I am in no way at all making any money off of this story. This story is for the reading pleasure of all the Biker Mice from Mars fans such as myself. I apologize for the length of this story. Anyone who would like to use my new characters are more than welcome.

Wine, Dine......and WHAT???

(By: N-E-K Givan Feb. 16, 1998)

7:30 P.M

Scene 1: Quigley field Hideout

(As Throttle and Modo watch the game, Vinnie bugs Maula and Charley about dinner. The usual hot dogs and rootbeer, but the girls want something different.)
Vinnie(pleading): Awww, come on girls, why you wanna change our diet meal like that? It's not fair! (he shrugs his shoulders and starts to sulk): You girls take the fun out of everything, even eating.
Throttle: Hey guys and gals, whatcha talking about over there? (Looking at Vinnie's reaction): Well, whatever it is, keep doing it, I haven't heard Vinnie for a while, and I must admit, I LOVE IT!
Vinnie(upset): Funnnnnnniee bro, if you only knew. (Pointing to the girls): The GIRLS over here want to change our meal plan.
Modo(over hearing): To what?
Maula: Well, we've decided to get you dressed up and take you out to a nice fancy restaraunt.
Mice(sounds of horror): WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (all saying different things at the same time): Oh this can't be, you've gotta be kiddng me, your not serious!!!1
Girls: YES WE ARE!!!!
Charley: We've planned this for a long time and YOU are going to go. We even bought you new suits.
Vinnie: Aww, man! Your torchering us here Charley girl.
Charley: Well Vin, consider this torcher class 101 then, cause we're gonna do it more often. Its time that WE had a little fun also when we go out. We'll talk about it a little more when we get back to the garage for your suits.

8:00 P.M

Scene 2: Last Chance Garage

(As the mice try to get comfortable in their suits, the girls make their way downstairs in their beautiful gowns.)
Maula(clearing her throat to get their attention): MMMHHHMMMMMM!

(The mice look with their mouthes open. They knew that their female friends were beautiful but now they knew that just the word beautiful wasn't enough to describe them. Charley wore a satin shimmering teal dress that was tight from the ribcage to the thigh. It had a slight flair down to the ankles and a split up the side that came to her upper thigh. Maula was wearing a satin sugar plum purple dress that was also tight from her ribcage to her thigh area, except her dress had no split. It flared all the way down to her ankles giving her a ballroom dancer appearance. They both looked absolutely exquisite. Modo, being the first one to come out of shock slapped Vinnie on the back of the head for drooling like an animal. He then glared at Throttle, who was doing the same, but snapped out when he saw Modo look at him.)
Modo: You ladies look beyond fabulous. (He kisses their hands and bowed): I would be honored to escort you inside any restaraunt of any choice.
Vinnie(under his breath): Suck up!
Modo(angry): I heard that Vinnie!
Throttle: I have to agree with Modo ladies, you look great. (Looking over at Vinnie): So, Vincent, what do you think?
Vinnie(still mad that they had to go out): Yeah, yeah, yeah, you look ok. (He noticed Modo's cyber arm heading in the air): Ok, ok, so I'm a little mad that we have to go, but you two look great.

