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Dragons of Mars

By Harley Powers

copyright September 11, 1997 Harley Powers


Suddenly the Big Bang Fireworks Factory across town was ablaze from an explosion that shook Chicago. Inside, Harley picked up her head and shook it. Slowly, she opened her eyes. Towers of flame met her wandering gaze and clouds of smoke clogged her lungs causing her to cough violently. Oh great, she thought sarcastically, how am I gonna get out of here? She gazed around for an opening and found a large hole in the wall. She stood slowly and whistled for her bike. It came racing through the flames and slid to a stop just centimeters from where she stood. Just as She was about to leap through the gaping hole on her bike, she heard the familiar voices of the Biker Mice from Mars. She smiled and screeched toward the opening. But as she neared it, she turned violently to jump and land on the catwalk above.
I think they can take care of this fire, Harley thought, but I hurt all over and have done what I can, so I'm going home. She revved her bike, screeched off of the catwalk, and sped toward home. 'Home' was a gigantic black mechanical dragonship called Rayden. When they had crashed here, he had slid into a hill only to be covered by the soil that had cascaded over him. She was surprised that the Mice hadn't found him already, but now it was only a matter of time. As she neared him, she got a bright wave of colors and emotions in her mind. She smiled and Sent to him, :Bright the day, Rayden.: and got a loving :Wind to thy wings, ashke.: as a reply.
She pulled her bike inside one of the tunnels that led to Rayden and headed toward the cockpit.
"So, how'd it go?" he asked as soon as she had nestled into her favorite chair.
"It was not one of my better days," she sighed, "and I had just found those shipping records when that generator blew. Damn." She sighed. " By the way, have you gotten a fix on those stink fishes yet?"
"Not yet. But Crimson Tide said he try to push the signal through within the next few months. Hmmm. Something is definitely trying too hard to keep us from getting through." The tone of his voice bothered her.
"Huh. Anyhow, sometime soon, before it's too late, I want to go back to Plutark and get the Red Tower outta there. I'm sure the mice would appreciate their tower being handed back to them with a bow." Harley wanted to do this before they had finished a little project the had started. They had already planted of three tons of TNT directly beneath the surface of the planet. They had planned to detonate it using a special sequence code she and Rayden had worked out. They had worked it so that no one could break it. The tons of TNT would tear Plutark apart. The other dragonships and fighters had been very happy to learn about their plan since it had been the Plutarkians who had destroyed their original planet. Now, what was left of the dragon clan lived on a space station code named 'Aquitar'. She had created the dragonships and had built a whole army of them before she had left for Mars. When she had arrived there, she saw a replica of what her own planet had looked like so long ago and was determined not to let the Plutarkians take Mars. Suddenly, the alarm signals went off. Startled, Harley spat out an oath and jumped out of her chair.
"How far away are they, Rayden?!" she growled as she pulled on her gear and whistled for her bike.
"About a mile," he hissed back. Harley jumped on her bike and roared off. Switching onto autopilot, she checked all of her weapons to see if they had ammo as she sped along. She slid on the black leather gloves with the claw holes in them and turned off the autopilot. She yanked out one of her guns and got ready to aim. Suddenly, she had an idea. :Rayden:, she called, :why not try popping up while we fight. We may be able to actually catch Limburger this time if you have a hand, ummm claw in this one. Okay?: Although she didn't get a verbal reply, his answer was a definite affirmative.


Throttle twisted his bike around to avoid the goon's laser fire and returned fire at the goon's bike, causing him to crash into the hillside. Vinnie came down from an incline above him to blow up two more of the dune buggies. "Outstanding call, bro!" Throttle shouted as Vinnie swept past him again. Vinnie flashed him an ego-possessed grin. As Throttle turned back ahead, he saw that goons were still coming into the valley by the second. He turned and shouted to his bros, "Tangle spring 7!"
All three bikes shot out Martian tangle springs which stopped the dune buggies on contact. Vinnie raced past him, and in a sing-song voice, called out, "One little, two little, three little fireballs!" Vinnie blew up a buggy with every number. Modo laughed at him. Suddenly, a strange but beautiful bike roared over an intervening hill and began to blow up the dune buggies too. Throttle's eyes nearly popped out of his head. Whoever she was, she had great aim, not to mention a totally gorgeous body..............


