B.M.F.M 2015

by: Leanne MacLeod July 22,1997

I wrote this story to share my feelings of the Biker Mice with everyone. I wont be receiving a profit.

"Please can I borrow your bike?"
"For the last time no"
"But Dad..."
"No buts."
"For one reason you're too small for it. Secondly I'll need it later, and finally, no one rides my bike but me!"
"Not even you're daughter?"
"Especially not my daughter."
"You're no fun!"
"Most parents aren't."
Throttle had just finished waxing the bike his daughter wanted to borrow.
"You're right," said Reve "but that's o.k.,that bike's way too out dated. It's not cool anymore."
The black and chrome motorcycle revved in displeasure.
"Oh shut up ya big piece of scrap metal!"
"Hey, just because you're in a bad mood doesn't mean you can take it out on my bike!" Throttle said as he put the wax away.
"Why not ? It doesn't have feelings, just artificial intelligence." Reve kicked it's back tire softly.The bike moved forward in response. Reve put her hands behind her head and leaned against the stone wall of the garage. She often wondered how she could look so much like someone so different than her.She had her mother, Carbine's personality.Yet aside from her long black hair she was a feamale version of Throttle. Throttle was quiet and collected all the time. He very rarely got angry at home, and he had only raised his voice at her a few times. Just a moment ago being one of them. He didn't really have to, Carbine was an army general, she hollered all the time. So did Reve. When she was mad about something half of Mars usually knew about it.
"Why did you beg me to use it if you think it's so lame?" her dad asked.
"I forgot,it doesn't matter anyway you wouldn't let me use it." she turned and walked into the kitchen.She wondered often as well if her dad ajoined his two favorite rooms in the house on purpose or if it was just built that way.
Throttle poked his head out of the garage."I have to go to Red Tower soon,but if you want, you and I can go on my bike and get a root beer float when I get back." Reve knew her dad felt bad for yelling at her.
"Sorry Dad, I already have plans for tonight."
"O.K. later this week then."
"Alright" Reve replied. Throttle smiled then returned to the garage.Despite their argument, Reve felt bad for brushing off her dad. He didn't get to spend alot of time with his kids.He was the Martian Ambassador for galactic/mouse relations. The plain english term for the title was "The guy who fixes everyone's problems". Reve knew he didn't like it But he only said "Sometimes you have to do things you don't wan't to,so you can make life better for everyone."Her dad had responsibility oozing out of his ears.But he was still more fun to be with than her mom. Usually the first sentence to come out of Throttle's mouth before an outing was "We're not going to tell your mother that we did this,o.k."
Loud guitar chords echoed through the cave.Her older brother Rider sat playing in an armchair.It faced away from the kitchen door,so he didn't know she was behind him. Rider played a really loud chord. Reve put her arms over the back of the chair and spoke right into his ear. "One more chord like that and the cave'll collapse." Rider gave her a sneer and kept on playing. He hit another loud chord just for spite.
"Did you hear that? The rafters are crumbling!" said Reve. She loved tormenting her brother. He was year older than her. He looked like their father as well.Only his hair was black like Reve's and it fell to his shoulders. He acted like Throttle too. He was quiet and smart like their dad. He had a natural musical talent and he spent most of his free time playing his guitar. He was really awesome at it, but Reve would never admit she thought that.
" Why don't you go bug Spark, she's been in your room for twenty minutes." said Rider.
"I was busy." said Rider and he started to play his guitar again. Reve just rolled her eyes and went to her room.
Spark was sitting on her bed talking to Reve's baby bro,Chance. What crazed thing is he telling her? Hopefully just one of his stupid jokes.
"Hi, Reve, Iwas just telling Spark about the aliens in the backyard."
Her four year old bro grinned revealing a missing front tooth. He's totally insane!
" They aren't aliens they're desert slugs, now beat it squirt!"
"I'm not Squirt, Squirt's in the kitchen." Chance said seriously. Chance was the same color as Carbine.He didn't act like anyone Reve knew. He had a huge imagination, his imaginary friends were all over the house.You couldn't go anywhere without stepping or sitting on one. Squirt was one of these friends.
"Why don't you go play with him?"asked Reve trying to get rid of him.
"He's cranky today."said Chance. He had no intention of leaving.
"I think dad said he saw an alien over Piston's house." Let him bug his friend.
"Really? Cool!" Chance ran out of the room.
"Ignore my bro, he doesn't get enough oxygen to his brain."said Reve
"I think he's cute,"said Spark smiling "and speaking of cute,do you remember last night's conversation?"
"You remember your promise?"
"What promise?"
Spark gave her an impatient look. Her friend's chocholate brown curls framed her beige face.She was used to Reve's way of answering questions she didn't want to. Reve knew Spark was getting angry, so she leveled with her.
"My dad wouldn't give me his bike."said Reve.
"Big surprise,"said Spark in an I told you so tone "You don't know when to shut your mouth,Reve."
"Everything's fine,we'll just go without the bike."
"Go without it?"said Spark surprised "Are you nuts? He'll never believe you!"
"I'll think up some excuse."
"You mean you'll think up some lie."
"Exactly, I'll think up an excuse." Reve beamed at her friend.Spark rolled her big blue eyes. Reve lied a lot .Especially when she was in trouble. And she usually got in trouble with lies. She lied to get out of lies, and got into super big trouble when she got caught lying about lies. She didn't really like lying. It was too much trouble on her part,but once she started lying she found it hard to stop.
She didn't get to think up a lie though, she was interrupted.
"Hey,sweethearts."said Vinnie. He invited himself in and sat between the girls.He looked like his dad, Vinnie Sr. He had his mom, Harley's, brown hair and blue eyes.He definately had his dad's exeubarent personality.He was followed by Rider, totin' his guitar and Lazerfire,Modo's son. They called Lazerfire "Lazer" for short. He was like a carbon copy of Modo,only smaller in size,and he was just as sweet. All five mice were best friends.
"So where are we goin' today? Hot Dog Shack?"asked Vinnie.
"I don't know where you guys are going, but Spark and I are going to the south desert." said Reve, indicating their presence wasn't wanted.
"You're going without me?A day without the Vin-Man is like a hot dog without rootbeer!" Exclaimed Vinnie.
" They've got a new can of rootbeer, Vincent."said Rider.
"How do you know?" Demanded Reve.
"I Heard you at Hot Dog Shack, the whole restaurant heard you!"
" Who were you with?"
The look of surprise and embarrasment on Reve's face made Rider laugh hystericly. She had been very loud in the restaurant. Spark and her had met this guy named Tank. He had been talking very loudly about how cool the Biker Mice were. Reve thought he was absolutely gorgeous. She decided to talk to him, after all ,she knew the Biker Mice personally. To make a long story short,Tank didn't exactly believe her. At least that's what Reve thought. So she promised he could ride her dad's bike. It was stupid of her to promise that. She knew her dad would never let her take it. The Biker Mices bikes were the last of their kind. If something happened to the super computers they contained they would be unrepairable. But Tank was awesome, she really wanted to impress him. Telling him she was Throttle's daughter was the best way she knew how.
Carbine must have told Throttle about her plans, they told each other everything.
" Well, we can't go now," said Spark " Your rents know. They'll never let you go to the south desert."
" Sure we can go,.The way I figure it, Mom and Dad'll think I won't go without the bike. So when they ask me where i'm going, i'll fib a bit."said Reve. and if they persist with their parental questions, i'll just give them the ol' don't you trust me guilt trip.
" That's an awfull big risk." said Spark
" Maybe," said Reve "You guys aren't going to tell are ya?"
"I won't." said Vinnie. He told a fair amount of lies himself.
"I won't have to, they'll know" mumbled Rider, then began playing his guitar.
Reve turned to Lazer. He was kind of a mammas boy.He'd never lie.
"I won't rat on ya, but if they ask, I won't lie." said Lazer
" Fair enough." said Reve " Let's go Spark"
The two girls exited the room. Reve poked her head back in.


