Christmas Miracles

By Hayden

Authors note: Takes place Christmas Eve and day of 1999. Vinnie and Charley have been married for 2 months. Zoey is 5 years old. If the depication is not accurate in this, sorry. I've never expericed child birth and I'm not a doctor.
Disclaimer: I don't own the biker mice. Please don't sue me. I have no more money left. I'm not kidding. If you sue me, I won't be able to pay you. Btw-thanks to Falcon for the idea for a certain person's name. Oh yea like I'm gonna give it away.

"CHARLEY-GIRL!! WHERE ARE YA BABE?!" Vinnie yelled, as he came into the Last Chance garage. His home. His arms were full of present that had been hidden at Charley's mom's house. The only place Zoey COULDN'T look.
"Right behind you, hotshot," a female voice spoke into his ear, as she pinched his butt.
"CHARLEY!" Vinnie protested, trying not to drop the gifts. "No fair, sweetheart."
Charley giggled and helped him put the already wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree. Vinnie grinned at her as they stood back to look at the tree. It was their first Christmas as a married couple and they both had to admit it was going to be the best Christmas in along time. Vinnie wrapped his arms around her waist. A waist that was not as thin as it had been 6 months ago. Charley sighed happily and leaned back into her husband, savoring his strong protecting arms about her.
"So where's the munchen? I'd thought she'd be bouncing off the walls by now." Vinnie said, as he placed a kiss on his wife's neck, his large hand over her swollen stomach.
Charley smiled lovingly up at him. "She does take after he father in that respect." She told him with a hint of a laugh in her voice. "As doses your son." She placed her hand over his where it rested on her stomach.
"Ha-ha very funny Charley-girl," he said laughing.
"She with Modo and Throttle, you goof. Where else would she be?"
Vinnie grinned ear to ear. "So its just you and me then babe?"
Charley shook her head laughing. "You've got a one track mind, Vinnie." Charley groaned lightly as Vinnie gotcreative with his hands on her body. "Not that I'm complaining"
Vinnie grinned again and turned her around his arms. Pulling her into a deep passionate kiss. Just as the sound of an approaching motorcycle came to their ears. Vinnie broke off the kiss with a groan. Charley just laughed.
"Of all the lousy timing." Vinnie grumbled.
Charley elbowed him as Throttle walked through the door. "Hey Throttle."
Vinnie stuck his tongue out Charley then went to greet his bro. "Hey bro. Where's Modo and my little holy terror."
Throttle grinned. "Modo is watching her back at the garage. Thought you two could use the break."
Charley smiled at Throttle. "Thanks Throttle. It is hard to wrap her gifts when she seems to be every where at once."
Throttle and Vinnie gave Charley their best innocent schoolboy smiles. "Speaking of presents.."
Charley rolled her eyes and laughed.

Four hours later and snow had been steadily coming down to the totally unawares of the three adults at the last chance garage.
Charley looked up at the clock from where she was sitting warping presents. Ten o'clock. With a start, she realized Modo and Zoey had yet to come back. "Vinnie I think you should radio the score board."
Vinnie and Throttle looked up from their..lively game of checkers. "Why babe?" Vinnie asked.
"Vinnie, its 10 and we haven't heard from them! Modo knows her bedtime." Charley said with a hint of concern in her voice for her mouse friend and young daughter.
Vinnie's eyes widened. "Shit I didn't know it was so late!" He quickly headed to the radio.
Throttle then happened to look out the window. "Guys I think I know why they haven't come back yet." He stood and went to the window and pointed out it.
Charley and Vinnie walked over to the window. A snowdrift was half way up the window. And snow was still rapidly coming down. They were snowed in.
Vinnie quickly went back to the radio to call the scoreboard. Praying all was well. When Modo picked up the CB, Vinnie sighed in relief.
Charley looked out the window and sighed. "We're snowed in."
Throttle nodded in agreement. "Looks that way. Hope the roads are cleaned by tomorrow morning."

"So do I. I'd hate for Zoey's Christmas to be ruined by snow of all things." Charley said softly.
Vinnie walked back over to them as he hung up the CB. "All's well on their end. Modo but Zoey down in my old hammock and he's got the space heaters running." He wrapped an arm around Charley's waist.
Charley smiled. "Thank god. Just thinking of the possibilities.."
Vinnie hugged her tighter, knowing all the what ifs that must have run through her mind. As they had his. "I know baby, I know." He whispered.
Throttle looked almost jealously at two of his best friends in the world from behind his field specs. God he missed her. Even down to her bossiness. Dam that woman, couldn't she have but her work aside for Christmas and come down to see him. Looking out the window, he tried to forget how lonely he was without her.
Throttle almost jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder. "You know she would have come if she could, bro." Vinnie said softly.
Throttle nodded, and for not the first time thought how much being a father had changed Vinnie.

