B.M.F.M 2015

Part II

by: Leanne MacLeod July 29,1997

" I don't think this is a good idea Throttle!" said Carbine. She was packing his Martian Ambassadors robes in his bikes storage compartment. The Biker Mice were parked under Red Tower in the holding garage.
"We have to go Carbine. We're Biker Mice, sworn to protect the Galaxy. Think of all the help we could have used during the Plutarkian invasion." Throttle said
Carbine sighed, "I know you have to go, But why alone? Three Biker Mice aren't going to stop thousands of invaders. No matter how much muscle and machismo you have!" she grinned.
" You're thinking like a general, first I'll negotiate. If that doesn't work I'll send in the troops."
" I am a general! How do you know if you'll get there safely? Or if you'll get back! I don't wan't to lose you again." Throttle took her hands in his and kissed her cheek.
" I'm comin' back I promise." Throttle said "Now get over there with your troops! We don't know how far the range is on this thing." Carbine walked towards the army she assembled, they'd be ready for a distress call. Modo and Vinnie had just had similar conversations with their wives. They hadn't liked the idea of them going alone either. Throttle had a hard time deciding what to do. He didn't want to endanger Martian lives.Then he thought of how he'd felt when the Plutarkians had stolen Mars from the Martians.He didn't want anyone to suffer like his people had.He hoped he'd made the right decision.
"Ride Free, guys!" Carbine called after them.
"Ride Free!" the Biker Mice called back. There was no such word as "goodbye" on Mars anymore.The new statement was Ride Free. It was the motto of martian life.As long as everyone was free, they were happy.
Modo reached over and pressed the big button on the top of the machine and they were sent away.


After the kids left the desert they went to Hot Dog Shack. They spent two hours eating, talking and having fun. Tank was quite the guy. He was an expert on motorcycles and he loved to eat. He packed away twelve hot dogs three root beer floats and a basket of fries.Reve really liked him. She talked to him all day. Everyone else hardly got a word in because they were talking so fast. And loud!
After they ate they went to Vinnie's house to pick up some base ball gear.Vinnie thought his mom was more worried about her dad than usual. Harley was in their living room overhauling her bike. She was getting oil all over the rug but she didn't care.That was weird. She wouldn't allow Vinnie jr. to take food in there because she didn't want the furniture ruined.Vinnie jr. was a tad bit clumsy when it came to liquids and food.She assured him she needed to do it, but she wanted to watch his sister , who was busy watching a video. Vinnie didn't bother to ask what was really wrong. Once Harley was worried about his father she couldn't stop until he was safely back home.
There wasn't enough players for a real b-ball game.Everyone agreed rules were boring anyway. So they played tackle b-ball. The pitcher would try and tackle the batter, or any player before they got to a base. They played this for four hours, constantly changing game play. Then they noticed it was getting dark.
"This is getting old, lets do something else." said Lazer
" I know let's have a burping contest......UUURRRRPPPP!"Vinnie belched.
" Gross! I have an idea that'll be fun for everyone." Reve said.
" Oh, and whats that?" Vinnie asked, annoyed he didn't have an excuse to belch anymore.
" Since our race was cut short, lets have another in the holding garage under Red Tower." Reve said.
Rider started " I don't think we're..."
" Allowed? Of course we are Rider. We've done it before." Reve interrupted.
" Yeah, when our fathers were there." said Rider.
" I'm sure they'd much rather us race under a well guarded building then on the streets or in the desert." Reve said.
Everyone, even Rider, agreed.
"Well, what are we waiting for?" asked Reve. "Let's rock......"
" AND RIDE!!!" they all shouted and sped away.