(They noticed that the girls were starting to doubt themselves on how well they looked.)
Maula(sad): Well, lets just go before the REST of our night is ruined. We ordered a limo to pick us up. (looking at Vinnie): Is that too classy for ya Vinnie, or should we ride there on your choppers and................OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH FORGET IT!!!!!! (She hears the horn to the limo outside): The limo is here. Lets just go ok?
(The girls stormed out the garage to the limo while the guys were inside about to pumble Vinnie.)
Modo(angry): You did it now Vinnie, you REALLY out done yourself this time.
Throttle: Hope your happy.
Vinnie(protesting): What!!! What did I do?
Modo: You just made the girls feel very ugly. (He hears the horn to the limo): We better go before they leave us.
(They start out of the garage to the limo where the girls were. They got inside and seen the heartbreaking expressions on their faces and felt real bad about their actions. No one spoke the whole entire ride to the restaraunt. They reached their destination and the girls got out of the limo first and walked inside the restaraunt without the guys. They knew that they really messed things up for the beautiful girls. When they walked inside the restaraunt the girls were alreay seated with menus in their hands. Modo tries to make conversation while the slow music plays in the background.)
Modo: So ladies, whats good at this place? (no answer): Well, maybe I should check for myself huh? hehehe(still no answer): Oh mama!!!
(Two handsome gentlemem that was observing the two lovely women not talking to their male partners walk over to them)
Gentleman 1: Excuse me ladies, but, would you like to dance?
Charley(looking at Maula): Why, we'd love to.
(Charley and Maula both walked off to the dance floor with the two men and start to dance to the beautiful music, while the guys are at the table trying to figure out what just happened.)
Modo: Is it me bros, or did the girls just get up and walk away with two strangers?
Throttle: Its not you big fella.
Vinnie(mad): How dare Charley do that. To ME out of all people!
Modo(in a low scary voice that made Vinnie's fur stand on end): If I were a female, I would have done the same thing to you too. Its because of you that they hate us at this point in time. Thank you for your CHARMING services Vincent VAN WHAM! (His voice was heard throughout the whole restaraunt): Sorry, I'm just upset, thats all. (looking over at the girls, he sees that Charley is shrugging from her dance partner): Whats he doing to her?
Vinnie(looking over now): I'm about to find out. (He walks over and taps the guy on his shoulder): Excuse me, but I see that my lady friend looks a little uncomfortable with you now, may I cut in,(voice getting incredibly low and threatening) PLEASE! (the guy moves quickly): Thank you.
Charley(under her breath): Great, now I went from bad to worse
Vinnie(slightly hearing): What was that Charley girl?
Charley(disappointed and looking down): Nothing. Forget I ever spoke, like you usually do to me.
Vinnie(feeling guilty): Hey Charley girr, (Looking at her) I-I mean Charlene, I'm sorr.....
Charley(cutting him off and holding back tears of pain): Just dance Vinnie, please.

(Back at the table, Modo is watching Maula dance with one of the guys and decides that he shoud "cut in". as he was walking over, Maula could ahve sworn that she saw someone that resembled Limburger on the dance floor, but thought that that was impossible)
Modo(to Throttle): Well bro, wish me luck.
Throttle: Good luck bro, I'm gonna find someone to dance with also until a waiter is free.
(Modo walks over to Maula and her dance partner and asks nicely if he could cut in. The guy pretended not to hear Modo, so he asked again, still no response. Maula noticed that Modo was getting so angry that his eye was glowing.)
Maula(to the guy): You better let him dance, he can get very....hostile when not payed any attention.
(The guy looked at Modo and seen Maula's point. He quickly left.)
Modo: I'm sorry if there was any offense taken tonight by any of us Maula. Will you ever forgive me?
Maula(sulking): Its just the fact that I have never been able to prove to myself that I was pretty. Being a warrior on Mars for three years, I never had the time. I always thought myself to be a brute. Now, when I have the chance to actually prove to myself that I can be pretty...............forget it.
Modo: You think that your not pretty? Well, your right.
Maula: I knew it. Thats why you didn't want to come here with us, isn't it.
Modo: You and Charley are the two most beautiful women I have ever seen in my years of living. (he kisses her hand): And I don't think that there is a man anywhere, straight or gay, that wouldn't agree more.
Maula(crying): Thank you Modo. Thank you.
Modo(pulling her close to him): Come here. (He looks over at Throttle who is signalling them bacj to the table so they can order.): We better head back for the table. (He wipes the tears from her cheeks and kisses them)
Maula: Ok

(As they head for the table Modo, Maula and Throttle see that Charley had been crying a little and Vinnie had a guilty look on his face.)
Charley(to Maula): Maula, I'm going to outside on the balcony to clear my mind, whatever you order, order the same for me.
Maula: Ok Charley girl.(She looks at her sister-like friend walk outside to the balcony): I hope she is ok.
Throttle: Vinnie.
Vinnie(looking at the look that Throttle was giving him): I'll be back. Order me something that I can taste ok?

