B.M.F.M 2015

Part IV

by: Leanne MacLeod Aug 3,1997

The Biker Mice their kids and Phinel sped through the Amphibian forest. They were going as fast as they could, which wasn't very fast at all. The ground was too soft and their bike's tires spun in the mud. Lazer and Modo were still shaken up from the White Dragon. Reve shook it off. She realized how incredibly close she'd come to death, but she wasn't dead so she saw no reason to worry about it. She didn't know how her dad was doing. Reve never could tell what he was thinking by looking at his expressions. She noticed her mother couldn't either.
"I know you lied to me today, Reve." Throttle said out of the blue. Reve really didn't expect him to be thinking about that. She had been sure he didn't even know that!
"Wha?" was all Reve could say.
"I don't understand why you're always lying, your mother and I certainly didn't teach you to!" She didn't learn it from anyone it was just a part of her, like playing guitar was a part of Rider. Or having an overactive imagination was part of Chance.
"I...I'm sorry, Dad." Reve said. Her dad didn't sound angry, he sounded upset. If she had of told him the truth about going to the South Desert then he wouldn't have let her go. Someone else would have found the device and the kids wouldn't have ended upon Amphibia. And she wouldn't have nearly been eaten by the White Dragon. At least thats what Throttle thought probrably would have happened. Then again, just because Throttle didn't give his permission didn't mean Reve wouldn't do it.
"How am I supposed to trust you? I don't think it's fair that I should have to worry about you all the time." he said.
"How long did you know?" wondered Reve.
"Since the moment you told me where you were going, your mother told me about your plan. I sent the other three in case you got into trouble." Reve was angry now. She could kick the butts of all three of them at the same time.
"I don't need their protection!" said Reve.
"I f you keep lying like you do one day you're going to get into big trouble and no one will be able to help you!" It was kind of like the boy who cried wolf. Reve knew her father was right.
"I'm sorry dad," Reve looked right at her father's shaded eyes "I promise I'll never lie again."
"Good, because Biker Mice have to be able to trust one another." Reve wasn't sure she'd heard right, had her father just called her a Biker Mouse?
"What do you think bro's?" Throttle asked." Shall these kids join the team?"
" Great idea." said Modo.
"I can't believe we didn't think of it before!" exclaimed Vinnie
" But......Why?" asked Tank in disbelief.
"There's a whole planet's worth of Plutarkians roaming the galaxy. It's always been our responsibility to make sure they didn't destroy planets.I think we're going to need some help." Throttle said.
"COOL!!!!" all six kids said at once.
" I'll take that as a yes." said Throttle.
"So what's the plan for when the fish heads catch up to us?" Vinnie asked.
"They're not following us." said Throttle
Vinnie and Modo looked at Throttle inquisitively. "No way Limburger'll let us get away! If he doesn't wan't us for a scheme to take over the galaxy then he'd at least wan't to kill us!" Vinnie exclaimed.
"Yes, but he isn't following us." said Throttle calmly."He's not stupid, he knows the first place we'll run to is that stronghold."
" So you think he'll be waiting for us." said Modo.
"I'd bet my bike on it." said Throttle. His bike made a noise, voiceing it's displeasure.
"So what's the plan for when we get there?" asked Vinnie.
"I'm gonna let the kid's make that call." said Throttle
The kids looked at him like he was nuts."Um... are you sure about that,dad?" asked Rider. This was really important, their lives depended on it.
"Yes. You have to start somewhere. This'll give you practice on making split second decisions.We have total confidence in you, right bro's?"
"Yeah, you bet!" said Vinnie hoping he sounded more sure than he really was. You better know what you're doing Throttle, I'm too cool to die!
"You better think of something fast the stronghold is up ahead!" said Throttle.They were passing over a hill and the stronghold could be seen below in a clearing.
"Oh Mama!" said Lazer.


"The Biker Mice are approaching, sir." a soldier informed Limburger.
"Battle stations! Make sure they don't get away!" Limburger said. He walked over to a young Anphibian tinkering with a transporter. Two Plutarkian soldiers stood pointing blasters at her.
"Are you almost finished with those modifications my dear?" Limburger asked.
"It's ready." she said sadly.
"Excellent!" Limburger said and laughed meniacly.


