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By Lisbeth

October 22.1997

Copyright 1997 Lisbeth,all rights reserved.

She sat on the sofa and cried.
-Modo...why can't you love me? I love you with all my hard and you don't even notice that...Lisbeth yelled to man who was standing front of her.
-I notice that...but I can't believe what I see. Modo said.
-And why not!!!?????? Because I betrayed you with Throttle? So, what are you gonna do about it? What if I get a picture that he would be better lover than you ever can be? Lisbeth said
-So?Get him then!I don't care!!!!!!! Modo was loosing his self-possession. Lisbeth was shaking because of anger.
-That's your way Modo,just saying "I don't care"!!! But Modo, what if I care?Lisbeth said.Modo turned and faced Lisbeth, he was shaking too.Lisbeth grinned bitterly after noticing that.
-What's the matter honey? Feeling little shake shake? Now what honey? Are you getting angry to me? I care about you,but I don't care about you DEAD wife...OOyyAH!! Modo slapped her to face. Lisbeth felt taste of blood in her mouth. Modo saw how little fibrin of blood came out of her nose. He came back to his mind"oh no... what have I done". Lisbeth raised and look at him so calmly that Modo thought she was in shock.
-Get...out...She hissed. Modo left,with great pain in his heart.


Modo came back to his home. He sat on the sofa and felt tears running down his face."What have I done!" He felt so bad.
-What's the matter dad? Ashes asked. Modo whipped tears off.
-Nothing son... He didn't want to cry front of his son.
-Why aren't you in the bed?Modo tried to chance a subject.
-Awwww...I...I...he he...
-Ashes did you watch those naughty shows again?
-Ummm...yeah.Ashes blushes.Modo smiled to him.
-How many times...
-Oh gee dad! I know! Ashes said.Modo grins.
-Well...it does show. He said.Ashes grumbled.
-Anyway son, is time to you to get in bed. Modo said and hugged him. Ashes kissed his father and went in to his room.
-Good night.Modo said.
-Yeah same to you dad.Ashes answered just before closing the door.


-Modo...i am so sorry.Lisbeth cried to her self. "No you're not" Other voice in her head said.
-Yes I am...yes I am! She cried "No you're not because you are selfish bitch!!!" Other voice screamed.
-Please leave me alone...Lisbeth whispered.
*KNOCK KNOCK*Someone knocked the door.Lisbeth raised.
-Who is it? She tried to sound normal and swallowed her cry.
-It's me Vinnie.Man said like it would be self-evident thing.
-Vinnie...? VINNIE!? Lisbeth remembered, good old Vinnie.
-Yeah yeah it's me all right. Now would you let me in?
-Of course! Lisbeth opened the door. Big man came in.
-Gee!You have grown and you have hair!Lisbeth said.Vinnie
looked her and grinned . -You haven't chance lot.He said and laughed.Vinnie hugged her
-I missed you so much.Lisbeth grinned.She looked to his face.
-Vincent Van Wham...i can't believe my eyes.You have a hair... you gotta have some good reason for that.
-Hmmm...yes, I have.Ya see I have been followed lately. I have to change my style often to confuse my followers.
-You are...scared? Lisbeth asked.Vinnie grinned sadly.
-There is time to me too, huh.Well...anyway I came here to ask shelter.No one would never search me here.
-Off course I help you.Lisbeth said happily-But in MY house, MY rules.She grinned.Vinnie smiled "At least I have shelter