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By Crysti-Lei

25 September '99

Copyright 1999, Crysti-lei, all rights reserved.

"What's Limburger up to?" Vinnie asked as he decked another goon.
"It's got to be some thing pretty big for them to attack us while were out for lunch," Huffed Throttle looking for some thing to hit a goon with.
"It's nothing too new," Modo added.
"You got a point there," Throttle agreed. The goons kept coming more and more as they knocked them down. "I knew it was a bad idea not to take our bikes, I had a gut feeling some thing was going to happen."
"You always have a gut feeling, if you went by that you'd never leave the damn score board." Vinnie said pulling some neat side kicks on approaching goons.
Modo Stopped for a short moment as he saw a strange fighter off on the edge of the brawl fighting Limburgers goons with effortless ease seeing she was good and seeming to be helping he decided to get back to the task at hand, keeping their tales alive.
"Wahooooo! We are so out numbered, when did being a hero get so fun. One hundred to three!!"
"Vinnie, make that four, we got ourselves a guardian angel at your 11 o'clock," Modo corrected not even looking at Vinnie.
"Who...," Throttle over heard Modo and had stopped to see who it was only to receive a goons fist to his head.
"Who ever she is leave her she's good," Vinnie said amazed and kept on fighting.
A few minutes later Vinnie found him self struck down to the hard bitumen road of the Chicago street by the strange young fighter. As he came to grips with what just happened he saw the blonde girl laying on top of him. He smirked at the situation, but it couldn't be seen for the helmet he wore to hide appearance.
"You really should watch yourself mate," The girl said with a serious look in her eyes as she scanned the fight. With a wink she rolled off Vinnie onto the road, before jumping up into a sprint and swapping the jette for the staff across her back and using it skillfully to knock down some goons.
Vinnie sat up and looked around and a noticed a sniper on the corner of the city block cursing at the fact he missed the perfect shot of Vinnie.
"Whoa,.." Vinnie said blankly as he rose to his feet and fired his laser at some goons.
"Hey, Vinnie, who's the chic?" Throttle yelled from a couple of meters away surrounded by a huge group of goons.
"No Idea bro, but she just saved my tail." Vinnie Answered just standing there with nothing o do as all of Limburgers goons more or less had gone to fight the stranger.
Throttle strolled over to Vinnie and to together walked casually over to Modo who was now trying to pick a fight.
"She's good," The tall gray Martian man mentioned.
"In what context bro?" Asked Vinnie with a smirk, "She's cute, for a human. Y0ou have to admit."
"True." The other two Martians said nodding in agreement.
By this time the girl had eliminated over half the goons and was still fighting with a katana blade. After skillfully taking down five more she found her self in a circle of goons each holding a laser no more then three inches away from her head. She froze with a calm smirk looking directly down the barrels of each of the lasers as turned in a circle to count how many goons the were exactly. there was about 10, then she calmly spoke
"Quite the predicament, huh? Do I get any last words?" as she did she raised an eyebrow Questioningly.
"Yeah, how about sionara!" spoke a goon smugly.
"O.K. sionara... dude." She said grinning widely the moment before her plan began to work. Within a split second she dropped on to her back and kicked the smug goon in the chest. with this unexpected commotion he pulled the trigger. Starting a chain reaction of shots resulting in all of the remaining goons dead, but the result of the weight of the goons knocked the hero unconscious.
The biker mice gasped and sprinted over to where the goons lay.
"She got shot!" Modo sighed.
"Maybe we can still help her, She saved us didn't she," Vinnie said moving aside some of the goons.
"She's not shot just unconscious!" Throttle exclaimed as her body was uncovered. Throttle knelt down beside her checking her pulse and eyes, "She's still breathing, but she's as cold as ice,"
"She must be, wearing that." Vinnie mumbled pointing to her clothes. She wore a tight exercise top, blue cargo pants and a leather strap the went around her waist an two that joined onto that and crossed over her back, holding two jettes, a pair of nunchukus, two katana blades and a staff.
"We hafta take her to Charlie's I'm sure she wont mind," Modo protested as he picked her up and began to walk back to the garage. Throttle and Vinnie just followed.

