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Big Brother


Copyrighted 1997, JBJ

Charley stands in partial shock and fear as she watches Vikki in the kitchen, cooking. Vikki looks up at Charley, in the doorway, and smiles. "You've seen my brother cook haven't you?" Charley just nods as she slowly comes closer. She has to admit, it does smell good. "Wha... what're ya making?"
"French toast," replies Vikki while continuing to mix the batter. Charley can't see a cookbook anywhere in the morning light, so she is about to ask Vikki how she knew how, but Vikki can see the question on Charley's face and answers, "You're NASA doesn't want you to know; but, about twenty-five years ago, they sent a space probe to Mars filled with all kinds of things about Earth's culture. They sent all kinds of books; Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, Emily Dickinson, and also some records of Bach and Beethoven; things like that. They even sent some cookbooks."
Charley can't help but ask, "One thing. It's been two weeks since you got here, why haven't you cooked before?" Vikki smiles. "My 'guest's' welcome has expired and I've got to pull my weight around here." She grimaces. "OH! I sound like my MOM!! Anyway. Besides that, Vin promised to clean the kitchen if I cooked, and he knows better than to try and go back on his word around me!" Charley laughs, pats Vikki's shoulder, and starts setting the table, as the guys bikes can be heard outside.
About an hour later, the last of breakfast is being cleared away. Vikki looks across the table at Modo. Their eyes meet and Modo nods yes. Vikki swallows hard, "Vin..."
"I know! I know!" Vinnie starts for the kitchen but Vikki gets out of her chair and stops him. "Bro, can I talk to you? In private?" Vinnie, surprised Vikki would let him off the hook, follows her into her room.


Vikki's room used to be a storage room, but the guys had cleared everything out and put in Vikki's cot, her trunk, a small table, and a couple of chairs. It reminded Vinnie of the Freedom Fighter barracks back on Mars. Vikki shuts the door behind them.


Charley finishes cleaning the last of the dishes, and walks out into the garage section. Modo and Throttle are sitting at the table, playing checkers, and trying to ignore the loud, muffled voices coming from Vikki's room. After a few moments, Throttle speaks, "This is bad." Charley looks at him curiously. He continues, "I haven't heard anything resembling a good-natured punch and that means it's serious!" Suddenly, the door to Vikki's room opens slightly, and Vikki sticks her head out. "Charley, do me a favor? Grab a rifle and make sure this door isn't opened until I say it's O.K." From somewhere inside, Vinnie yells, "You wouldn't dare!" Vikki shakes her head, goes back into her room, and shuts the door.
An hour later, the yelling suddenly stops. Soon after, "It's been two minutes and not a sound. What they do? Kill each other?" Throttle tries to joke, but he's as worried as Modo and Charley. Soon the door to Vikki's room is slowly opened, and Vikki shouts, "Charley, we're coming out." Vinnie walks out first, a defeated look covers his face. He starts to walk out of the garage, when Vikki call after him, Vincent, sit down. Vinnie spins around; the defeated look has been replaced by one of anger caused by hurt feelings. "How can I?! You blasted my tail!"
"You deserved it! You were acting like a child!"
"Well, if you had told me seven years ago, maybe I would've taken it better!"
Vikki is about to yell, 'I doubt it!', when Throttle and Charley yell, 'Quiet', at the same time. Throttle then asks, "What is all this about anyway?" Vinnie motions with his hands to Vikki, Tell them.
"Vinnie blew a gasket when I told him that... me and Modo... had been... dating behind his back for about a year before I was captured." Throttle nods his head. He's not very surprised. He always thought they were a good match. "And let me guess. The old flame's back. BLAAAH!" Throttle pretends to gag himself. Modo's ears redden from embarrassment. Vikki decides to get Throttle back. "I'll remember to tell Carbine that next time I see her. She'd looove to know how you really feel about romance." Throttle quickly stops his mock gagging and grins sheepishly. Vikki starts to giggle.
"This isn't FUNNY!" Vinnie turns his anger towards Modo. "And I would think my best friend would tell me, he was fooling around with my sister!" Vikki is really getting angry. "We weren't 'fooling around,' and besides I asked him not to tell you."
" 'Cause I knew you'd act exactly like you are now!" Vinnie is fuming. "Oh, Yeah! Well, just tell me. How am I acting?" Vikki faces her brother with only inches separating their faces. "Like an overbearing, overprotective, inconsiderate son of a Plutarkian's posterior!"
Vinnie's fist unconsciously connects with Vikki's lower jaw, sending her to the floor. Modo charges out of his chair, causing it to fall back with a bang as it hits the floor. His fists clench and his stance makes it clear that no one hits Vikki. Vinnie stares at his still clenched fist in shock. Then he looks at Vikki, sitting on the floor, looking back at him with matching shock. Vinnie's eyes fill with terror when he sees a small flow of blood coming from Vikki's nose. He can't believe he got that angry with his sister. Vinnie tells her telepathically, I'm sorry, and runs out the door.
Thirty minutes later, Vinnie still hasn't returned. Vinnie's bike is rumbling bike curses at being left behind. Vikki is standing beside Modo and trying to convince him that Vinnie's punch was an accident. Throttle and Charley are watching from the kitchen.
"He didn't mean it. It was an accident." Modo holds the left side of her face and strokes her cheek with his thumb. "He made you bleed." Vikki grins. Her nose had stopped bleeding two minutes after stopping.
"Vin told me he was sorry. Besides, I've bled more after playing football with you guys. And anyway, I know you don't want to be angry with Vinnie, let alone stay angry." Modo sighs, "You're right," and smiles. Vikki hugs him and he returns the embrace. Suddenly Vikki jerks away. She stares at Modo, but is watching a fight, in her mind, between several goons on dune buggies and one lone, unarmed mouse. Then everything goes black.

Vikki's knees go weak and if Modo hadn't been holding her, she would have fallen. Throttle rushes over to them, and helps Modo lower her to the floor. Charley comes from the kitchen with a glass of water. She holds it outs to Vikki saying, "Here. Drink this." Modo takes the glass from Charley and helps Vikki drink the water. Vikki's mind and heart are racing, and for once she is glad Modo is babying her.
"Vikki? What happened?" Throttle finally asked what everyone wanted to. Everyone was worried, even the bikes. They had also came over to see what has happened. Vikki takes a few deep breaths to calm herself, and tries to understand the images she saw. "I don't know. There were some guys on four-wheelers; Vinnie's fighting them. Then, I think he got knocked out 'cause everything went black."
"Vikki, do you know where he is?" Modo is worried for Vinnie, but even more for Vikki. He can feel her trying not to shake in his arms and she's pale; even for a white mouse. Vikki shakes her head and blinks back tears. "No. He's still unconscious, and he's too far away for me to wake him."
Charley is stunned by all this. Even the escape from Limburger's didn't seem as bad as Vinnie being captured and they not able to help. She looks worriedly at Throttle who is contemplating a search plan. Vinnie's bike'll probably let Vikki ride it, so they can... His thoughts are interrupted when Vikki grabs her head. Her eyes are closed tight in pain.
"He's awake," and, under her breath, Vikki adds, 'Boy! Does he have a headache!' "There's someone with him." Vikki looks at Modo questioningly, "Who's the Pitboss?"

Continued in Part II.