(When he reaches the balcony, he sees Charley leaning on the stone railing with her arms folded to them warm. Her hair was blowing slightly to the gentle breeze. He quickly walked over to her and held her to keep her warm. As much as she wanted to shrug him off of her she felt how warm he was and decided to stay in the embrace. He looked down at her face and noticed that she had been crying very heavily. He turned her around and she immediately looked at her feet to not show him how she truely felt. He gently lifted her face and wiped the tears from her cheeks and kissed them both. She tried to turn from him, his face bringing back more tears, but he wouldn't allow her to. He wanted to see how much he hurt her, to see if there was anything that he could possibly do for her to forgive him. Looking into her jade green eyes full of tears seemed more painful to Vinnie than anything.)
Vinnie(pleading): Charley, please say something to me. Anything, even if it's insulting.
Charley(trying to hold her sobs): Why Vinnie? Why must you always ruin something very special?
Vinnie: Charley girl, I didn't think that this night was special to.......
Charley(interrupting and can't control her sobs any longer): Thats my point Vinnie, you never think about me. All you care about is yourself and how you look in front of the guys. (looking at his guilt strucken face): I just want to be alone right now.(She could feel him wrap his hands around her. She tried to shrug him off of her but he embraced her tightly but gently. She began to beat on his chest, hardly enough to hurt him, try as she did. She gave up and literally collapsed in his arms and began to sob uncontrollably. He pulled her even closer to him as tears start to fall from his eyes also.) Is one special night too much to ask for to your ego Vinnie, is it?
Vinnie(sniffing the tears): No Charley, its not. I'm sorry. (Looking down at her): Did I tell you that you look absolutely gorgeous? If I didn't, you know now. You make all the women that I've dated on Mars look bad.
Charley: Oh thank you Vinnie. (noting that its still cold outside): Can we go inside, I'm freezing.
Vinnie: Lets go on in then Charley girl.
(They were now happy, walking side by side into the restaraunt. But when they were in the room where their seats were, they noticed that everyone was standing with their hands up. Vinnie looked in the corner and saw that Modo was chained up, Throttle was tied up and Maula was being held with a gun to her head. As he and Charley snuck back outside, they heard a familiar voice start to gloat to the crowd. It was Greaspit!)
Greasepit: Now listen up everyone, if yous do what I says, then you won't gets hurt. (pointing to the goons): Now listen up yous goons, take everyone to the basement of this place. We's gonna have a barbaque!
(Vinnie and Charley are now back outside)
Charely: What are we going to do now Vinnie?
Vinnie: Head back to the garage. We'll think of something there. I just hope that we'll get back in time to stop that walking oil slick.

Wine,dine and.............WHAT!!!!!!

Part: 2

(By: N-E-K Givan March 17, 1998)

