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Big Brother, Part II


Copyrighted 1997

Vinnie's head is swimming, and it doesn't take a doctor to tell him he is bleeding. He can see the flow of blood starting on his shoulder where it is falling from the wound on his head.
Through everything, Vinnie is mentally kicking himself, Good one, Vin! Going out half cocked. And without your bike! You didn't even get a blaster! Smaaart! Nothing but your helmet, your flares, and your looks! And what it get you? A one way ticket, to the pits, chained, and hanging 50 feet in the air. That's what!
Vinnie kicks his right leg out of frustration, hitting only air. The force causes him to spin on the chain he is hanging from, and starts his head to throbbing again. The chain is connected to a winch. Suddenly, Vinnie feels himself being lowered. He stops with his feet just inches from the ground.
"Well well, mousie. To what do we looowly PitCrew owe the honor of your visit?" Asks a very sarcastic PitBoss. He stands in front of Vinnie and starts to laugh.
This guy's breath smells worse than Limburger when the air-conditioning is busted, thinks Vinnie, wishing they hadn't taken his helmet. "Well, ya see," his voice seemingly booms inside of his head. "I was heading for that new MoviePlex Theater. They're having this Sci-Fi marathon, and I just...Uh!" The PitBoss gives Vinnie's head a right hook that sends him and his head spinning again. A wave of nausea comes over him as he looses consciousness.
"Hoist 'em up boys, and get ready for company!" yells a very disgusted PitBoss as he wipes a very putrid substance off his shirt.


"Charleeey! Get out of the way!" yells Throttle when Charley positions herself between the Biker Mice and the garage door. "Has anyone thought that the PitBoss is probably setting a trap?"
"Sure," replies Throttle.
"Yep," replies Modo.
"So what else is new?" replies Vikki. Charley shakes her head. "And no one thought we might need a plan?" Throttle smiles, "Already got one. We get in..."
"We get Vinnie..." adds Modo.
"We get out." finishes Vikki. Vinnie's bike, which Vikki is riding, rumbles mischievously. Vikki grins and adds, "While pointing out the error of their ways very forcefully."
"Well, you're taking me." Charley moves away from the door. Throttle guns his bike's motor. "Wouldn't have it any other way. We'll need your tow truck to get the bike's in and out." The bikes speed out of the garage as Charley runs to get her keys.
Throttle, Modo, and Vikki are waiting at the edge of the Pits when Charley finally catches up in the truck. Vikki gets off the bike and starts to connect the winch cables. Charley gets out and helps her. When they are finished, Vikki and Charley start to get on Vinnie's bike. Throttle objects, "Charley! We need you to work the truck. You gotta stay up here."
"Not really. Ya see, I wired the controls of the winch to this remote," Vikki pulls a metal rectangle, only one fourth of an inch thick, from her pocket. "Charley? You wanna hold this?" She hands it over her left shoulder to Charley. Throttle just shrugs his shoulders and the Biker Mice drive over the edge. Charley pushes the down button and they slowly start their decent. On their way down, Vikki hears Charley mumble, 'Too easy,' and replies, "You said it yourself, 'Probably setting a trap.'"
Once they reach the bottom, Charley gets off and starts to unhitch the bikes. Suddenly, she notices that Vikki is staring at something and turns quickly in that direction. Nothing is there. Charley is confused as she relaxes her muscles. Before she can ask what's going on, Vikki snaps out of the trance and speaks. "O.K. This is the lay out; Vin's in the arena. He's chained and hanging 50 feet up. He says that the PitBoss probably knows we're here 'cause he's blocked all the entrances 'cept one. So? What do we do now?"
Throttle revs his bike's engine as Charley gets on Vinnie's and answers, "We find FourBy."


"FourBy! FourBy! It's... all... set!" yells a certain slave girl from the other side of an abandoned shack. The shack is filled with other slaves and rebels, that are lovingly referred to as the 'Pit Resistance'. FourBy is standing by a table constructed from crates. He and the others were going over a makeshift map of the Pits when he looked up to see the owner of the voice. She stops by the table.
"It's... all... set. I... gave... the... guards... the drink. They'll be... asleep... in... no time." FourBy reacts to the panting girl by asking, "Rei? Did you run all the way from the arena? Never mind. We..." He is cut off by the sound of engines. The Resistance hurriedly turn off the lights and duck behind the crates.
Throttle's voice can be heard calling, "FourBy! You in there?"


