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A Mouse's Worst Nightmare

By: zanymars

July 28th, 2000

Copyright © zanymars.2000. All rights reserved.

Modo was riding fast. He was pulverizing Limbruger's goons. He could see his bros doing the same. Vinnie was in front of him flying through the air after causing three buggies to bump into each other. Throttle behind him was having fun with his power punch sending buggies and goons flying all over the place. Modo turned, AAAAAWWWOWOOOHOHOHO Modo smiled as he heard Vinnie's cry from way above him.

A second later Vinnie was riding beside Modo. They were racing after Greasepit. Throttle was in the back covering them. He looked back and saw that Throttle was way too outnumbered. He saw Vinnie turn around and head towards Throttle. "I'll help him, you take care of that grease buffoon." Modo nodded. He came up behind Greasepit and sent him flying. "YEAH." Modo turned to join his bros. They had taken the fight to the far end of the road right up to Limburger Tower's front door. He stopped when he heard someone laugh behind him. He turned his bike around ready for a fight when he saw he was facing a projection of Limburger, something like a hologram.

"You cheese hog come and face me." Limburger just laughed, "Say bye to your friends rodent. Karbunkle?" Modo turned just in time to see Limburger Tower collapse while the ground below exploded with his bros in between. Modo heard Charley scream "NNNNOOOOO." He too was screaming. He raced towards his bros and started digging through the rubble. He saw Vinnie's tail he dug around and pulled his bro out he turned and saw Throttle, he carried them both to the road. He was cradling them both.

He saw Charley run to him and check for a pulse. He could see both were hurt bad. She looked at him with tears in her eyes. No. Charley does not cry, please don't cry. She shook her head. "NOOOOoooooooooooooooooo." Modo sat up breathing hard. He could see Vinnie and Throttle looking at him with concern. "You okay, bro?" Modo looked at himself. He wasn't covered with blood and dust. He was in bed. His bros were all right.

Modo nodded. "Sweetheart, I almost dropped dead from that scream. I need my beauty sleep y'know, not that I need any," Modo smiled. Never thought I'd be happy to hear him brag. Throttle was still looking at him. "Throttle I'm okay, really. Just a bad dream."

"I'll say. Fell down when I heard you." Modo just realized Throttle was on the floor. "Sorry bro." Modo sat up, reached over and hauled Throttle back to his bed. "Go back to sleep bros. Sorry." "You sure you're okay?" Throttle didn't like the spooked expression Modo had. Modo nodded, "Go back to sleep. Wouldn't want sleeping beauty to loose any rest or beauty."

"Not on your life sweetheart." Vinnie grinned rolled over and was fast asleep in a minute. Throttle looked at Modo for the last time and when he saw Modo motion to him that he was okay Throttle sank to his back and slept.

Modo went outside for some air. He sat in the stands waiting for the shivering to stop. Man, that was some dream. Must be all those dogs I ate. He shook his head and headed to the scoreboard.

He stopped short when he saw his bros sleeping peacefully. Throttle had an arm draped across his face while Vinnie was on his stomach half of the bed. Modo went over and pushed Vinnie back into bed and tried to get some sleep.

The next day the guys were on a building roof watching Limburger supervise shipments of equipment being moved in.

"Don't like the looks of that equipment bros. What say we give it a make over?"
"Yeah, major make over."

"One major make over coming right up." Vinnie reared his bike and jumped off the building. The other two were right behind him. Each targeted a shipment and started blasting away with Limburger shouting protests and orders in the background.

Modo wasn't fighting whole-heartedly though. He was too busy keeping an eye on the other two. He knew it was silly but he couldn't help it. Modo winced as Vinnie landed a few hairs short of a deep hole. He held his breath as he saw Throttle dragging a buggy then releasing it only to turn and avoid being crushed by it and a wall in the last second. Didn't know we took all those risks. Modo stuck out his arm and sent Greasepit flying. He saw his bros aim at the tower and fire. He saw the building crumble with his bros near. He raced to them grabbed them and carried them to the other side of the road.

"Heeeyy. What's the big idea?" "What's gotten into you big guy?" Modo shook his head nothing. "And let us down." "Sorry?" he put them down. "What in the world did you dream about? You haven't been yourself since yesterday night." "Nothing. Just a dream. Let's head back shall we?" Modo turned his bike and headed towards the garage.

"What's wrong with him?" "Dunno. Whatever it is it has him spooked." "I'll say." They called their bikes and followed Modo.

At the garage they decided to drop the subject and enjoy the meal Charley prepared for them.

They spent the next few days normally. Modo decided to put the dream behind him and forget it. Then one day he was in the garage with Charley polishing his bike. The other two went to get some root beer. He heard the bikes rumbling. "Hey, big guy, Limburger's up to no good again. Come on." "Yeah, it's time to crash that party." Modo rode his bike and joined his bros.

He saw Charley sit behind Vinnie, "I'm coming too." "No way sweetheart. Leave this stuff to us." "Then you can stay here with me coz I'm not letting you go." "Okay, you win Charley girl. Vinnie get that look off your face because it's time to ROCK..'

" N RIDE."

Modo didn't like the feeling he had. He saw Vinnie in front of him flying through the air. He looked behind him and saw Throttle using his power punch. It was de ja vu. He was reliving his dream! He smiled as he heard AAAAAWWWOWOOOHOHOHO from above him. He saw Vinnie turn to help Throttle, No no. Modo took out Greasepit and tried to turn and warn his bros but couldn't. He saw the explosions, his bros get buried. He dug them out for the second time, saw Charley's tears, "NNNnnnooooooo."

