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Blissful Oblivion

By: zanymars

July 20th, 2000

Copywrite © zanymars.2000. all rights reserved.

At the scoreboard three figures can be seen sleeping. All three peaceful and unaware, wrapped in the blissful oblivion called sleep. At the Last Chance Garage another peaceful figure is seen in a blue room. All four were unaware of the happenings at Limburger Tower that would affect them deeply. Especially one.

At the tower a hand reaches into a bowl of slimy worms as a huge stinking face calls, "KARBUNKLE"

"Yes, your cheesiness, what order do you have this time?" Limburger glared at the three pictures facing him, "Is the project finished, doctor?"

"Just about, just about. All I need is a target."

"Who do you think is best suited for our task." Limgurger asked taking a knife and slashing the first picture, "the tan furred leader," another slash, "the gray rumbling of a giant," a final slash, "or the white furred adrenaline junkie maniac." He thinks for a moment. "GREASEPIIIIT!"

When Greasepit walks in Limburger turns to him and the monitor saying, "Our plan and target are"

The Last Chance Garage. Charley Davidson got up early to get a head start on the day. She seemed to be doing that a lot since three certain handsome mice came into her life. Never a dull moment with those three. Especially lately since they've been restless because Limburger was unusually quiet. She got dressed and went downstairs to prepare breakfast.

An hour later she heard the now familiar rumbling of bikes along with the recently familiar bickering. She smiled. Sometimes those heroes can act like such kids, I wonder who's arguing about what. I guess I'll find out. She took a deep breath and turned to face the day.

The door burst open. "Did not." "Yes, you did." "No. How many times am I going to repeat. N. O. NO" "YES YOU DID." Modo said his eye glowing. He was so mad he didn't see Charley.

While the two argued a third figure walked around them and sat down taking a cup of coffee from Charley. "Good morning Charley-girl."

"Mornin', what's up with them?"

"Well, Modo's bike was scratched bad today while we were trying a stunt and they're arguing if it's Vinnie's fault and that he lost his concentration, now what smells good?" asked the husky voice.

An hour later when Throttle and Charley returned to the kitchen after maintaining the bikes and fixing the scratch, they found the argument still going on and threatening to turn physical. Knowing that Modo would pulverize Vinnie and getting very annoyed Throttle turned to Charley, "I think I'd better stop this." Then louder, "ENOUGH. Both of you. Modo, we fixed the scratch. Vinnie, you're a mouse, it isn't the end of the world if your concentration slipped." Both started to protest, "not a word. Now go calm down, shine your bikes or something. This is ridiculous." He saw both taking deep breaths, "not a word, now go." Both stormed out while Charley stared at the tan mouse. "You could've stopped them? Why didn't you?" she saw the Martian shrug and go to the living room. OHHHHH mice!

A while later Charley called from the kitchen that she was going out to get some things. Vinnie followed to ask if she needed him to tag along but instead he was welcomed by Greasepit and his goons with Charley as a hostage. "Let her go or I'll"

"Take another step biker baby and I'm a gonna snap this pretty little neck. Come on youse goons let's go." With that they turned the dune buggies and ran off. Vinnie whistled for his bike while the others hearing the exchange were already on their bikes. All three raced after the buggies towards Limburger Tower.

"Bros I smell a trap." Throttle said. "Yeah, but we gotta save Charley." Modo said his eye glowing. Vinnie just urged his bike faster. Following the buggies into Limburger's underground parking lot they found it empty. "Man, where'd they go. I saw them come in here." Vinnie said blasting at the walls as if that would bring the buggies back.

"Vinnie, cool it bro." Just as he said those words Throttle felt himself growing heavy. He heard Modo cry, "Knock out gas." Before the blackness closed in.

Modo opened his eyes squinting at the harsh light in front of him. He was sitting in a metal chair and when he tried to move he couldn't. He could feel himself bound at the wrists, knees, elbows, and ankles. He also felt something like a leash around his neck. Two rods at either side of his head prevented his moving his head. He was even bound at the waist and chest. Ohh mama, they're not taking any chances this time. Modo tried to strain against the metal but he was pretty sure it was made from Plutarkian steel glass. I bet the others are tied up the same way too.

In another room it wasn't so quiet. Vinnie, having woken up earlier was shouting at Karbunkle to free him. He was bound like Modo and didn't like it. "Silence. You will do as you are told, rodent or elsssse." "OR ELSE WHAT YOU STI" he was cut of as a shock of electricity passed through him. "Every time you disobey the jolt increasessss." With that the doctor closed the door with a still screaming and cursing Vinnie in it.

