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The Power of Revenge

By: zanymars

August 31st, 2000

Copywrite © zanymars.2000. all rights reserved.

Limburger slammed the door and headed towards Karbunkle's lab. "KARBUNKLE." "Yes, your cheesiness?"

Limburger kicked Fred the mutant out of his way much to the latter's delight. "Again again." Limburger turned away in disgust. "The High Chair man is very displeased. I need something extraordinary to satisfy him and cheer me up. NOW." He looked around the lab. "Karbunkle I know you're here come out." Just then the doctor fell from the air in front of Limburger. "What are you up to?"

"I have just the thing for you your royal moldiness." The doctor picked himself up and started to brush imaginary dust of himself.

"Well? I'm waiting and I have to tell you, I DON'T HAVE MUCH PATIENCE AT THE MOMENT." Limburger watched as Karbunkle walked over to Fred. He sat him on a stool and walked to the far side of the lab. He picked up what looked like a huge pen with a lever on one side.

He aimed the ray at Fred who was engulfed by a dark purple glow. When the glow faded out Fred was sitting immobile on the stool surrounded by a blackish aura. "Well, this ray makes one immobile for an hour. After the hour is up the subject is allowed minimal movement. If the subject makes any major movements, like say, try to run or attack then the black aura like pocket around them explodes sending the subject into the hardest thing around and pinning it to it until I press this button here." He showed him a secret compartment with a button in it. "This compartment only opens under your or my finger print. You put your thumb in this area and presto it's open."

"Excellent. I want those retched rodents in my grasp and ready to be shipped to Plutark by tomorrow night. GREASEPIIT."

Quigly Field. The guys have just finished a not so friendly foot ball game. They were in the process of cleaning up their bikes.

"I win, again." Modo patted his bike.

"No fair, sweetheart. You had an unfair advantage. How'd you expect me to score with your cannon in my face."

"Don't play innocent Vincent. My shoulder's still sore from where you hit me." Vinnie grinned at Throttle and shrugged. "Come on let's finish this and go to Charley's."

An hour later they had their bikes all cleaned up and were just about to go on their way. BOOM. They saw smoke rising. "Let's go see of they need help." They revved up their engines and raced towards the scene.

Charley also saw the smoke. It's too quiet too be my guys' work. I bet they're on their way to help. I'll also bet they'll be hungry when they finish and get here. I'd better start lunch.

They could the smoke was around the corner. They turned and saw nothing. Just a hole in the ground. "What the"

"It's time for your tails to beese whipped biker bums." Greasepit grinned from his buggy. They had the mice surrounded from all sides. He even had men on the roofs. "Hehe. Get `em youse goons. NOW. Mr. Limboiger wants those rats."

"Bros, we're outnumbered." Throttle looked at his bros,
Modo nodded, "but we've got the guns."
Throttle smiled, "Let's get them bros."
"AWWWWOOO I just loooove a party."

They started firing at the buggies around them while Vinnie used his rockets to reach the goons on the roofs.

Vinnie howled. He was loving this. He looked down and saw his bros had blown up most of the buggies. Vinnie turned and blew the ground under the last of the goons. He jumped of the building to the one next to it just as the building collapsed.

He saw Grasepit hold some kind of oversized pen and aim it at his bros. He saw him pull on a lever. "BROS BAIL." He was too far away. He watched in horror as his bros were wrapped in the black ray. "NOOO." Vinnie started blasting everything in sight. He looked down and saw his bros frozen on their bikes. Vinnie raced towards them. He saw Greasepit head toward them.

"Get those two hamsters youse goons. Before that crazy one comes." Vinnie grinned. You want crazy sweetheart; I'll give you crazy. Vinnie shot them with everything he got. He watched as Greasepit ran away with his goons. Catch you later.

Vinnie turned towards his bros. Modo was frozen on his bike his cannon aiming at nothing. Throttle was leaning over, his hand just above a button. They were surrounded by a black purplish aura. Vinnie shook Modo. The mouse didn't move. He turned when he heard an engine. "Charley!!"

"Came to see if you need help." She looked around, "What happened here?"