Amphibia was a cool damp planet from the looks of it. Modo and Vinnie looked at the planet's surface via surveilance camera. The planet was free of weapons, yet was extremely technologically advanced. The transporter made their heads spin. One second they were on Mars, the next on Amphibia.
" So, how come we've never heard of this planet?" asked Modo.Phinel, looked very nervous. In about ten minutes he and Throttle were going to meet with the head of the invaders.
" Well, we didn't see any point in having relations with other planets being so far off in the galaxy." Phinel said. His voice was shakey with nervousness. Amphibia was a solar system of it's own. It had a sun that was tiny compared to the sun the Martians knew. It was thousands of light years away from any other planets. It was amazing the invaders found it.Phinel couldn't say what kind of aliens the invaders were. The Biker Mice didn't have time to find out . Throttle was told on their arrival the meeting was in fifteen minutes. He rushed to get changed. Modo asked Phinel to describe the aliens to him but he said he only got a glimpse of one and his memory wasn't very good.
" So why are you an Ambassador?" asked Vinnie.
"I wasn't until last week.We needed a representative to ask for assistance. If I had of known I'd be meeting with the invaders I never would have accepted." Phinel said " Are you quite sure you have enough soldiers ready for back up?"
" Only about a hundred invaders?" asked Vinnie " We'll have em of f your planet in ten minutes tops!"
Just then, Throttle returned wearing his Martian Ambassadors robes. They were black and red and they flowed down to the floor.He looked like a very colorfull Martian monk. Vinnie burst out laughing.
"OH,MAN! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! THAT IS TOO FUNNY! Vinnie fell to the floor and rolled around laughing his head off.
"What?" asked Throttle.It wasn't like Vinnie hadn't seen an Ambassador in robes before.He just hadn't seen Him in them.
Modo had been trying to keep his composure, but it wasn't working."It's just not you bro!" he said between giggles.
"I'm the Martian Ambassador, what did you think I'd be wearing?" Throttle demanded.He felt like an idiot and an embarrasement to bikers everywhere. He wanted to make a good impression. If he went in looking like the wild mouse he was, the head of the invaders might think he was threatening him. Then something drastic could happen.
" Cheap shot,Vincent!" Throttle retorted. It was considering Throttle couldn't see without the shades.Vinnie was about to shout something else when the intercom chimed in.
" The head of the Invaders is entering the premises Ambassador Phinel."
"Well, We're on!" Throttle said.then he slapped Phinel on the back. Phinel jumped at least three feet off the floor.
"Time to switch to decaff." said Modo.


Throttle and Phinel were the first to arrive at the meeting.
Typical,Just like a ruthless slave driver to be late for a negotiations meeting. Patience had never been Throttle's best virtue. He and Phinel sat at a round table in a richly decorated conference room. Throttle didn't notice the decor, he stayed fixed on the automatic metal doors. He wanted to get this over, with as little conflict as posssible. Phinel looked like a nervous wreck, because he was. Throttle was trying to think up what he was going to say. ' The people of amphibia would really appreciate it if you'd please leave.' probrably wouldn't work. He didn't need to think long. The doors opened and a large figure stood there who was none other than....
"LIMBURGER!!!" shouted Throttle in surprise and rage.He jumped out of his seat. Scaring Phinel under the table.
"WE SENT YOU TO GALACTIC PRISON! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" demanded Throttle.The Biker Mice had eventually caught Limburger on Earth and sent him, along with Karbunkle to galactic prison.Forever! They sent Grease Pit to prison on Earth, then they used Karbunkle's transporter to go back to Mars.
Limburger erased the rage on his unmasked Plutarkien face.
"My dear Biker mouse I was released for good behavior."
Yeah, right! Throttle sighed. "Why are you here Limburger? Havent you learned anything?"
"Yes I learned how to get real help so I could get what I want. Namely, this planet!"
"Why this planet?" asked Throttle. Limburger wasn't popular anywhere, even among his own kind.
Trottle had no idea who would help Limburger.But first he wanted to know what he was up to.
"Well, you may have heard that Plutark is having problems lately.You know, little things. Lots of unemployment . Camembert is putting all the people's insurance funds into his swiss cheese account. The planets uninhabitable."
"Uninhabitable?" asked Throttle shocked.
"Oh. You hadn't heard?" asked Limburger.
"Are you saying there's Plutarkiens all over the Galaxy, Looking for planets to live on?" This was great, a whole planet of Plutarkiens roaming the cosmos polluting every planet they touch.
" I have no idea.I rounded up all the Plutarkiens I could find who hated Camembert after I escap... er, was released and promised them a better life on this planet."
" Did you promise them slaves as well." asked Throttle annoyed.Limburger's story smelled as fishy as his body odour.
" I did nothing of the sort.I'm just trying to be a model citizen.My followers are a little hostile over the loss of their planet.The slaves aren't being mistreated.There like pets.... I mean friends!" Limburger said sincerely.
" Please! That story is as fake as that ugly mask you used to wear." Throttle said.
" I assure you it's true. My dear mouse, Throttle is it not?" Limburger came over and put his arm around Throttle's shoulders.Throttle had almost forgotten how bad Plutarkiens smelled. Almost!"Throttle, you and I are grown men.I can put our past rivalry behind me. Can you do the same?"
Throttle looked at Limburger and forced a smile." Of course Limburger," he said slyly " but you have to prove you're trustworthy by releasing the slaves." Limburger removed his arm and walked over to a painting. Much to Throttle's relief.
" I'm afraid I can't do that. You see my people have become very attached to them. They'd be very upset if I did that."
As expected. "Well I'll be very upset if you don't!" said Throttle angrily
"I really can't." said Limburger.
"Then you'll have to leave this planet." Throttle pushed an emergency button hidden under the table. It was to signal Vinnie and Modo to summon the army."Are you going to leave willingly or will I have you removed?"
Eight armed Plutarkiens stormed into the room.Throttle instinctively grabbed the gun he'd stowed under the table (just in case). A Plutarkien shot it out of his hand.The plutarkiens siezed Throttle and Phinel, who'd been hiding the whole time beneath the table.
"You'll never get away with this Limburger.The Martian army is already here." Throttle said as the Plutarkiens were taking him away.
"I beg to differ ,dear rodent, that little annoyance has been taken care of." Limburger said then laughed menicingly.