A half hour later Reve and Spark were riding their motorcycles out to the south desert. Reve loved her black and royal blue bike. It looked a lot like her dad's. Harley designed all the martian bikes after the plutarkians had been over thrown. Unfortuneately she couldn't replicate the artificial intelligence of the Biker Mices bikes. The new models were close though. Spark's bike was black and pink. Reve thought it looked too girlie.
Reve was surprised how easy it was to lie to her father. All she had to tell him was she was going to a new friend's house.He only asked if she had enough money for gas and told her to call if she was going to be late. He usually wanted to know exactly where she was going and when she'd be back. He was extremely uptight when it came to his kids' safety. He was convinced that since he was a martian ambassador people would try and steal them.He refused to believe Reve could beat the crap out of anyone. Reve was positive she could.
Reve looked around the barren desert. There wasn't a living thing in sight. The peace keepers constantly urged people to be carefull in this desert. There was supposevely alot of sand raider activity here. There wasn't any sand raiders today and even if there were, they wouldn't have stopped Reve from meeting Tank.
Tank could be seen in the distance. He was sitting on his bike, his blonde hair was hidden by his helmet. It was cut close to the back of his head and longer hair fell over the short stuff. He told Spark and Reve his father had been a new soldier in the martian army when he met the Biker Mice. The army and the freedom fighters had joined together against the Plutarkians. His dad had the thrill of a lifetime fighting alongside the Biker Mice in the battle of the Tug Transformer. His dad was now a Colonel and had been transfered from Northern Mars. He said his dad idolized the Biker Mice. That wasn't surprising, they had saved Mars several times. Rid Earth of the Plutarkians and sent them back to Plutark, never to pollute the galaxy again. Then they played the key role in rebuilding Mars. Everyone idolized them!
Tank smiled as they met him. " I thought you two forgot about me. Is that your dad's bike?"
Spark looked at Reve Her expression asked, so what's your story?
" Um, no I couldn't get it. My dad was..... on a secret mission."
Spark's face said WHAT!
Reve looked at Spark, her face said MAKE YOUR FACE LOOK NORMAL,I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING!
"Really? What kind of mission?" asked Tank entheusiastically.
"If I told ya it wouldn't be a secret anymore." Reve said quickly
"Aw, come on! I wont tell anyone!" said Tank. Reve thought he was probrably getting suspicious.She couldn't be honest now. He'd hate her!
" Well he did say something about a........ secret Plutarkian base and......... green jello." GREEN JELLO! WHAT AM I SAYING???
" Green jello?" asked Spark in a tone that asked you've lost your mind haven't you?
" Cool,Plutarkians! I'd love to kick some plutarkien butt! And green jello! I wonder what those Plutarkiens are planning to do with green jello?" Tank had a look of deep thought on his face.
Cute, but not very bright. Thought Reve.Oh well, it works!
Tank stopped pondering and asked " But why did your dad go? He must have a bunch of goverment type stuff to do. Why didn't he send the leaders of the peacekeepers?"
He was referring to Modo and Vinnie. They were the leaders of the peacekeepers. The peacekeepers were what the freedom fighters had been. The martians didn't have to fight for their freedom anymore, so they were called peacekeepers.They mostly kept the Sand Raiders, Rats and Sand Snakes in line.Tank was right her dad wouldn't have gone. He would have stayed unwillingly behind his desk in Red Tower. But Tank didn't have to know that.
"Well he gets bored with that stuff. He likes action." replied Reve honestly. It was the first truthfull thing she'd said in their whole conversation.
"Yeah, me too!" said Tank."Anyway that bike must be as cool as your dads. How bout the three of us have a race?"
" Sure!" said Reve and Spark in unisin.It seemed Tank had believed Reve all along. If he didn't think she was Throttle's daughter he wouldn't have wanted to hang with her. In fact he probrably would have told her where to go and how to get there for lying to him. She decided to never lie again. It was too much trouble.
The mice revved their engines. Tank hollered," ON OUR MARKS....... GET SET......."
"HEY!!!" someone shouted. It was Vinnie.He, along with Lazer and Rider were coming towards them.
"Having a race? Can we join?" asked Lazer.
"Sure the more the better!" said Tank.
Reve was very angry. She didn't want them here today.She loved Vinnie and Lazer as much as she loved Rider. But like her brother sometimes they got on her nerves.
" Alright, ON OUR MARKS... GET SET...GO!"
All six mice took off.Tank was in the lead then Vinnie passed him. He wasn't in the lead long before Reve pulled up ahead of him. She could imagine what Spark was thinkng. You don't beat the guy you like in a race!ACT LIKE A GIRL FOR ONCE!!! Reve didn't care.If Tank didn't like losing to a girl then that was his problem. Besides if she didn't win Vinnie would have. Tank had fallen way behind.
No one got a chance to win though.
KABOOM! something exploded about a hundred feet ahead! The mice screeched to a halt.
"SAND RAIDERS!!!" screamed Lazer. but no sand raiders were to be seen.
"LOOK!!"Hollered Rider.He pointed to the explosion sight.Something had crashed not exploded!
A black round machine layed in what had to be the remains of a protective shell.
"What is it?" asked Vinnie who was practically kneeling on the handle bars of his shiny red bike.
" I don't know," said Rider " but I think we should tell our dads"
Reve was about to protest. Her dad would catch her in her lies.Tank might too,and then hate her.She was really in for it. Her friends rode away too fast for her to say anything.
Oh well, better to find out what this thing is, it could be dangerous.Oh great, I,m starting to sound like Rider!!