"Charlie! Where do I put her?" Yelled Modo as he walked in the door holding the stranger.
"What?, Who is she?" Charlie asked as she walked over to the tired guys walking in the door.
"We have no Idea, but she saved our tails." Spoke Modo as he laid her down on the couch.
"What do you mean, saved your tails?" Charlie asked beginning to worry.
"Limburger knew where we were going and ambushed us, we were practically defenseless, so much for a nice walk in Chicago these days," Throttle said kneeling down by the girl taking her weapons off. "Who ever she is, she was ready for a fight,"
"How did she get involved in the fight?" Charlie questioned.
"God knows, but she rugby tackled me to the ground and saved my tale from one of Limburgers snipers," Answered Vinnie pondering the fact he was dragged to the ground by a girl no more then 5'6''.
Modo began to ask Throttle while laying a blanket over the girl,
"How long do you thing she'll be out?"
"Could be an hour, could be a month I really couldn't tell at this stage."
"Check it out, she's got a wallet." Exclaimed Vinnie pointing to the pocket on her thigh.
"We're not that hard up for cash" Giggled Charlie sarcastically.
"Nah ID We could find out who she is,"
"It's more conventional then robbing her. Go ahead if you don't think she'll mind." Charlie said as Vinnie removed the wallet.
Looking through it Vinnie spoke,
"Well her names Jesse something and she's from New York, She doesn't carry much money and she has a thing for pizza companies."
"How did you get that?" asked Modo getting comfy on the old brownish couch next to the sleeping girl.
"Well she has about twenty business cards here."
"Would you mind if she stayed in you spare room Charlie ma'am?" Asked Modo.
"Yeah, It's not a good idea to keep her with us, she might freak," Said Vincent still flicking through the wallet.
"Sure, whatever," Charlie said unsure of what she was getting her self into. "I'll just set up the bed." Charlie walked off the get some sheets for the bed not long after she had finished making it Modo carried the unconscious girl into the room and laid her down on the bed where she lay still for the next five days, with occasional visits and checks from her new friends.

