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Hero's Welcome Hero's Hunt

By: zanymars

July 29th-31st, 2000

Copywrite © zanymars.2000. all rights reserved

The final battle. The mice just got Limburger to break down. The big cheese was running home. Three figures on bikes can be seen standing in front of the deserted Limburger Tower while a fourth figure was standing beside them. They were discussing how to bring it down for the last time.

"I say nuke it sweetheart. Three big blows and it's down forever."
"I say break it apart with the grappling hooks."
"You're just saying that to show off Lil' Darlin' there."
"Throttle. You didn't give any suggestions."
"I'm thinking."

Throttle thought a moment longer then said, "We can't bring it down." He saw his bros look at him as if he just grew another head. "The transporter's in there. We can use it to go from Earht to Mars," then looking at Charley, "maybe even back." They all looked at Throttle, eyes wide. "Let's sleep on it and decide tomorrow. "

They all rode back to the garage then each went there separate ways. Charley saw the bikes each go to a direction. She had mixed feelings about the situation. She was happy the guys could go home. God knew most people would get home sick moving to another city. These guys were on another planet. She was also sorry at the prospect of leaving them. She has grown attached to them. Charley shook her head. It was their decision. She had no right to stop them if they wanted to go home.

At three other locations three mice were having the same thoughts. They had mixed feelings about going home but by dawn all three reached a decision.

They all met at the tower in the morning. Everybody voiced their opinion. They were going home. Charley nodded and followed them to the transporter room. They agreed that at the same coordinates that Charley was to send them, she would bring them back or they would send a message telling her when to bring them back. They voted to leave in an hour knowing that the goodbye was going to be torture.

An hour later the three mice packed all they needed into their bikes. Modo hugged Charley to a crushing point telling her over and over that he'll miss her. Throttle gave Charley a hug and a kiss on the cheek telling her to take care. They both waited in the transporter booth giving Vinnie space to say goodbye. Vinnie looked at Charley. He didn't trust himself to speak. He gave her an extra long hug then said, "Charley" "Shhhhhh. Go. I'll see ya in a few days. If you're not coming back leave me a message or I'll come personally and beat you up. Now go."

She went over and gave all three a kiss then activated the transporter. Bye guys, miss ya already. She had her head lowered so they couldn't see a single tear make its way down her cheek.

The mice opened their eyes to see the beautiful Martian desert stretching before them. Modo marked the spot with his cannon. "Hey, I know this place. It's to the back of headquarters."

"Then lead the way Vincent. We're finally home." With that they reared back and shot out into the desert. They stopped as the Freedom Fighters Headquarters base came into view. "I wonder if they know about Limburger." Modo said. They revved their engines again and headed towards HQ. As they neared they heard all the alarms shrieking and lights blinking everywhere.

"You think they heard and this is their idea of a joke?" Just then somebody launched a missile at them. They tried to avoid it. "Guess not." They didn't shoot so as not to hurt their own people. "What the heck is going on here?" Throttle screamed as he avoided a blast to his head. He could see freedom fighters aiming at him. He shouted to his bros, "Near the fence, bros." They neared the fence where it would be harder to hit them.

"What's going on?" "I don't know Vincent." "OHHH mama I bet I know. Let's head to the caves and get cover quick, I'll tell you when we get to safety." He ripped a paper from the wall and followed the other two.

They rode at full speed for about an hour. They were followed for a while but they lost their pursuers. They found a cave high in a mountain where nobody would be able to sneak up on them. When they were sure they were safe for the moment Throttle and Vinnie turned to Modo asking what was behind the attack on them.

"I bet Limburger somehow framed us as a final revenge plan. Take a look at this." He showed them the paper he took. On it was a headline: TRAITORS. WANTED. Beneath was each of their pictures in a wanted poster. Each said: If seen on the planet shoot to hurt and capture. Needed alive for interrogation for conspiring with enemy forces against Mars.

"What!!!! How could they? We defeated Limburger. We should be greeted as heroes, not traitors." Vinnie shouted pounding the wall.

