** Vinnie's Weirdest Dream Ever **

Copyright Vinnie , 1997 All Rights Reserved

(This story starts out when the Biker Mice are on top of a hill looking down at the Last Chance Garage.)

5:35 p.m.

Vinnie: Hey Throttle and Modo lets have a race. O.K.?
Modo: Race? To where?
Vinnie: To the garage ( Last Chance Garage.)
Throttle: On our motorcycles?
Vinnie: Yeah what else run?
Throttle: Hey I was just asking.
Vinnie: Are you starting something Throttle.
Throttle: Yeah a bet.
(Modo sighs and nods his head.) Not again.
Vinnie: How much do ya bet.
Throttle: $5:oo. Who ever loses has to pay the winner. (They both shook hands and raced. Most of the time they were neck and neck but in the end Throttle won.)

At the Garage.

Throttle: HA HA HA I WON. Where's my money Vinnie.
( Vinnie just ignored him and walked in the house. He was mad for not winning the bet.)
Charley: Hi Vinnie how did the ride..... (BAAAM)
( Vinnie slammed his door to his room and did not let Charley finish talking.)
Charley: Whats the matter Vinnie?
(Modo and Throttle walk in the room.)
Charley: Whats the matter with Vinnie guys?
Modo: Throttle and Vinnie made a bet and Vinnie lost.
Throttle: He's just being a sour loser I guess. It was a stupid bet too.
Charley: Oh, I told you guys bets never solve anything. Now lets go check on Vinnie.
(When they looked in Vinnie's room he was gone . The window was broken and there were muddy footprints leading in and out of the his room.)
Charley: Huh? Where's Vinnie?
Throttle: What? He's gone.
Modo: Hey guys, I think Vinnie's been kidnapped.
(Faster then you could blink Modo and Throttle were on their motorcycles following the muddy footprints outside. Soon the muddy footprints came to a stop. They stopped right in front of the sewer.)
Throttle: Do you think he's in there?`
Modo: Lets hope so Throttle. Rrrraa.
( Modo picked up the top of the sewer and it was very heavy.)
Modo: You first Throttle.

In the sewer.

Modo: Hey there's Vinnie.
(Vinnie was tied up on to a chair and had a very worried look on his face.)
Throttle: Hurry Modo lets untie him.
Vinnie: Uuumgvavammu.
(Well Throttle untied the rope around Vinnie's waist, legs, and hands, Modo untied the cloth around Vinnie's mouth.) Modo: What was that you were saying Vinnie?
Vinnie: We have to get out of here quick because Grease pit was the one captured me. He's calling Limburger and karbunkle.
Modo: Why is he calling them?
Vinnie: He's calling them because Karbunkle is going to turn me into a mutant. I guess Limburger is just laugh in my face and all that junk.
Modo: Then lets go now. Throttle are ya ready?
Throttle: Yeah.
(As soon as they got outside Throttle hoped on his motorcycle and Vinnie and Modo hoped on Modo's motorcycle and they went back home. When they got home they told Charley all about it during dinner.)

7:45 am./ Morning.

Vinnie: Oh ? Who? What? Where? Where I'm I. Ohhhhh, It was just a dream, thank god. I'm so hungry. I better go get some breakfast before everything is eaten.
( Vinnie sat down at the table with Throttle, Modo, and Charley.)
Charley: Hi Vinnie come and join us for breakfast.
Throttle: Hey Vinnie and Modo want to take a ride up on the hill today?
Vinnie: Sure. How about you Modo?
Modo: I guess so. Besides that morning air will feel good up on top of that hill.
Vinnie: Lets leave right after breakfast. That way it wont be very hot when we get out there.
(When they got out there they rode for a long time until they were tired out and were ready to start heading home.)
Vinnie: Hey Throttle and Modo lets have a race. OK?

(Hey wasn't this the starting of my dream I had last night.......... no it couldn't be, could it? That would be to weird. My dream just cant come can it? Well I no one thing. That was a weird dream.)

The End?