Friday morning.
"Whats with the music," Vinnie moaned, twisting his face as if a Pepi La Pew and walked past. "I do not remembered Charlie's taste in music being this bad." The sounds of 'yummy, yummy' ran through out the garage and most of the street too.
"Yeah and Charlie hates loud music!" Yelled Throttle trying to get over the music.
The three bro's barked there bikes in the garage, took off their helmets and walked into the kitchen to find the strange young girl who they had come to know as Jesse dancing to that disastrous music and making what seemed to be an omelet. Not to mention singing into the spatula.
"That's a nice butt." Modo whispered down to Throttle standing next to him.
"Now that's an understatement if I ever heard one." Throttle just gave a light hearted giggle to Vinnie interruption. Jesse continued to dance and sing totally oblivious as to what was going on behind her until she turned in time with the music and her simple 360 turned into a 540 to take another look at the three Martians standing behind her. The guys froze knowing the couldn't be seen by anyone but Charlie but soon relaxed after seeing the girls reaction wasn't shocked. All four of searched around the room with their eyes trying to avoid eye contact but as a sly smirk formed on Jesse's face she spoke,
"Omelet, anyone?" This released the tension, you know, the kind you get when you come across a alien species that had seen you singing into the kitchen utensils.
"No thanks I'm fine," Throttle declined politely, "But thanks Jesse," Jesse smiled slightly as her mind began to wander on to other things like checking out the guys standing in front of her, and making it obvious. "That is you name, isn't it?"
"yeah...." Jesse shook her head to get her thoughts strait, "It's just no ones called me that for ages. Last time would have been around seven years ago when my master died."
"Master?" Vinnie Questioned thinking the worst.
"Ninja master, I don't slave for no one." She turn off the stereo to listen better.
"Ancient Japanese martial art. You ain't heard of it?"
"Nah," Vinnie admitted furring his brow.
"Well any way that's what I do. I'm a shinobi ninja. Who are you? Schwatzneger, Elvis and Who?"
"Funny," he said blankly but a little sarcastic, "I'm Throttle, this big ol' lug here in Modo and that's Vinnie."
"The great." Vinnie added to the end of Throttles sentence.
"Oh, Vinnie Barberino, I loved your roll in 'Welcome Back Kotter'" Vinnie just gave a childish glare at Wild Child's comment.
"So what do we call you, if not Jesse?" Modo returned to the subject.
"Wild Child, and I do live up to my name." She replied proudly as she shoveled her breakfast onto a plate.
"Your not much of a child," Vinnie commented still annoyed from the 'barbarino' remark.
"I am when you consider I've got another 230 years to live." She spoke smuggle, she felt a kind of safety telling this sort personal secret to these guys, who were practically strangers, because she didn't consider them to be the sort to critersize her differences, seeing their appearance.
"What! 230? how old are you now?" Throttle said intrigued by this.
"Twenty." She replied while surching for a knife and fork.
"Top draw. Twenty, you look only fifteen, sixteen at the most." Vinnie said forgetting about the earlier remark.
"Thanks." She mumbled chew on the omelet, "Yeah I get that a lot. It's why I have trouble getting into night clubs, it shits me."
"Why 250 years?, I was under the impression you were human." Questioned Throttle.
"Not entirely, but it's a long, complicated and boring story, and trust me it's not some thing you want to hear about right now," she said as pushed passed the guys and sat on the floor by the coffee table. The three just followed her and sat on the couch on the other side of the table.
"Where'd Charlie go?" Vinnie finally noticed she wasn't there.
Wild Child replied slowly "She's the chick right?" with a nod from Vinnie she went on. "She went to the shop to get food and some other stuff, but I tuned out once I found the record collection she had going, I thought I'd died and gone to hippie heaven!"
"You actually like that kind of music?" Throttle asked he seemed to be convinced that music was only made to be laughed at.
"Yeah, it's so mindless it get you mind off the stresses of urban warfare and the usual stuff."
"Speaking of urban warfare, what do you have to do with Limburger?" Throttle got serious as he changed the subject.
"I was sent here by my dad, 'couse we heard that some weird shit was going down, hear in Chicago. We managed to link it up with the dude that ran the same kind of thing that I....well lets say I got mad, yet he was the one that lost his head." She gave a wicked smile then continued, "it wasn't one of my best work, but desperate times call for desperate measures, Oh and I greatly appreciate you bringing me here. thanks, I owe you one."
"You save us, we save you!" Throttle said as a way of thanking her.
"So would one of you be able to take me home, once I'm finished here?"
"Sure, We'll help you around here if you want," Modo got up ready to clean.
"Well you can start by Eating this if it appeals to you," She spoke holding up the omelet, "It doesn't seem so nice now," the three guys looked at each other pondering if they should take it or not.
"Yeah, I'll have it, sure you don't want it?" Vinnie asked not moving his eyes from the omelet as if he expected it to disappear.
"Yes just take it." Wild Child practically threw the plate at Vinnie.
They all started to clean mainly the kitchen where Jesse had been cooking. Moments after they had finished and were all sitting on the couch, finding out more about each other, Charlie arrived home with an arm full of groceries, "Oh' so I see you've met the guys, hope they didn't scare you,"
"Nah, they're not much different to what I've grown up with, properly even better,"
"What's to scare with this handsome face? and yeah, what did you grow up with?"