The doctor peeked in at Throttle. The tan mouse was still unconscious so the doctor moved to Modo's holding chamber. He saw the red eye fixed coldly on him. "Hello my friend, we meet again. Until your friend calms down we'll start with you. Do you have any weaknesses I should know about." Silence. "It's better we find out the easy way than the hard way well if you won't cooperate maybe this will change your mind." He pushed a button sending an electrical charge through Modo. The mouse didn't' scream, he just grit his teeth, keeping up the wall of silence. "OK, from now on you do as I say, believe what I tell you, and reject everything I tell you to. If you do not cooperate I will work on you till you break. Understood?" silence. "I'll be back." The doctor went to Vinnie's chamber and did the same. He had to keep a very low but constant flow of electricity however. Just enough for Vinnie to shut up and listen. The doctor got nothing but curses and insults.

It was Throttle's turn. Throttle opened his eyes at the sound of the door opening and tried to jump at the doctor even though he was tied up. The doctor repeated his speech again and when he got nothing he asked, "Are you going to be helpful?" Throttle looked at him for a long time and said, "No." Then he whipped his tail and grabbed the doctor by the neck squeezing. The doctor shot Throttle a full blast of electricity that left the mouse unconscious. "I forgot about those retched tails. I'll have to do something about them."

A while later Throttle felt a bucketful of water hit his face. He tried to shake his head but couldn't'. He just tried to blink the water out of his eyes. "Good morning my friend." "It's not morning." "Yes it is because I say so. You will agree with everything I say understood?" "NO". "It's not nice to be so defying. Why must you three be like that. I think I'm going to enjoy breaking you three. Especially that white furred maniac." Throttle tried to whip his tail again but found it nailed to the ground. "You leave my bros alone UNDERSTAND. If you hurt them I will hunt you down and skin you alive." His voice was ice cold and composed. The doctor looked at him and said, "I believe I just found a weakness. You will obey eventually. You will be a good asset won't you?" "No." was the cold answer he got.

"So my dear doctor, what's the verdict?" "Duh, yeah, whosa gonna get it good." "Shut up you imbecile. They're all going to get it good; but one is going to get it better. So doctor who is it?"

"Well your cheesiness, the white one is out of the question it would take too much time. I can break him but it would take too much electricity just to shut him up but I can do it quicker with one of the others. The gray mouse is not uttering a sound but our best choice is the leader. He went ballistic at the prospect of the other two getting hurt. I think being already under pressure for being the leader and somewhat responsible for the other two we can add to the pressure and break him." A moment later, "what of the girl?"

"She is of no use to me and I'm in a good mood, let her go. Now go and get it over with. Karbunkle, I want results by dawn. Work on the main one first, I need those results."

In the holding chambers cameras were being mounted in Vinnie's and Modo's while monitors were being fitted in Throttle's. When all the equipment was set three white coated figures can be seen standing in front of three doors each in a different part of the underground labyrinth; doctor Karbunkle was standing in front of the deepest of all.

Meanwhile Charley woke up at the Last Chance Garage. She remembered being held for hours then get knocked out when she woke up she was at the garage. She sat up form the floor rubbing her head trying to remember something. She sprang up, the mice!!!!! He got them, that stinking face got them. I have to find a way to get them out fast. She sat for a while then sprang into action.

The three white-coated figures entered the rooms together as if their movements were synchronized. One difference was that the doctor was that only one carrying vials and needles while the other two got in with two bouncers each. The doctor opened a bright light that shone and reflected from the green lenses. He could see the mouse was irritated but couldn't do anything about it since he was tied up. "Good afternoon." "It's not in the afternoon." "When I say it is then it is." "No." "ohhh that nasty little word again. For every time you disagree you will get a jolt or two. Now you will forget about the biker mice from mars and you will join and assist the plutarkian cause with all your might." Chuckle from Throttle. "Uhhh no." Throttle felt the electricity coursing through him but he didn't waver. "That was the first part of your punishment for every time you use that word. Now to the second part." Throttle saw the screens in front of him glimmer to life. There were two screens each showing one of his bros. He could see and hear Vinnie shouting things that shocked Throttle even though the situation was bad. On the other was Modo silent and staring. Then he saw the two other white-coated figures with the bouncers. He saw both his bros shake with the jolts that passed through them then he saw the white-coated figures motion to the bouncers who hit them both as they sat unable to defend themselves. Throttle closed his eyes. He couldn't bear to see this happen to his bros. He could hear Vinnie screaming to distract himself from the pain while he could hear nothing from Modo. He then heard the doctor say, "Every time you say no I give the orders to have you friends. . . dealt with. First with fists then to more painful and satisfying measures."

