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Home Alone

By: zanymars

July 23rd, 2000

Copywrite © zanymars.2000. all rights reserved.

Monday afternoon.
Charley looked at the mirror then back at the piece of paper in her hand miserably. Her cousin was getting married and she was invited. The wedding was almost a week later. She heard a knock at the door, which burst open as a tall white figure entered. "Hey, sweetheart, can't find the screwdriver kit." "Under the cabinet by the door." "Thanks." When he got out she heard a deep voice saying he should've waited until she said come in. Charley smiled, always the gentleman.

"Hey Charley sorry about Vinnie," seeing her face, "What's wrong?"

"What? Oh nothing it's just my cousin's getting married." Shouldn't you be happy?" she smiled, "I am it's justI don't have anything to wear." "Oh, why don't you go to the mall and buy something, if you want one of us'll take ya." Charley had to laugh at the expression Modo had on his face. She stood up and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks maybe I'll do that. Now out. I'm fine really." She closed the door behind the tall gray mouse and sank to her bed. The truth was, she was ecstatic for her cousin. The reason she was miserable was that she had to leave the guys alone in the garage and she could remember the last time all too well.

Deciding to go along with her cover story and having a plan materialize in her head Charley grabbed her purse and key's along with a notebook and pen, then headed to her van.

Throttle heard the van drive away then turned to Vinnie, "You should show her more respect, bro. When are you gonna learn?" Vinnie looked shocked, "What'd I do? What? First Modo jumps me then you, what's with you two? Jealous of yours truly?" He was smiling at his reflection.

Vinnie grinned as Throttle and Modo looked at each other, "Why, why do I even bother?" "Dunno bro, he's hopeless."

It was late before they finished with the bikes and settled to watch T.V, Charley was still out. It was nearly 2 am when the van pulled up with a joyful Charley. She knew what she was going to do. She smiled as she pulled out three blankets to cover up the sleeping mice. Throttle was on his side scrunched up in the love seat while Modo was sleeping with one leg over the couch while Vinnie was in her lazy boy with his legs on the table, let them sleep, because I have plans for them tomorrow.

Tuesday 6am.
Charley was waking Vinnie quietly leading him into the kitchen. Both spent the next six hours working according to Charlie's plan without Vinnie knowing it.

12 pm. Charley let Vinnie loose and woke up Modo feeling sorry for Throttle who was sleeping like a baby. She did the same with Modo for another six hours. By 6 pm Throttle was up and it was his turn. She let him go at the stroke of mid night. Giving the guys the next 6 hours to rest and spend time together. None of them knew they were working according to Charley's schedule and plan.

The day's routine was the same until Friday, the day Charley was to leave, came. This time she let them sleep feeling confident her plan'll work. Her cab was to arrive at 3 pm, so she woke the mice up at 1 o'clock, with them grumbling for half an hour before they let her speak.

Charley packed her stuff and left them in her room. She was surprised to see Throttle and Vinnie sitting at the kitchen table with their heads lowered while Modo was sitting with a zombie like expression on his face. "Come on, I didn't work you guys that hard, what's wrong?" she asked handing each a piece of paper.

"Well, Mr. Hyper over there decided to eat 6 chocolate bars before deciding to sleep. Two guesses who he kept waking up because he couldn't sleep?" Modo complained. Throttle just moaned his head still on the table while Vinnie gave a little snore showing that he was asleep. Throttle kicked him under the table. If he couldn't sleep then Vinnie didn't deserve to either.

Charley laughed. "Are you guys with me?" they all nodded. "On those papers are the things you are allowed to use or operate. I've been teaching each of you something so if you want to use anything that's not on your list, ask the others; if they have it on their list they will operate it for you. If that something is not on any list then it's off limits for all three of you. Question?"

All three, "Why?"

"I was there the last time I left you alone remember? Now to keep this interesting I'll make a bet. If the place is ok when I come back then I give all three of you the best massages you have ever got. If the house is ruined and there is an innocent party I'll dote on him for a day and believe me I'll know."

"All right, get those hands ready sweetheart."

Ignoring him, "If you lose, all three of you are my slaves for six days. Now out, I wanna make some lunch."

That night the mice sat in the garage polishing their bikes. "Bro, we have to win this bet."Throttle said patting his bike. "Yeah, we owe it to Charley maam after last time" "Well, I'm in for that back rub." Grinning at his reflection.

Throttle laughed, "Any reason, we have to behave so let's check out who gets to go near what."

Everything ran smoothly until the next Monday finally arrived. Charley was to arrive at 9 pm. Everything was running smoothly until 8 pm sturck.

Modo was sleeping on his bike just under a shelf with an open paint can on it. Modo's head was very close to the shelf, if he jerked upwards a little the can would fall.

Throttle noticed the situation and was tempted but couldn't figure out how to make Modo sit up suddenly. Just then Vinnie decided to come into the garage, he too saw the opportunity for a prank and couldn't resist. "Throttle, bro, look." He jerked head towards Modo. "How? I've been thinking about it."

