Disclaimer: I don't own BMFM, their rights belong to who ever is responsible of creating them. This fiction is written purely to enterteinmet/horror to other fans.

Note: People who have red my writings before know that this story is written in BK-Realm ( read Biker Knight Realm ) genre. ( BK-Real does belong to me, but not BM characters in it. ) So there's short referrence to Terminaattori X that is my character and her siblings ( She is Vinnie's elder sister and their whole family is a bit unique. ). This story scene might be seen in future in Family in War saga in a different version. If I ever have skill and will to translate that!

The Dive

story & copyright Arz, all rights reserved



The very first time the rescue mission of Biker Mice had failed. Greasepit, that oil dripping gorilla who's IQ was pure zero had kidnapped Charley once again and dragged her to his greasy and greed Plutarkian bos Limburger in the Limburger's tower. Mice had soon rode after Greasepit to rescue Charley. Limburger had send his goons to face the heroic trio and they had fell down as easy as always. The final battle of the day had taken place at the roof the Limburger's tower. And there Greasepit had ducked down the gun fire of the mice and he had accidentally pushed tied Charley off the roof! And trio didn't know what to do! They couldn't shoot ropes to Charley because she couldn't catch them and bikes vere a bit too slow.

Now Vinnie saw how Charley was falling down. Tied up and yelling. He remembered his own falling. He had been 3 years old little kid and his step-mother had dropped him from the balcony. They had lived in the 22th floor of the Mansion, so it had been sure death to him. He would have died if his sister hadn't dive after him. And there she had find out that she had some kind of lying ability. Vinnie had been a bit jelous since that because he seem to be one of the sibliings who had no much special powers of his own. But now...

Modo and Throttle were paralized. Limburger laughted at the monitor, the sinking fishface hadn't have the guts to came appresent. Vinnie heard Charley's yelling. She was diving her death dive without the chance! Vinnie ran off from his red bike and ran to edge. He saw Charley, she was still falling down.
"Vinnie!" Throttle yelled. "Come back, bro! There's nothing you can do!"
Vinnie didn't care. He needed to be now as quick as liquid silver as they said. He jumped after Charley. "I'm coming, sweetheart." He yelled. He now wished that he could fly.
Charley looked up. She saw Vinnie falling down too. "Vinnie?!"

"Gods, hear me and give me wings.." Vinnie muttered. He was more hewier than charley and he was falling a bit faster. He might have chance to catch her before she hit on to asphalt. He was furious and trustrated he reached Charley as fast as he could.
"Are you hearing me? Impressive."
"Where are you?"
"I've always been here, waiting that you haad time for me and now you finally hear me?"
"Who are you?"
"You. Well... The other side of your coin."
"Are you devil or some kind?"
"No. I am you. You shut me off when you were born, but I am still here."
"Can you help me?"
"Will you now accept me as a part of you?"
"Yes, yes!" Vinnie crumbled.

Now Charley saw that Vinnie didn't have any kind of rope with him. "What are you doing, Vinnie?!"
"Saving you, sweetheart!" Vinnie yelled. He felf strange and pain hit trough him like thousands of thunder bolts. "Now I get it." He said and took deep breathe. He felt like he had just opened a door into different world and then he heard huge flap-sound. He saw a pair of falf-visible wings behind him and his speed was increased. He flied!

Charley looked up again and saw Vinnie's falf-transformation. "Vinnie?!" She whispered. She was very aware of Vinnie's well hidden secret of his family and she knew truth about her white-furried Martian mouse boyfriend. He had told it all to her. And now Vinnie was flying to save her.

Vinnie knew instantly how to use his transparent wings and he flied under Charley and grabt her in his arms. He released her from the robes while he was spinning to the sky holding Charley rightly and care in his arms. He felt Charley's arms aroun his houlder. "Remember what I promised, sweetheart? I won't never ever let you down."
"I know that, Vinnie." Charley said. "I didn't know that you can fly."
"I didn't know that eather." Vinnie said grinning.
Charley looked Vinnie in shock. "You didn't know that you can do that?!"
"Shhh.... We are safe now, sweetheart. And that counts to me a lot." Vinnie said. He didn't know what kind of wings he had. "Er... Charley-babe. What kind of wings I have?"
"Like huge white bat wings." Charley said. She saw tiny scales twinkling weakly at the sunlight like pearls. "But scaly."
"Scaly bat wings?" Vinnie muttered. He grinned. "Looks like I'm not fall that far from the family than I assumed." He thought. He felt extremely whole now. All the things vere like they ment to be. It took one single passionatelly kiss to Charley to tell how much he loved her...
"I love you, Vinnie." Charley said.