"YOU LET THEM GO." Throttle was enraged. His bros didn't have to suffer because of him, they both have already lost so much he couldn't bear to be the reason for them losing what precious little they had. "LEAVE THEM OUT OF THIS. YOU WANT SOMETHING FROM ME YOU COME TO ME." "Well. The key to their freedom is in your hands. You cooperate and let us modify you to suite our needs and your friends go if you keep insisting on your position then" Throttle saw the previous scene happening again. This time he could see blood dripping from Vinnie's head and he thought he heard Modo's ribs crack

Vinnie on the other hand did not like the situation at all. He knew that Karbunkle wanted something from him but he hasn't come out and said it yet. He supposed all this torture was supposed to soften him up. Not this stud of a mouse sweetheart. I'll fight you till the end. Another jolt of pain. Vinnie just screamed insults with his eyes shut. He didn't even know if the pain was from being hit while bound or from the electricity. I wonder how the others are doing. And Charley! Have to find a way out of here. Then blackness descended.

Throttle realized that Vinnie was no longer cursing. He knew that the kid was probably out cold. As for Modo, he wasn't wavering a bit. The big guy just fixed them with a cold stare with his eye glowing from time to time but it was evident that he was draining. Throttle was not doing much better. He wasn't suffering physically but mentally his mind screamed for shut down.

Throttle felt the needle slide into his arm. He tried to resist but of course couldn't. "In case you're wondering I just injected you with a nightmare inducer. When I am not keeping you awake you will sleep and have your worst fears haunt you. Throttle said nothing just stared. "I will renew the dose every 48 hours until you cooperate and break then I'll either let it run it's course or give you an antidote. Now will you or will you not convert to our side and fight for our cause. You will ignore mars and everything about it. You will stretch yourself to the limits to help Plutark." "No."

Modo took in a deep breath as he felt somebody hit him in the chest. He was tired, he was furious. Modo had yet to utter a sound since he woke up. He was determined to keep the wall of silence until he figured out how to get out. He wondered how the others were doing. He knew how they felt about torture. Especially Vinnie. Then he felt a stabbing pain which threw him into darkness.

Throttle cried out when he saw the knife. He felt so frustrated and helpless. Modo, bro, I'm so sorry. He could still hear Vinnie's renewed screaming. He knew it was all the white mouse could do to stop from breaking down from the pain. He saw a flash of metal and screamed. "NOOO." Vinnie, I'm sorry too, I know how you feel about torture. Throttle closed his eyes and asked, "What have you done to Charley?" "You cooperate I tell you." Throttle kept silent. "Fine then, sweet dreams." Throttle heard the door slam as the lights went out.

A few hours later Throttle was on the verge of sleeping. He was desperate not to. He didn't want to face all those horrors. Vinnie on the other hand was doing all he can to try and bear the pain. He wished he could at least move. Modo was still unconscious. Both were bleeding physically while Throttle was being metally bled. All three were stiff.

That moment Throttle's attention was caught as the screens came back to life. He saw Modo still unmoving. The look on Vinnie's face tore his heart as the younger mouse tried to control his pain by overriding it with anger. Seeing them like that Throttle made a decision. He wasn't happy about it but he had to do it. He wasn't even sure if it will work but he had to try.

At Limburger's office the big cheese was not happy. It was dawn and none of the mice broke. He wasn't getting his results. "Doctor I see you leave them from time to time. I want to change that. You are to work on them at all hours no breaks. Understood?" the doctor nodded and headed to his labs.

Throttle heard footsteps approaching he took deep breath trying to prepare himself for what he was about to do. I'm sorry. So sorry. Modo Vinnie Chatley, everybody. I have to do what I have to do. Can't have those two's last bits taken away because of me. The door opened and in came a cranky Dr. Karbunkle. "Well my friend, had a rough night I hope." "No." Ohhh that nasty word. Boys do your work." Throttle regretted saying no the minute he did. He watched as they kicked Vinnie in the back and beat Modo unconscious again after just coming to.

Throttle hated himself for what he was about to say, "Look. You let them go along with their bikes and I see them go and you have my full cooperation. Heck, I'll give the green light to do whatever you want with me with no objections. Just let them go and if you double cross me I'll find a way to get you." He saw the gleeful look in the doctor's eyes and knew he just bought his friends' freedom and his own hell.