"Same as you , mutants."
"There is nothing mutant about us!" Vinnie screamed almost getting out of his seat to sort Wild Child out.
"Your not?" Wild Child looked Questioningly into each of there eyes, "What then?"
"Martian." Throttle stuck out his chest sarcastically as he said it.
"Cool. Sorry It's just my dad, Donny, my uncles, Mickey, Leo and Raph, and splinter were all mutants so I figured that to be the only explanation for you."
"So you half mutant?" Throttle asked, "What's mutant about you? you certainly don't look mutant."
"Mutant what?" Vinnie Questioned
"Well I was lucky, It's all inside. I'm Poikiothermic and have a turtles life span. the only physical difference it my teeth I have herbivore teeth, no canines, witch is hardly noticeably any way. My dad and uncles were all turtles originally, but my master Splinter was human but got mutated into a rat."
"Rat? We have rats, much like us, but a whole lot greezier, back on Mars." Modo added.
Throttle then asked looking at the clock, "So where do you live?"
"I don't know where from here, but it's not far from were the fight was."
"Are you going already?" Charlie asked.
"Yeah, I don't want to get in you hair or any thing." Wild Child said polity.
"Your welcome to stay, I don't mind,"
"I have den I have to get back to, thanks though."
"Wanna go now?" Throttle Asked gesturing to the garage.
"Sure," She slowly stood up, "Well thanks for your hospitality,"
"Any time." Charlie said as they all got up and walked to the garage. As Throttle opened the door to the garage Wild Child fell to her knees and her jaw almost hit the ground at the sight of the three most beautiful bikes she had ever seen.
"So you like bikes huh?" Vinnie spoke from behind her left shoulder.
"Like, more like love!" She practically shouted in her excitement. "My uncle, Raph, taught me how to put them together when I was three, since then I've always loved them,"
"This is my sweetheart," Vinnie said smugly as he strutted toward his bike, then began to stroke the handle bars affectionately, yet in a tough way.
"It's beautiful, I give you that. Powerful?" She asked now examining the engine. But with the touch of the stranger the bike edged away in a single jerk. "Super computers? What next."
"These bikes are beyond human technology, and yes, top line Martian computers, jets, armor, ammo and use very little fuel." Throttle added mounting onto his bike.
"Definitely a mouse's best friend," spoke Mood as he started up the engine.
"Well lets go, I wanna see how these guys ride." WildChild said as she took Vinnie's invited and jumped on the back of his bike and put on the helmet he passed her.
With all riders ready the three bikes screamed down the street and rode to the scene of last weeks fight, where Wild Child saved there tales, and from there WC (Wild Child) showed them the way to her home.
"Just here mate," Vinnie pulled over to the side of the road as WC dismounted and took the helmet off. The street was long and silent only the occasional beat up car drove past, old apartment buildings ran the way down the road on both sides, and an occasional flickering of a fluresant sign of a dinner across the road. "Thanks again for helping me."
"No worries, I ain't the kind of guy to admit this stuff, but we needed you, we were losing badly, Thank you." He said in a quiet whisper leaning forward so that only Jesse could here him.
"Well you know where I live, if ever you need me come and get me. I'll be more then happy to humiliate you again," She reach forward and shook Vinnie's hand with a firm grip, then Throttle and Modo's who were standing next to Vinnie. "Well if you'd move your bike I'll go home,"
"Wha..." Vinnie looked puzzled as he looked down to the ground below him and his bike, when he only saw a gruby man hole he just laughed.
"Seriously, I can't get into home if your parked on my front door."
"You live in the sewer?" Throttle asked amazed.
"You got it Einstein!" She said in the most sarcastic voice he'd ever heard. Vinnie moved his bike a couple of meters as Wild Child shifted the man hole.
"If you live here, why don't you come live with us? It's not much better, I'm mean it's just a score board, but at least you'll have company and we could do with your help," Throttle suggested.
"I've lived in the sewer for twenty years, I'll be fine,"
"We'd love you to come, sincerely."
Jesse looked at each of them and pondered for a moment then spoke, "Well, I'm up for it if every one else is?"
"Yeah." "Sure." Vinnie and Modo insisted.
"Well, I'll get my stuff," She said as she effortlessly jumped down the man hole, followed by Throttle then Vinnie, Modo stayed on street level to keep a look out. The sewer looked cold and damp, the only light came from the open man hole, but didn't reflect off the slimy stone walls well at all. Across the black floor there was the occasional puddle and even a dead rat laying by a step where one of for long, black, haunting tunnels joined into the make shift home.
"Nice place you have here," Vinnie announced as he scanned over the mattress in the corner with a few old dirty blanket and a new looking punching bag hanging from the roof while stepping over a few scattered belongings on the sewer floor.
"It's not that good now, I know, but once I got settled in and was sure it was safe I was going to fix it up, our place in New York was pretty groovy," While she said this she vigorously stuffed some clothed and weaponry into a bag and slumped an acoustic guitar an a finely woven, hemp guitar case over her shoulder. "I'm ready,"
"Don't you want the punching bag?" Vinnie asked slamming his fist into it.
"Nah, it's crapy, to soft. It'll brake at the rate I'll use it, I'm getting another."
Jesse threw the pack up through the man hole where Modo caught it and slung it on his shoulder, Jesse climbed out and helped Vinnie and Throttle up and out, and still with the guitar on here back they headed to the score board.