Harley swerved her bike to shoot the big lug, Greasepit. Karbunkle screamed and started to run. While she was shooting, she kept her ears open for the telltale heavy wing flaps that would announce Rayden's arrival.
:Rayden,: she called, :where are you?: She yanked back her head as a laser blast raced under her chin. She turned and raked to goon nearest to her from his right shoulder all the way down to his left hip with her six-inch long adiminium claws. He fell back, moaning in pain. She backed away as too many of them came for her at once. Something cold touched her back. Glancing back, she saw with relief that it was only the cliff side that had been left jagged, and not more goons. We're gonna lose this, she thought despairingly as they closed in around her, laughing and sneering. Suddenly their expressions turned to shock.

The world around Harley burst into flames. She pulled her head down between her arms, away from the blazing heat. :What took you so long?: she admonished Rayden as he landed heavily above her, still blazing dragon's fury from his jaws. :Dirt's heavier than it looks:, he complained as he roared at the goons furiously. Harley just rolled her eyes. Just as she turned back to the fray, she saw Vinnie get shot in the back by burst of red light. Vinnie! her mind screamed as she leaped through the smoke and flames, only to see him lying on the smoldering ground. She quickly knelt and felt for a pulse. She sighed quietly as it beat steady and strong underneath her sensitive fingertips. :Hey big guy, we need air transport A.S.A.P. Are you up to it?: she queried. :Always: came his jaunty reply. With a neat twist, he swooped down, picked them up gently with one fore claw, while he swiped up the bikes in the other. he turned swiftly on one wingtip, hovered, and was encased in a sparkling globe of eye-blinding blue light.........


Throttle looked up just in time to see the huge creature pick up Vinnie and hover. Then, it was surrounded by a bubble of hot, crackling blue light. The bubble burst into a thousand sparkling pieces, and they were gone.
"NOOOOOO!!!!!!" he screamed realizing too late that it really had been Vincient in the claws of that thing. But now it was too late to save him. This had to be another one of the stink fishes' tricks. He narrowed his eyes and whistled to Modo. The big mouse turned and mouthed, "Where's Vinnie?" Throttle just shook his head. Modo's eye burned furiously and he slammed through the intervening goons to join Throttle on the way to Limburger Tower. They turned on their turbos, raced up the side of the building, and smashed through a few windows. But Tunabutt wasn't there.
"Throttle?! Where'd they go? And where could they have taken Vinnie?!" Modo was starting to panic.
"Hey, slow down bro. We'll find Vinnie. I got the feelin' that whatever that thing was that got Vinnie, it wasn't on the Plutarkians' side. Let's check back with Charley girl to see if she's heard anything." Modo nodded and revved his bike. They roared out of the Tower for the fifty-millionth time, and drove back to the garage. As they pulled in, they found Charley sitting very still on the couch. Throttle hailed her as they slowed to a stop.
"Hey Charley-babe, have you....." Charley shushed him, and pointed upward. Very quietly, she said, "There's somethin' very big and very heavy on the roof. Go and see what it is guys. Please?" Throttle nodded and turned to Modo. "Bro, you stay down here in case anything comes down you don't like. I'll go up and see what's up there." Throttle quietly walked to the window and climbed out onto the fire escape. As he pulled himself up the rungs of the ladder, he heard two voices, a baritone and a tenor, talking up there. Throttle tensed his legs, and jumped nimbly over the last few rungs and the low concrete wall that encircled the border of the roof. He stopped with a gasp. The big black dragon turned with a hiss.




Continued in Part 2