Wild Thing

By Hayden Davidson

Copyrighted 8-3-1998 by Hayden Davidson


Disclaimer: I don't own Biker Mice From Mars or the Sarah Mclachlan song `Angel'. Wish I did but I don't. I'm not making any money off of this piece of work. In fact my mother has been nagging me to write stuff I could get paid from. Right now I'm watching Freakazoid, its the Snake lady ep. If anyone cares. Which you probably don't cuz most people don't read the disclaimer. If you are reading this disclaimer please tell me. BTW- I don't own Freakaziod either. The people who took it off the air do. Like I said before I got all side tracked I make no money from this..it has been written for my enjoyment and those who love the show or at least marginally like it. This has been a test of Stoker1439 theory that you can write whatever you want in these things cuz no one reads em. [ed: you really think that?]

"......this is the Wild Thing signin' off......" The young woman said, speaking into the microphone before her.

With a sigh she slid her headphones off and sat them on the desk before her. Her flaxen colored hair fell into her face as she hung her head down for a moment. Slowly pushing her chair back, she stood and stretched. Yawing she walked to the door and almost ran into the morning DJ Mumbling her apologies she walked to the break room in a quest for a coke or a cup of coffee or anything with caffeine for that matter.

Walking down the halls, exchanging greetings with people, she looked at her watch. 2 am? Dam I never used to get this tired by now....either I'm getting old or I've pushing myself to much. Smiling to herself her light green eyes sparkled a bit at the thought of her getting old. Well..I'm not getting old..so it must be the latter...I've gotta ask Joe fer some time off! At this rate I'm gonna start fallin' asleep during a show. That'll get him to give me a few days off!

Opening the break room door, she smiled at the sight before her. Wes `Wolf Man' Stone, Joe `The Man' Donavin, Parker Lewis of Toronto late night radio fame, the morning girl who she only knew by Beca, and Eddy Nik Matthews; were all playing Go Fish. All were drinking coffee, but Joe who had some Starrbucks stuff.

"What? Someone call a staff meeting a forget to invite me?" She asked, playfully, her thumbs hooked in the belt loops of her faded blue jeans. "I'd say it was a `guy' thing..but Beca here might hurt me."

Wes looked up from his cards, which she was sure were snitch from his 4 year old niece, and smiled at her. "Hey Wild Thing! What up girl?" For a man in his 40's Wes still acted as though he were 20.

`Wild Thing' walked around to the coffee machine and poured some into her mug. A mug that proudly proclaimed `Part of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy to Get the Clintions''. She greeted the rest as she poured cream and sugar into the black motor oil. Stirring it she smiled at Eddy. "Hey Ed, babe, a think this stuff you call coffee is eating the spoon." Eddy responded by sticking his tongue out.

Parker chuckled and hit Eddy on the back. "Real mature Eddy..."

Eddy glared at him. Before a fight could start she quickly pulled up a chair between them. Turing it backwards so she could rest her chin on the chair back.

"Joe, what's with the game of Go Fish? Someone steal all hundred of yer playing cards?" She asked, peering over Eddy's shoulder to see his hand. Eddy glared at her.

"It's the only thing we found that Eddy can't beat all of us in," Joe responded not taking his sharp blue eyes off the cards.

"That.." said Parker, "And the fact there's no way money can get involved. Joe `ball an' chain' read him the riot act about our littl' poker games."

Throwing her head back she laughed. "We warned ya Joe..goin' from being a 20 year bachelor to a married man ain't easy."

Joe mumbled something about women taking over the world one man at a time. She looked at Beca and the two women laughed.

"Watcha words Joe, the walls have ears and all women know each other," Beca scowled him.

The others laughed while Joe fumed. "I get no respect from this bunch. You young ones are just as bad as Parker and Wes."

"We're corruptin'' `em for you, Joe," Parker told him.

"Didn't ya know? It's in our contracts." Wes said laughing.

Drinking down the last of her coffee she stood and grabbed her helmet and back pack.

"Leavin' already, babe?" Eddy asked.

"Yeah, hotshot, got classes in the morning," She said winking and blowing him a kiss.

He pretended to catch it and then swoon. She made a face at him.

"Bye everyone" She waved over her shoulder. "See ya in class Eddy. Term papers are due...'member?"

Eddy groaned and sank lower into his chair. Everyone laughed, everyone but Eddy.

Walking out into the warm August air, she sighed again. Why am I so tired? This isn't like me...I feel so sluggish and clumsy.. like I haven't slept in days.... She Stretched her arms high above her head as she walked to her bike. Getting on she happened to look up at the sky as she slid her helmet on. She gasped.

There was a bright flash of light then what looked like a shooting star streaked across the Detroit night sky. oh...it's beautiful! Her face lit up, seeing a shooting star was lucky. Closing her eyes she made her wish. (Hey if I tell you what the wish was it won't come true and that'll ruin the story.)

She was still looking up a the shooting star when a wave of dizziness hit her. She closed her eyes for a moment. When she opened them, she found her she at the helm of what she assumed was a ship, with the ground rushing rapidly toward her. She closed her eyes again quickly.

"......are you okay? Miss?"

She quickly looked up and around and found herself on her bike in the parking lot. One of the nightwatch men was gentle shaking her shoulder. "..what..?"

