WARNING: There is some romantic scenes in this story...so little boys who want fights and blood...DON'T READ!!



by lisbeth

copyright 1997 ,Lisbeth,all rights reserved

"Why...did she did that..."Modo asked to him self.
"Do you know old man? Of course you don't know..."He said to old cat.
"You're just one piece of shit...and I'm...well...I am a little bigger piece of shit."Cat looked him flatly.Modo giggled and drink another class of booze.Cat yawned and began to sleep.
"And you think you can eat mice...baugh!"Modo went to outdoor and planed to leave.
"I don't wanna be alone...that cat is no fun..."He thought and went to his bike.
"How about you...Could you take me somewhere were is people?"


Beautiful soft brown mouse with blond hair and mandel brown eyes looked around her but didn't find what she was looking for.She went to her aunt who had green hair pink eyes and gray fur.
"Deila...have you seen my brother around?"Michelle asked worried.
"Rimfire...?No..."Deila answered and went to her bike.Michelle saw something in distance.
"Hey...Isn't that uncle Modo?"She said.Deila looked.
"Yes...his riding looks odd..."Michelle went to her bike."Let's see is everything A-OK."
"Okay."Deila started her bike and they left.
Modo's head was fuzzy but stubbornly he ride around sand tunes.He's head was clearer what it was when he left home but still he was angry...to him self and to Lisbeth.Modo saw that someone was coming closer to him.Modo stopped his bike.Michelle and Deila did same thing.
"What are you doing here in the middle of the night?"Michelle asked.
"Same question to you."Modo answered and sounded a little bit cruel what he meant.
"We came from nightclub...your turn."Deila answered.
"Michelle...what young girl like you does in place like nightclub?"Modo asked.
"*Giggles*Looking for a boyfriend I guess..."
"Boyfriend...?Baugh...just because you are tall like Amazon You're not old enough to seek boyfriend!!"Modo said and is eye began to glow.Deila stepped front of him and looked Modo with same anger.Her eyes glowed too...but glow was stronger.Modo's eye went back to normal but he was still angry.
"Since when you become my big sister..."
"Michelle...go home..."Deila said with out turning.Michelle rose to her bike with out hesitation
"See ya..."She said and left.
"I'm your sister...that's enough.There is no need to be older."Deila said to Modo.
"Well if my sister act's like woman-who-gives-to-anyone...AI!!!Deila slapped Modo to face.
"YOU DON'T KNOW NOTHING YOU DRUNK!!!!!Modo looked Deila his hand rose little.
"Go ahead!!!Hit me!!!Maybe that is the way how your wife died!!"Modo cave her hard bunch.He didn't notice how he felt to trap.Before he understood it Deila attacked him.Modo's bike didn't know what to do...it was too much to it's little brains.
When they finally stopped fighting Modo rose but Deila didn't.Sand was red because of blood.Blood everywhere...bloodbloodbloodbloodbloodbloodbloodblood...