"Shhhhhh. Vinnie we don't wanna get caught. We have to find out what charges exactly are against us. Then prove that we're innocent. To tell you the truth I'm not looking forward to fighting our guys." Throttle looked at the night sky sighing. He then heard a snore, he looked back and saw Vinnie looking at Modo incredulously as the big gray mouse slept on his bike. "How can he do that? Throttle laughed and shrugged telling Vinnie to sleep and that he'd take first watch.

Throttle let them sleep through the night before waking Modo up. "Why didn't you wake me up earlier?" Throttle just shrugged and leant on his bike to get some sleep. It was in the afternoon when Vinnie woke up. He and Modo decided they had to keep moving but they waited for a few hours to let Throttle get some rest.

When it started to get dark they moved out to another cave, this time further into the mountains. They decided to send a scout to see what their situation was. They drew sticks and Vinnie got the task. They decided to give him a day and a half and that they would meet at an underground cave they discovered when they first met.

Throttle and Modo spent the day collecting firewood and hunting using their skills from the freedom fighters to get around and not leave trails. By the dusk of the next day they decided to go to the cave and wait for Vinnie. "I hope he didn't get into trouble." "Aw, Throttle he can take care of himself, even if he is a few nuts and bolts loose." "A FEW!!!! Where have you been living man, I've always wondered how he lived this long. His guardian angels must pull over time everyday." Modo chuckled. "Let's ride."

They had started a fire with a kind of bush that gave out so little smoke it wouldn't be seen. Vinnie was a little late and the two bros started to worry when the young mouse pulled his bike into the cave. "Sweethearts I'm home. Did you miss me?" They both smiled. "So what's our situation, Vincent?"

Vinnie huddled closer to the fire. "Well. They're still looking for us. They didn't find the campsites or the place we arrived from. The good news is that they're looking for us in the opposite end and working farther. The bad news is that we're accused of something bad, big time." He pulled a paper out of his bike's compartment. "Get a load of this. Read the headline and article about us."

Throttle took the paper but didn't read it. "How did you get this Vincent Van Whamm?"

Vinnie looked straight at the fire and said, "Bought it."

Throttle: "WHAT?"
Throttle: "What if anyone saw you?"
Modo: "They would've killed or maimed you."
Throttle: "Are you out of your mind. Wait what am I asking OF COURSE YOU ARE."
Modo: "Where'd you get the money anyway." He slugged Vinnie on the back. Hard.
Throttle: "They would've known you from your bike alone."

"Wow, wow wow. Look. I left my bike at the outskirts. I had my bandana over my face and nobody saw me. They wouldn't have killed me because they want us alive. And I had some money left from before we crashed. Now will you please read that piece about us and stop acting like you're my parents. Jeez."

Throttle held the paper while Modo read from behind him:

It was reported that the Biker Mice from Mars threesome on Earth have allied with the tyrant known as Lawrence Limburger. It was reported that they have been operating as double agents for years giving Limburger information concerning FF movements. Reports also said that the threesome's crash on Earth was only a ruse to cover up Limburger's operations and keep Martians off the planet by making them think that the Biker Mice from Mars had the situation under control. The reason behind their famous successful streak of winnings against the tyrant was that it was all staged. This information was documented from a secret source officials refused to reveal. The threesome known as Throttle, Modo, and Vincent are to be captured and tried as soon as they set foot on the planet. Which is estimated soon since Limburger was seen leaving the sector. They are to stand up for charges of high treason and maybe mouse slaughter since they are believe to be behind many raids on the planet.

Reporters have tried to interview Carbine, leader of the Freedom Fighters and rumored to have a relationship with one of the traitors but the mouse would not comment. Nor would Stoker, the threesome's mentor. One of the accused's nephew had only this to comment, "My uncle and his friends would die before seeing something happen to Mars or Martians" before being whisked away by Freedom Fighters. Meanwhile the Army was glad to comment saying that something like this was bound to happen since the FFs were not professionally trained for duty. This may light up a few sparks later but all efforts are now being spent on finding The Biker Mice from Mars.

"Oh, mama. How are we gonna solve this one bros." "No idea big fella, no idea at all."