He sat up breathing hard. He was drenched in sweat. He saw both his bros on either side of him. "Modo, Modo you okay bro?" he saw Modo nod. Vinnie didn't like the weird way Modo was looking at him. He saw that Throttle was worried too. He also noticed that Throttle was squinting, so Vinnie looked behind him and picked up the specks.

Throttle took the specks, "Thanks. Big guy you sure? This is the second time you wake up terrified and causing us to almost jump out of our fur in the process." Modo hung his head. "Sorry. Just a bad dream." "Man, another scream like that and this beautiful white mane is gonna turn grayer than yours sweetheart."

"I'm okay." He threw them into their beds. "Go back to sleep." "Modo" "Sleep." Throttle dropped the subject at the sight of Modo's glowing eye.

Modo sat on the edge of his bed his head in his hands. Oh mama. Am I losing it or what. He looked at his bros one last time and tried to sleep.

Almost a week had passed. Throttle and Vinnie saw that Modo was looking tired but didn't dare to ask him what's wrong yet. Modo had that dream again twice but didn't scream. Each time he'd sit up check on his bros and try to sleep. Other than that life was normal.
Then one day Modo was at the garage polishing his bike. Charley was fixing a van. His bros were out getting root beer. He heard the engines. He heard them calling him. Modo had a bad feeling. "You go on, Lil' Darlin' doesn't sound so good." He saw Charley ride with Vinnie and then they were gone.

Modo was pacing the garage. He didn't know what to do. What if I can stop them. what if it can't be stopped. You weren't raised to believe such things. What if that was going to happen anyway. With or without you. He couldn't stand the tension so he rode his bike and headed towards Limburger Tower.

Modo stopped. Everything was like his dreams minus him. But there was something else different. He couldn't pinpoint it. He saw his bros heading towards Limburger Tower. He saw Limburger standing on a building roof beside him waving. "BROS, IT'S A TRAP. IT'S GONNA BLOW. TURN AROUND NOW." He saw the tower collapse. He saw his bros rushing towards him as he rushed to them. "NOOOOooooo." He saw them disappear beneath what was the tower's top floor.

Modo stopped there and waited to wake up. He didn't, this was real. He saw Charley run to him. She was screaming something but Modo didn't hear her. He just looked at the rubble. He could feel her shake his shoulder, "MODO. THEY'RE UNDER THE TOP FLOOR. THAT'S MOSTLY GLASS. THEY COULD BE ALIVE." Modo shook his head. Got of his bike and started digging.

Charley watched as Modo dug like a mad man. She didn't dare tell him to stop or slow down. She saw him freeze lean down and straighten up. He was carrying a white figure like it was a baby. He put Vinnie down at Charley's feet and went to look for Throttle.

Charley had Vinnie's head on her lap. He was hurt but nothing serious. She looked up then at Modo. Thank you. She saw Modo haul Vinnie's bike above the rubble. Then he turned and started digging she saw him make a hole and pull Throttle's bike. She saw him reach in and turn with Throttle in his arms. She gasped when she realized he was trapped under his bike.

"Charley maam. He's not breathing." Charley let go of Vinnie and headed for Throttle thanking the stars over and over for medical courses she's been taking without the guys knowing. She started CPR then a minute later Throttle rolled over clutching his middle and coughing. "Throttle can you hear me." She got no response. Vinnie was still out cold.

"We have to get them to the garage. They're not seriously hurt but I want to take care of them as soon as possible. I have a few medical things there."

Hours later they had Throttle and Vinnie all patched up. Modo was in the kitchen feeling guilty. Charley came in, "Hey, that's not a face that belongs to somebody who just saved his bros from dying." Modo laughed, "More like almost caused them to die. If I came along they wouldn't have gotten hurt."

"Modo you couldn't have known."

"I've been having this dream for the last couple of weeks that the tower falls of both of them then you tell me they're dead. Charley maam what if I've been having that dream as a warning. I ignored it and left them and they're my bros. I'm supposed to value them with my life."

"And you do Modo. If you were with them you might have been under there with them and if you didn't come late you wouldn't have warned them and the whole tower instead of the top floor, which I may add is the lightest being mostly glass, would've landed on them. Come on Modo that was NOT I REPEAT NOT your fault." Modo just looked at the table.

"Come on let's check on the guys. They headed towards the guestrooms. Vinnie was sleeping. Throttle smiled when he saw them. Modo sat down next to him, "Bro, I'm so sorry." "For what saving our lives?" "No for almost letting you lose them." Throttle took Modo's hand and looked him in the eye. He wasn't wearing his specks. "You saved our lives bro, and don't you ever believe anything else." Modo looked at the hand clutching his and covered it nodding. "Now go away and let me sleep." Modo smiled and went to check on Vinnie again.

"OWWW. Take it easy sweetheart." "Vinnie don't be a cry baby. I'm only putting an ice pack on that bump of yours." Vinnie saw Modo standing in the door. "Heyy, there's our hero. Let me warn you though Modo, you might get buried under a ton of mail from the females of the galaxy thanking you for saving yours truly." Modo laughed at the expression Charley had on her face. "and a birdie tells me you're feeling a little responsible so don't and you'll know I'm right when you get that mail." Modo laughed and shook his head. Charley looked at Vinnie and said, "and I thought your head was swollen because of the knocking it took." Vinnie grinned. "Now try to get some more sleep." She expected some kind of remark but instead heard deep breathing. She smiled and closed the door pulling Modo with her. "Come on, I'll make us something to eat."

The end.