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Vinnie Who?

By Morning

April 1999

They had stopped at a light and again some pretty young thing was giving him the eye, and how did Vinnie react? Like he always did, flexing his muscles, showing off as usual.
This time Charley had just about enough. She knew that when a male was built as nice as Vinnie the attention was an occupational hazard.
But did he have to enjoy it so much, and encourage more.
Well this was just one day she was fed up with it and him.

"PULL OVER VINCENT!" Charley screamed into his ear.
Charley not even waiting until he came to a complete stop jumped off the bike and stormed away.

"Charley sweet."

Charley wheeled around and pointing her finger in his face growled,
"And don't you dare sweetheart me, you..you egotistical, insensitive, sorry excuse for a man, I mean mouse, I mean yayyyy just leave me alone!"

"But Charley girl Charley?.. Charlene?" Vinnie had no clue to what had made her so mad. But what ever it was he knew he had messed up big time. All he could do was follow her at a safe distance and wait until they got to the garage. Which thankfully were only a few blocks away.

At the scoreboard:

"But Carbine I told you as soon as we get things right here, we will be back home. It won't to be that much longer." Throttle was trying his best to reassure her.

"How much longer do you except me to wait Throttle? I can't wait my whole life for you." Carbine said her voice sounding tired and frustrated.

"Carbine don't you think this has been hard on me too. I want to be there, be with you but I have a job to do and"

"I am sick of the same old story Throttle. You want too much."

"So what are you saying?" He said just as frustrated

"I am not sure. I need time to think, I will talk to you later." With that Carbine cut the transmission.

Throttle slammed the receiver down. "What does she want from me? " She knows that what I am doing here is important. As important as what she is doing back on Mars."
He sat with his head in his hands; "Fine if that's the way the lady wants it that's the way it will be."

Throttle got on his bike and left the scoreboard.

At the Garage:

Vinnie saw that Charley had made it home safely but thought he would let her cool off a bit before he would attempt to get back in her good graces.
What was this the ten thousandth time? Boy earth women sure were touchy.
In fact all women were a mystery he was still trying to figure out.

Once Charley got inside she took off her helmet and throws it across the room. Why did he have to be so much of a .. a man. She walked into her living room and fell down on the couch.

"Why do I let him get to me like this?"

Charley knew Vinnie didn't mean to hurt her and she also knew she was going to forgive him. He was just being Vinnie.
Even though he could be sweet and attentive (if no one was looking) she wasn't too sure he was really what she needed to make her happy.
At first it was fun but you can build anything on just fun.
Could it be the fact that he was an alien giant mouse from another planet?
No, because he was still a person as much a person as any from her own world. Then what was it?
She closed her eyes and let her head fall back resting her mind.

Throttle had planned on meeting his bros. at Charlie's so he headed over to her place. She always made him fell better after one of his bouts with Carbine

Charley was definitely someone special. Even though she was as strong and independent as Carbine, she never let it over power her warmer softer side.
Earthling women were never his particular cup of tea when it came to what attracted him but Charley was an another story all together. He began smiling uncontrollably to himself.

"Whoa Throttle put your thoughts on hold. You know Vinnie is crazy about her. She is off limits. Anyway you know you and Carbine will patch this thing up." He tried to convince himself.

Charley had heard the sound of a bike pulling in she thought it was Vinnie, probably with his tail between his legs all filled with I am sorry and that puppy dog look that she couldn't resist.
She did even get up. Let him crawl a little, maybe he will learn to be a little less cocky. Not that she really thought he would ever change.
She jumped a little when she heard Throttle's sweet smokey voice instead.

"What's the matter Charley, sorry did I scare ya? " He said smiling

She never notices just how nice a smile he had. Well, she never lingered on the fact that he did have a killer smile. Not the wild I'm a hero smile like Vinnie's. But the kind of smile that would remind you of lying in an open meadow in the spring and feeling the warm sun shinning on your face.

Throttle caught something in her face and it made him want to pull his scarf away from his throat. It had gotten a bit warmer all of a sudden.

"No I just thought you were never mind. Where is Modo I thought you guys were going to check up on Limburger?" Charley said as she tried to hide the blush she could feel raising in her face.

"Yeah well he went on without me I got a call from Carbine and it took longer than I thought it was going too." Throttles voice dropped to a sad tone.

"Heart trouble?" she said trying to be comforting.

"Yeah, you know the same old thing."

"Wanna talk about it?"

"No but thanks for the offer. It will work out I guess"

"Well at least you don't have to worry about the whole female population of Chicago and the ego twice as big." She chuckled sadly.

"Vinnie's harmless Charley you know he doesn't mean anything by the stuff he dose. Just his way of dealing with being Vinnie." Throttle said trying to defend his bro.

"I guess so but some times it's just a bit too much." Charley was now very serious and Throttle could see she was just on the verge of tears.
He walked over to her and sat down next to her putting an arm around her shoulders.

She needed to feel like someone was thinking only of her.

He needed to feel like he was wanted and appreciated.

Charley turned toward the embrace and lay her head on his neck, it felt wonderful and she could smell the faint lingering of his cologne. She was surprised never realising he even wore any.

"What are you doing Charlene? You know you should get up and stop this before it goes too far, but he smells soooo good. Vinnie always smells like he stepped out of a steam room." Charley thought scolding herself for what she was feeling.

Throttle's cheek rested in her hair, which he never realized, was so incredibly soft. "Mouse, you know you need to get outta here. This is Vinnie's lady and you have a lady of your own. But still why does she have to smell like this, feel like this."

Charley looked up into his face and saw that he had a sad sweetness in his eyes that she found almost over powering. She ran her finger down his face and stopped at his cheek.
"I could lose myself in eyes like that. Why is it that the one you have isn't ever the one you really want?"

As he stared into her emerald jewels he said in a very low whisper of a voice. "What about Vinnie?"

"Vinnie who?" Was all she could manage to get out as he took her face in his hand and began to bring her face to his.

Yo! Is any body here? A voice came from out in the garage making them both jump away from each other. They hadn't even heard the sound of the bikes pulling up.

They looked at each other for a second and caught their breath.
Throttle shook his head and wondered about what almost happen.
Stood up and walked out to meet his bros.

Charley sat for a second longer not too sure of what had just taken place herself. She got another breath and followed Throttle out.

Vinnie walked up to Charley and with a big tooth grin put an arm around her said, " Hey Sweetum I mean I'm sorry Charley. I didn't mean to make ya mad. Heck I don't even know what I did to make you mad. But what ever it was I am sorry.

"Yeah Vinnie I know. I guess it's not your fault you are a babe magnet." Charley said as she grabs his chin giving it a playful shake. She wrapped her arms around his neck as she glanced over at Throttle.

"Hey bro Carbine is waiting to talk to ya at the scoreboard. She said to tell you she is really tying to understand would you please come so you can talk about it." Modo told Throttle as he noticed the strange feeling in the air,
and the seemly guilty looks on Throttle and Charlie's faces.

Throttle adjusted his scarf again and wiping the small amount of sweat from his brow suggested he'd better leave and talk to Carbine.
As he got on his bike to leave he looked back at Charley standing with Vinnie's arm around her, then noticed Modo watching him.

Everything okay bro? Modo said realising more than Throttle wanted him too.

"I guess everything is as it should be." Throttle said as he left.

The End?