B.M.F.M 2015

Part III

by: Leanne MacLeod July 31,1997

The Plutarkian snored loudly.He had been guarding the funny looking machine when he'd fallen asleep.
"Get up, stinkfish!" said a feamale voice. The Plutarkian stirred and woke up slowly.When he opened his eyes he was staring right at a Martian mouse.
"AAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!" the fish screamed.
" How did you get here?" asked Carbine.
"Wh.. Where's here?"
"MARS!!" shouted Carbine in rage.She had no patience for plutarkian games.
The Plutarkian had been transported by the large device on Amphibia. Both devices had activated simutaniously because the small one couldn't work alone.
"I have no idea! I was told to guard this machine after we'd captured the Biker Mice and....."
"What's been done with them?" demanded Carbine
" Nothing yet. We were holding them for ransome so we could get this planet."
" Where is this planet you came from?" demanded Carbine again.
"It's a million light years past Pluto on the right of....."
"A MILLION LIGHT YEARS PAST PLUTO!?" that was all Carbine needed to hear. If the army tried to get there by spaceship they'd all die of old age before they even got close!Carbine had been contacting all the planets she could to find the location of Amphibia.No one had even heard of it.Now she knew why.
"How.. did.. you ..get ..here?" Carbine asked very slowly.
" I already told you I don't know! Maybe it had somthin' to do with that machine I was guarding. It looked a lot like that one right there." the Plutarkian pointed to the device left behind when the guys left.
Carbine turned away from the Plutarkian, that was all she needed to hear.
"Take him to a cell." she told two soldiers.
A soldier came up to Carbine with a cordless vidphone.
" A call for you." It was Harley.
"Carbine, do you know where the kid's are?"
"I left a note for Rider and Reve to go to their grandmother's." Carbine had left Chance there. It was about ten o' clock now. Not the safest time for young people to be hanging around.
"None of the kid's have been there I checked!" Harley was worried. Modo's wife was probrably worried and now Carbine was worried.She didn't want to tell Harley about the guys yet.It wouldn't do her any good to be more worried than she already was.
"I'll send Stoker to look for them." Carbine said. Good ol' Stoke, he treated the kids like he'd treat his own.Carbine really wanted Stoker to leave. He'd returned to the holding garage with them eager to go to battle when it came time.Stoker had been the best but now he was old. He made an excellent teacher but he was more of a hinderance than a help in battle. Finding the kids would occupy him for a while And Carbine knew he wouldn't say no.
"O.k." said Harley and hung up.
Carbine had enough to worry about, she didn't need to worry about her kids.She had to think up a plan but now she'd be distracted.They were going to be in big trouble!


