Why or Not???

By Racergirl

February 17, 2000


Charley sat at the edge of her bed crying. She was crying because of what happened yesterday. "Why did it have to happen?" she asked herself aloud. It was not fair. it
did not have to happen this way. If only they had listened to her insead of going out
and fighting Limberger. This would have never happened. The thought of it made her cry
harder. Something has gone wrong, But what??? Maybe there is an answer???. Charley
thought to herself. "Maybe there is an answer" This time she said it aloud. She got up, Then realized the truth....... The truth was..... how could she??? She could think of alot of
good reasons not to, But there had to be a reason why??? She plopped back down at the
edge of her bed is discust and agravation. Then an idea came to her without warning. Years ago she took some kind of meditation classes. Her Instructor always told her within
the mind it knows no bounds. Maybe he can help. Hummmmmmmm, Maybe???
But how?? How can she get ahold of him after so many years of no contact whatsoever.
Then she knew.... Her mother would know. She keeps in touch with him. That got her hopes up, But Charley decided to wait till tomarrow to contact her mom. Charley looked
at the clock beside her bed. it read 3am. Well, It is defently to late to call. Charley thought to herself in discust. Charley got into bed, But did not sleep. She was thinking about what happened 2 days ago. It all started early in the morning 2 days ago..............

" No Vinnie. For the last time. I will not go out with you". That had been the third time that same week he had asked. "Oh come on Sweetheart. You and me. What do ya' say??"
He said in hope. He was sitting on his useual place at that couch. Charley was sitting on the rocking chair about 3 feet away from him. "No Vinnie" Charley was getting annoyed.
Vinnie pouted. "Ahhhhhhhhhh Sweetheart. Why not??" Charley was really getting annoyed now. "Do you have to ask that question Vinnie? I thought it would be clear??"
Vinnie had that puzzled/blank look type on his face. Charley cleared her throat.....
"Alright Vinnie the reason i will not go out with you is i prefer to just be friends".
Hopfully that will back Vinnie off Charley thought to herself. "Ok Sweetheart...... Maybe one day, But untill then........" And without finishing the sentence, He got up and walked out of the livingroom. Just then heavy medal music could be heard outside in the garage.
Modo and Vinnie had just started working on their bikes when Throttle came hauling in.
"Bros, Limberger is up to something. We gotta move." He was a little sort of breath....... Consitering he was ridding a motercycle. "We outta here Sweetheart. See ya later." Vinnie called from the garage. "Oh no you don't mice. I am coming along. No way am i staying here at the garage again while you guys have all the fun. No if, An or buts about it.... I am coming." Charley quickly jumped on the back of Vinnies bike and held fasten, So Vinnie could not pluck her off. Charley fasened her helment. "Charley ma'am, This is
mocho stuff.... No place for a lady." Modo said with consern. His heart was in the right place, But Charley was not going to budge. "Yeah Charley, We do not want you to get hurt." Throttle's heart too was in the right place, But Charley had made up her mind that she was coming along this time. "Ok, Guess we have no other choice bros, Sooooo Let's rock! " AND RIDE!!!" All said as they head for Limberger Tower.


Apon ariving everything seemed way to quiet. Even for Limberger Towers. Throttle had a gut feeling. Vinnie was antsie to keep butt, Modo however was like Throttle. Vinnie all
of a sudden got that same gutsy feeling. He truned to Charley and said in the most sincere and more calmest/scared voice, saying " Charley, I know you want to come along, But please stay behind. i got a bad feeling. I do not wantto get hurt. Please do this thing for me??" Charley was about to say no, But something in Vinnie's eyes and the way he said it... it just alarmed Charley to the point where she just knew Vinnie was not foolin'.
" Ok Vinnie. You win. I will stay behind." Charley then got off Vinnie's bike and headed for a nearby corner. The guys started up their bikes an headed for the tower. After the guys where gone. Charley thought back to what Vinnie had said. It was so weird.
It was like he knew something was going to happen. But that is impossible. How can he know?? But then again, Charley has never seen Vinnie with that kind exspresshion before.
Nor the tone of voice. It really started to worry Charley. Just then a massive exsploshion
could be heard. Charley jumped. her heart beating wildly. She turned the corner just in time to see gun fire and the guys having a ball firing their blasters. She started to watch the action, Wishing she could join in. Why does every time she wants to join the fight, The guys ruin it for her. If only she could...........................

( Meanwhile high up in the shy above the Earth's atmosphere.......)

A Plutarkin Fighter was locking in on there targets. "Targets locked on, Sir. Permission to fire??" The helms guard called to his commanding officer. "No yet solder. Not untill you hear from Limberger." The Plutarkins waited for what seemed like hours for the one call that will give authorization for them to fire. See, The plain was to not only fire a small laser shot, But to throw a small enough bomb to take out that target it was locked on to.
Just then a radio message came on the veiwscreen. "All right, They are in position. You can go ahead with problem solution #1." Limberger's voice could be heard all around the
battle bay. "Prepar for Problem Solution #1. Prepar to fire." The armed lazers and bomb
where carefully powered and ready to go within seconds. "Take aim." Bellered the Commander. "Fire!!" With that the helm Plutarkian fired.......................

( Back on Earth...................)

Cheers that came from the guys could be heard from blocks away. Just then a loud sound like something was being dropped came out of nowhere. Charley looked up just in time to see something about 5 feet in length come falling sown from the sky. It fe;; with lightning speed. Charley then yelled in sheer panic " GUYS!!! LOOK OUT!!!!!!!!" to late. Charley had warned then to late. The bomb had fallen 5 fee away, But that was still to close. Throttle had found an a way in a near by alley but it was to late........ The force of the bomb was tooooo great. It send him flying through the air.... Throttle lay lifelessly
50 feet from where he was before. Modo Had caught the tail end of it, But it was still enough to send him flying..... He landed against a near by wall... Breaking his neck. Vinnie on the other hand did not get caught up in the blast, In stead he got the lazer. His body lay lifelss on the ground. The guys biker where completely distroyed all exsept for Vinnie's which was circling his rider potectively. Charley saw the whole thing. She ran to each of them, Checking for a pulse. She felt none. She finally came to Vinnie. By then she was in panic tears. "Oh God no....... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHY!!!!!!"

To Be Continued.........................................