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Check up? No Way!

By: zanymars

July 29th, 2000

Copyright © zanymars.2000. All rights reserved.

Vinnie felt a tap on his shoulder. He rolled over swatting whatever was annoying him. Another tap. He could hear someone whisper something but he couldn't make it out. He didn't care. He wanted to sleep. "Go away." he mumbled.

Modo looked at Vinnie with an evil grin. He whispered, "Vinnie, wake up." The young mouse didn't stir. Modo heard a chuckle. He looked up from Vinnie's bunker and saw a lone handsome mouse about the guys age in the bunker room watching him. Modo looked at him. He was facing a jet-black mouse. He had bright red hair that contrasted with his fur. "What's your name?" "Night Stalker." Modo nodded, "I'm Modo." "Figured that out." Modo looked at him confused.

"Heard about your adventures on Earth and don't see any other mice with a bionic arm or a half metal face." Modo looked at the strange young mouse. "Thought you three were inseparable." "They put us each in a bunker room coz we made too much noise together. Will you vouch that I tried to wake him up and he didn't wake up?" Night Stalker nodded.

Modo was looking like a kid on his birthday. He walked up to Vinnie leaned down until his mouth was near the white mouse's ear. "VINNIE WAKE UP QUICK SOMETHING"S WRONG VERY WRONG." While he was screaming he tugged Vinnie off his bed onto the floor.

Modo clutched his sides with laughter as Vinnie tried to orient himself. The younger mouse was delusional. "Harley? Someone took Harley again? Charley okay? Her transport crashed? Throttle hurt? Modo? Something wrong with me? My mask off?" Modo by then was on his knees. Night Stalker walked out of the room expressionless.

Vinnie tried to find out what he was hearing. He took a couple of deep breaths. He could see something big shaking beside him. He looked over and saw Modo on his knees with tears rolling down his face. "YOUYOU YOU PLUTARKIAN RA STINK FACE." Modo still couldn't speak.

When Modo stopped laughing he took Vinnie's arms in his to stop Vinnie's boxing practice on him. "Wow, peace peace. Vinnie stop." Vinnie looked at him hard. "Why. Whyyy did you wake me up like that?" "Just wanted to give you a feel of what's to come today."

Vinnie looked at Modo. He tried to think of something scary enough. They just came back to Mars. He knew they weren't going on the Big Raid yet. Charley was with them. In fact today was the day she was to return from her first mission. He talked to her yesterday night she was okay. "Harley?" Modo shook his head, "Your sweetheart is still here. That'll be the day when they take her from us again." "What then?" "I'll tell ya when we wake Throttle up."

Vinnie grinned. "Wake Throttle up?" Modo nodded. They grinned and nodded. "Give me a couple of minutes to wake up, sweetheart."

"Look at him. So peaceful." "Yeah, makes you feel sorry for what we're about to do." They looked at each other. "NAAAaah." They made sure no one was in the bunker. They were just about to close the door when Harley stopped at the doorway.

"Mornin' sweetheart." "Good Morning Harley maam." Harley looked at the innocent expressions they had. "What are you doing here. I thought you guys aren't allowed to sleep in the same bunker anymore." They shrugged. "Just going to give Throttle a head start on the day." "Just don't do anything to him. The poor guy was up late yesterday helping us coordinate a raid that went a little bad." They both nodded. "By the way, there's a briefing for you guys in half an hour." "Sure sweetheart." Vinnie gave her a kiss and closed the door behind her.

"Throttle, bro wake up." Vinnie whispered. He looked at Modo. "Good enough for you?" Modo grinned, "Yep good enough for me." He locked the door and turned to Throttle.


Before they knew what happened Throttle was up and running towards the door only to run headfirst into it. Throttle shook his head and looked for his specks. A white hand gave them to him. He looked at his bros laughing their heads of. "Not funny bros, not funny at all." He stood up and went into the bathroom to freshen up.

Modo and Vinnie stopped laughing. "He didn't do anything. He didn't even scream." "Oh, mama. We're going to get it bad. Let's head to mess hall before he comes out shall we?" "Already there bro."