"I'll tell you later. Can you figure out what he did to the guys?" Vinnie was worried. He had no idea what Grasepit did to them. "Charley girl stay with them. I'm going to get some answers." Vinnie gunned his bike and headed out. Charley didn't get a chance to ask him anything. She sighed and headed to the garage to get her tow truck.

A while later Charley somehow got Throttle and Modo to the garage. She was trying to shake Throttle into moving when Modo's eyes opened. A minute later Throttle's eyes opened too. "Am I glad you two are moving again." Throttle nodded and Modo shook his head. Just then they swung off their bikes.

Charley opened her eyes. She could remember hearing a blast and seeing a flash of light then blacking out. "Charley maam. Am I glad you're okay." Charley stood up and looked for Modo. "Where are you?" "Look up." Charley looked up and saw Modo stuck to the ceiling. "What happened and why are you on my ceiling?" "Get Throttle out first."

Charley looked around at the rubble. She couldn't find any trace of him. "Under the bikes and tires Charley girl." Charley started digging she saw his arm on the ground and started uncovering the rest on him. . "Throttle, hold on." She finally got the bikes and rubble of him. He was on the floor unconscious. She tried to move him but couldn't."

"When we moved Charley girl something exploded. Felt like I was exploding from the inside. Then when I opened my eyes I was stuck to the ceiling and couldn't move anything but my jaws."

"What happened to you out there."

"Well, Charley girl what else?" said a husky but pained voice.

"Throttle you're okay." "Yeah, a little head ache." "Tell me everything maybe we can figure out how to get you free."

Vinnie drove in just as they finished telling her the details. "Bros, you're awake!" when he saw the rubble, "What happened?" they told him the details.

"Well, I caught up with Greasepit and got this ray thingy from him. I tried to get him to tell me what it was but he was clueless. Big surprise. I kinda asked how to undo it the effects and got the impression that only Stink Face or his mad doctor can do that. That was when I got bored and blasted all the buggies that survived." Vinnie looked at them. "What do we do now?"

"We have to find out how it works. We can't stay stuck here." Throttle closed his eyes, "Besides I'm getting tired and bored not to mention that the mother of headaches just kicked in." Charley lent next to him. "Here swallow this." "What is it?" "A pain killer." "I don't think that'll work on me Charley girl." "Yes it will. The time before last Rimfire was here, I sent a batch of medicines to Mars asking which will work on you. The last time he was here they sent an answer along with a few of yours with a guide to what each works for. Now take it before you give ME a headache."

"Hey I'm beginning to get dizzy from hanging around the ceiling. What are we gonna do?"

Vinnie gave him an evil smile. "I know. I'll be back in a couple of hours."

"WAIT VINNIE, DON'T TRY ANYTHING STUPID ON YOUR OWN." Throttle sighed. "What am I saying. This is Vinnie I'm talking to."

Charley set up a ladder so she could reach Modo. Held a root beer can with a straw to his mouth. "Here, you must be thirsty." "Thanks Charley girl."

They waited for an hour and a half before Vinnie came in but he wasn't alone. They saw sprawled across the back of his bike was Karbunkle. Throttle couldn't believe his eyes. "What's he, she or whatever it is doing here?"

"IT is going to help us free you. Right?" Vinnie had Karunbkle by the coat and was staring at him hard.

"YES YES. Just don't hurt me you rodent."

Modo looked at Vinnie. "I don't like that word. Sounds nasty."

"You hurt my bro's feelings." Vinnie threw the doctor across the garage. The doctor landed on Throttle, "GET THIS THING OF ME NOW!!! . Vinnie ran over and grabbed Karbunkle. "Now how do I free them?"

Karbunkle shakily walked over to the ray. Charley snapped it up. "Tell me I'll do it." "You need my thumb print." Charley let him touch the secret compartment that held the button keeping the ray aimed at him. "You press that button and they are released."

Charley looked at him. "Any long term effects I should know about?" The doctor shook head. "Can I go now?"

"Not so fast, sweetheart." Vinnie tied Karbunkle up and stuffed him in an empty cupboard. "Here goes." He pressed the button and heard a crash as Modo fell to the ground. "Sorry."

