But I Wasn't Born

Part 1 of 2

By Hayden


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May 1st, 1996. Zoey's 2nd Birthday. Under the newly re-built Limburger Towers.

Karnukle's File on Zoey. Entry date 5-1-96: Prototype-01 is doing exceptionally well. Her IQ is far beyond anything encountered in a child so young. Though her vocal vocabulary is steady with her age group, she has shown the ability to write and calculate with skill beyond her years. Her mental and written vocabulary at this point is up to that of a ten-year-old. Her telekinetic abilities seem to only be increasing with grow instead of decreasing as we first thought. Her telepathic and empathic capabilities are also advancing quite significantly the older she gets. Her strength and agility are that of a health twenty-five year old Martian. Her hand-eye coordination is up to par with that of a child twice her age. Her endurance levels are beyond anything previously recorded.

Unfortunately we have not been able to create another prototype. I have begun to suspect that that human Doctor has been interfering with the more recent attempts. No matter, when Prototype-01 has reached the age of four she is significantly formed to under go cloning. There by forgoing the length and unpredictable DNA bonding.

One problem has been run into with Prototpye-01. All forms of restraint collars have proved insufficient to control her. She has becoming increasing difficult to control and very uncooperative. Violence has had to be resorted to several times to make her comply with the tests. Also, the humans and that--that Catling have given her a name. Zoey.

I believe this has caused some of the problem. Treating her like an actually person only breeds disobedience. I have ordered that from here on out she is treated like an animal. After all that's all she is. This should stop the problems.

I have also moved the Catling off of guard duty on Zoey. He had been becoming disturbingly fond of her. This should also cut off the friendship forming between him and that Dr. Dean. This will solve any problems with these two trying to treat Zoey like a real child.

Having a child as a test subject is far more complicated than I first imagined. Though Prototype-01 is very trusting and easier to mold, I had not for since the problem of the simply childness of her. After this I only work with prisoners.

Doctor Karen S. Dean's Personal Journal. 5-1-96: Gracie asking for her father again. She doesn't understand that he's never coming back. It's been two years, now and I thought she would have understood but.. Zoey's been asking about her parents again, too. I almost wish I hadn't taught her word Mommy and Daddy. The Doctor gave us new orders today. Treat Zoey like an animal? NEVER!!!! He wouldn't even let me teach her about her birthdaybut I did anyways. Gave her a locket with her parent in it. Told her to always keep it hidden. Poor child. I should tell. I know I should..It's just.I wish I could talk to Race, that Catlingyeah that's what he said he was. again, but with him on a different shift at another part of that lab.it's too dangerous now..

Zoey's Room. Her mind. Talking to herself, God, and the ceiling (not necessarily in that order. 5-1-96 10:20 PM:

Where's Race? He should be here by now. Oh---*sob* I'm so hungry---I shooldn'ta kick the Docmaybe then they woulda gave me something

Zoey lay curled up in a ball on her bed. Her whole body ached from her beating. Her white fur was dirty, in need of washing, as was her hair. But they wouldn't let her.

Is that Race? Nono---Karen said he couldent come no more, no that wrong, come anymore. That's it..you see Karen? I'm trying. It hurts Kareneverthing hurts so muchmy tummy most of allit feels like it clasping. Maybemaybeif I do what the Doc told me to---no Zoeynoit's bad and u know it! Karen said you were old nuff now to know wight from wong..wrongZoeyyou gotta say it wight even in my head.

I'm to Karen said. Today is my birthday, learned a new word. Wish Race were her he'd bring me some foodnot coming thoughShe gave me this locket, that's what she called it I dink, got Mommy and Daddy in it, though they can't say nothing. Birthday..birthdayI like that word.means the day you were born..butbut

To be continued