Charley winced as she felt a pain in her back. Ignoring it she looked at the clock and saw that it was 11. No wonder she was so tired. She smiled wearily at Vinnie as she started to stand. "Vinnie, I'm gonna go on up to bed."
Vinnie looked up from his game of checkers with Throttle to smile back at her. "I'll be up soon, babe."
Charley started to respond when she cried out in pain. Vinnie was on his feet and by her side in a second. He wrapped a strong arm around her.
"Babe? Charley what's wrong?" His eyes were wide with worry.
Throttle was also on his feet. "Charley-girl you okay?"
Charley looked at Vinnie with fear and pain in her eyes. " water broke"
It took a second for her words to sink in. The two male Martian mice's eyes widened as the realized the enormity of what she had just said.
"Shit," Vinnie whispered. He look at Throttle, he eyes pleading with his friend to tell him what to do. What to say. Vincent VamWham for the first time in his life was truly scared.
Throttle thankfully had some clue as to what to do. "Vinnie you get Charley into bed and I'll call 911."
Vinnie nodded and helped Charley walked to the stairs. Charley cried out again in pain just as the reached the steps. Her nails dug into Vinnie as she held on to him. She knew contractions were supposed to hurt but.
Vinnie swept Charley up into his arms and carried her into the bedroom, laying her on the bed. Tears trailed down Charley's face.
"I can't have the baby's to soon, Vinnie. It's too soon." Her bottom lip trembled as she spoke.
Vinnie stroked his wife's hair, trying to clam her. "Shu, baby. It'll be fine. I promise. I promise." Oh please god don't let anything happen to her or the baby. She's right it is too soon. Shit..shitshe can't have the baby here. OH god..
Charley clung to Vinnie trying desperately to blieve his words. The two sat in slinces for 10 mintues until Charley cried out in pain again.
Vinnie couldn't stand it. He couldn't sit there and see Charley in pain. The worst part was he was helpless to help her. Vinnie would have cried if he had though it would help.
When Throttle entered the bedroom Vinnie almost jumped him. "Thorttle! What did they say? When can they get here?"
Throttle pulled Vinnie aside. "Bro, they aren't gonna be able to get here 'til morning.." Throttle told him in a soft voice.
"Morning? Morning? Damit she's have this baby now! She can't wait til the morning. Oh shit" Vinnie eye's were wide and frightened.
Throttle put a hand on his shoulder. "We can't let her know anythings wrong, Vinnie. You got me?" When Vinnie didn't repsoned Throttle shook him slightly. "Vinnie, you gotta be strong for her."
Vinnie noded slowly. "I'll try"
Vinnie walked back over to Charley and tried to smile at her. "How ya doing Charley?"
Charley bit her bottom lip. "Okay I think"
With a tender hand Vinnie pushed her hair out of her eyes. He watched with worried eyes as another contration hit her. She's so brave..not leting me know how scared she isgod I love herplease lord don't take her from me
Charley held Vinnie's hand tightly as the pain hit her then subsided. I never thought it would hurt this muchgod he's being so strong. Not letting me know how scared he is. I'm so scared
The sound of the doorbell broke the slince. Throttle pratcaly dashed at lightening speed to the door. As Vinnie hoped against hope it was somebody who could help them. Charley has been in labor for almost a half-hour now.
Throttle opened the door and was greeted by the sight of a middleaged human woman in old fashioned clothes. Her blonde hair was streked with gray, and lines surronded her sharp blue eyes. Her clothes looked like something about of amob moive set in the 20's that Throttle has seen once. She didn't even blink twice at the fact she was looking at a six foot mouse. Before Throttle could say a word the woman had already brushed her way past him.
"Well, lad don't just stand there with your mouth hanging open. Where is this young lady having the baby."
Throttle just stood there staring at her for a moment.
"C'mon, child, she'll have had the baby by the time you tell me."
"She--she upstairs.just who are you?" Throttle asked.
"The hosiptal called me. Said there was a young woman having a baby that need some help. And I've delivered more babies than you can count. Now show me to the girl."
