Which Reality is Which

Written by Blaze


Copyright 1998 by Blaze

Disclaimer: The Biker Mice From Mars do not belong to me and is being used without permission. Saphire belongs to Saphire and is being used with her permission. Silver and Blaze belongs to Blaze and is being used with her permission.


I woke up refreshed. I sighed. I was happy. Sort of. I've ben depressed lately. I've gotten in a fight with my mom over the phone bill. I called my dad and he said he's coming to get me. I was excited. I had to talk to Saph. I picked up the phone and dialed a number.

"Hello" said the voice.

"Is Saph there?" I asked.

"Hey it's me!" replied Saph happily. "What's up?"

"Nothing much. Mom yelled at me because of the phone bill. I called my dad and I'm outta here." I replied firmly.

"I'm sorry things didn't work out with your mom" said Saph sadly. "But I'm happy that you're going to move in with your dad."

"Me to. But enough of that. So what do you want to talk about?" I asked.

"How bout our fics?" suggested Saph.

"All right. Let me get my notebook and you get yours" I replied.

Saph nodded and we put the phones down and went to grab our notebooks. I was in my room and picked up my notebook and felt something brushed against my cheek. I shivered at the touch. It was soft and sort of furry. I shrugged. IT was nothing. I left my room and went back to the phone.


He sighed. WHen is he going to get her back. Why can't she see him. Why can't she recognize his touch or hear him or fell when he kisses her. Oh how he missed her. To hold her. To love her again. He wondered if they would ever be together gain. He watched her leave the room. He couldn't follow her. He was bound to her room. Time was running out. He had to get her to come with him. He had to get her to trust him.


I grabbed the phone "Saph are you there?"

"Yep. What took you so long?" giggled Saphire.

"You wouldn't believe it if I told you. Lately a lot of things have been happening. It's so strange. So what fic do you want to talk about" I asked.

"We can talk about that later. I want to know what' s going on? What strange things?" Saph asked. "I will believe them."

"Okay everything started two weeks ago. Well I have a messy room. Well I went to school and I came back my room was clean. And I know my mom doesn't clean rooms and when I left my room was a mess. Weird huh. That's not the strangest part. IT seems that I bump into something or someone right in the middle of the room. IT seems that someone touches me. I feel it. I look around and no one's there. Well when this thing touches me it's so gentle, so soft, and so loving. I shiver at it's touch. But it's a good shiver. I seem to recognize it's touch. IT's like i'm used to it. And at night I kick off the blankets but when I wake up the blankets are on me again the second I kick them off. And I feel someone kiss my forehead. My mom doesn't do that any more. And I dream sweet dreams. Saph it's like someone's watching me." I replied. "Or looking out for me."

"Oh wow! You could have a ghost" said Saph.

"Good one or bad. I don't need a bad ghost and can ghost pick up, fold your clothes, and clean your room" I said.

"I know ghosts can move stuff. But clean your room and all that I don't know. How odd?" replied Saph.

"I know. That's why it's so strange. I don't mind though" I giggled.

"Me either" giggled Saph. "So want to go back to the fics."

"Yeah" I replied. We do it all the time. Run up the phone and talk about fics. We practically write fics on the phone. Soon it was time to go. I said goodbye and hung up. I took my notebook and went back to my room. I felt arms around me holding me. I sighed happily. I leaned back and didn't fall. This felt so familiar. The warmth, loving, and gentleness of the hug. So familiar. But I can't place it.

"Who ever you are? I wish you where real." I sighed.

"But I am real love" he said. But as usual she doesn't hear him. "Damn, how am I going to convince her, she's not who she is." Then before releasing her he kissed her neck.

I felt the hug being released and I felt a kiss on on my neck. I sighed happily. I wish whoever it was, was real. I look at the clock and saw it was very late. I yawned and stretched languidly snuggling into the known arms.

He closed his eyes and resists the urge to ran his hand up her leg. Damn she was being a tease. HEr hand is right there and he is trying to fight his emotions.