Mod scowled and rubbed his head, "Got any more of that pain killer Charley maam?"

"Bros, we have a score to settle. You game?" Throttle nodded, "Besides the tower's still up."

Modo looked at them miserably as he took the pain killer from Charley, "Bros, can't we wait until we've eaten? I'm starved."

Charley smiled, "Come on you bottomless pits plenty of food." Throttle and Vinnie walked after Charley while Modo opened the cupboard, he pointed his cannon at him, "You know how this works and what I can do with it so don't try anything."

The mice decided to announce themselves to Limburger at a very annoying time of day. Dawn. They made Vinnie carry Karbunkle since he was the one who brought him. Charley was riding with Throttle.

Limburger woke up. He saw light in his room. It was too strong and artificial to be sunlight. Most disturbing was the mousehead logo in the middle of each beam. "No, please, no. It's 4:30 in the morning." Then he heard it, "Hey sewage breath. Wakey wakey."

"Yeah, we're here to give you a head start on the day."
"Along with something that belongs to you."
"Shut up."

Limburger sat up. He was wearing a royal blue nightgown. "Don't they ever sleep?"

He went to the window. "Didn't like your gift."

"So we decided to bring it back for a refund."
"Don't worry the goods aren't damaged.. yet."

"GREASEPIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!" Greasepit walked in wearing a red nightcap with sheep on it and holding a one eyed, very old and worn out teddy bear in his arms. "Get them."

"Right away boss. GOONS WAKE UP WESE HAVE A MOUSES PROBLEM." Limburger shook his head; "Woe is me."

"Bros, let's ROCK," "N'RIDE." Each jumped onto a building avoiding the blasts. Vinnie and Throttle stopped in front of Limburger's window. "HEY, Stink face come and face the music."

They blew the floor from under him. Limburger stopped his fall by latching his leg through a window. He was hanging upside down from the communicator room window. He was wearing purple and red shorts under his gown.

Limburger could here the laughter of the mice. He could feel his face turning red. Then to his horror Limburger heard the communicator flicker to life. No, please don't let it be the chairman. He winced as he heard the chairman's voice shriek him name. How humiliating. "Chairman I have the situation under control."

"Show me how you handle things Limburger."

"Right away. Chairman." He saw Greasepit grab Charley and smiled. "You rodents are surrounded and I have your precious female friend so let go of my doctor and the weapon now." Throttle saw Modo sneaking up behind Greasepit and smiled.

"Here you go." He released the doctor then threw the weapon towards Limburger just as Modo freed Charley. "Vinnie, did you hear him say please?" Vinnie shook his head. "Sorry Limburger you didn't say please." Vinnie blasted the weapon just as it was about to fall into Limburger's hands

A piece of the weapon caught his gown so Limburger was just wearing his shorts. He could hear laughter from the communicator and saw that the chairman AND the counsel were watching. Oh dear. . "You half witted half faced rodent will pay for this." Vinnie looked at Modo and Throttle with big sad eyes. "Bros, he hurt my feelings." Modo smiled, "Nobody hurts Vinnie's feeling while we're around." Throttle nodded, "I've got just the remedy for you Vinnie and you Modo for feeling with Vinnie." Just then Limburger heard the missiles and felt the tower collapse. " I'll GET YOU FILTHY RODENTS IF IT'S THE LAST THING I DOOOOOOooo."

The mice and Charley high fived and headed to the garage. "How about some dogs bros?" Vinnie laughed as Charley turned green.

Meanwhile Limburger was seething in his temporary base of operations. "Karbunkle I need to get my revenge from those rodents. They have humiliated me for the last time. I do not want them dead I want them alive and miserable for the rest of their lives. I want them suffering especially that white maniac. No, that leader of theirs, no, that gray giant. I WANT THEM ALL SUFFERING."

Karbunkle looked at Limburger. "I have just the thing you cheesy moldiness," he pushed a button, "I'd like you to meet THE SURGEON."