The emergency signal went off.
"Looks like negotiations didn't go so well!" said Modo.
"Then let's call the cavalry and get this party rockin'!" exclaimed Vinnie, he drew his blaster and twirled it on his finger. Modo reached for the transporter. A blast knocked the gun from Vinnie's hand.
"Step away from the transportation device or we'll blast it to bits!" said a voice from across the room. Modo and Vinnie could hardly believe their eyes.
"PLUTARKIANS!" shouted Modo and started to draw his arm cannon.Then thought better of it.They were out numbered three to one,and Vinnie was unarmed. No way Modo could disarm every Plutarkian before they trashed their only ticket home. He raised his hands in surrender. Vinnie grudgingly did the same.The Plutarkians seized them. One of them went over to the device and set up the communications screen. Carbine's face appeared on the screen, her shock clearly visable.
"Martians, your ambassador and representatives have been captured. If you want to get them back alive you will do exactly as you're told. We will recontact you with more information later." the Plutarkian broke contact.
Carbine stood watching the smaller part of the transportation device that had been left behind after the Biker Mice. Carbine couldn't believe what she'd seen or heard. Plutarkians had invaded the unknown planet and they had Throttle! Carbine didn't know what to do. The smaller device in front of her had no activation buttons. She couldn't transport the army, or even contact the Plutarkians! The rest of the army was just as shocked,the saviors of Mars were captured . Carbine decided to take action. She wasn't going to lose her husband.
" Half of you go back to army base and round up the most soldiers and weapons you can, the rest of you come with me." Carbine was going to find out where that planet was and get those Plutarkians off it. Then she was going to scold her husband for not doing things her way.
Within moments the soldiers had left and the kids arrived.