Later the six kids and the Biker Mice looked down at the device from a sand dune. It had moved from it's original spot on stick like legs.
" So how did you come across this thing?" asked Modo as he looked at it through binoculars.
"We were racing and it crashed in front of us." replied Lazer.
"YOU WERE RACING?" asked Vinnie sr. surprised "Who was winning?"
"I Was!" said Vinnie jr. proudly.
" You were not! I was!"Reve protested.
"I'm afraid you're mistaken, I'm the baddest mammajamma in the universe!"said Vinnie jr. His father laughed under his binoculars. Reve was about to protest more loudly when her father asked...
" Why were you racing out here in the first place?" asked Throttle. He said he'd come along because the device could mean trouble for the planet.Reve figured her dad was really just bored. Vinnie and Modo could have handled this. He sounded a little bit annoyed.
"We wanted to have a race so we came out here where theres no traffic. You wouldn't want us racing on busy streets would you?" asked Reve. So much for not lying anymore.
"No, but I don't want you unprotected against sand raiders. Next time an adult will come with you,o.k.?"
" O.k." said Reve, relieved her father hadn't caught her.
" So what is it?" asked Spark.
" Looks like a surveillence device. Could be an updated version of the land rover from Earth." said Modo.
" Ah, Man! Not another one? The last one was a pain in the tail!" or so Vinnie had heard. Stoker had dealt with the last one, making sure it didn't capture the rebuilding of Brimstone on camera.That kind of thing was just too boring for Vinnie to handle. It would have to be done though. The Earthlings weren't ready to accept aliens.
" That thing is made of Alluiron. Earth can't produce that compound." said Throttle
" So where's it from?" asked Rider.
" Only one way to find out. It's time for you kids to leave. We don't know what that thing is, it could be dangerous." said Throttle.
All six kids began to protest at once. They had found it and they wanted to know what it was.
" Do what you're told." said Modo sternly. The kids turned to leave.
"Reve." Throttle beconed his daughter.Oh,no!
Reve looked at her dad."Why don't you and Tank take my bike for a spin before you leave."Throttle said.
"Really?" asked Reve.Tank had heard it too.He had a look of disbelief on his face. She had noticed that he'd been staring at the Biker Mice in awe and excitement since they'd found them.
" Just stay behind the sand dune." said Throttle.
" Glad to hear it ." said Throttle a little unsurely.
"Oh, by the way. Did you get the Plutarkians and the green jello?" asked Tank seriously.
" Plutarkians? Green jello?" asked throttle uncomprehendedly.
" HEH, HEH ,HEH! C'mon Tank the bikes waitin'!" Reve grabbed Tank's arm and pulled him down the sand dune."THANK'S DAD!" she hollered behind her. She had the coolest dad in the universe.Now she really felt bad for lying to him.She decided to tell him the truth when she was like, forty.Then he'd laugh about it. And he couldn't ground her!!!