Limburger saw a humanoid figure about Greasepit's size come out. He was wearing white pants and a white shirt and coat. He had a white surgeon's hat, white gloves and a white mask over his face, the only visible things were his glowing orange eyes with a blue slit in each. He was standing next to a low gurney holding a huge sinister looking trunk.

"Excellent. You can anything?" the figure nodded. "Does he speak?"

He heard a deep rumbling voice say, "Yes, I speak. What do you want disabled and how."

Limburger smiled, "I want three rodents to suffer. Any suggestions?"

"Plenty." Limburger saw the some of the trunk's contents and laughed.

Meanwhile at the field the guys are having a rematch under Vinnie's nagging. Charley watched as they played football on their bikes. I wonder if they can live a day without those bikes. She turned as she heard a crash. She saw the mice and bikes piled in the middle of the field. She ran over as they untangled themselves.

Charley sighed as they started to argue, "All right. This game is over, lunchtime. I got some lunch at the garage." She smiled as they forgot the argument and went to eat.

At the garage the foursome just hang around. Unknown to them was that a white figure was watching them, putting final touches to his plans for them. Soon my subjects, soon you'll discover the other side of medicine. Enjoy your time now as much as you can.

It was decided that the guys would stay the night at Charley's since a game they wanted to see would finish late and she didn't want them wandering around that late unnecessarily

Around 1 a.m. Charley got up to go to bed. She saw Modo's eyes were beginning to close so she told him to go to a guestroom and sleep. She used to have three guestrooms but she turned one into a sort of studio. She followed Modo and saw him go into the room with one bed. Wise choice.

A couple of hours later Throttle was still awake while a droopy eyed Vinnie turned in. Later Throttle sank into sleep on the couch. Unknown to all of them was that through that peaceful slumber terrible things were happening inside that three mice brought on by a small amount of different colored gases pumped into each room.

Outside a figure smiled as he closed his trunk and headed towards the Tower. Excellent, phase one complete.

Charley woke up early, she looked in the two guestrooms. She saw Modo on his back sleeping peacefully. In the other room Vinnie was covered to the waist so she stepped in and covered him up. Charley wondered where Throttle was. She smiled as she went down the stairs, they look so cute and young when they're asleep. She found Throttle sprawled on the couch shivering slightly. Poor guy. She got a blanket and covered him up.

At the tower Limburger, Greasepit, Karbunkle, and The Surgeon were briefing the goons as much as they can on the second phase of the plan. Limburger smiled, Might work out after all. I might actually be freed on those rodents. Limburger couldn't suppress a HUGE smile as he entertained that thought. He looked at the goons, "One of you screw up and you're food for the fish." He pointed to one of the many tubes surrounding them.

Charley took the chance to clean up the garage. She finished about noon and was surprised when none of the guys woke up. She took a shower and started an early lunch. When they didn't wake up at the smells she got more confused than ever. She looked in at the Throttle, he was asleep his back to her.

A while later Charley started to worry. She went upstairs and saw Modo was still sleeping. Vinnie's room was empty but the bathroom light was on and the door was open. "OH MY GOD VINNIE!!!" she heard a moan as she ran to him. He was sitting on the floor leaning against the toilet.

"Not so loud sweetheart. Must be something I ate." Vinnie felt like he was made from rubber. He couldn't stand up, he ached all over and he had a MAJOR headache. He felt so weak it frightened him. He realized Charley was still standing there so he forced himself to stand. He leaned on the sink to steady himself. "I'm okay, just a little dizzy."

Charley raised an eyebrow, "And I'm the Queen of Cheese. Come on, let's get you to bed." She saw him nod then suddenly turn and drop to his knees depositing the rest of last night's dinner. "I'll be back."

Charley came in dragging a silver trunk. Vinnie was lying on his stomach his face buried in a pillow.

She gave him a couple of pills, "These'll help with the headache and nausea until I figure out what's wrong with you, and try to sleep." Vinnie nodded weakly and closed his eyes.

Charley headed to her room to get the Martian medical guide Rimfire got her when she heard voices downstairs. She went to tell them about Vinnie when she heard the loudest and deepest coughing anyone could imagine Poor guy. Sounds terrible.