I started to slowly undress myself. I started to unbutton my shirt. THen I felt the hands starting to help. I stopped and let this unknown force undress me. I closed my eyes. I sighed as I felt my shirt off my body. Then the force started to massage my shoulders. THe force then unsnapped my bra. I giggled. This force was making me feel good. Well I felt my nightie slipping over my head and I raised my arms. Soon the force unbutton my jeans and took them off. I sighed I was happy. I opened my eyes. I smiled. "Thank you. But why can't I see you. I feel you but can't see you. I know your here. Maybe in my dreams."

"Your most welcome" he said. "I wish you can see me and hear me to"

He watched as she climbed into bed and opened a book. He knew his time was short. Even if he didn't get her back he was happy to see her again. To feel her in his arms, to kiss her, just to see her made him whole. Even though they might never be together again. But he didn't give up hope. He watched her read a book an curled up in bed. LIke old times. He smiled as he got up and sat next to her and watched her read. He remembered when she would snuggle against him and lay in his arms and read while he watched tv. He missed those times and damnit. He was going to get her back no matter what.

He ran his fingers through her hair. She looked up and sighed. he knew what she was feeling. IT was hurting him to. Just then the portal opened. He heard a voice.

"Times up bro. Did you convince her?" asked a voice.

He sighed. "No bro. She couldn't hear me."

"Awe man! What are we going to do now?" said another.

"Keep trying" he replied.

I put my book down. I heard voices not to mention that a portal was right there. My eyes were wide eyed. I really must be tired. I was seeing and hearing things. -Oh Saph ain't going to believe me.- I thought to myself.

"Who's there?" I replied nervously.

He turned to her. his heart skipped a beat. She heard him.

"Babes?" he asked.

I turned pale. I barley heard it. But I did. The voice was so warm, so gentle,so full of love. It sounded familiar. I couldn't place it. "Are you the one who did all those things?"

"Yes" he responded. This was his chance. He had to get her to follow him. "Listen to me. You have to trust me. I love you with all my heart and soul. I lost you once. I can't bare to lose you again. But this is not your reality. You belong with me. Please follow me through the portal."

I sat there. For some strange reason I trust this voice. I thought I knew it. Well my curiosity got the better of me. I had to find out who this unknown force was and why did I trust him so much? And why was I so drawn to him? No one has caused this kind of emotion in me but him. I had to know why.

"Come on bro" said a deep voice. "The portal won't stay open much longer."

"Coming" he said. "Please follow."

He kissed her forehead. He stepped through. I couldn't see him. I got out of bed and started to walk to the portal. I stepped inside.

Just as he stepped on the other side thunder and lighting hit causing the portal to close behind him. He looked behind him . He knew she followed him.

"NO!" he cried as he saw the portal close. "She was right behind me! Damn it I lost her again!"

They grabbed him and held him. "We'll find her bro. We will. We found her once and we'll do it again."

"Yeah Throttle. We'll find her" said the other.

"I hope so Modo. I hope so" replied Throttle. "Silver can you find where she went?"

Silver a silver mouse with white hair an gold eyes looked at the machine that created the portal. He started to punch buttons on his keyboard. "I can find her bro. Just give me time."

"Just hurry" said Throttle worried. He didn't know where she could end up. He hoped she was okay.


As I walked through the portal I felt funny. I didn't see but my body changed. I grew a little taller, a tail formed, my face changed, my hair grew longer an blacker, my body slimmed down, my eyes changed form brown to blue. I couldn't see the change but I felt it.

"What's going on?" I said scared. "What's happening to me? Where is that voice?"

I continued to walk for awhile. Soon I saw a white light and headed straight for it. I walked through the white light.


Limburger was sitting in his office when a portal opened. He looked up and saw the portal.

"KARBUNKLE GET IN HERE!" screamed Limburger.

Karbunkle and Greaspit ran in and saw the portal.

"Karbunkle, I don't mind you experimenting but NOT IN MY OFFICE UNDERSTAND!" hissed Limburger.

"But your swiss cheesiness. I didn't create this portal." wheezed Karbunkle.

"If you didn't then who did" said Limburger curious.

'Boss....Boss... Look something's coming through the porta." stuttered Greasepit.