Everyone is in the shack, sitting by the table. Throttle shakes his head and laughs as FourBy finishes telling the Biker Mice their plan for rescuing Vinnie. "Trust FourBy to be one step ahead. So what part do we play in your master plan?"
"You and Modo make a diversionary run here," explains FourBy, pointing to a spot, on the map, north of the arena. "And we'll come in from the south, get Vinnie, and join you while Vikki gets Vinnie out of the way." Vikki speaks up at that. "I don't think my brother will let a little blood and dizziness keep him out of battle."
"That's why we're counting on you ta get him out of their if he shouldn't fight," replies Throttle. "I am not my brother's keeper! I..." Vikki is cut off by Rei. "FourBy. The drink should be kicking in any minute." Throttle stands. "That's our cue." The Biker Mice walk outside and get on the bikes. "Let's Rock...." Suddenly, the ground shakes as the wall of another shack rises and FourBy drives his monster truck towards the guys. About twenty rebels are piled in the truck's bed. Vikki laughs. "FourBy, I like your style! Hey Charley, no offense but it might be safer to ride with FourBy." Charley decides not to argue and climbs into the cab.
"Now where were we?" asks Throttle. He clears his throat. "Let's Rock!"
"And Ride!" replies all.
"And Rock!" adds Vikki, devilishly.
Inside the arena, Vinnie can hear the sounds of battle from the outside when suddenly, the slabs of rock blocking the south entrance are blown away and his sister speeds through the opening in a way that can only be described as a perfect impression of Vinnie. Vikki gives a rebel yell as she takes the bike into a controlled spinout that stops almost directly below Vinnie. FourBy parks his truck by the opening. The rebels jump off and start to guard it while Charley runs over to the winch controls. When Vinnie's feet are on the ground, Vikki blasts the chains. Vinnie looks at his sister and remarks, "You two seem to be having fun." Vikki replies, while patting the bikes cowl, "Yeah. I might even keep her a little while longer." Vinnie's bike though, seems to argue and pops a wheelie; sending Vikki to the ground. She looks at it and says, "Fine! See if I give you another paint job!" The bike immediately rolls over to her and acts like it is apologizing. "Turncoat," mumbles Vinnie. To which Vikki replies, while standing up, "She just knows where the best paint jobs in the galaxy come from."
Suddenly fighting can be heard from the south as guards rush through the opening. Vikki yells, "Vinnie! Get Charley. I'll be fine." After Vinnie drives off, Vikki is knocked to the ground from behind. Her helmet falls off. As she rights herself, she comes face to face with the PitBoss.
"What? Another mouse?" The PitBoss pulls back his fist to punch Vikki, but she puts up her hands nonviolently. "You wouldn't hit a lady now would you?"
"You ain't no lady. Your a blinkin' rat!"
Vikki grits her teeth, glad Modo wasn't here to hear that, and replies, "You wouldn't hit a mouse with glasses?"
"Then take 'em off, Rat!"
"I thought you'd never ask." With that, Vikki yanks off her shades and blasts the PitBoss in the chest; sending him to the far side of the arena. Vikki grabs her helmet and put it and her glasses back on while running to the opening. She reaches there just as Throttle and Modo round the corner. Vikki jumps on Modo's bike as they head away. Throttle yells to FourBy, "Sorry ta fight and run but..."
"It's all right. Ride Free!" FourBy turns right, taking most of their pursuers with him. The Biker Mice and Charley head left and loose the rest before reaching the spot where the tow truck was left. Charley gets the remote out and lowers the cables. Vinnie shakes his head. "Here I go again." They grab the cables and hook them to their bikes and start the climb up.
Suddenly the PitBoss's electric whip wraps around Vikki's right leg and pulls her off Modo's bike. Modo grabs her arm. He and the others can't get a clear shot. Vikki starts to concentrate and soon the whip stops glowing. Then they can hear the PitBoss scream and the whip releases Vikki's leg. Vikki starts to climb up but Modo forces her to sit in front of him. They reach the top of the pit with Modo's arm still around Vikki.
Charley can't keep her curiosity in check any longer. "What happened back there?" Vikki dismounts Modo's bike and looks away ashamed. "It's really weird. Sometimes, when I concentrate, I can absorb raw electricity and redirect it. I guess when I did, it short-circuited the whip and electrocuted him." Modo walks over to where she is standing and wraps his arms around her waist from behind. Jokingly, he asks, "So? What other surprises do you have to spring on us?" Vikki pulls away from him. She doesn't turn to face Modo; instead she replies, with her voice trembling, "It's not funny! Sometimes... (sniff) sometimes I don't even think I'm a Martian anymore!" Modo rushes to her and wraps his tail and arms around her. Vikki buries her face in his chest's fur while he strokes her long brown hair. Vinnie slowly makes his way to the couple and looks at Modo for a second. Before Modo can defend himself; Vinnie holds out his hand. While Modo takes it, Vinnie whispers, "If you ever hurt..." Modo cuts him off with, "I won't." He accents his words with the pumps of their handshake.
Vikki slowly pulls back from Modo and without looking at Vinnie, she calls, "Oh, Bro?" Before Vinnie can ask what; Vikki turns and gives Vinnie a high-kick to the left side of his face, sending him to the ground. Vikki looks down at her disoriented brother and says, "Now we're even." Vinnie argues with her telepathically, But I only punched you! To which Vikki replies, out loud while patting the top of his helmet, "I wasn't wearing a helmet now was I?"
Modo walks up to Vikki. Vikki turns and whispers to him, "About your question; we'll find out together." Modo smiles and pulls her close to him. Vikki wraps her arms around him and presses her lips to his.
An 'ooouu' sounds from the others; even Vinnie.

The End.

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