When the doctor told Limburger of Throttle's decision the Plutarkian thought for a while stroking one of his many chins. "He won't cooperate till he sees evidence that the other two rodents are free. You know, if you weigh the options of having him fully at our disposal then it seems like a very good idea indeed, let me write his conditions to their release. Come pick it up in an hour. Now go torment them some more."

Throttle was in torment. He could see bits of flesh flying as bombs exploded, a teddy mouse flying and he could do nothing. He gasped as the door opened. "Been having sweet dreams?" Throttle scowled. "That's not a healthy attitude since we will be working closely together. You will read these conditions and then sign next to his cheesiness's signature and we let your friends go. We will have your full cooperation won't we." Throttle tried to nod. He scanned the paper reading all conditions:
No escape will be attempted by you.
Full cooperation will be awarded, no second-guessing or refusing orders.
No resistance to any medical or experimental work.
You will be loyal only to Limburger and Plutark.
Signing this will be awarded by your friends' release effective immediately upon your word and honor. Conditions can be added to this document but not erased.

While a fuming Throttle was reading the conditions the doctor was on his communicator. "How do we trust the rodent?" "Easy. They have this thing about giving their word. He will keep his end." "And us?" "I told you I'm in a good mood. I'll release the other two, with him on our side I can catch them any time I want. Out."

A cold "fine" can be heard in the chamber as Throttle's wrist was released so he could sign. As soon as he finished signing he looked at the monitors. He saw the metal rings binding Vinnie retreat into the chair letting him fall forward. He saw them revive Modo after releasing him. Through the speakers he could hear the bikes' rumbling. Both bros looked stunned. Go. Please them go. GO. As if hearing him both jumped out of their chambers and climbed onto their bikes, not without Vinie hitting the two bouncers first. Throttle heard his bros charging out and was reassured that they got out. "Wait a minute. What about Charley?" "The girl was released earlier. Now to get to business." Throttle felt something in his neck then blacked out.

Charley opened the door with her foot. She had a near arsenal in the garage to help get the guys out. She stocked up on food. Now she was carrying loads of medical things. She thanked the stars for taking all those medical courses after meeting the guys. They didn't know of course but since they can't go to an ordinary hospital she had been taking loads of courses. She even recently gained a certificate that she was qualified as a field nurse. As she was putting the bags on the table she lost then regained her footing. Looking down she saw she slipped on something red. She gasped. There were bloody footprints leading to the cellar door! The size told her one of them was Modo and the other was much smaller. She assumed Vinnie. She snatched her bags and ran downstairs dreading what she would find.

She turned on the lights to find herself face to face with Modo's cannon. She froze waiting for Modo to realize it was her. She saw the gray giant begin to relax before cautiously pushing his arm down. As if in a trance Modo shook his head and looked at Charley, "Charley maam, could've killed you. So sorry." He turned to the corner holding his side and looking like he was about to collapse. In the other corner sat Vinnie rocking himself, not seeing her. Coming closer to him Vinnie whipped him blaster aiming it at her. She froze like she did with Modo until she saw him relax and put it down.

"Throttle?" "If he doesn't come here by nightfall we'll go look for him. If we can't find him he'll be at the tower. We'll get him there." Modo said looking at Charley. He was using her as a point to focus. He didn't want to collapse now. "You are in no condition to be out looking or rescuing anybody, now both of you upstairs into the guestrooms." She saw Modo head for Vinnie, "I'll help him, now go." She noticed Modo's limp as he slowly went up the stairs. "Come on, Vinnie." She grabbed him by the arm helping him up. Good thing I three guest rooms. These guys are gonna need long term care.

It was morning when she found them. Now well into the afternoon Charley went downstairs for a well-deserved break. She finally got them to sleep. She couldn't imagine what they did to them. Both were so jumpy and those injuriesshe tried to get them to tell her but no dice. It was like they shut themselves up. Whatever it was it was bad. They both had bruises and cuts and stab wounds. She couldn't even begin to relate

She heard a moan come from upstairs. Running she peeked in at Vinnie who was restlessly sleeping, another moan came from Modo's room. She opened the door and walked in. She saw Modo on his side clutching his knife wound. Charley sat beside him gently putting a hand on his shoulder repeating "shhhhhhhh" until he calmed down. Limburger I'll get you for this. Oh I'll get you bad. Deciding to look for Throttle but not wanting to leave the mice Charley called the department store and ordered some equipment. She already had one video camera and until the other arrived she started to set it up in Modo's room. The other arrived and as she was setting it Vinnie woke up and panicked at the sight of the camera trying to get up and smash it; it took Charley half an hour to calm him down and explain that she needed to go out and monitor them thus the camera.