Vinnie's eyes lighted up. "We need to know their source right?" Throttle nodded. "Let's get the file that tells us then." They looked at him as if he were crazy (which he is). "Yes. Look everybody knows we're the best. And Modo I know you can pick locks don't even try denying." Modo grinned sheepishly. " So let's get in there and get a peek." Throttle shook his head. Modo just sat there. They knew he was right.

"Modo what do you think?" Modo nodded agreeing with Vinnie. Throttle sighed, "Ok. We'll move out tomorrow."

They decided to use an abandoned tunnel they used to sneak out from. They rode at the strike of dawn being careful not to have anyone see them. They neared the place where the tunnel exited. It was dark so they decided to get on with it. The tunnel was wide enough to hold Modo easily. They hid their bikes behind a sand dune making sure to cover their tracks. They walked a little while into the tunnel until they came to three smaller ones. They picked the route that took them nearest to the file room and Carbine's office, which was beside it.

After turning and twisting for an hour they reached the ventilation system which would also hold Modo. They all crept inside inching quietly towards the file room. When they reached the vents that would lead to Carbine's office and the file room. Throttle looked ahead to make sure she wasn't in it.

They removed the vent screen and jumped into the file room. Each took a corner and started to search. "This is not my style. I hate sneaking around. It's no fun." "Vinnie, shut up and look." A while later they heard footsteps approaching. They jammed the cabinets shut and climbed into the vent just in time. They saw the door open then they saw a young mouse enter look around and she took out a smoke and leaned against the cabinet then when they heard more footsteps she put it out and sneaked out. Vinnie chuckled. Must be a new blood.
They were about to go back in when Throttle stopped them. Carbine's office was filling with mice. They leant closer to hear.

"Carbine, what are we going to do about the situation."
"Keep looking. You people are the top around here and I trust you to find thosethose rats."
"How do you want us to capture them?"
"Show them no mercy. The Throttle I knew no longer exists. The three you knew also don't exist. Tell the others the three mice they knew do not exist these are traitors to be treated like that even worse."

They started to map out a plan to find them. When the meeting was over Carbine sat behind her desk. She pulled opened a drawer with a lock attached to it. She pulled out a folder titled, BIKER MICE. She opened the folder looking at the three wanted pictures. She touched one then the other and stopped at the third. She traced the picture with her hand then put her head down. "Why," she whispered, "why did you betray us, Throttle. I'll find out whatever it takes." Then someone knocked on the door telling her that she was needed at the shooting range.

When she was gone both Vinnie and Modo out a hand on each of Throttle's shoulders. "You okay bro?" Throttle nodded. "Let's get that file and prove our innocence and nail the scum that set us up." They went into the office taking guard while Modo picked the lock and took out the file. Just as they were going to read it they heard a shout and the sound of people running. "They must have security cameras somewhere. Modo take that file with you. Vinnie leave that door and come on."

Just then Vinnie said, "I know that voice. Who is the girl who owns that voice?"

Throttle took him by the bandoleers leading him to the vent, "No time to try and remember one of your lost loves, Vincent, move it."

They through the tunnels and out into the desert. They were just mounting their bikes when they heard the other bikes. "Let's ride." They went out with each taking turns to act as a decoy until they lost their pursuers. They went deep into the mountains to take shelter.

They scanned the file till they found what they needed. The case profile. Most leaders hated to do it accurately and they knew that. Thank the gods Carbine is not like most leaders. "Bros, here it is." They waited until Throttle scanned the profile. "So?" they asked.

"Well bros, in a nut shell. Somebody named Tar came to Carbine with the info. about us and had with him evidence such as videos and pictures. Also a signed contract with my signature on it on behalf of myself and you two. All we need to do is find this Tar person and see what his game is. The question is how are we going to find him. Carbine didn't put anything to identify him and she's written that she did that for security reasons. Any suggestions?"