With a losse of anything else to do Throttle took her up stairs. He showed her into the bedroom just as Charley let out another cry of pain. The woman quickly busled in and start ordering the Vinnie and Throttle to get this or that. At the same time reassureing Charley that she and her baby would be just fine. Throttle and Vinnie protested at first but then decdied this woman obvouisly knew what she was doing.
Vinnie stood by Charley holding her hand tightly. "You're doing great baby." He whispered to her.
She smiled at him through her pain and griped his hand hard as she cried out in pain.
"Okay Charlene, when I tell you to push I need you to push as hard as you can. Okay dear?" the woman asked.
Charley noded. Then grimaced in pain.
"Okay Charlene now push!"
Charley screamed as she pushed. "It hurts." She sobed. "Oh god.." Sweat poured down her face.
Vinnie felt like she was breaking his hand she was squezzing it so hard.
"I can see the head. One more push dear."
With another sobing scream Charley pushed again. As she did the cry of a baby filled the room. Charley let a sob of joy. Vinnie's face broke out into a large smile.
"Congrataltions young man," The woman said, cleaning the little red headed baby boy off. "You have a son."
Vinnie couldn't stop grinning as he took the baby in his arms. He smiled down at his human looking son. "My son" he wispered. He touched his antenna to his son's smiling.
Then he relized the woman was telling Charley to push again. Shifting his anttenion still craddling the baby in his arms, he griped Charley's hand. The sound of another baby crying filled the air. After cleaning the little girl off, she handed her to Charley. Charley looked in awe at her baby daughter. She looked martain in every way but lacked atennea. White hair with red streaks adorened the pink as of yet furless baby.
"Twins." Whispered Vinnie. Handing the baby boy to Charley and touching his daughter's hair revently.
Tear of joy filled Charley's eyes as she looked up at Vinnie. "I love you Vinnie." The two babies began to feed on her breasts.
Vinnie smiled back, leaning down to kiss Charley. "I love you too, Charley-girl. You've just given me the best Christmas gift ever."
"Right on Christmas day too." Throttle put in smiling at his two friends and his new niece and newfew.
Charley smiled. "He's right it is."
Vinnie suddenly looked around the room. "Hey where's that woman? "
She had completely vanished. There was no sign she had ever been there.
"Whoever she was I'm sure glad she came." Vinnie said softly.
Charley cuddled her babies closer and smiled at him. " So am I."
The doorbell rang again and Throttle went down to get it. Vinnie and Charley simply sat and smiled at each other. And at their childern.
"I can't blieve it," Vinnie whispered. "Twins.."
"I can,"Charley said laughing slightly. "I was the one carrying them remember."
"Hey Charley, Vinnie come down here." Throttle yelled up.
Ten mintues later with each carrying a baby. Vinnie and Charley came down the stairs. There in the living room sat Modo, Zoey, Throttle, and Carbine. Throttle had his arm around Carbine and was grinning like he had won the lottery. Zoey jumped as she saw her parents. The little girl grinned ear to ear, as she ran up to her daddy.
"I KNEW Santa would get me what I asked for!" The little girl said, dancing around her parents, standing on her tip toes to get a look at her new brother and sister.
Carbine smiled. "Cute anit they, cute butt?" she wishpered to Throttle.
"Yea they are, babe." He said, blushing, hoping his bro's hadn't heard his nick name.
"Kinda makes you wish, huh?" she said smiling at Throttle.
Throttle's jaw droped a little. "uhm.."
Carbine smiled again and kissed him lightly. "I love you Throttle."
"I love you too, Carbine."
Vinnie meanwhile was trying, unsuccesful to calm his oldest daghter down. Charley simplyly laughed, holding the twins, letting Vinnie deal with the hyber five year old who was a chip off the old block in many ways.
"Zoey what did you ask Santa for, baby?" Charley asked when Vinnie finally got Zoey to sit down.
Zoey grinned at her mother and with her most innocent smile said. "A baby brother and sister."
The adluts chuckled, much to Zoey's puzzlement. Carbine smiled at the little girl she had come to see as her niece.
"Zoey, honey, next time you ask Santa for a brother or sister maybe you should keep it to one or the other for your mother's sake," Carbine told the little girl.
Charley laughed tiredly. While Zoey looked at her Aunt Carbine in confusion. With a srug she decided grown ups were very strange and decided to see if daddy would let her open her prensents yet.

Merry Christmas to all!

The end