"O.k, here's the plan. Spark, Lazer and Vinnie jr. will take care of the guards out front. The Biker Mice and I will take care of the guards inside and get the transporter.Reve and Tank, you'll get in around the back and be ready to give our dad's and I back up inside. As soon as everyone else takes care of the attackers outside follow us in. Does that sound alright?" Rider asked. Noone else had thought up a plan, and Rider only had a few moments to think his up. The Plutarkians had spotted them as soon as they'd passed over the hill. They were under fire, and since noone else spoke up Rider was now the leader.
"Whatever you say, you're the leader." Throttle said. Rider wasn't sure if he liked it. He'd have to see what happened.
"Then let's rock......"
"AND RIDE!" everyone shouted and flew into battle.
Lazer, Spark and Vinnie jr. sped down the hill and attacked any Plutarkian that came close. They shot blasters out of the fish faces hands. Entangled them with tow cables. Knocked them unconcious and chased them around on their bikes. The Plutarkians weren't fortunate enough to have vehicles so it was incredibly easy, at first. About a dozen Plutarkians gathered on the roof of the stronghold and blasted missels at them. It was difficult to fight the increasing attackers on the ground and the ones above as well.
Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie started to shoot at the roof attackers, who were no match for the speed and marksmanship of the Martian motorcycles. They then sped up the side of the building to the roof and got in through the roof stairwell. Rider following all the way.
Meanwhile, Reve and Tank busted in through a cargo door in the back. they then proceeded to take out the Plutarkian guards in the cargo bay. There were fifteen of them. They shot at them from all directions. Reve and Tank took cover behind some steel shipping crates.
"We need a plan!" exclaimed Tank. Reve examined the area. There was what looked like an airboat chained to the ceiling rafters. Reve whipped up her blaster and shot the chains loose. The airboat crashed to the floor just in front of the attackers. Several were knocked off their feet as they jumped back. All of them had been startled. Tank and Reve wasted no time. They disarmed any Plutarkian still holding a gun, which weren't too many. Then they herded them into a storage room. Tank welded the steel door shut with his blaster.
Reve gathered up a couple of Plutarkian blasters and tossed one to Tank.
"Here, they're more powerfull than ours." she said. Tank didn't notice, his blaster had unarmed the Plutarkians with ease.He didn't argue though. They were about to go to the upper levels, the muffled battle noise from above told them that's where Rider and the guys were. They were stopped by weeping coming from another storage room. Reve busted through the door.A blue and yellow Anphibian woman sat with her hands chained to a water pipe. Tank blasted her free.She was very upset at something, probrably being captured Reve thought. This had to be the transporter technician Phinel told them about.
"Where's the transporter ?" asked Reve. She knew finding it was Rider and the dads' job but telling from the noise upstairs they hadn't found it yet.
"W..with.., Li...L..Limberger in the c..c..control rrrroom upstairs. 'sniff ' " the Anphibian was really upset.
"Calm down. You're safe with us." Reve said reassuringly "Could you take us to it."
"Yes," said the Anphibian a little more calm now " but it's not safe to use, Limburger forced me to change the settings. If someone uses it they'll be transported into the middle of space, they'll be dead and they won't even know it!" she began crying again. "I... D..d..didn't w..ww..want to d..do it b..ut Lll..limburger said He'd K..KILL the sslaves if it d..didn't wo..work!"
Tank and Reve looked at eachother in fear. If the Biker Mice found it and decided to transport the army the soldiers would all be killed!
"We have to get to it first!" exclaimed Reve. She grabbed the Anphibian by the arm and dragged her to her bike.