Vinnie thought for a while. He had a zillion suggestions but he knew he would get kicked if he told them any of them. He tried to think of something that the others would agree to. Of course I could do it on my own, but one way or the other they'd kill me and the world still needs Vinnie Van Whamm to brighten it up. "Hey, how about"

"If you say let's just ask I'll throw you off this mountain and not even Modo there would be able to stop me." Throttle warned. Vinnie closed his mouth while Modo chuckled in the corner. Throttle and Vinnie spent hours thinking up ways until Modo who was silent most of the time stood up and said, "Why not just look in the protective facility. Last I heard before we crashed they were going to open that up and the file did have an order to be shipped there." Both looked at Modo with disbelief. "Why didn't you say so ya big lug. That's a plan worth me thinking of." Throttle shook his head, "Getting kinda more than usually swelled in the head aren't we? We go out before dawn."

They reached the facility. They were hiding on top of a sand dune trying to assess the situation. They counted two guards at each corner. Two others at each exit. There were two towers with a guard each with huge headlights on them. Inside the compound people were roaming around carrying blasters. They could see 16 mice patrolling the grounds inside the walls surrounding the compound.

"I guess they know we're coming for them, all that security must be to keep us out. My reputation precedes me."

Throttle couldn't help but laugh. He saw Modo trying to choke his. At least he's confident. "Okay, we find our target then we have to do something about it. Come on. I want that Tar person."

They split up then regrouped. They didn't find anything. Just then they heard an engine rumbling. They looked in that direction and found Carbine talking to the guards on the gate.

Carbine hated this compound. For one thing it was entirely above ground and most of the first floor was glass! She hated it. It was not secure which was why she had all the security. She doubled it when she found out they were on the planet. She knew they took the file, she wanted Tar moved but Stoker convinced her no to. He told her the only safe place would be the compound since nonce of them was around when it was rebuilt. She remembered him saying, "They know every inch of almost every facility we have. They had this hobby of finding ways to sneak out. They wouldn't know how to sneak in there. Trust me." What she didn't hear was him muttering under his breath, "I hope because those guys are good. Heck, I trained them to be the best."

She went inside to check on her source. Meanwhile 5 eyes followed her as she went into the building. They could trace her movements thanks to the glass walls of the first floor. When she entered what looked like a living room they could see another figure sitting on a couch. Vinnie walked to his bike and launched a microphone that stuck to the glass. He pulled out three ear pieces and gave each of his bros one. Not before Modo complained, "How come we didn't have nice quarters and furniture in the FF?" "You can complain to them when we clear this up."

"Hello Tar. Comfortable?"
"Yeah. Nice thing you have going on here."
Carbine smiled, she couldn't help it. She looked at her contact. Muscles bulging, broad shoulders. His fur was brown with specks of black here and there. His eyes were the reason for him name she presumed. They were deep and dark exactly as if they were made from tar.

"Y'know those three are here. Are you sure about what you told and showed me?"
"Yeah, yeah babe. I'm sure. You just lock up those traitors."
"They know about you. They stole one of my files." She saw his eyes turn wide. "I doubled security, no need to worry. I'd like you to stay on the upper floors. They're made up from steel."
"Are you absolutely sure? If this turned out wrong people will want your head. So will the biker mice. Those three are known and respected throughout the Martian population."
"You ask me one more time and I'm outta here. With all the evidence."
"Which I trust is safely hidden."
"Yep. Only I know where my evidence is."
"Then we'd better make sure nobody gets you then."
"Will you personally make sure?"
"Maybe." Carbine lowered her head and smiled. He's so charming and handsome. "I'm going to check on the guards."

Tar smiled. He watched her as she turned and walked. Nice. He chuckled. Those three are history. He hee.

Meanwhile the three were planning their move. "I say run and twirl #3."

Both Throttle and Modo shook their heads. "Last time we tried that you almost broke your leg." "You were out cold for two days." "It's too dangerous. I can't have you hurt yourself." "But butthat was long ago guys. I love that move." Both shook their heads again.

"I remember the first time we did it. I almost died until they dug you out. You looked terrible bro." Modo shuddered at the memory.

"Listen up Modo Vinnie here's what we'll do"

Five minutes later sirens can be heard blaring all over the facility, lights flooded every inch. All were aiming at a cherry red blur. Vinnie was howling like a maniac as he did flips and dives that would turn a person's hair white from watching them. He was running at full speed and loved it. Just then Throttle and Modo raced in. They blasted their way into the facility.