Limburger and Karbunkle looked at the portal. I walked out and fell to the floor. The portal wasn't exactly on the floor. I got up an brushed my nightie off. That was then I noticed my tail. I stoop up stunned. I grabbed the white tail and yanked. "Ow! What the hell? I;m not suppose to have a tail!" I looked at my arms. "Or fur! What's going on? I have a tail, fur, and ears this ain't right! I'm suppose to be human not..." I looked at the reflection in the fish tank and saw a mouse. "AGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! I'm a mouse! Help I'm a mouse!"

Limburger could have died when he saw her. -NO! I made her disappear. If Throttle finds out I'm screwed! But she doesn't know who she really is. Karbunkle did an excellent job of erasing her memories. Hmmm I could use that!- he chuckled to himself. "My dear calm down. IT's okay you had a rough ride."

I look at the strange mand. If elt uneasy around him. Something about him scares me. I knew I should remember him but how. That voice. I should place it. It sounds familiar but I can't. I have to watch it around these creeps. I don't like them. They seem cruel.


Throttle was pacing back and forth. He was worried to death about her. "Silver, what's taking so long. Find anything yet."

Modo and Vinnie watched their bro tear the floor apart with his pacing. They understand how he's feeling. THey were so close of getting her back.

Silver looked at the screen. He finally found where the portal opened up. He looked at the screen and saw the coordinates coming in. Once the screen stopped flashing he read the coordinates and then frowned. "I found her bro. But you aren't going to like where she's at."

Throttle ran up to Silver. "Where is she!?"

"Limburger's Tower" replied Silver firmly.

Throttle tensed. She has no memory of this life or of LImburger. He can use that to his advantage. He as going to kill him. "Let's Rock bro's. THere's no telling what he'll do to her."

The others nodded and they hopped on their bikes.

"Let's Rock!" replied Throttle.

"ANd Ride!" exclaimed the others as they head to stop Limburger.


Limburger approached me. "I know who you are."

"You do?" I asked. I may not trust him but he held a key to who I am. I know who I am but this form I don't know.

"Well...." Limburger started but was interrupted by breaking glass.

"GET AWAY FROM HER!!!!" hissed Throttle as he, Vinnie, Modo, and Silver crashed through the glass.

Suddenly something inside my mind snapped. A downpour of memories flooded through me. I know who I truly am. Seeing Throttle again broke the shield that blocked my true memories. "Throttle" I replied.

Throttle stopped. His entire being froze when he heard her call his name. He closed his eyes as tears fell as he knew that she remembered who she was. He found her again as she found him. He got off his bike. He turned and saw her in her nightie and in tears. "BLAZE!!!!"

"THROTTLE!!!!" I cried as we rushed into each others arms and he lifted me in the air. He put me down as we embraced in a long hug and passionate kiss. "Oh I missed you so much sweets."

"Oh baby, I've gone crazy without you! I've missed you so much!" cried Throttle.

"Was it you all along in my room?" I asked.

"Yes love it was. For some strange reason you couldn't hear me until the portal opened." Throttle smiled. "How can you remember?"

"You hon. Nothing or no one can keep true love away for too long. Thanks to Limburger he kept us away. He captured me when I was on my way to the Last Chance he then took me to Karbunkle who then erased my memory. THen gave me an injection so when they tossed me into the portal it changed my physical form. So I was human for a long time. How long was I gone" I said with my head leaning on his chest.

Throttle was pissed beyond belief. "Two years love. I went two years without you. Now I have to repay Karbunkle and Limburger for their kindness."

Throttle let me go and I stood by and hugged Vinnie, Modo, and Silver. I looked as I saw Karbunkle and Limburger fly through the air. He came up to me me and I shook my head. He smiled and kissed me. I got on behind him and we headed back to the Last Chance.


Back at the Last Chance Silver examined me and said I was fine. He said It'll take time to readjust but I will make the transition. All my human memories with people, friends, and family were fading away. With a few exception. I didn't understand why. I shrugged it off. We all got reaquinted. I saw the mischievous grins on the guys faces as Throttle wanted to turn in. NOt that I mind.

A couple of hours later we lay in each other's arms happy and carefree. We were reunited once more and never to be apart ever again.

"I love you Throttle" I said as I kissed him.

"And I love you to Blaze" Throttle replied as he brought me closer to him. "We'll never be apart again."

With that we kissed each other for a very long time.

The End of Chapter One of the Reality Series.