Throttle waited until they went out. He had a plan all right and they were going to get it, in time. Throttle however forgot his plans of revenge when they reached the briefing room.

Stoker and Carbine were there. So were Harley and Charley who just got back from a scouting mission. "Hey Charley girl how was your first mission." She smiled and nodded. Throttle sat down between his bros who were looking at him as if he might explode any second.

Stoker closed the door. The three mice could feel the tension in the air. "What's wrong?" Carbine cleared her throat. "Modo knows about one of the things I want to say. Vinnie, physical check ups today." Vinnie stood up, "No way. No. I hate them. All that probing and measuring and stuff. NO. I'm outta here." He was about to turn when Stoker put an arm on his shoulder and made him sit down. So this is what's he was preparing me for. Vinnie looked at Modo and frowned. Only his bros knew why he hated physical check ups. They reminded him too much of Karbunkle's experiments. Vinnie shuddered.

Charley was surprised at Vinnie's reaction but she was even more surprised at Modo's reaction on the second piece of news. "Modo, hi." Modo nodded looking worried. "Modo, well, today isn't just physical check up day." Charley saw Carbine take a deep breath, "it's inoculation day. Booster shots and new shots." Modo's eyes were wide. He hated shots and always has. He started shaking his head. Stoker was by the door. If that eye glows I'm outta here. Carbine feared the same.

"NO." he stood up glowering. "You got me in to take them once. That's it." Carbine saw his eye begin to glow. Charley stood up and took Modo's face in her hands looking him in the eye.

Stoker was impressed. Lady's got guts. "Modo calm down everything will be okay." His eye was returning to normal.

Carbine began to breathe. She winced, "Well, that's not it. It's psyche evaluation day too. We decided to get everything over with quickly. See you, have to go." Carbine flew through the door while Throttle stood up and screamed, "WHAT!!" Stoker took Charley and Harley by the arms and dragged them out then he closed the door and locked it.

"Let's give them time to clam down." He looked at the door as if expecting it to blow up any second. Stoker looked at the two females staring at him, arms crossed. He knew they were waiting for an explanation. Harley jabbed a finger at his shoulder, " Talk. I've never seen them that rattled."

Stoker sighed. "Well, each time it's full check up time we have a problem. Five actually, but those three are the worst. Throttle has this thing about shrinks, which seems to have gotten stronger after his time on Earth. Remind to ask you about that later Charley. Modo, yes our big rumbling of a giant hates needles. The punk hates physicals for some reason. So each year we have a hell of a time dragging them to their destinations. The reason we put them in that room is that it's sound proof." Stoker sighed, "The thing is nobody knows what's behind their phobias." He laughed.

"What's so funny?

"Well I always find it funny. Kinda like dealin' with kids. Drives you crazy then you laugh at the situation. Now if you'll excuse me ladies."

Harley and Chalrey shook their heads and went in opposite directions.

Charley was in her quarters when she was called a couple of hours later. She went to the medical ward and was greeted by Stoker. "Charley, we need your help. It seems you have a knack of calming Modo, keep him calm until we drag him in." "I still can't believe he's afraid of shots." Stoker shrugged and sat down.

She saw Vinnie come out of a room rubbing his arm. "Hey Charley girl. Couldn't stay away huh?" Charley ignored him. Just then Throttle came in. he stopped at the door and cried, "Stoke, Vinnie, Charley, HELP!!" he was yanked out of the room. Charley ran out and saw him trying to drag Modo into the room.

With Charley coaxing and the other three mice pushing they finally got him into the waiting room. "Modo, look at me, let's talk." Charley felt sorry for him. He looked like a kid sitting in a chair in a corner looking panicked. Throttle headed for a room. "Don't look at Throttle. Look at me."

Modo was about to bolt out of the room in panic. "Yeah, let's talk. Who's the guy with the bright red hair?"