"You guys we're in big trouble!" said Lazer. The kids were in a room filled with surveillance equipment. The planet on the view screens was like none they'd ever seen. They were alone in the room with the machine they'd found in the desert.
"I wanna see what it does!" Rider said in a whiny voice."Great idea Reve!"
" We still would have been transported here, this thing is fast."she said
" It's a transporter?" asked Lazer.
"DUH!"said Reve meaner than she meant to. Lazer was sweet, kind and fun, but sometimes he could be dense.
" Well Einstein,since you seem to know so much about this thing how bout getting us home before the locals find us!" Rider said
"Quit grindin' your gears I know how transporters work.This is just like Charleys." Reve said. Actually it wasn't Charley's transporter, it was Karbunkles. She'd taken it to the Last Chance so she could visit the Biker Mice on a regular basis.They all loved Charley she was such a nice person. She visited Mars at least once a week. She usually stayed at Vinnie's house when she took a vacation from her now booming buisiness. "I'll just press this big button....."
"WAIT!" screamed Spark."Isn't this your dad's outfit?" Rider rode his bike to where Spark was. Rider would have recognized the sleeveless leather jacket anywhere.It was his dad's.It had been given to Throttle by his dad when he turned eighteen.It was going to be Rider's when he was eighteen.
"Where would Dad have gone without his jacket?" asked Rider.
" More to the point professor, where would your Dad go wearing nothing but his underwear?"Vinnie stated
"Even more to the point why is he here?"Spark asked.
"He must have been transported here by accident from the desert with Vinnie and Modo. The locals saw them, got scared and imprisoned them."Reve said.
" We have to help them. But how will we find them.?"Asked Lazer.
" Theres a tracking device on my dad's jacket!" said Rider. He folded back the right lapel revealing a small device." He put it there when he was a freedom fighter. If he ever lost his bike in battle he'd be able to find it again. The bikes must be with our fathers.When we find the bikes they'll lead us to them."
Rider never ceased to amaze Reve. Only he would remember a rusty old tracking device.She was a little jealous that her father told Rider about it and not her too.
"It looks old, it might not work anymore." said Tank.
"Let me see it!" said Spark. She tinkered a bit with it and it started blinking.
"ALL RIGHT!" shouted Vinnie."LET'S ROCK AND RIDE!"
The mice sped towards a door at the end of the room. They crashed right through it and drove down six flights of stairs.The building was abandoned, it seemed a little odd,but no one complained. The sooner they found the Biker Mice the sooner they could find out what was going on.
"Why do you think this planet sent the transporter to Mars?" Spark asked. The mice broke through a door at the ground level of the building.The terrain was soft and muddy. It slowed down their bikes a lot.
" I don't know but we're going to find out! How far away is the bike?" Rider asked Spark.
"About twenty miles ahead." she said and pointed to a forest.
" MAN! We'll never get there at this speed!" Vinnie exclaimed. Lucily they all filled their bikes with gas before the race.There weren't any roads in sight which probrably meant no automobiles or gas.
"Use the time to think up a plan for when we meet up with our fathers captors!" said Reve.
"If such captors even exist." said Lazer.They had just assumed the Biker Mice had been captured. It was alright though, It's always better to be safe than sorry.


Lawrence Limburger sat behind his desk slurping down slime worms. He could hardly believe his good fortune.When he was told the Amphibians had sent a transporter for help he hatched a glorious plan.He would agree to meet with the rescuer's representative. He would bring armed guards, capture the representative and hold him for ransome. The price would be the representative's planet. There wasn't anything wrong with Amphibia, It was a lot like Plutark. Only a lot cleaner. It was too far off in the universe though.Limburger had big plans, but they wouldn't happen if he stayed on this planet. It was a pity really. The Amphibians were weak and extremely easy to opress.

He was surprised to see Throttle.He was frightened that he'd brought the army with him. The Biker Mice were very tricky but it seemed he had the upper hand. He was wearing an earpiece so he could hear what his guards had found.There was only the two other Biker Mice in the compound. He knew they'd been captured before they could summon the army.The plan was a work of pure genious. Now he had the Biker Mice and this time they weren't getting away.


