyes were red...fully black no white just red.And she was Gerbile.Gimili swallowed.Woman turned to leave again.
"What are you doing here?"Gimili asked.Woman looked him like she wouldn't have understood.
"Why are they keeping you here?"Woman begain to laugh...Gimili pulled his ears down.Laugh soundet so...terrible and beautifull in same time.She stopped and looked Gimili again.
"I live here Sweet one"She said.Amber rushed to her.
"Mind if i disturb but could you let us out?My daddy is very angry....VERY VERY angry if you don't's not exactly fun to be here...Kinda boring you know!"She said.White lady looked her very amused.
"Let you...out?"
"Aye..."Woman begain to laugh again and then stopped.
"But i just captured you....why should i let you out?"Woman said and bend down to Amber.
"I am not a mouse...and don't you dare to call me that!"Woman hissed.Amber looked her eyes and felt sick.
"'am..."Amber turned away.Woman turned back to Gimili.
"What is your name Sweet one?"
"Gimili?Hmm...Tell me Gimili...why should i let you and your little friends out?"
"You are allmost same kind with us..."
"Yes...but if i would care about same kind would i work with Plutarkians?"
" but..."
"Youre waisting my time Sweet one...i shall leave you now."
"No wait...!"Gimili tryet to reach her but woman didn't stop.
"What is your name???!"
"Madara."Woman said with out turning and disapeared.Gimili looked after her and sighed.Amber looked him.
"What are you looking at???!She captured us remember????"He didn't.
"Oh gee have you falled in LOVE??"Rascal asked angry.Gimili leaved,searched place to sleep and lyed down.He felt odd he couldn't stop thinking about Madara...
"I say she is a witch!!!"Amber said angry to Ashes.
"She was beautifull..."
"Aw NOT you TOO!!"Rascal came to Amber.
"Ah good that Our-Little-Singer left you alone..."He said and squeesed Amber against his chest.
"Yea...great...."Amber murmured.Ashes sighed.Rimfire walked to Gimili.
"What was that all about??"He asked.Gimili sighed to answer.
"Did she hypnotice you or something??Helloo Gimilii??"
"I...just feel odd...Did you see those eyes??What ever happened to them?And...and that"Gimili didn't get any word from his mouth anymore.
Rimfire looked him.Gimili sighed.
"Like she would have been everything....Every sound and sight...everthing what exists."
Boy looked his friend.
"Rimfire???That wasn't love was it???Say it wasn't!"
"I don't think it was...You WOULD know for sure if it was."
"Oh Gee...i don't want to fall in love with someone who captured us..."Gimili sighed.


" i really...have to???"Mint asked.Jason smiled.
"Well you can't actually be in hight heels in spying mission."Mint looked her nice silk shoes and then she turned her eyes to black military boots.
"C'mon Miss Smith...they are much nicer in the mission believe me!"Bordeaux said.Marianne looked her boots.
"You are a woman how can you walk in those???"
"I could ask you a same question hun!"Bordeaux laughed.Mint murmured something and chanced her hight heels to boots.
"Argh..."Jason and Bordeaux giggeled when they looked Mint.
"Very funny...I can hardly walk!!These things are heavy!!"
"Think this way...Your silk shoes would be ruined out there!"Jason said.
"Well...that makes sense...."Mint said and smiled.Kitty stepped to room.
"Are we ready to go?"She asked and looked Mint.Girl noted.Jason warpped his arms around Mint and kissed her...deeply.
"JASON!!!"She yelled and allmost slapped him.
"That is for luck loveone..."Jason whispered to her.Mint looked him.
"Kiss to cheeck would have been enough..."She hissed.Jason let her go and walked to window.Mint and Kitty left.Bordeaux walked to Jason.
"You really love her huh?"She asked Jason sighed.
"Well....she doesn't want to be with me..."
"That's odd..."Bordeaux said and smiled.Jason looked her and begain to laugh.
"Why??Would you give anything to have guy like me loving you?"
"Well not exactly anything but guy like you as a lover would!"
"Say....what if we would go to little wrestling practise?"Jason asked and grinned sly.
"My pleasure...."


Kitty and Mint rised on Kitty's bike.Kitty looked amused Mint before she started the bike.
"Why did you do that?"
"Yelled to Jason?That WAS kinda sweet move ya know."Kitty said and started.
"He did that with out my premission...."Mint murmured.Kitty set a map to her bike's computer.
"Quess how many times Throttle did that to me without MY premission!-Kitty smiled-Quess how many times he has done all kind off little things without my premission...."
"YOURE MARRIED!!!That's part of the idea (i think)..."
"Oh much before we were married...before we even had dates...heh heh..."
"Oh did HE kiss you like that?"
"Many times...i usually cave him hard bounch..."
"Then you should understand!"
"But you can't belive how wonderfull i felt when he did that...."
" DOES feel wonderfull to me too...but...still...i don't want that he does that..."
"Youre afraid..."
"Correct...i am VERY afraid!!"Mint said and grapped Kitty when the bike jumped high up to air.
"DO YOU HAVE TO DO THAT!!!??"She yelled to Kitty.Woman just laughed.
"Oh yes my dear!!"

To be Continued.......

-At least writer hopes so.....