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!"Modo yelled and woke up.He looked around him and noticed that he was in home.Old cat laid on his stomach and looked him lazily"CRAZY..." It thought and began to sleep again.Modo noticed that someone was cleaned up and covered him.Modo rose.Old cat grumbled.Modo went to kitchen and took some milk"Gimme gimme!" Old cat ran to him and began to meaow.Modo cave it a cup of milk."Thank you!" Amber ran to kitchen and rubbed old cat's back.
"Hi Stokie...hi daddy!""At last...my name..."
"Hi sweety...what's up?"Modo asked and smiled to his daughter.
"I'm going to meet one reeeaally cute guy tonight!!!"
"Uh huh...Who is this "REEEEAAALLY CUTE GUY"?"
"Awww...well his name is Rascal...he is about 15 years old..."
"15...who's kid he is...?"
"Awww you don't know him..."Modo sighs and smiles to her.
"No kisses...promise?"
"Promise!"Amber said but crossed her fingers behind her back."Naughty..."Stokie thought.
"Good girl."
"Thanks...Oh!Bye the way...Aunt Deila was here in morning...asked to say hello!"Modo looked her little confused.
"T...thanks...Why was she here?"
"said that you were very tired because of job...she actually had to carry you home." Amber said and left to her room."Deila lied for me..."Modo thought.He finished his breakfast and went to is bike.
"Wake up bikey bikey!I wanna go to ride."Modo said and rose to seat.Bike "woke up" and wroomed because of pleasure.Modo put his helmet on.
"Well...let's rock and... so on."They left.Modo felt good but sad same time.Then he knew where he wanted to go.To their old headquarters (now it's more like a chat place).
"Anyone here?"Modo asked and rose from his bike.He went to balcony but find someone who he didn't want to find.
"You."Modo said with cold voice.Throttle all most jumped to air and turned around.They looked each other long time.Modo's eye glowed red and Throttle's heard jumped like crazy.
" hi "Throttle whimpered after long time silence.
"What...are...you...doing...here..?"Modo hissed.Throttle swallowed.
"Nothing...actually...I was just leaving..."He said.Modo smiled evilly.
"Awww...don't leave yet...I just get here..."He said.
"Modo...please...you wouldn't hurt old friend?"
""Friend"...Friends don't stole love mates..."
"YOU CAN STILL HAVE HER!!!"Throttle yelled in panic.Tears rolled down his cheeks.
"Please...I don't wanna fight with you...you were my bro...you'd still are if it would depend on me!!"Throttle cried.Modo felt sorry for him because he hadn't lost all his feelings to him.
"For you we could forget all this shit...and...make it up?"Modo said and was all most to cry.
"For both of us..."Throttle whispered.They were quiet long time and studied each other.
"Sorry..."Modo said and left.


"Uh...he comes..."Amber whispered exited.Ashes sighed.
"If you show your face you don't have one anymore!Got it?"She hissed to her brother.
"Okay..."Ashes said and went to his room.Amber rushed to door.
"Hi!"She said smiling to dark brown boy with blond hair and red/brown eyes.
"Hi babe!!May I come in?"Rascal asked.
"Yea sure!"Amber said and let him in.Rascal smiled to her.
"What are we gonna do?"He asked.
"Well let's have a little chat in my room...and watch some videos..."
"Cool...where is your room?"Rascal asked let Amber show the way.
They watched one video.Rascal looked Amber and smiled wide.
"Now what?"
"We could listen some music..."
"Okay...watcha got?"Rascal asked and looked curiously to Amber's CDs.
"I thought it...um...would be...something...romantic..."Girl said sure that she ruined her chances to him.Rascal looked her and smiled.
"If you dance with me!"
They danced couple songs.
"Would you want to kiss me?"Rascal asked and sat on the Amber's sofa again.
"Y...yes..."Amber whispered.They kissed long time.Amber was nervous and happy in same time.Rascal was happy.He rubbed gently her back.They laid down still kissing.Mood was
romantic and exiting in same time.Room was dark and music slow and quiet.Perfect.
Suddenly something exploded.Amber and Rascal jumped up.They heard that someone screamed in panic.
"ASHES!!!!"Amber screamed and ran to next room.Rascal followed.They find Ashes from
Plutarkians hold.
"AMBER GO AWAY TELL TO DAD....AIIII!!!"Plutarkian hit him.
"TAKE THEM!!!!!"He yelled to other fishes.BIG grope of Plutarkians attacked them.Amber and Rascal fight good but they were too weak to one small Plutarkian army.Soon everything was over.
"MY DAD WILL KILL YOU!!!!"Amber yelled and spit to Plutarkians face.
"Yea right..."My daddy is a fireman"so on so on."Plutarkian said and turned away.