Modo picked up a Plutarkian with his bionic arm and hurled him accross the room. The
plutarkian smashed into five others on his way across, disarming them all.
"That's what you'd call killing five fish with one stone!" Modo said to Rider.
There were only a few Plutarkians left. There were about twenty when the Biker Mice got there but they'd taken care of them all. It was obvious the Plutarkians didn't expect battles on this planet. As soon as they were disarmed it was like shooting fish in a barrel.Rider sped accross the room knocking over a fleeing Plutarkian. He had his sights on the one across the room trying to blast everything that moved. He didn't see the one above him on a staircase. He had his gun raised, ready to bash Rider on the head as he passed by. Throttle saw him and shot at the wall. It startled the Plutarkian enough that he fell off the staircase. Vinnie caught him before he hit the floor.
"Nice of you to drop in stinkface!" He said and threw him on the pile of Plutarkians Modo had made. Rider disarmed the shooting Plutarkian with a well aimed blast from his gun. He rode over and punched him in the face hoping to take him down. The Plutarkian didn't budge.Modo rode over, grabbed the Plutarkian by the ankle and added him to the now completed pile of attackers.
Throttle rode over to Vinnie, Modo and Rider.
"Great job, guys! But ya gotta watch what's going on Rider." Throttle said
"Yeah, I know. My fighting skills need work too."Rider said as he rubbed his knuckles. He didn't want to admit that punching the Plutarkian hurt
"We'll take care of that back home, and speaking of home we'd better find that transporter." Vinnie said "I don't know about you bro's but this damp air is making my fur way too frizzy!"
Spark, Lazer and Vinnie jr. came crashing through the window ready for more battle.
"I can't believe it! You didn't leave us any!" exclaimed Vinnie jr. in disgust.
"There'll be plenty more battles for sure." said Throttle
"Can we please get these invaders of my planet now?" asked Phinel. He'd been clinging on the back of Modo's bike for dear life. His eyes had been clenched shut throughout the whole battle.
"Definately, where do you think the transporter is?" asked Throttle
"We kept the other one in the surveillance room of the other stronghold. The same room is down that hallway."Phinel pointed to an open door. The mice took off down it and crashed through the door. Sure enough there was the transporter.
"Why isn't it guarded?" wondered Spark out loud.
"It's probrably one of slime fin's tricks!" said Modo.
"We'll worry about Limburger after we get the army here! You know how Charley's transporter works,Vincent. Rig it to Mars."
"No problem!" said Vinnie proudly. He walked over to it. "Now let's see.I'll just do this... then this and.....There! Ready!"Vinnie went to activate it.
Reve sped through the door just in time
"NO!" she yelled and blasted the machine with her borrowed Plutarkian blaster. It blew up into a million pieces.
"REVE!" Throttle shouted instinctively, The machine was their only way back home.
"It was a trap! Tell them!" Reve said to the technician. She was about to reply when she, Reve and Tank were seized from behind. Soldiers held guns to their heads. More soldiers entered the room. They surrounded the mice. Limburger entered.
"It would seem my dear Biker Mice that you are up the galaxy without a transporter." Limburger said as he walked around the room. He walked over to Throttle. "I have a transporter and a proposition for you. You tell the army and the Peacekeepers to surrender their weapons and give up the planet and I'll let you return to Mars safely."
Throttle knew Limburger was lying. He'd never let them live after all the times they'd ruined his plans.
"Never!" said Throttle in the coldest voice he'd ever spoke in.
"Very well, I'll get what I want eventually.Your army doesn't even know where this planet is. I'm unstopable!Now I'm going to do something I've waited a long time for.I'm going to have revenge on you blasted rodents.You three will have the pleasure of watching your children die, starting with her." Limburger pointed to Reve. Two guards dragged her off her bike and dropped her in the middle of the room. Limburger walked over to where she sat on the floor. He lifted her chin up with his finger.
"It's really a shame to kill something so lovely, but I really dislike having my plans ruined." He said.Reve spit in his face.
"Charming.Kill her." Limburger walked behind the soldiers. The soldiers raised their guns. Reve shut her eyes and waited for the inevidable.
"It's too late for that now." said Limburger.
The Plutarkians were about to pull their triggers when sirens and lights started flashing. They all turned to see what was going on. Throttle ran to Reve and dragged her to his bike before the fish heads remembered what they were about to do.
"FREEZE FISH HEADS!" came a voice from the doorway. It was Carbine with about three dozen soldiers. They were armed and outnumbered the plutarkians three to one. The Plutarkians took one look at them and started to run to the emergency exit. The Martian soldiers ran after them so they could remove them. Through the cahos Carbine managed to spot Throttle clinging on to their daughter.Then she noticed her son, and the rest of the missing children were present.
"WHAT ARE THEY DOING HERE?" she hollered over the noise of battle.

They went out into another room. The Biker Mice and the kids all started at once to explain themselves.All Carbine really needed to hear was racing in the holding garage."The holding garage is not a racetrack,Rider you're grounded for a week, and Reve you're grounded for two because you lied on top of that!"
Reve was about to tell her that her and Throttle already discussed it,but Carbine was angrier than she'd ever been.She was so angry she wasn't even screaming like usual.She decided she'd better not.
"How did you get here?" asked Throttle.She didn't know anyone with a transporter except for.....
"CHARLEY GIRL!" exclaimed Vinnie as Charley entered the room. He ran over to her, picked her up and swung her around.
"Quit it Vinnie!," she said smiling "I'm getting notious!" Vinnie set her down and hugged her.
"You used your transporter." Throttle said "How did you find the planet?" A transporter was no good without coordinates.
"A little fish told me." Carbine said grinning.Throttle didn't bother to ask what she meant, he knew he'd find out later.
"Thank's Charley!" Modo kissed her cheek.
"What would you guys do without me ?" asked Charley smiling.
"Don't go there!" said Throttle as he smiled and hugged Reve. He truly didn't know and he was glad he wouldn't find out.
A soldier came into the room. "General, all of the Plutarkians have been captured and are ready to be transported to Galactic prison."
"Good, where's that mouldy cheese Limburger at, I have to talk with him." Modo said as he flexed his bionic fist.
"Limburger? He wasn't among the captured." the soldier said.
"He got away again!" exclaimed Vinnie in frustration.
"Not yet he hasn't! Search the whole planet." Carbine said.
"Forget it! He said he had a transporter, he's long gone!"
"Oh, Man!" said Vinnie.
"Don't worry bro we'll find him. And when we do we'll scale his sorry hide!"
"YEAH!" everyone in the room agreed.
"Well, I guess it's time for us to go." said Throttle. Phinel entered the room.
"I can't thank you all enough for freeing our people!" he said and smiled for the first time in the whole adventure.
"Well ,don't be a stranger. We'd Love for you to visit us sometime!" said Modo and patted him on the back.
"I can say in all confidence that Amphibia will be alone no longer!" said Phinel."I just hope those Plutarkians won't get out of hand."
"Not with us and six new Biker Mice to stop em!" said Modo.
"WHAT?" asked Carbine in surprise.