"With the jet black fur?" Vinnie said, "Name's Night Stalker. He's in my bunker room. Real quiet. Has a really cool knife though."

Just then Throttle came out. Modo panicked and was about to run away. He shook his head, "NO no." Charley looked at him with amazement. Somehow the three mice dragged him in. they had to stay with him to make sure he didn't run.

They had to stay with him each holding him down by a shoulder and Charley trying to distract him by talking to him and blocking his view of the assortment of needles.

It took 20 minutes but the first task was finally over. Two more to go. Stoker shook his head and went to find Harley.

When Charley saw Harley come in she knew it was time for the physicals so she decided to stay and help. Stoker looked at them. "You know why you're here?" they nodded. Throttle came out of the examination room Modo shortly followed. They looked grim as they went to get Vinnie.

The women jumped as the door burst open. They froze at the sight. Modo was carrying Vinnie with his arms around Vinnie's chest while Throttle and Stoker tried to hold his legs. "Let go of me ya big lug. I don't need a physical. My body's just fine thank you."

Throttle looked at them. "Could sure.use.a calming word. Ladies.anytime.like NOW." They had Vinnie pinned to the floor.

Harley and Charley knelt on either side of him. Between them they got him clam enough to drag into the examination room.

This time it took a good two hours, with Vinnie heading walking to the door every five minutes. Gotta admit the punk's got energy. One to go. Stoker swore.

Harley walked into a waiting room. Sitting there were Charley and Carbine pacing around. "What now?" Charley answered, "Stoker wanted all the people close to Throttle around. I have no idea why."

This time Carbine answered, "Nobody knows about the guys' phobias but us. He needs us all here to help calm and restrain Throttle if he went into a full blown tantrum." "That bad?"

Carbine laughed, "Modo's tantrums are nothing. At least you know where they come from and when they end. Nobody's ever seen Throttle lose it but I was there once when he was a little angry, believe me it wasn't pretty. It's scary because he shuts down when he's angry you don't know what's up with him and when he's gonna blow."

Stoker burst in. "I have three REALLY strong people who REALLY hate these psyche evaluations. Thank the gods two are out on missions and don't have to take these evaluation tests." Carbine smiled, "Nervous Stoker?" "Hell yes I am. You know the boy." He strode out again.

Charley looked at Carbine, "You don't have to answer this but what's the deal between you and Throttle?" Carbine smiled, "We decided it's too painful and difficult to keep our relationship, so we're just going to be friends." Charley nodded.

Stoker marched in with a stony faced Throttle behind him. Modo and Vinnie were on either side of him looking as if they had a live bomb in their hands.

They sat Throttle down waiting for his turn to come. They somehow dragged him in promising this will be his last time, and got him to sit in front of the psyche evaluator and got out.

"Uhhh, guys. Look." Everybody looked at Harley. She was pointing at the chair Throttle was sitting in. The stainless steel armrests were dented. "Wow, glad he forgot to pay us back for that prank." Modo nodded in agreement.

"Vinnie. I told you to leave him alone!" "Harley, sweetheart couldn't resist. You know I wonder where Throttle disappeared to before we found him." Harley was about to tell him not to change the subject when a cadet came into the room.

"Maam, I know this room is off limits today but there are two bikes hanging from a ledge outside and their ropes are about to tear lose."

"Well then get them down."

"Can't. They're in the unstable quick sand area. No one knows how they got there. A cherry red bike and a purple'n blue one. Maam."

Everybody laughed as Modo and Vinnie ran out to save their bikes. "Guess Vinnie's question about Throttle's whereabouts was just answered."

A few hours later Charley walked into one of the recreation rooms. Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie were asleep on the couches. A very tired looking Stoker was talking to an exhausted Harley. Carbine brushed past her and flopped into a chair.

"Do you guys go through this every year?" They all nodded miserably. "I wanna go back to Earth." "Granted. Only if we you take us with you."

"Hey sweethearts, keep it down, we're trying to sleep here. The three of us had a rough day while you were out there relaxing."



"Heeey!" CRASH.

The end.