10:00 P.M

Scene 1: At the Restaurant

(Everyone is now in the basement of the restaurant except for Modo, Throttle and Maula. They were in a little storage room upstairs. Greasepit keeps guard outside of the door.)
Maula: We have to get out of here, and fast!
Throttle: Before any innocent lives are taken.
Modo: Yeah, but how are we gonna do that without letting ol' slickster know that we are gone?
(Maula then looks up and sees a ventalation shaft in the wall. It was big enough to let her squeeze in. Throttle followed her eyes and caught on to her plan.)
Throttle: Maula, you think you can fit through there without a problem?
Maula: No problem at all!!! All I need is a boost to get up there. (Looking at her feet): Darn heels are always a problem with jumping! (She then starts to take them off and rips the side of her dress to create a split that will enable her to move easier): Modo, will you give me a lift?
Modo: Ok Maula ma'am. (He picks her up by her waist and boosts her into the shaft.): Be careful Maula. Please be careful.
Maula: I will hun, I will. You two sit tight while I try and get you out.
(She finds the shaft that leads out of the room. She sees Greasepit sitting on the floor sound asleep. She quickly jumped down without making a sound still holding the metal gate that covered the shaft in her hand. She waited for him to stir and then she let him have it. BBBBBBLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!! She hit Greasepit with the metal gate in his head. He was renderred unconcious)
Maula: Now to open the door. (She searches through her long thick hair for a bobby pin to pick the lock, but realizes she has none in there.): Darn!!!! Gotta do it the ol' fashion way then, huh? (With her metallic arm she breaks the lock and opens the door and out walks Throttle and Modo.): Sorry I took so long.
Modo(hugging her): You really know how to worry a mouse don't you? (He kisses her on the cheek): Now, time to get out of here.
Throttle: Yeah, we'll come back for the hostages when we regroup with Vinnie and Charley.
(The three of them make their way to the exit of the restaurant. Seeing how no one was guarding the exit, they easily made their way out of the place and began their long walk to the garage.)

(Back at the garage, Charley is changing her clothes to her usual black jeans and boots and blue shirt. Vinnie strips from his suit into his jeans and boots. They both start to load the bikes up with ammo and fuel when they here the phone ring. Vinnie was closest to the phine so he answered.)
Vinnie: Hello
Modo on pay phone: Vin, thank goodness your ok! Charley with you?
Vinnie: Yeah bro, she here. She's fine. Where are you, are YOU ok?
Modo: Yeah, just tired from walking. Can you two meet us with our bikes? We're about two miles down the street from the restaurant.
Vinnie: No prob bro. On our way there now!!! (He hangs up the phone and looks at Charley): You done with the bikes babe?
Charley: Yeah Vin, just finished.
Vinnie: Awesome!!!!! That was Modo on the phone. He and the others are ok. They managed to escape from the place. They want us to meet them with their bikes.
Charley(heading for the stairs): Ok, I'll get them their change of clothes. I know for a fact that Maula won't feel too comfortable fighting in a dress. (She heads in her room and gets Maula's clothes. She now heads for the guys room and gets their clothes also. She puts them in a bag and runs back down stairs to Vinnie who was already on his bike with the other bikes revving, waiting for the signal to leave. He has Charley's helmet in back of him.): Got it!!!! Now we can go. (She mounts the back of Vinnie's jaquer and puts on her helmet. Before she could hold on Vinnie fires out of the garage. Luckily Vinnie's tail is like a seat belt.): Thanks for the warning Vinnie. (She seen him look over his shoulder to her and give her a smile.)