Charley went into the kitchen to find Modo doubled over, while Throttle came in at the sound too. "Take it easy big fella. Try to breathe." Modo nodded and took a deep breath, which helped a little. She was about to comment that she was impressed when Modo collapsed on his way to the living room.

"MODO." Charley helped Throttle carry Modo to the couch. Modo suddenly opened his eyes. He saw Throttle and Charley leaning over him. "Oh, mama. That coughing fit must have worn me out."

"How you doing bro?" Throttle saw Modo nod. "You still don't look good." He saw Modo was about to answer when another fit started. Throttle supported Modo until it was over and helped him to his room.

Charley gave Modo something for the cough and ache that started in his back. She told them about Vinnie and went to check on him. She saw Vinnie curled up; he was shivering from time to time. He had a wastebasket on the floor but she was relieved it was empty.

Charley covered him up. Poor baby. She checked on Modo and went downstairs to join Throttle. I thought this was going to be a quiet day. For the next few hours Throttle and Charley rotated between Vinnie and Modo's rooms. By nightfall both were asleep so Throttle and Charley decided to take a break.

Throttle sat down while Charley went to warm some food. Throttle wasn't feeling so good but he ignored it standing up to relieve Charley of the tray she was holding. He put the tray down and sat down heavily. He saw Charley head out to close the garage. He put his head down in pain. He didn't want to admit that he might be coming down with something too. "Throttle! Are you okay?" Throttle looked up, "Yeah, Charley girl. Just a little tired."

Charley gave him a stern look. "Are you sure?" Throttle nodded. "Then eat something then go to bed. I don't want you sick too." Throttle was too tired to argue.

The next day Charley woke up to check on the guys. Modo was still coughing but at least he was asleep. She heard Vinnie moan a couple of times but other than that he slept fine but still couldn't hold anything down. She looked at the other bed across from Vinnie's and saw Throttle's sleeping form. She felt sorry for him so she let him sleep. Charley took the opportunity to go get things for the house.

Vinnie was still feeling terrible but he was bored. He saw Throttle sleeping and was about to wake him up when he heard Modo moving around. Vinnie took his blanket and went to join Modo in the living room. "Man you look lousy and you sound bad." Modo looked up at Vinnie and laughed, "You don't look so hot yourself." Vinnie looked horrified at the prospect and was about to answer when Modo got another fit.

Charley heard Modo and rushed in. she could see both were sitting on the couch each wrapped in his blanket staring at the TV. "What're you doing up?" she heard Vinnie say, "We got bored." She looked at Modo and said, "Don't talk or else you'll get worse."

Modo looked at her. He had already figured that out. He looked around for Throttle and decided that he was still sleeping.

Around noon Charley decided to wake Throttle up. She walked up to his bed and called his name. He didn't stir. She shook him but still nothing. Charley took off his blanket and shook him again. She gasped. Throttle was burning up! She put a hand on his forehead and knew he had a fever even for a Martian his body temperature was high. Something she confirmed with a thermometer.

Charley shook Throttle into a semi conscious state and somehow managed to give him the appropriate medicines. She went downstairs to tell Modo and Vinnie when she saw Vinnie had his head buried in a pillow and moaning. "He's waiting for the room to stop spinning." Modo's voice was hoarse and deeper than usual. She also noticed he was in pain. "Modo point to me what hurts. I don't want you talking." She told him after his coughing fit was over.

Modo pointed to his back and side and took a deep breath. He didn't have the strength to act tough. He helped Vinnie sit up and kept a hold of his shoulder until Vinnie said he was fine.

Modo got up but didn't go far. As soon as he stood up his knees buckled and he slumped onto the couch. Both Vinnie and Charley cried," MODO!!!" The big mouse didn't stir. After a while though they heard a groan and Modo's eyes opened. Charley left them and checked on Throttle. She took a cloth and soaked it in cold water putting it on his forehead. I have to contact Mars someway. I don't know if I can take care of them with the limited medicines I have.

Charley raised her head to see Vinnie flop onto his bed, "How's the headache?" she saw Vinnie shake his head. Charley bit her lip. She got some water for Vinnie but as soon as he drank it he bolted for the bathroom.