"Are you okay, Miss?" the elderly security guard asked, looking concerned.

"Yeah...yeah..I just got dizzy there for a moment. I'll be fine." She said.

"Want me to get someone to drive you home, Miss?"

"No...no..I'll be fine..really..I feel fine now." She insisted.

"Okay. If your sure, Miss.."

She nodded and gunned the engine. Her bike roared to life, the sound of its engine music to her ears. Waving to the guard, she speed off into the night towards her home. The warehouse she had converted to a loft apartment.

She rode with her visor up, letting the night air hit her face. Slowly she felt more alert and awake. Feeling much better she turned on her radio, which she had designed to send the audio to the twin speakers in her helmet. Messing with the dial, waiting for a red light to turn red. Wondering why red lights were always the longest at 2:30 in the morning. When she found a station playing Sarah Mclachlan song Angel, she left it.

For some reason the song reflect her strange mood that night. Though she was happy, something felt missing. She knew what it was and knew she could do nothing to fill the emptiness in her heart.

"...There's always some reason to feel not good enough
And it's hard at the end of the day
I need some distraction or a beautiful release
Memories seep from my veins
Let me be empty and weightless and maybe
I'll find some peace tonight...." She sang with the music. She loved to sing, it was one of her passions. It was one of the few thing she knew that no could take from her.

She was just getting close to her home, when a fiery light passed right over head. Her head snap back and she was shocked to she a spaceship of sorts. In a fiery blaze it was crashing down to the earth. In the direction of the warehouse!

Breaking several speed limits and driving laws, she raced towards the warehouse. She got there just in time to see the small ship crash into one of the old warehouse that had been brought up by Brie. Quickly she pulled he bike up out front of her home. Pulling out her keys she unlocked the door and threw her helmet on the floor.

"NITRO!!!" She yelled.

A female figure in a robe appeared at the top of the stairs to the upper living space. "What's wrong? What was that noise?"

"Grab yer med-kit and come on! A ship just crashed two warehouses down. Looks one of the ones you told me `bout!" The young woman dashed out the door again. Running at top speed, she raced to the ship. Somehow she knew there was someone in trouble in there.

When she got to the crash site, she carefully picked her way throw the burning wreckage and rumble. Climbing into the ship she coughed at the heavily smoke. Dam, I can hardly see through this smoke! I'll never find anyone like this!!

Suddenly something brushed at her arm. She bit her lip to keep from screaming as she whirled around. A finely crafted street bike, beep at her and brushed her arm again.

"Oh..my lordy..." She reached out a hand and touched the bike. It jerk away at first and beep at her angrily. Then it relented, always her to check for damage.

"You can understand me, can't you girl?" She asked the bike. I'm talking to a bike...I'M TALKING TO A BIKE!!!?? And it's ANSWERING ME?

The bike beeped at her and bumped it's tire against her leg. "You want me to get your rider?" The bike beep at her again. "Okay..okay..I get the picture. Where is he?"

The bike lead the way through the wreckage, to the front of the ship. For a moment she was disoriented by the fact it resembled what she had seen in her vision. "I don't see...."

Then she did. Laying face down on the floor, bleeding badly, was a large humanoid mouse. His fur was dirty and blood caked. She ran to his side and kneeled beside him, to check is pulse. It's so weak...Dam he looks like he's lost a lot of blood....

Turing to his bike, she got an idea. Using all her strength she manage to lift his muscular body and draped him over his bike. His bike got her idea and did her best to help the human. Slowly and careful the bike and the human got the Martian male out of the ship. This WOULD happen to me wouldn't? I'm not having a very good day..

Just as they had gotten a safe distance from the ship, a large explosion could be heard. Using her body to shield the wounded mouse, she covered her eyes as a large fire ball shot into the sky. When it was over, she pulled him off the bike. With his head in her lap she tired to stop his bleeding. Blood covered her hands and clothes. Looking up she saw Nitro coming, dressed and holding her med-kit. Nitro's son, Silo was right behind her, wanting to she what the grown-ups were doing.

The first thing Rimfire saw when he opened his eyes, was a beautiful human female. Nice way to wake up...if it wasn't for this pain... A bright light seemed to shine behind her head making her hair seem brownish red. It had to be Charley. He had made it to Chicago after all. But there was something strange about her. Raising a hurting arm he put his hand on her shoulder.

When she felt a hand on her shoulder she almost screamed. Looking down she saw that the mouse's pink eyes were open and looking at her. His hand was resting on her shoulder. "Charley...?" he whispered.

She quickly shook her head. "No...no..."

The light faded and Rimfire could see blonde hair tumbling over her shoulder. Light green eyes gazed at him in worry. If she's not Charley..then I didn't make it....oh gods! MY bike..the codes..are there...

"My bike...have to get.." He tired to get up.

"Your bike's fine...see?" She gestured to the bike, who beeped happily at the fact he was awake.

"Thanks...I'm Rimfire by the way," Dam, I feel dumb doing this but Grandma always said to introduce yourself to strange girls who save your life.

She smiled. A lovely thing to see. For a human she sure is pretty...Rimfire grimaced suddenly as pain overtook him. His hand fell off her slim shoulder as he fell into the blackness.

The last thing he hear was her voice. "My name's Hayden....."