Vinnie looked around a little trying to find a way. Throttle just looked at him amazed at how much energy and planning the younger mouse could do with the right motivation. He saw Vinnie's eyes light up as he spotted just the thing they needed to make their plan complete and successful.

Vinnie motioned for Throttle to help him. They picked up an old engine that was sitting in a corner. Taking out the rotating blade and fitting a bar in its place they hooked the engine to an electrical supply. Throttle carefully took Modo's tail and wrapped its tip around the bar while Vinnie found a piece of string to keep it there. Grinning like it was their birthdays both stood back as Vinnie pushed the button.

Modo as they expected jerked up as he felt his tail being pulled, banged his head on the shelf sending the can flying onto his head splattering himself and his bike with bright pink paint. He jumped up and aimed at the engine releasing his tail. By then Throttle and Vinnie had run away at the sight of the glowing eye laughing their heads off at the situation and fear at what Modo was going to do to them.

Modo was furious. He looked at his bike dripping of pink paint and roared. He ran through the living room into the kitchen catching the two other mice as they were running from the scene of the crime. He grabbed Vinnie by bandoleers and lifted him up while taking Throttle by the tail in the other hand.

Dragging Throttle and carrying Vinnie with his eye glowing bright red Modo made his way to the garage. He was trailing paint all over the place but didn't care. He threw Vinnie and Throttle in front of his bike and tried to speek.

"Modo, bro, sweetheart it was a joke." "Yeah come on we'll help you clean Lil' Hoss up." They both looked at the gray mouse whose anger made him look even bigger. They sat there waiting for him to say something for at least ten minutes then he shouted, "LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID TO MY BIKE!!!!!!! WAS THERE REASON? IF NOT I'LL GIVE YOU ONE." Modo advanced menacingly. Both slipped from under him and ran trying not laugh at him dripping pink.

"Throttle, don't you think he's taking it a little hard?"
"We just dumped pink paint on him and his bike. Now RUNNNN."

In the living room Modo tackled Throttle and sat on him trying to stangle him. In the process they overturned the couch which bumped into a table which held a lamp which flew into the air.

"Charley's favorite lamp!!" Vinnie dived and caught the lamp. He tried to slip out but he felt Modo's tail wrap around his ankle. "Uh oh." Vinnie gulped as he was dragged towards Modo.

"Guys I'm" she looked at the scene in front of her. Modo was sitting on Throttle strangling him and trailing paint all of over Throttle and the floor while Vinnie had her favorite lamp in his hand and was trying to free himself from Modo's tail. All along the floor were trails of pink paint. Paint she recognized as the one she bought custom made for a client. She looked in the garage to find Modo's bike drenched in paint. Charley decided to put a stop to this. In time too since Throttle was getting weaker and was barely concious while Vinnie was shreiking that his ankle was being crushed.

"ENOUGH. STOP. RIGHT. NOW. OR. ELSE." They all looked at her in surprise. "what the hell in going on here? And I want striaght answers."

They spent the last half hour agruing whose fault it was with Charley secretly wishing Limburger would show up. Until she stood up and said, "Look, it looks like you guys are not going to be able to spend the night in one space so each of you go to a guest room and I'll deal with you guys tomorrow. NOW. But before you go I've put a trail of platic along the way to the shower, if you please"

She had to orchestrate who went and when since they were still arguing. A couple of hours later when Charley was sure each was in a room she went into her own. Charley was determined to give a fair verdict on the bet results so she snuck into the living room and opened one on the cabinets taking out a video camera. She noticed a light in the garage so she hid the cassete and headed there. She found Modo cleaning and apologizing to his bike. "Modo, go sleep you'll clean her tomorrow." She saw Modo look at her sadly. "Can't leave her like this." "I know Modo but it's late. I'll help you clean up tomorrow. Come on."

She saw him stand up and squeeze the cloth he was using. "look Charley maam, I'm sorry about the floors. I don't know what came over me. When I saw her in pink and she hates pink, so do I ."

Charley couldn't help but smile at the giant looking like a kid. "Go sleep." When she was sure he was gone she opened aother cabinet and took out another cassete. Now we'll know who's going to get doted on tomorrow."

Next morning Charley took a tray to one of the rooms to give the person a breakfast in bed. Then she went to the other two rooms and let the mice there get out and start cleaning the mess. Both didn't dare to object.

The two figures scrubbing the garage were joined by a third. He stood in the doorway trying to get Charley's attention. "What's going on here?" "Well they are going to clean up the paint, and the bike."

"What's he gonna do?" a voice whined.

"Nothing. He's going to relax today and let me dote on him for a while."

The mouse looked embarrased. "No need, really. That breakfast was enough." "Oh noooo. They will get punished and part of their punishment is seeing you relaxing. Now get out of here."

"Ok, but you guys polish my baby good."

Vinnie looked at the floor and moaned, "Man, he loses his temper and we get punished."

Throttle punched Vinnie on the shoulder, "Shut up and scrub. Oh and remind me not to get involved in any pranks you plan."

Vinnie was about to tackle Throttle when they heard Charley clear her throat from the door. They both nodded and scrubbed while Modo was being doted on by Charley.

"Some people get all the luck."


"OK OK."

The end.