The Biker Mice had been taken to a new building about a half hour's trip from the stronghold. Throttle, Modo, Vinnie and Phinel were placed in a cell that was guarded by a dozen armed Plutarkians. Limburger knew better than anyone not to underestimate the Biker Mice. They were on the top floor of a building that looked identical to the Limburger Tower that had been in Chicago.
"I'M GONNA SCALE LIMBURGER WHEN I GET OUT OF HERE!" screamed Vinnie. His tail thrashed from side to side as he paced in the cell.
Modo's eye was glowing red with anger. His arm cannon was chained down. He tried to pull the bars apart but they had electricity coursing through them.
"AARRRGGGHH!!" Modo hollered in pain and frustration.
"Bro, stop it! You're going to get electricuted!" Throttle said "Besides, there's too many guards to fight."
"We have to get out of here Limburger will have us killed for sure, and the army isn't coming!" Modo said in despair.
"There's no doubt Limburger want's us dead." Throttle said" but he's greedy, I'll bet he's not satisfied with this planet. He probrably want's a more central location so he can pollute the Galaxy better."
" You mean Mars." said Vinnie.He'd calmed down to listen to what Throttle had to say.
"Exactly!" said Throttle "We're being held for ransome." He had to think of a way out of this. There was no way Limburger was going to let the martians share Mars .He'd make them surrender their weapons and make slaves out of them.Just like he did to the Amphibians.Then when everyone was helpless he'd destroy the Biker Mice.They had to stop him but how?
Phinel hadn't said anything since their capture.He was terribly frightened." There is a chance the army is coming." he said quietly.
"What do you mean ?" asked Vinnie curious as to how that was going to happen. Everyone in the stronghold had been captured.And if they had missed someone the transporter wouldn't be left unguarded.
"The transporter has an autamatic timer in case of emergencies such as this.When you left your planet a smaller transporter was left in place of the larger one. After three hours of the larger one's activation the smaller one will transport anything around it to the location of the larger one. We designed this safety feature in case something like this happened.If the larger one had of been reactivated to either summon the army or send you home, the smaller one would not have been activated." Phinel said. The Biker Mice stared at him. Not only had it been the most he said since they'd met, but they were going to be saved!
"That's engeneous Phinel!" Vinnie said "Complicated, but engeneous!"
"It'll only work if the army stays where they are." Phinel said.
" Don't worry, Phinel my man.That army isn't going anywhere!" Vinnie said in all confidence and streched out on a cell bench.


" O.k, Lets move!" shouted Vinnie. All six mice revved their engines and sped off.The holding garage was huge. It consisted of levels like a parking garage only there weren't any cars.The garage was filled with crates and old auto parts, but there wasn't enough of them to affect the race.
Vinnie was in the lead. "I'M COOKIN' WITH GAS!"
"YOU GOT THAT RIGHT, P.U.!" shouted Tank as he pulled ahead.
"YOU'RE BOTH EATIN' MY DUST!" Reve exclaimed as she took the lead. She was going to claim the victory she would have in the desert.They sped through the first level, then the second and they were half way into the third when they all suddenly stopped.
"Woah!" said Spark in surprise. At the far end of the third level was a whole armies worth of weapons.
"Way to go Reve, you and your big ideas!" said Rider
Whadda ya mean?" demanded Reve
"We're in so much trouble because of you!"
"We were racing in a building filled with implements of death and destruction and you don't see how we're in trouble?" Rider asked sarcastically.
"We didn't know they were here, and the guards obviously didn't either!" Reve stated. The guards had a friendly conversation with them then let them in.If they had of known there was weapons in there they wouldn't have allowed them access.
" The guards aren't told everything. Their job is to make sure people who aren't supposed to be here don't get in." said Rider.
" Well we aren't one of those people, so we aren't in trouble!" Said Reve.
" Our dad's are the saviors of Mars, people will let us go where ever we want!"
" That's not our fault!" said Reve.
Rider and Reve would have argued forever if Lazer hadn't of said.......
"SHUT UP YOU TWO AND LOOK!" Reve and Rider looked to where Lazer was pointing. Sitting there was a machine just like the one they found in the desert, only it was smaller. It's lights were blinking and it was making bleeping noises.
" Why is it doing that?" asked Spark amazed. She loved computers.
" I think we should find our dads, they might not know this is here and it could help them with the one we found." said Rider.
"Not yet! I want to see what it does!" Reve exclaimed. They saw what it did all right. A flash of light filled the room and blinded all of them. When their eyes cleared a few seconds later they weren't in the holding garage.
"Guys, I don't think we're on Mars anymore!" said Lazer.

Part III