"AAAWWWWWOOOO HOHOHO. Just try and catch me sweetheart. Hahaaa." Just then he saw Carbine take aim at him. Vinnie had all his blasters at their lowest so he'd only knock out anybody he shot. He hesitated then fired. Sorry Throttle.

Meanwhile Throttle was in the living room. He saw a tail going up the stairs and jumped after the figure. Modo was covering him blasting and looking calm as if nothing was out of the ordinary. He turned as a figure flew from the stairs onto the floor. "Trouble?" "No." Throttle shook his head and ran up the stairs. A minute later he came down carrying the brown mouse over his shoulder. "Let's ride."

When they were far from the compound they shot a flare into the air.

"Oh, maaan. Just when I was getting started." Vinnie said sadly as he saw the flare. "Well, boys and girls hate to disappoint you but gotta run."

Vinnie was followed. He tried to loose them but they poured out as if they were waiting along the way. He looked back he could see four freedom fighter issue bikes on his trail. He saw a sand dune and took his chance. He flew into the air and landed three sand dunes further. He knew nobody sane would try this on unstable grounds. He chuckled as he remembered the time he challenged Throttle and Modo to do the same. Everybody thought they were crazy. Stoker made them take a psychiatric evaluation test. Throttle who hated shrinks the most wouldn't talk to him for two weeks. Modo talked to him a few days later though.

Just then Vinnie's bike skidded and he slipped behind a large boulder. He expected to see FFs swarming all over him but they didn't. He looked around the boulder and saw them chasing someone else. A closer look told him they were chasing a cherry red race bike that looked like his. The rider was doing incredible stunts. He knew anybody would mistake it for his. But he knew his baby. A close cousin maybe. He smiled and saw the mystery figure lead the FFs farther. Just as he was about to join his bros he saw the mystery figure fire something into the air. A minute later a steel cylinder landed near him. He took it and stashed it. I'll open it when it's safe.

It was dark and Throttle was waiting at the edge of a clearing. He was getting edgy, Vinnie was late. He saw them follow him. "Just hope you didn't try anything stupid bro." Just them he heard it. Vinnie was back.

They greeted each other silently then Throttle led the way to their new hiding out. They found Modo lying back on his bike aiming his arm at the now bound and gagged Tar. He seemed to know what would happen if he tried anything so he just stared at the cannon.

"So what happened to ya there, bro. If I didn't have to baby-sit here. I'd have been out there looking for ya."

Vinnie told them everything then showed them the cylinder. They tried to figure out what it was. Finally they found a soft place they presumed to be a release button.

Silently Throttle took the cylinder, and went outside. He went to the clearing then threw the cylinder while pressing the soft spot. He waited for the explosion but nothing came.

Vinnie, who was telling Modo what Throttle was doing, was surprised, "How many times do I have to tell you, I do all the cool daredevil tricks here." "Fine, next time I'll give you the chance to try and blow up the other half of your face." He saw Vinnie's hurt look. "Bro, I'm sorry, it just slipped out."

Vinnie nodded and took a paper Throttle was holding, on it was: WE BELIEVE IN YOU. YOU WILL SUCCEED. WE'LL HELP WHENEVER WE CAN.

Modo looked at his bros, "Unknown allies. What next?" they all heard a chuckle. Tar was eyeing them curiously his eyes twinkling as if he knew something. Modo aimed his arm, eye glowing and Tar looked down at his knees.

"Okay, let's get some rest and then deal with Mr. Evidence there. We need to go deeper into the mountains first though. I'll take first shift watching our guest."

"No, Throttle, I got it, you two go to sleep." Throttle nodded and leant on his bike. He looked over at Vinnie whose bike was at the entrance and saw Vinnie looking at his bike as if it were a burden his eyes droopy. Throttle smiled. "Bro, sit down, I'll get your bike."

Vinnie nodded. He was suddenly very tired. He sat down and leant on Throttle's bike. Throttle rolled the red bike in and sat down beside Vinnie, "Modo wake me up in a while then I'll take over." Modo nodded and prodded Tar who was dozing of. "No, sleep for you rat face."