(At the pay phone in the freezing cold, Modo Throttle and Maula wait for their two friends. The two mice noticed that Maula was freezing, but put up with it, not wanting her them to worry. Throttle and Modo took off their jackets and placed them over her to keep her warm. She may no longer be human but she didn't receive fur in her transformation. Karbunkle planned for her to look as human as possible. She thanked the two by giving then each a kiss on the cheek. They soon here the apporaching sounds of motorcycles and instantly start cheering. Vinnie rides up with all the bikes and Charley behind him.)
Vinnie: Hey bros, nice to see me again isn't it?
Throttle(patting his bike): Not really, but my bike and Charley are different.(He heads to Charely and gives her a hug)
Vinnie(insulted): Oh thanks bro for the feeling of being loved!!!
Charley: Hey guys, I was thinking you would like these. (She throws the bag at them): Here are a change of clothes for you guys to wear,(looking at Maula): And for you too Maula.
Maula: Your the greatest, girl!!!!
Thorttle(looking in the direction of the woods): We can change over there.
(Throttle, Modo and Maula head for the woods to change their clothes while Charley and Vinnie wait.)
Vinnie(looking at Charley): Hey Charley girl, I'm sorry for the way I acted today. It was real kiddish of me to take that little hissy fit. Will you ever forgive me?(looking at his shoes): If you say no, I can understand why. I wouldn't forgive me either. Why do I always do stupid things th.................
Charley(interrupting him by lifting his face): Vin, you already apologized to me, remember?(kissing him on the cheek): Now give me a hug! (He hugs her tightly. When she tried to pull away, he brought her back to him, holding her even tighter)
Vinnie: Please, don't go yet.(He was trying to hold back his tears. Remembering Charley's face when they talked on the balcony. Remembering all the pain he caused her. To remember the look that she gave him, her eyes filled with tears, made him want to kill himself. He sqeezed her even tighter than before, making sure she wouldn't leave him.): I just can't express to you how sorry I am Charley. (He noticed her look up at him. She wiped the tear from his eye and rubbed the rim of his ear. He tried to drop his head inshame again, but she lifted it back up to make him face her. He saw the look in her eyes. He knew that she forgave him, but the question was, could he forgive himself.)
Charley: Vinnie, are you Ok?
Vinnie(sadly): Yeah, I'm fine Charley girl. I'm fine. (He hears the guys and Maula walk from the woods in the clothes Charley had brought for them. He loosens the grip he had on Charely's waist, feeling a little happier.): Well sweetheart, its time to whip some tail, wouldn't you say?
Charley(smiling): Let's do it!!!!
(Vinnie and Charley start over to the others while they are walking from the woods in their change of clothes.)
Throttle: Thanks Charley girl, we owe you one.
Maula: Save the thanks for later hun, we've got hostages to spring!!!!
(They all start to mount on their bikes)
Throttle: Well guys,(looking at Charley and Maula): and gals, LET'S ROCK!!!!!
All: AND RIDE!!!!!!!!

(They ride back to the restaurant and discover that the entrance that was unguarded before was now wall to wall of goons. So, they think of the only way to get to the hostages...........with FORCE! The doors and the goons go flying inward inside the restaurant while the mice and Maula ride in. They blast their way to the basement.)
Hostage#1: Are those motorcycles I hear?
Hostage#2: And guns!!!!!
Hostage#3: They've come to rescue us!!!!
(The doors to the room where the hostages were being held blow open and they see the five familiar faces on the motorcycles signaling them to come out.)
Throttle: Nightmares over citizens!! You can go home now.
Hostage#1(running and hugging Throttle): Thank you so much..ur.....your a ....ah...ah.mouse!?!
Throttle: Yeah ma'am, I'm a mouse!(He returns the hug back for it didn't matter to the woman what he was): You can go home now.(He sees her run off along with the others. He is now facing the guys.): Well bros I think our job is done here.
Maula: Well, not really.
Vinnie: Why you say that Maula?
Maula: Well, we didn't have the pleasure of harassing the head of the operation yet.(She gives a sinister smirk): I feel like cheese cake for dessert. What about you guys?
Charley: MMMMMMMMM, with Limburger Tower sauce!
Throttle: Well, what did you have in mind, Maula?
(Maula just gives the guys one of the most sinister grins that they ever have seen her give. For a person as equally as caring as Modo, her mind was like a steel trap. They started to wonder how she could be so devious, but the thought passed like a breeze because the fact was that the plot was against Limburger.)

(At the Limburger Tower.)

(Limburger scowls Greasepit about the mice's escape upstairs in his tower office.)
Limburger: You greasy fingered goof-up!!!!! You are forever fouling up my plans!!! I finally had the mice that cause the most problems, not to mention our second human test subject that has become my worst nightmare ever since she came back to her blasted planet!!!!!!
Greasepit(looking out the window of the office building, he spots a figure in the sky): Uhh, boss, whats thats in the sky?(he points to the figure.)
Limburger: What are you talking about......(he looks behind his shoulder and realizes what Greaspit was referring to. It was a mouse embellom in the sky. He then heard motorcycles riding around the streets and hysterical laughter. He knew what was going to happen): This has really been a bad day.

(The lower base of the building was loaded with dynamite. When the dynamite went off, it took the entire building down to the ground. When the smoke cleared, the Limburger tower was left in a powdery heap. Limburger whines like a 2yr old baby in the background.)

The End