"I can't believe you didn't discuss this with me first!" Carbine said to Throttle two weeks later.They were setting up equipment for the new biker mice base in Red Tower.
"What's there to discuss?" asked Throttle. He started sorting tools on the floor.
"They're my kid's too! I don't wan't them in that kind of danger!" Carbine said
"Carbine," Throttle sighed "They would have ended up being peacekeepers anyway." Carbine knew he had a point.
"Peacekeepers get paid!" Carbine said. It was a valid argument.
"They won't be Biker Mice forever, it'll only be until the Plutarkians are gone."
"So what are you supposed to be, a Biker Ambassador From Mars? Chance is more responsible than you!"
Throttle was getting annoyed, this had been the main topic of conversation for the past two weeks. Carbine just wouldn't accept that he wouldn't change his mind
"Stifle it Carbine, or I'll cast you into The Pit of Everlasting Doom!"Throttle said jokingly.
"You wouldn't dare!" exclaimed Carbine.
"Why not? You were going to throw me in there!"Throttle retorted. After all, it was true.
"SO,YOU'RE GOING TO START THAT AGAIN!" She told him a thousand times she was sorry but he just wouldn't let it go. They started a full blown argument.

Charley, Spark and Harley were working on perfecting new super computers for the kid's bikes. Chance sat at Charley's feet handing her tools when she needed them.
"Are those two at it again?" she asked.
"It never ends." said Chance and gave her a smile.

" No! you're not paying attention!" said Reve she swung at Rider.She smacked the side of his head.
"OWCH!" he said then swung back. Reve ducked then grabbed his arm and flung him over her head. Rider landed with a thud on the floor.
"That's not fair!"Rider said.
"You gonna say that to a Plutarkian?" Reve asked.
"You know what I mean! I just wan't you to teach me some fighting skills not beat me up!" Rider said angry.
"Hey, if you don't like my teaching style then go find someone else I'm busy anyway" Just then Tank came over. He was stuffing his face with chips.
"Hey, Reve ya wanna watch me do flips on my bike?"
"No, I'm teaching Rider to fight."
"Kay." Tank left. If Tank liked her he sure didn't show it very well.She figured he was still shy about it, so she decided to wait until he asked her out and not the other way around.
"I thought you were busy?" Rider asked. He was up off the floor.
"Just shut up and fight!" Reve said and she kicked him in the face.I t wasn't often she could pound her bro and not get in trouble, she liked it.
"DAD! Reve's trying to hurt me!" Rider hollered.
"Keep your eyes on your opponent, son!" Throttle called back. Glancing away from Carbine.Carbine smacked the side of his head.
"That'll teach ya to practice what you preach!" Carbine laughed.
"Thats it!" Throttle started chasing her
They chased each other all over the room, nearly knocking over Modo who was carrying a bunch of boxes.
"Hey, watch it guys!" he said.
Vinnie who was instaling weapons in the kids bikes looked up "If you two would stop fooling around we might actually be ready this year."
"You're starting to sound like me bro!" teased Throttle.
"I AM NOT! I'm just anxious to kick some more Plutarkian butt!" Vinnie said defensively.
"ME TOO!" shouted Tank through a mouthfull of food. Everyone agreed, even Carbine, who'd changed her mind.
"So it's o.k now ?" Throttle asked her. Amazed at how fast women changed their minds.
"Sure! I might even join you." she flashed a smile at him.
"Don't be threatening me!" he said . Carbine stuck her tongue out at him.

The end.