Charley checked on Modo who was sleeping downstairs. "What's gotten into you guys?" Charley made up her mind. She gave each the appropriate medicines and went to change and get her keys.

Charley looked at the business suite she was wearing one last time before going in. Charley strode into Limburger Tower as if she owned the place. She checked the map on the entrance and decided to go into a room called, CONFERENCE ROOM. She remembered the communicator was there from before.

Charley breathed a sigh of relief as she reached her destination. Charley slipped in and took out a paper. On it were the coordinates of one of the command center's communicators. The guys gave it to her in case of emergency. She punched in the code and waited nervously.

A minute later a mouse appeared on screen. "Identify yourself. This is a private channel." "My name's Charlene Davidson from Earth. I need to talk to Stoker or Carbine. It's about the biker mice." The figure disappeared and Carbine came on. "Charley what's wrong?" Charley told her everything. Carbine nodded, "We'll be there as soon as we can. I have a feeling Limburger's behind this." Charley saw her turn and call, "Get me Rimfire." Then the screen went blank.

Charley smiled and headed for the door. She stepped through and bumped into Greasepit. Greasepit grabbed her by the jacket; he was smiling like he won the jackpot.

The mice spent most of the day sleeping. The next day Vinnie convinced himself that he was feeling better. Trying to convince himself his head wasn't about to explode.

Vinnie slowly got to his feet and looked for Charley. He found a note saying she went to the store. Vinnie covered Modo and headed to his room. He changed Throttle's cloth and was about to go to bed when he heard a thud and the doorbell ringing.

Modo opened the door and found a package. "What is it?" Modo looked at Vinnie and shrugged. He took it to the living room and was about to open it when Throttle appeared in the stairway. "You should be in bed." Throttle gave a small laugh. "You're the ones to talk. What a bunch we make." That got laughs from everybody until they opened the package.

Inside was a single note on a Limburger Tower legal pad. It simply said, "WE HAVE HER." Throttle groaned while Vinnie and Modo just stared.

"We have to get her back." "Vincent we're in no condition to" "But we have to." Throttle sighed. He wanted to go get Charley but knew they were in no condition to go fight.

Vinnie looked at them. "Look, bros, I'm feeling better. I'll go alone. I mean Modo's been collapsing for no reason and Throttle I can see you shaking from that fever and your breathing's raspy. But we're talking about Charley girl here."

Throttle shook his head. "You're no better than us. If one of us goes" "We all go." Modo finished for him.

They hopped on their bikes and were gone.

Limburger looked at the battle bellow from his window. He could see the three X marks on the street. The Surgeon was beside him holding a control panel. Both were eagerly waiting.

Just then Limburger saw two of the mice standing on the marks. The Surgeon pushed two buttons. The ground under Modo opened to reveal a large magnetic strip, which forced him down. Then the ground under Vinnie exploded sending him into a wall, which collapsed on him.

Just as Throttle landed on his mark and three crates fell on him a Freedom Fighters shuttle arrived and Charley ran out having escaped in the confusion. Rimfire and a nurse called Naraween jumped out. Charley and Nana dug out Throttle and Vinnie while Rimfire covered them. Modo's situation was more difficult. His leg was pinned under debris while the magnet held him in place.

Rimfire fired and the control panel in The Surgeon's arms which caused the magnet to shut down.

Limburger watched the shuttle rise. "Well?"

"Only one is an affirmed hit. One I'm not sure, the third was not a success."

"Which one?"

"The white hyperactive one is a hit. The big one is a miss."

Limburger scowled then felt the ground shake as Rimfire shot the tower. "Oh, no. Ahhhhh."

When they were well out of orbit Rimfire put the shuttle on auto and went to the back. "Talk to me, how are they?"

"You say please nephew. As your gray furred grandma would say, that's no way to treat ladies." "Uncle Modo!!!." he hugged his uncle. "How are you?"

Modo waited until the coughing stopped. "Just a bummed leg. That's all. Ladies, how're my bros?"