Throttle felt something of his shoulder. He looked over and saw Vinnie's head on it. He smiled as he gently took off his vest and covered the younger mouse. "He looks like such a kid when he's sleeping doesn't he?" Modo nodded.

When Vinnie woke up he found himself covered with Throttle's vest and his bike was in front of him blocking the light. He ran outside when he didn't see his bros or their bikes.

"Good afternoon sleeping beauty. I was just about to wake you up." Modo said while he did some last minute checking on the ropes that tied Tar to his seat. "Where's Throttle?" "Out scouting. Just you and me with some garbage. Come on get your bike and don't forget Throttle's vest or you're a dead mouse."

Vinnie nodded. He needed that sleep. He got his bike and joined Modo. They spent the day collecting firewood like before. When they were settled they decided to get some answers.

Throttle was fuming when he found them. "Why didn't one of you wait for me at the bottom of the mountains? Was I supposed to hike around it till I found you and a path for my bike? I thought something happened." Both looked guilty. "Sorry, bro, lost track of tome trying to get some answers from him but no use." Throttle kicked the wall and swore. Tar was enjoying the scene.

Modo carried Tar to the back of the cave then went to Throttle. "What's wrong, I mean really. You aren't like this."

Throttle ignored him and went to Tar. He kicked him in the stomach, "I'm getting tired of this. Talk. Who hired you? Why? Where is your so called evidence?" he was about to hit him again when Vinnie cried out, "Heeeey. He's tied up." And Modo grabbed his arm. Throttle threw them a paper and swore trying to calm himself.

Modo took the paper and said, "Oh mama. We've gotta clear this up fast." Vinnie looked at the paper and whistled. "Every bounty hunter is going to be on our tails for that reward. Always knew I was precious but this" he tore up the sheet that was the talk and challenge of every bounty hunter imagined.

Modo was looking at Tar through his side mirror. The mouse had his back to him. Modo saw the black leather jacket he wore with TAR on the back. Modo was about to turn when he noticed something. "OH, MAMA." Modo's eye glowed with rage as he approached the mouse. He picked him up and was about to throw him across the cave when his bros stopped him.

Modo just held Tar with his back to the mirror and motioned them to look. "Well, I'll be." Vinnie said while Throttle said, "You can throw IT now."

CRASH. Throttle walked up to Tar and pulled of the mask. They were looking at a brown rat. They noticed a tattoo on the back of his neck that said: TAR IS RAT. "Tar Rat figures. I guess that's all the evidence we'll need."

A groggy Tar looked at him and said, "Won't work. Your girl likes me and she'll listen to yours truly.." Throttle kicked him and went outside.

"And I'm not gorgeous. Nighty night sweetheart." BAM. Vinnie rubbed his fist, "Man, his skull is THICK."

They tied up Tar to Modo's bike and set out. "So we get their attention, try not to get killed until they listen or we get to Carbine or Stoker, and give them this. Right?" Throttle nodded. "Cool. Let's get the ball rolling."


They were halfway through the mountains when they heard engines behind them. "Sand raiders!" "Must be after the bounty!" Tar was still out of it. They raced dodging and firing as more sand raiders joined the hunt. Suddenly they heard a voice scream, "Over hear." They went into a narrow opening in the rock that led to a clearing. They saw a figure wearing black jump of a ledge and get out through the opening. "Hey, WAIT. WHO ARE YOU?" They looked at each other. "One of our mystery allies?"

Just then Vinnie who was at the ledge checking out the activity outside cried, "Hey, come and see quick." They climbed after him. They saw the desert where they just were. The sand raiders were there but so were three other figures. To anybody it would've seemed as if the trio were out there. They looked in amazement as three bikes that looked like theirs did stunts and things leading the Sand Raiders away. The one on a red bike turned and fired something that landed in the clearing the bikes were sitting in. this time the bros knew what it was.


RIDE FREE!!!!!!!

"I wonder who our allies are. They took a risk helping us and they risked their lives acting like our decoys." Throttle looked at the paper as if it held the answer. "Let's get to Stoker and get this over with."