The kids looked at the tall building from the cover of the woods.
"So what's the plan?" There were two armed guards at the gate. They looked like big two legged fish.
" I say we jump em, beat them unconsience and storm the building!" suggested Vinnie. It would have been the same plan his father'd suggest. Unfortunately the kids' bikes weren't equipped with the weapons the Biker Mice's were.There were probrably a whole lot more guards inside. Each of them only had a small blaster. Every Martian mouse had a blaster when they went out at night or in the deserts. That's when Sand Raiders showed their ugly heads.
" We have to get rid of them." said Rider " Follow my lead." Rider sprang from the woods clearly visable to the aliens
"HEY FISHFACES BETCHYA CAN'T CATCH ME!" Rider hollered then took off running. The aliens took off right after him. They ran right in front of the woods where the other kid's were hiding. All five of them jumped out of the woods and tackled them. They tied them up with tow cables from their bikes and gagged them. They left them hidden in the woods.
"Where's Rider ?" Spark asked. He had run back into the woods but hadn't been seen in five minutes.
Rider returned " I found an unguarded cargo door around the back and it's wide open!" Rider said out of breath
"Really! Are these aliens stupid?"asked Tank.
"Who cares it makes it easy for us!"said Vinnie.
The mice got on their bikes and rode right in. The tracking device was beeping wildly. The noise got louder as they got closer to a guarded containment unit.The guards saw them coming and began firing. Lazer shot the guns out of the three guards' grasp. Reve, Spark and Tank each kicked one out of the way as Rider opened the containment unit. The bikes revved in recognition.
"Take us to the Biker Mice!" said Rider. The bikes took off, Reve Spark,Lazer and Tank managed to get the guards into the containment unit, then followed. They rode up a whole lot of stairs until they reached the top floor. They busted through the door and awaiting them was a whole bunch of aliens. The stairwells had been deserted. It seemed odd to put all of your guards in one place.The kids didn't have time to think of why that was or about anything else.They were thrown right into battle!
The aliens started firing . The Biker Mice's bikes took care of disarming them. The kids attacked any unarmed alien they could.Reve punched an alien in the face, knocking him unconcious. She then ducked under a swing from behind and elbowed the attacker in the gut. Tank hit one with his bike ramming him against the wall. Spark threw a chair at one. Rider was using the guitar he took everywhere to bash several on the head.
The Biker Mice were watching the battle from the cell. They had heard the motorcycles coming up the stairwell.They'd expected the army to come plowing through the door not their kids!
"OPEN THIS CELL RIGHT NOW!" shouted Modo. He felt at any second one of them was going to get hurt.
"CAN'T...." Lazer shouted as he avoided a kick. " BUSY!" He returned it getting the alien square on the nose.
Vinnie jr punched one in the face, knocking him out. One alien came running up to the right of him and another to the left. He backflipped out of the way at the last second. The two aliens smashed into each other
and fell to the floor. Rider was about to smack another alien with his guitar when a really big one grabbed his upstreched arms. The big Alien lifted Rider up and threw him across the room. Rider smashed into the wall above the control panel. He fell on it, pressing all the buttons with his body and then fell to the floor. The cell opened releasing the Biker Mice who sprang into battle.Throttle ran over to Rider who was laying on the floor.
"Are you hurt?" Throttle asked ignoring the battle around him.
"I don't think so..." Rider started to get up.He looked at his father." Woah dad, what are ya wearin'?" He'd never seen the robes before.
"I'll explain everything later," Throttle studied the battle around him.The aliens were pouring in like water. "We have to end this for now." He whistled to his bike. It came over to him and he took a martian mouse grenade from it's storage compartment. He swiftly rode over to the elevator and punched the up button. He waited a few seconds, while taking care of a couple of attackers. The elevator opened, Throttle pushed the basement button, pulled the grenade pin and tossed it in. The doors shut and the elevator descended.A few seconds later an explosion came from the depths of the building. Fire alarms sounded. The aliens stopped attacking, grabbed their unconscious friends and fled. One exceptionally smart alien picked up a discarded blaster and shot at the stairwell door casing. The casing crumbled trapping the mice in the room.
"Saddle up kids, we're blowin' this fish stand!" said Modo as he launched two missels at a wall, leaving a gaping hole. The kids got on their bikes and got ready to fire their jets.
" HEY! WAIT FOR ME!" shouted Phinel as he ran towards them.He'd been hiding under the cell bench throughout the whole battle and the mice had forgotten about him.
"Sorry!" Modo said as he picked Phinel up and put him on his bike.
The Mice fired their jets and shot out of the window. Aliens were fleeing the building beneath them.
"OWWWWWWWW!!! I haven't had this much fun in years !!!!" exclaimed Vinnie.
"Yeah!" agreed Throttle"Kicking Plutarkian butt beats paper work any day!"
"Those were Plutarkians?" asked Spark. The kids had never seen one. No one on Mars kept photos of them for posperity.
"COOL!!!" shouted Vinnie jr. and Tank together. They actually got to fight Plutarkians with the Biker Mice! It was truly a once in a lifetime experience.The mice landed just in front of the woods and sped into them.