Naraween answered, "Well Throttle there," she pointed to Vinnie, "That's Vinnie maam." "Vinnie, did something to his back. I've stopped the bleeding though. Throttle here has the highest temperature I've ever recorded and I think a couple of bruised ribs and bruised back."

"Why were you out and fighting in the first place? I can take care of myself." Charley was furious at the three and Modo was the only one awake.

"We had to save ya. After they left that message. Throttle didn't want to at first then we all agreed to go and try to get you out."

"They sent a note! And you came! It was an obvious trap. ARE YOU THREE COMPLETELY MAD!! You should've listened to Throttle."

"We had to Charley maam. We knew it was a trap. What do you think we are?"

"Do not let me answer that."

Just then Modo got another coughing fit and passed out. "Uncle Modo!" Naraween held him back. "It's okay. It's better for him, that way he'll get some rest."

The rest of the journey was spent in near silence.

Stoker watched Charley and Rimfire pace around. "Stop pacing around. Two of our best doctors are in there." Rimfire looked at him and asked, "Who?" "Jackknife and Bowie." Stoker sighed, "Look I know you wanted Colt and Blitz but they're out on missions. The guys'll be fine. Trust me." Stoker rubbed his temple, "Both of you sit DOWN."

Both quickly did.

A couple of hours later one of the doctors stepped out he had a Jackknife strapped to his leg, "Well, we gave Modo something for his cough and his leg will need a couple of weeks physiotherapy but he'll be fine. As for Throttle, we controlled his breathing and are trying to get his fever down. He cracked a couple of ribs and bruised his back. Each is suffering from a different form of gaseous poison, which suggests foul play. We were able to administer antidotes in time thanks to you." He pointed to Charley.

"What about Vinnie?" "I didn't treat him. You can see your friends tomorrow."

An hour later another door opened and a female doctor stepped out she had a Bowie knife on her hip. Stoker stood up. "We've just finished surgery on Vinnie. He sustained one massive injury to the back where a shrapnel lodged itself very close to his vertebrae. Too close. He's breathing on his own. A good sign. However, there's a 50: 50 chance that he'll be paralyzed from the waist down. I'm sorry." She turned her attention to an emergency case that just came in.

Charley put her head in her hands. "Oh my God." She whispered. She heard Stoker tell Rimfire to take the day off and felt a tug on her arm. "Come on, I'll take ya to yer quarters. You're gonna need your strength when they wake up."

For the next few days Rimfire spent all his spare time with Modo until Stoker sent him on a mission as a distraction. Charley spent her days rotating between the three unconscious figures. Naraween had gotten her a badge that allowed her to stay with them. To Charley this was unreal. She couldn't believe this was happening. She couldn't bear seeing them tied to all that equipment.

Charley was sitting with Modo when he woke up. She told him about his leg and his bros but not about Vinnie's possible paralysis. She left him to check on Throttle. His temperature was still high. Vinnie was stable.

When Charley returned to Modo she found his eye glowing. "Why didn't you tell me about Vinnie?" "I. I didn't know how." Modo closed his eye. "Nana told me." "Modo I'm so sorry." Charley turned to leave him alone for a while when she heard, "He'll walk, Charley maam, we'll make him." Charley smiled and went out. She was crying. This was all too much.

A week later Throttle woke up. This time Charley told him everything. Throttle got so mad they had to give him a sedative.

When Vinnie woke up Charley was surprised to see Throttle and Modo there. They somehow convinced the doctor to let them tell Vinnie. After he was fully awake and aware Charley left so they could tell him.

Vinnie tried to sit up after Charley left. "Bros," they could barely hear his voice, "bros, why can't I move my legs?" they told him as gently as they could. Vinnie could feel tears welling up. He hasn't cried since he lost his family. Each of his bros held one of his hands.

"We'll get you walkin' bro." "Yeah, if it takes years we'll get you up." Vinnie turned his head, the tears were flowing. Modo looked at him, "You are getting out of this." "Promise?" this time it was Throttle who answered, "Biker's Honor."

Charley stormed into Throttle's room. "Why did you promise him? How do you know he'll walk? Why did you do that to him?" Throttle calmly looked at her, "Because I know he will." Charley laughed and stormed out.