After the kids had left Throttle, Modo and Vinnie went in for a closer inspection. The machine didn't have any cameras or visible sensors.
"Let's get it into the isolation container for transportation." said Throttle. He didn't think it was a weapon. Someone would have blasted it before they touched it in battle.And it acted like a surveillence device. If by chance it was a bomb the isolation container would disarm it once placed inside.
All three mice walked towards it. Hidden sensors blinked on the thing. The mice turned to run but they were stopped by a voice coming from the machine. They turned back towards it. A small video screen appeared on it's exterior and a truly "Alien" face recited a message. The alien looked like what their Earth friend Charley would have called a salamander. It had red and black skin and long fin like blue hair.
" Greetings alien beings. I am Phinel, Ambassador of Amphibia. I am extending a request for assistance." The Biker Mice looked at one another. They hadn't known a planet called Amphibia existed and they'd never seen an alien like that. " Our planet has been invaded, our people have been enslaved. We are a peacefull planet and have no means of defense against these violent merauders. Please help us, there isn't much time. If you will help us this is a transportation device. Press the large button on the top and you will be sent directly to a stronghold here on Amphibia. A thousand pleas, do not deny this request." The message began to repeat itself.
Modo and Vinnie looked at Throttle.
" What's your plan Ambassador?" asked Modo. For once in his life, Throttle didn't know.

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