"Welcome to our humble home," Modo said as he opened the door for WildChild. As she entered she had to step over old cans of root beer and some thing else that she didn't even know what, or want to either.
"Ahh, a bachelor pad," She said nudging Modo, "Don't expect me to do any cleaning,"
Then Throttle joked, "Well you can just go back to the sewer then,"
"So, where do I sleep?"
"Don't even say it Vinnie," Throttle warned. "We have a spare bed, it's not much, or I'll sleep there and you can sleep in mine?"
"I'll be fine there, as long as I can make some way to control the rooms temperature,"
"Why," Modo asked.
" Like I said, I'm piokiothurmic, my body temperature is always the same as the air around me. If I get too cold I pass out, if my pulse drops below some thing like seven beats a minute I die. That's my, one and only, Achilles heal, but I always carry a shot of adrenaline with me incase. It can actually be an advantage, I don't complain about the cold and I don't get picked up by heat censers."
"So that's why you always feel so cold?" Modo asked. Jesse just nodded.
Jesse dumped her stuff beside an old mattress on the floor and walked back out to where they where sitting, As she entered she caught the root beer that was thrown at her by Modo and began to tap the top the can to get rid of the fizz as she took a seat, "Seeing that I'll be fighting with you, I have to learn the way you guys work. Like following orders or every man, sorry, mouse for himself?"
"All for one and one for all." Throttle answered calmly while wiping the root beer from his chin.
"How do you fight? Do you study a martial art?" She asked expecting a yes.
"Freedom Fighter style, our bikes and guns are our main weapons, But we can fight pretty well with our fists." Throttle spoke in a 'business man' tone.
"Well, I'll fight you some time, see who methods are better," She said smuggle.
"Sorry wouldn't want to hurt you, lil' lady," Vinnie answered.
"Beat me? Me? WildChild ruler of the under ground, illegal, fighting ring of New York? I'll whoop your ass right now," Jesse got up out of seat and gestured Vinnie to come to, he looked at Throttle and Modo, then followed her. "The rules are: No groin, No foreign objects just fist and the rest and stop and each others word. First one the stop the fight looses or first one unconscious looses, 'K?"
"Yeah, but you just signed your death warrant." Vinnie said rolling up the sleeves he didn't have.
"Don't speak to soon boy. Oh, and no disappearing."
"Disappearing?" Vinnie's jaw dropped.
"Just a little trick of mine. Well lets fight?"
"Yeah, your on."
The two circle each other with fists ready, Jesse took the first swipe. Vinnie dodged it and threw his fist back at her, she caught his wrist with her right hand and placed her left hand between his right hip and ribs and threw up and over her head, and he landed on the floor to right, winded and gasping for breath. she whispered down to him, "I win," She then helped him up and pushed the dirt off him and asked, "You 'right?" Vinnie just grunted an embarrassment, "Don't take it to hard, I beat every one, You're actually pretty good."
"I didn't even get one punch in," Vinnie argued, doubting him self.
"It's the way you did it, and your not aggressive, that's some thing I'm yet to learn,"
At this point they relized Throttle and Modo were in hysterics laughing. Then to prevent Vinnie's pride being hurt further Jesse snapped, "Don't laugh guys, I can beat you to," and sure enough they shut the hell up like naughty school kids. As Vinnie turned to her and gave her a thankful look she winked at him is the same way she did when she saved him from the sniper. She then casually brushed her long, blond hair out of her face and again took her seat.
"So why do you fight those guys?" She asked as if the fight didn't happen.
"Well they attacked Mars to steel the resources a couple years ago, and we were fighting for a rebel army, the Freedom Fighters, then one day we were fighting and we happened to crash here in Chicago, that's when we found out that this was the plutakians next target. Then we got aquatinted with Chi-towns head cheese, Limburger, and decided to stay and fight here,"
"I hate that Limburger dude. I was in his office, or air vent above his office more like, a week or so ago, and he's so arrogant, and he reaks of god-knows-what."
"You were in the air vent?" Modo asked, seeming amazed.
"Did you find any thing out?" Throttle insisted.
"Absolutely nothing, The dude just sat there eating worms for five hours. I could barely walk after that, but while I was staggering back down the street that damn tower calapsed, would you have had anything to do with that, would you?"
The three looked at each other then shared a proud laugh. "It's a tradition, after we foil their plans, we total the tower. It's fun, you should try it some time," Throttle laughed, still trying to get over it.
Wild Child half smiled, pulled here chair out and placed her feet on the table, " how many times have you totaled the tower?"
"Countless, it's the best part" Modo bragged.
"So do you ever attempt to end this once and for all?" Jesse said in shock.
"It's harder then it looks." Throttle spoke, "We get close but, never that close."
"I killed BV Edem within 6 months of him invading New York, it was in a room full of all his guards, right in front of them. I wasn't the least bit hard."
"Remind me never to get on you bad side." Vinnie Commented.
"And Limburgers' goons are less than half as good as BVs' are, I mean were."
"My gray furred mumma told my never to kill in cold blood,"
"My mother was killed in cold blood, and almost me to,"
"I'm sorry," Modo spoke softly.
"Why are you apologizing, I never met her. She died giving birth, 20 years ago. She was beaten up real bad by The Foot 2 days before i was born, she was too weak to suvive child birth."
The guys look puzzled but the subject was quickly changed.
"So have you any ideas as to how to heat that room yet," Throttle asked.
"Walk around naked..." she mumbled under her breath, "No, not yet, I'll think of something, inheriting my smarts from my dad do come in handy."
"Hey let's get some food, I'm starved." Vinnie said in a whining voice.
"Yeah, me too, how about we try that new looking hot dog stand on the corner?" Modo Added.
"Nah, I'm saying, marshmallows, choc chips and spaghetti on pizza!" Jesse smiled, "Hey, I'm a turtle, I grew up on this stuff."

* * *

This is not the end, only the begining of the "WILD CHILD SAGA".

Do you know Wild Child well enought from this story? Are there any crontradictions in it? Any thing? Please tell me.