Charley spent most of the night and morning looking but no luck. She couldn't find Throttle. Charley knew that both mice weren't in their rooms when she came back home. They told her through the cameras that they were going to the bathroom but the minute she went into the garage she was out again speeding towards Limburger Tower. The bikes were gone.

When she reached the tower she saw two exhausted looking mice sitting in front of the pile of bricks that used to be the tower. "They have him somewhere else. His bike's homing device is blocked." Vinnie's voice was tired and faint. "Well, both of you in the van; the bikes'll follow. I said don't go out. I'll find Throttle, you guys need your rest." "I'll agree there sweetheart." Charley frowned at him. At least he's not completely changed, not that I'll let him see that I'm glad.

A couple of days later Charley came in beaming. She stood in the hallway so both could hear her. "I found him, Limburger bought this oil refinery and seems to have a lot of equipment delivered there, medical equipment." No sooner than she finished than both were out and down the stairs. "Where do you think you're going? You can't go fight in your condition." The answer she got was the rumbling of engines and a cry telling her to keep her medical equipment warm.

Up on a hill two figures on bikes can be seen. "How do we get him out?" "How else, go in, blast `em, get Throttle, get out before we faint from exhaustion." "Crazy plan bro." "Got a better one?" "uhhhhhhh" "well?" "No." "Let's ride." Both revved their engines and started full blast ahead.

Throttle was in a dark room all dirty and bloody. They've been torturing him physically and mentally to make sure he does whatever they tell him to. He was sitting in a corner not able to move. He wondered how many hours or weeks have passed. He didn't even know the difference between being awake and asleep since both states were nightmares. They filled him with nightmare inducers that worked when he was unconscious. Last time they gave him a double dose. He heard the rumbling of engines outside and things blasting and assumed it was another nightmare. Throttle sank deeper into his mind.

Modo and Vinnie blasted Throttle's chamber open. They found him in a corner. While Vinnie blasted away Modo went in and took the tan furred mouse by the arm as gently as a mother handling a baby, "Come on bro, let's get you home." He lead Throttle to the door who was acting like an obedient child only to stop when he realized Throttle's ankle was chained to the wall. With one swift blow he had Throttle free. Modo noticed a piece of paper on the floor, picked it up and put it in his pocket then joined the fight.

Later at the Last Chance Garage Charley heard the rumbling of bikes. Looking out the window she was relieved to see three bikes come back. She hurried to help. She had her medical supplies sorted out in Throttle's room while the guys helped him shower. She wanted to do it but they wouldn't let her. She couldn't get over how they looked. Modo and Vinnie pale, exhausted, bandages bleeding, and even through they wouldn't admit, in pain. Throttle was bleeding, bruised and silent. Did everything they told him to like a kid. She wondered if he'll get over whatever they did to him. She wondered if all of them would recover, they all had this darkness about them. She was distracted when they helped Throttle into the room. Now was her turn

She wouldn't let Modo and Vinnie help her. She told them to take showers and wait for her in their rooms. She finished with Throttle and got him to lie down but couldn't get him to sleep, even though he looked sleepy. She went into Modo's room and fixed him up then to Vinnie's. While there they all heard a scream. All three ran to Throttle's room to find him screaming something only Modo and Vinnie could understand. "I wonder what's gotten into him."

"Oh mama. I bet I know. Read this." The piece of paper Modo found was a copy of the paper Throttle signed and on the other side scribbled was nightmare inducer double dose.

"What's it mean?" "What it means sweetheart is just that. Every time a person in unconscious or sleeping they have nightmares. I remember thatthat fiend using it on somebody when we were captured. It wears off in 48 hours but a double dose means 4 days."

"Well, you two go rest, I'll take care of him." Just then Throttle gave an agonized moan.

"Charley maam, I think we'd better ride it out with him." Modo said looking at the paper with Throttle's signature, "We owe it to him. We'll get some rest when that nightmare inducer wears off." How'll you know?" "We'll know/"

Charley sensing that they needed to do this, stood in the doorway while they went to get a chair each. She heard Modo ask Vinnie, "You alright bro?" "Yeah you?" she didn't hear anything but knew that Modo nodded that he was fine.

Charley leaned against the doorframe as they pulled up the chairs next to the bed with Modo humming a beautiful Martian lullaby while Vinnie put a reassuring hand on Throttle's covered leg. Charley smiled, as Throttle gave a small smile like a child's as he slipped once again into the blissful oblivion called sleep waiting for his next nightmare knowing that this time he had his bros, and closed the door.

The end.