Modo looked at Throttle. "Bro, you know she didn't mean the things she said." Throttle looked at his bike. "Yeah, I mean she was just mad. Don't let it get to ya." Vinnie put an arm on Throttle's shoulder. Throttle gave a bitter laugh, "Sure she didn't. Let's ride and put this behind us. I'm okay, thanks bros."

They revved their engines and rode to sector Red 7. They found the patrol's tracks. They followed them until the found were Stoker and his men were setting camp. "You two ready?" they both nodded. "Then Let's Rock and RIDE."

They shot out into the clearing. Stoker and his men went for their blasters. They started firing at the Biker mice. They tried to dodge.

Throttle screamed, "Stoker, listen to me. It was all a setup." Another blast, "will you use your head for once on your life?"

"NO." Throttle turned to the voice. He found Carbine standing at the top of a hill. "What are you doing here?" Stoker asked. "I was checking on patrols, good thing I did. GET THEM."

Throttle looked at her. "Carbine" "Don't talk to me you traitor." "No I guess I should let your new love do the talking. Funny how you fell in love in what you hate." He turned and dodged another blast. Carbine didn't understand what he was talking about and she didn't care. She wanted them in custody NOW.

At two ends of the clearing two teams were trying to catch Modo and Vinnie. Neither team was having much luck. Stoker was with the team after Throttle. "Stoker listen. Tar is a rat. It was a setup." Stoker raised his hand commanding a cease-fire for his team. "What are you doing?"

"Carbine, these are my guys. I have to give them a chance." Throttle breathed a sigh of relief. He turned to get Tar. "Where do you think you're going?" Throttle looked at Stoker. "I'll leave my bike here. I'm going to get a rat." Stoker nodded knowing that Throttle wouldn't leave his bike.

Throttle tossed Tar and the mask at Stoker's feet. Stoker looked at the rat with disgust. "CEASE FIRE EVERYBODY CEASE FIRE. You know we have to take you in until everything is cleared up." Throttle nodded.

The team on Modo heard the command but the team targeting Vinnie was still at it. Stoker, Carbine, Throttle and Modo raced to stop them from shooting Vinnie. Just then Modo's booming voice raised above all the noise, "CEASE FIRE RIGHT NOW." Just as he shouted that they heard Vinnie cry out and skid with his bike across the clearing.

"VINNIE." They raced to him and saw him clutching his leg. "Something bit me. Something bit me." "Let's get him to HQ FAST." Stoker ordered. Carbine was looking very angry and annoyed.

A couple of hours later. They were in HQ. Throttle and Modo were with Vinnie in the ward. They weren't allowed in the examination room so they stood outside in a waiting room.

Stoker came in. "Come with me. He's in good hands. We got the evidence that rat had, but you have a lot of explaining to do."

They went into the interrogation room. They were shown a tape of Modo in tux in a ball hosted by Limburger. They saw another one with them going into the tower. They saw fuzzy pictures of them shaking hands with Limburger and enjoying themselves in Limburger Tower. "Sir, there's just one piece of evidence that we don't have. It was hidden farther. It's going to take a little longer to get here." Stoker nodded and the young mouse closed the door.

Carbine joined them. She didn't talk. She was annoyed with Stoker but decided to deal with him later. "So this better be good. Tar may be a rat but this it very convincing."

Modo looked at Throttle meaning that he should do the explaining. "Well. The one with Modo in a tux, he was undercover so we could find out what Limburger was planning at the time. The one of us going into the tower, if you'd notice we're going in with our bikes armed and ready which means we were about to trash the place. The pictures as so fuzzy how can you be sure it's us?" he looked at them while they sat there.

The door opened and a young mouse came in, "Sir, the lab's finished. The tape's a fake. A very good fake but a fake." Modo and Throttle slapped each other a high five. "Now can we go check on Vinnie?" Stoker smiled. He was relieved that this turned out okay. He liked those three. "Yeah, let's go check on the punk. Until the last piece of evidence comes" Carbine just scowled and stormed out.