Lawrence Limburger had watched the Biker Mice From Mars slip through his grasp once again.He had thought for sure that this time he finally had them. He hated being wrong! He was also very curious as to how six young bikers had managed to get there. Someone was going to answer to this.
" The Biker Mice have escaped sir." a soldier told him the obvious.
"I..I...I'don't know!" said the soldier. He might not have been one of the guards that had failed, but Limburger didn't care.
"WELL FIND THEM, AND I WANT THEM ALIVE!" That was a first for Limburger. He really wanted Mars, but he wouldn't get it if he didn't have a ransom bribe. The soldier ran off to round up some help.
At least nothing else can go wrong. In the distance Limburger tower collapsed for about the thousandth time.Limburger's only consolation was that he wasn't in it .


The Biker Mice, the kids and Phinel were taking a quick pitstop to think up a plan.Throttle went into the woods to get changed back into his biker clothes. His ambassador's robes were ruined. The kids explained to their fathers how they got there. They weren't angry considering they didn't know about the transporter, but they didn't like the idea of them racing under Red Tower. They weren't too upset about it the kids had rescued them after all! The Biker Mice told them they fought very well. In turn the Biker Mice explained all about the Plutarkians and Amphbia.
" So there's another stronghold near here?" asked Modo.
"Yes," said Phinel "There is a transporter technician there. She has another transporter, so we can send the children back and bring the army here." Modo was relieved, he didn't like the idea of his eldest child being in such danger, even though he was an excellent fighter.
Everyone was doing their own thing. Vinnie was telling Tank and Vinnie jr. about all the times he'd beaten the Plutarkians. Rider was trying to re tune his guitar. Knocking Plutarkians over the head had not been good for it.Spark was examining Throttle's bike trying to find out anything she could about it's super computer. Reve was standing far away from everyone else, looking at the stars. She was trying to hide the fact she was upset that Tank wasn't paying any attention to her.He hadn't really talked to her since they'd left Mars. Lazer sensed something was wrong. Reve didn't stay quiet for that long unless she was upset.
"This planet sure is weird,huh?" he asked as he came next to her.
"Yeah," Reve said quietly she didn't feel like talking.
"It's Tank isn't it?" he asked. This question wasn't so dense.
"Yeah, I thought he was interested in me, but he's more interested in the Biker Mice." She knew it was her fault he acted like that, she totally bragged to him about being the daughter of a Biker Mouse.
"You're a wonderfull person Reve. I'm sure he's just excited, he'll start paying attention to you again." Lazer said.
" I hope you're right." said Reve smiling. Lazer was sweet.
A noise came from the woods.It could have been Throttle. Reve and Lazer turned to look. A huge, white, scaly creature juped out of the woods. It pinned Lazer and Reve to the wet ground beneath it's paws. Each paw had foot long razer sharp claws that reached right across their chests. Reve and Lazer lay there frozen with fear.
" Don't shout or make any sudden moves," Phinel said quietly to the rest. "If we startle it, the White Dragon will tear them apart."
Reve and Lazer stared at the creatures snarling face. It's teeth looked deadly sharp. It was deathly quiet. all Reve could hear was the growls of the monster and Lazer's almost inaudible whimpers.Reve was never so terrified in her life. All she could think about was that at any second the creature's talons would go tearing through her body!
BANG! the silence was shattered. The creature fell to the ground.It's paws relaxed as it died.Reve shrieked at the sight of it's bright yellow blood oozing out of the blaster hole in it's head. The White Dragon hadn't seen Throttle in the woods in front of it. Throttle saw it though, about to eat his only daughter. He shot it right between the eyes.
Modo and Throttle dragged their kids from under the things paws and held them close. Reve couldn't help but cry.Her head was pressed against her father's chest and she could hear his heart was beating faster than hers. Modo was shaking with the fear of almost losing his son.
"Let's get out of here." said Vinnie in a flat tone.

Part IV