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"Dragons of Mars"

Part 2: Dragon's Blood

By Harley Powers

copyright Oct. 5, 1997 Harley Powers

The big dragon turned with a hiss. It turned back to two figures, one kneeling and one laying on the roof, and swooped up the one who was kneeling and leapt skyward and began pumping its big black wings. Throttle watched as it powerfully stroked the air with its wings, flew over him and vanished into that blue light. He shook his head to clear the spots from his eyes from the blast of light. When he could see again, he turned back to the other figure who was still lying there. His mind screamed.


Throttle awoke to a faint noise coming from Vinnie's bed. He yawned sleepily and turned to see what it was. Vinnie was awake. Throttle smiled. "Hey bro. How's the head?" he asked.
Vinnie shook his head and raised one hand to rub his temples. "Ooooo, what'd ya hit me with bro? I feel like I've been hit with a Plutarkian. And where'd those goons go?"
Throttle grinned. "We kicked their tails hours ago."
"WHAT?!," Vinnie shrieked.
Throttle just laughed at his shocked expression. "Far as I know, you were out cold from a laser blast to the back, bro. But other than that, you're fine, so far."
Vinnie pouted. "Okay. Then how did I get here?"
Throttle shook his head. "You're never gonna believe this bro, but....." he launched into a full-scale confession of what he'd seen. Vinnie's face got more shocked by the second. When he was done, Vinnie's mouth was hanging open. He shut it with a snap. "So wait a minute, you're tellin' me that when I got blasted, a big black DRAGON picked me up and vanished? And then you came back here and found me, and that thing disappeared again?"
"Pretty much."
Vinnie's shout echoed down the hall. "Hey bro, where's Modo and Charley-girl?"
"They went out to get some munchies. And some other stuff."
"Oh. Then I think it's time to get up." Vinnie slid out from underneath the covers and posed. "Gotta look good for Charley girl."
The pillow hit him square in the face.

Two days later.....

Charley walked to newly made hole in the wall and sighed. "Why do you shoot your weapons in the garage Vincient?" Vinnie grinned. She walked through the hole, "I'm gonna go get those before someone else does. Be right back."
Throttle was on the couch watching football with Modo when the three mice heard Charley shriek. Throttle launched up off of the couch with a shout.
"CHARLEY! Where are ya?!" The three mice leapt through the hole with their blasters drawn, only to find a note on the floor, stained with greasy fingerprints. It read:

Youse had better come get the lady, mecies, or she's gonna go splat.

Vinnie shouted, "Why that no good, dirty rotten, greedy scuzbag! He's gonna pay for this!"
Throttle nodded. "Right! We gotta go save Charley girl. We can't let her go out like this."
Modo spat something about uncomplimentary about Karbunkle under his breath. Then louder he said, "Bros, he go to find some way of keepin' Charley safe! I mean she was not 15 feet away from us and she STILL got kidnapped!"
Throttle nodded again, "Right, but right now we gotta go save her." He whistled for the bikes and jumped on his. "Let's rock...and RIDE!!!" The Biker Mice roared out of the garage and onto the highway, headed for the Tower. They roared up the side of the Tower and smashed through a window to slide to a halt in front of Limburger, Karbunkle, Greasepit (who was holding Charley), and at least two dozen or more goons. Throttle clenched his teeth. He could see out of the corner of his eye that Modo was furious and Vinnie was shaking from holding in his anger. Limburger walked up to them with a nasty little grin, and when he was about ten or so feet away from them said, "My dear mice, either give up now, or your dear feminine friend Charlene will be terminated. Hmmhmm, you see, I always win in the end. Hahahahah!"
Karbunkle slinked up and said in his high squeaky voice, "My cream danishness, the Mind Bender is ready...and waiting. Hehehe." Charley wriggled in Greasepit's tight hold.
They had no choice. Throttle sighed, and said slowly in a defeated tone, "All right. You win. We give up. Now let her go!" Both Modo and Vinnie looked equally defeated. Slowly, they all raised their hands. Limburger laughed.
"NOOOOOO!!!!!!" A clear strong voice cut through the air. The strange biker smashed through the east window, slammed into Greasepit who let go of Charley, and slid into Limburger. Vinnie drove over to Charley and wrapped his tail around her when she clambered onto his bike. "Let's roll, sweetheart!" he shouted. Throttle looked back at the biker who was literally kicking Limburger's butt. She spun around and shouted, "GET OUT NOW!!"
Throttle nodded and said to his bros, "Let's rock...and RIDE!!" They flew out of yet another window and onto the street below. As they all turned to look at the Tower.......


The Tower was gone.

As the Mice pulled into the garage, Throttle stopped just outside of it and said, "Bros, I'm gonna go back and check out the Tower, okay?' Vinnie and Modo nodded, and after a second, Modo grinned and said, "On your way back, grab some grub!" Throttle grinned and said "Will do bro. Ride free!"
Something wasn't right. That's why he was going back to the tower. Something about that biker babe. He felt as if he had known her, forever, yet he'd never met her in his life. But something just wasn't right. He pulled past rubble lying on the ground until he came to a pool of dark green blood. Blood? he thought, Green blood? Only people I know of that have GREEN blood are the Martian mice. He got off of his bike and followed the blood trail until he hit a patch of marshy forest. He paused, the pushed aside the undergrowth and went in. He followed the trail until it stopped beside a tiny stream. He almost didn't see her. He spun to the right as he heard something gasp and saw a dark form stretched across the ground, lying in a pool of green blood. He knelt heavily beside it and touched its fur. He pulled his hand back when he touched fresh blood. Again he tried to see what it was. The strange biker. Without her helmet. She had FUR. Whatever she was, she wasn't human or Martian. And she was hurt terribly, blood streaming from hundreds of cuts all over her lean body. Under the blood, he could just begin to make out features. Her fur was pale cream and tiger striped in darker red. Long, blood-red hair flowed down her back. On each fingertip there was a glittering pinpoint, and he had a feeling that she had more than just those pin pricks for claws. Her tail was long and cat-like, as were her ears that sat on the top of her head, and also striped in dark red. Strongly muscled arms and legs were blood-matted as she lay limply on the ground. Throttle jumped to his feet and ran to his bike, glad for once in his life that he had left a blanket in the bike's bags. He grabbed it and raced back to her side. He spread the blanket out on the ground and whispered to her, "It's okay, I'm here to help you. Don't panic. Okay?"
In reply she just moaned in pain. Gently, Throttle slid his arms under her and laid her on the blanket, and wrapped it around her. He picked her up again and walked as gracefully as possible to his bike so as not to jar her too much. He readjusted his hold on her so he could drive his bike, and raced down the highway as fast as he could go.


Modo, Vinnie, and Charley were watching TV, when they heard a bike pull up. Modo grinned and said, "Hey! That's probably Throttle with the grub!"
Vinnie just grumbled and said, "Took him long enough." Modo was about to reply when they all heard a metal 'cha-bong' of a bike hitting the ground. Modo jumped up to see what was wrong when Throttle burst through the door, chest completely coated in dark blood, and carrying a bundled-up figure.
"Bros!" he shouted, "I found her! But she's hurt real bad!"