Throttle laid on the bed.He was about to sleep when he felt soft hands on his face.Hands
moved gently down his body and under his shirt.They stopped for a while on his nipples and
began to move up again.He smiled when fingers touched his lips.He sighed deeply.Kitty
kissed him softly.Throttle opened his eyes little.
"Hi."Kitty said with soft voice and smiled.She looked so beautiful.Throttle kissed her again.
"Hi love..."Kitty played with Throttle's hair.Man closed his eyes again.Kitty giggled and kissed his nose.That like Throttle loved her most.He smiled wider when Kitty pushed her hands under his shirt again and rubbed his nipples gently with her fingers.Kitty hugged him and placed her head against his.
"I love you Throttle..."She whispered and closed her eyes.
"I love you too Katherine..."They fell in sleep.

Little white girl with red hair and green eyes ran to his brother.
"Throttle where if everybody?"Alyssa asked and looked to 10 year old Throttle.
"They went to shop..."He answered.Alyssa sat next to him.
"Thif medallion what you cave to me yefterday if lovely."She said and looked the medallion on her neck.Throttle smiled.
"You keep that save!There is only two medallions like that in world."
"Then it if ekfpenfive too!"
"Well...yes...but you are million time expensive than that...at least to me.My fife year old sister!"Throttle said and hugged her.Alyssa giggled and hugged him back.
"I'm a big girl now!"She said.Suddenly wall exploded.Alyssa screamed when someone grabbed her.
big male mouse.Man began to laugh.
"Man...you handle that little rat."He said behind giggles.Other guy kicked Throttle.
"DON'T HURT HIM!!!"Alyssa screamed.
"Oh but we do..."Man said and grinned.Throttle felt how man landed his foot on his head.
Man began to lay his weight to the foot what was on Throttles head.Man giggled.Boy tried to free himself but man warbbed him with his tail.Throttle's world went red...pain was all he felt.He was about to faint when he heard sirens.
"Man...let the brat be...we gotta go."Other man said.Weight disappeared.
"Don't take her please..."Throttle whispered and fainted.

Throttle snapped awake.He was sweating all over.He looked to Kitty.Then Throttle noticed
that her tummy had gotten little bigger.Not like it was big or something...it just wasn't so flat
anymore.Throttle smiled.He rose quietly and went to kitchen.On his way he noticed this letter on the floor front of the outdoor."Propaply some taxes..."Throttle thought and took it with him to kitchen.He moaned deeply and sat to table."It doesn't look like a bil or some- thing..."Throttle opened it and began to read.He began to sweat again.
"No...i...it...can't be..."He whispered.He rose from table and took a glass but it felt.Soon
Kitty came to kitchen and found Throttle crying from the floor.
"Throttle...what's the matter?"She asked and sat next to him.Throttle pointed to letter.Kitty
began to read:
With all love: Limburger

Kitty looked to his life mate who sit on the floor with empty eyes.She hugged him hard and long.Then she whispered something to Throttles ear...man smiled.
"Yea we will..."


Modo looked the sight with horror.
"ASHES!!AMBER!!WHERE ARE YOU!!?"He yelled...no answer.Modo sat on something what remaind his sofa and began to cry.Suddenly he felt these soft hands on his shoulders.Modo gasped and looked to Lisbeth.
"You..."He sighed flatly.
"Hmmm...My my...you don't blame me of what happened..."
"*sigh*You are not crazy enough...CRAZY but not that CRAZY..."
"Thank you..."They were quiet some time.
"So...What happened?I heard this big BUM but..."Lisbeth asked.
"I have no idea...but someone took my kids...and I don't like that.Would just Stoker be here..."
"Why you miss him?"
"I didn't meant that old...I meant my cat.When...if...we find my kids they would be very sad if
it would be dead."Modo sighed.Suddenly they heard this weak meaow.Old cat appeared behind a big flat rock what used to be wall.It looked to Modo, blinked it's eyes and ran to him.
"Stokie...thank god You're all right..."Modo said and lift Stoker gently up."Never heard a fish who bites back..."It thought and licked Modo's face.Man rubbed it's dirty back and sighed.
"I will find my kids..."Modo said and his eye began to glow red.
"And I will help you..."Lisbeth said with out hesitation.Modo looked to her and smiled.

CONTINUED IN Lisbeth Capture 2