The mice had to spend about two months in bed before they were aloud to move around. Modo began his physiotherapy and it turned out Throttle too had to some therapy for his back. They visited Vinnie every day keeping him from getting depressed.

Three weeks later both Modo and Throttle had finished their therapies with success. They found Vinnie's room empty so they sat there and waited for him.

Modo took Vinnie's chair as they wheeled him in and closed the door. They helped Vinnie into his bed. Both noticed he looked a little down. "What's wrong, bro?"

Vinnie looked at them, "Bros, I can't do this. It's too hard. Face it, I won't and will never walk again."

Modo looked him in the face, "DON'T.YOU.DARE.SAY.THAT. You have to try."

Vinnie shook his head. He turned his head avoiding their eyes.

Throttle threw up his hands. "So, you're just giving up? Your letting cheese face win. He's probably bought half of Chicago by now. We're waiting for you to go back."

" I AM NOT GIVING UP. I'M FACING FACTS ." Vinnie was trembling with anger.

"Doesn't look like it to me, bro." Modo said gently trying to look Vinnie in the eye.

"I guess it's just you and me big fella. It's up to us to do the right thing and get our revenge from Limburger. I guess I'll have to tell you what Charley found out later since Mr. Facing Facts doesn't want in."

"Oh, no sweetheart. Don't give me that `I'll do the right thing while you sit there' line."

"Then come on, we have to get back at Limburger. Charley just told me he had hired a guy named the Surgeon. All this was planned. He wanted us to suffer for life because we humiliated him the last time we shot the tower down."

Modo knew what Throttle was doing so he went along, "I guess you gave him what he wanted, Vinnie. Come on Throttle."

They saw Vinnie's face change, "That slime ballI'm gonna kill him, I really am going to."

Throttle lowered his specks and looked him in the eye, "Then get your tail outta there and get to your feet so we could all get our revenge and make his life miserable. And have fun doing it too."

Vinnie looked at them, "Will you" Vinnie had never asked for help and he was a hard time asking now but he stopped trying when Modo took one hand and said, "All the way bro." Throttle took the other, "Us three all the way."

Charley was raging. She had heard the first part of the conversation before storming off. She confronted Throttle and Modo after they left Vinnie's room. "You had no right doing that to him. Why did you do that to him. How could you? He's your bro, for God's sake. How could you be so mean? You have to encourage him not put him down."

The only answer she got was from Throttle, "Limburger's revenge put him in there, the power of his own will get him out."

Exactly one year after the mice left Earth.

Limburger was ecstatic. "One full year without those rodents" he spent the year collecting money. Now he had enough to buy Chicago. He had planned a ball for the people who owned most of Chicago. He planned to make deals through the night and own Chicago by the end of it.

Eight o'clock struck when he went to the ballroom to check on things. The guests would arrive at 8:30. As he went in he thought he heard a disturbing sound, but he dismissed it with a wave.

8:15 PM. Limburger wanted to check the lighting. The ballroom was dark. "LIGHTS." Nothing happened, "I SAID LIGHTS." Beams came from the stage.

Limburger had his back to the stage but he saw the lights. Saw their shape. "No, this has to be a nightmare."

Throttle: "Afraid not cheese stink."
Modo: "We came to show our appreciation
Throttle: "Miss us?"
Modo: "we came to dissuade you from your deals tonight whilst letting you know"
Throttle: "The mice are back in town."
Modo: "as bad as they come."
Throttle: "You've picked the wrong mice to mess with."

Limburger was frozen with shock.


Throttle nodded, " LET'S ROCK


Limburger called his goon squad. He saw them rampaging his tower. He sank to his knees, "But you're you're."

"Save it sewage breath. Nobody can bring us down."

He looked out the wall the mice exited from and heard the tower crumbling, "Oh, Dear."

The three figures high fived, "no doubt sweethearts the mice are back in town."

Modo nodded in agreement, "Badder than ever."

Throttle finished, "With a vengeance." He smiled, "Come on you mad mice LET'S ROCK



The end.