They were on their way to the medical ward when Stoker stopped in front of a door and said, "I think this belongs to you." He opened the door and Chalrey came out. "Charley!!!" Throttle hugged her. "Charley maam so good to see you." Charley smiled and gave them kisses on the cheeks. Stoker stepped in, "Chit chat later, you want to see your friend or not?" Charley followed. "Where is Vinnie anyway?" "In the medical ward." "What??? Is he okay? What happened?"

Another door opened and a mouse in white came out. "He's fine. A Tongue-Tie snake bit him. You can go see him now. He's quite the flirt isn't he?" Throttle nodded. Then all three laughed. "Vinnie's been bitten by a snake and you're all laughing?" They lead her in and she saw Vinnie lying in a bed with a goofy smile. "He was holding a male nurse by the arm and saying his voice slurry "Look at me. I want to see if I look all right." The male nurse was looking around for help, "don't look around. How can I see my reflection if your eyes are roaming around."

Charley saw all three laugh until tears rolled down. "What's going on?" Modo looked at her and said, "Well, the Tongue Tie snake doesn't kill or poison. It's venom makes it's victim groggy and a bit tongue-tied. He's passed the tongue tied stage so he'll be okay in a while." Charley nodded her head.

Just then a beautiful female Martian nurse came in and checked on Vinnie. When he looked at her Vinnie cried, "Well lookey here, it's the beautiful sneaky smoker. What's your name sweetheart?" they all laughed at the embarrassed look she had. "Name's Naraween, everybody calls me Nana." Vinnie smiled at her then looked at the ceiling. "Nana, pretty name." Charley chuckled.

Just then Carbine marched in. "Alright Mr. Innocent where in the world would Limburger get your signature. I have a signed contract with your signature on it that the three of you were under his command."

"Lighten up lady." She glared at Vinnie and looked at Throttle. Throttle knew where the signature was from but didn't want to tell her. He wasn't ready to talk about it yet. He knew Vinnie and Modo didn't want to talk about it either. He saw Modo look at him, Throttle shook his head. "So? I'm waiting?"

"What's going on?" Charley looked at Stoker for an explanation. He gave her the main points saying he'll give her the details later.

"I'll tell ya!" "Vinnie no. I don't wanna talk about it." Vinnie was looking like a kid who was just awarded for knowing the right answer. "When does that stuff wear off?" Modo looked at Vinnie and said, "Don't you dare bro." Vinnie ignored them, "I know that answer."

Carbine looked Vinnie in the eyes, "What is it?"

"We were captured by Lim..Limbu.that fish guy. He " Vinnie looked down with a sad expression, "Anyway he let Modo and me go on a condition that involved Throttle. That's why he has the signature." Throttle breathed out with relief. He didn't want to talk about the details.

"What happened to you, Vinnie?" Carbine had to hold him by the shoulders to keep him focused, Vinnie just looked like a very sad kid on the verge of tears. She let him go.

Carbine and Stoker were looking at Charley as if asking an explanation. She shrugged. She had an idea what they were talking about but she didn't know the details. They wouldn't tell her. She only knew the after effects of what happened. She could still remember how they looked. "I just know they were" she stopped when she saw Throttle shake his head and Modo's eye glow. "They'll tell us when they're ready." Carbine was seething. Stoker on the other hand was satisfied. "I think that clears things up, Carbine?" she looked at then and said, "I'll deal with you later. I have a bone to pick with the Army about a certain remark." She turned and went out.

Stoker felt a tug on his tail, Vinnie was pulling at it. "Let go punk." "How do I look? And why do you look so much older?" Charley chuckled as Stoker tried to look angry while Throttle and Modo were kneeling with laughter.

"Whosat?" Vinnie asked after a few moments, he could feel the effects were almost gone. Only his speech was a bit groggy. He saw Charley, "Charley girl!! What you doing here?" "Told you I'd come and kick you if you didn't leave me a note. Which reminds me." She gave each a slap.

"OWWW. Come give this mouse a hug." Charley came over and gave Vinnie a light hug. He then took her by the shoulders and kissed her. "Heyyy, that wasn't from the venom." She slugged him hard. "Heey, can't blame me for trying." He gave her a grin.

Charley stormed out, "OOOOHHHH mice!!! What am I saying?" she shook her head and went to the quarters she was given leaving the laughter behind her.

The end.