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Truth.......if you Dare!!!!!!!

Part: 1

(By N-E-K Givan March 23, 1998)

6:00 P.M

(At the scoreboard hangout, the guys and the girls are bored out of their minds. Limburger was too busy rebuilding his building from their previous battle to cause any mischief. Modo walks to the window of the scoreboard and looks at the moon for amusement, but was still not satisfied. Throttle was throwing cards into his helmet for fun, but that made him even more restless. Vinnie, was staring at himself in the mirror to keep himself occupied, but even Vinnie thought to himself that there had to be something else to do than look at himself all day. Maula was in the corner with Charley playing jax. Then suddenly, Charley gets the idea of ice-cream.)
Charley(to Maula): Hey Maula, wanna go get some ice-cream with me?
Maula: Sure Charley girl. Whats your favorite kind?
Charley: Mine is cookie dough. Whats yours?
Maula: You know, I don't even know. Isn't that sad?
Charley: Well, we're gonna find out today! Come on! (She starts to stand)
Maula: Right behind you gal.
(The guys notice the girls about to leave.)
Vinnie: Hey babe, where're you two going?
Charley: We're going to get some ice-cream, want some?
Throttle: Get me a 2 quarts of orange sherbert girls.
Vinnie: Yeah, and get me 2 quarts of french vanilla.
Modo(politely): May you two buy me a gallon peppermint stick ice-cream please?
Maula and Charley: Okay. (They start off to the exit when they hear)
Maula: Okay, okay.(They start off again)
Girls(yelling): OKAYYYY!!!(Before the guys could yell anything else, the girls ran out of the scoreboard and in Charley's truck and drove off.)
(Throttle and Vinnie looked at Modo.)
Throttle and Vinnie: A gallon of ice-cream?
Modo: Hey, look at me. Do you really think I can help it?

(At the Limburger Tower, or should I say, his half built tower, Limburger and the doctor are thinking of their next devious plan.)
Limburger: My dear doctor, do you have anyone in mind?
Karbunkle: I have numerous villians in mind, your extremely meltedness. It all depends on what you have in mind plan wise.
Limburger: I am looking for the most devious, vile, disgusting being this galaxzy ever let be spawned. Someone, if possible, that knows his/her enemies before even facing them without our briefing them.
(Karbunkle gives his boss the most wicked smirk. Limburger saw the smirk and instantly wanted to do nothing but smile.)
Karbunkle: Once your tower is finished being rebuilt, I will get started on the transporter device.

(At the ice-cream parlor, Charley and Maula are at the counter about to talk to the service man. He was tall and muscular with very masculine facial features, but there was something about him that made Maula squirm. Charley notice her look at him very oddly, but she dismissed it.)
Service man: May I help you....(noticing their beauty) Lovely Ladies!??!
Charley(glancing at Maula): Um...yeah, you can. We would like 2 quarts of orange sherbert, 2 quarts french vanilla, a quart of cookie dough, a quart of....(looking at Maula) What are you getting Maula?
Maula: Ummmm....I'll take oreo ice-cream.
Charley: Ok, a quart of oreo ice-cream, and a gallon of peppermint stick ice-cream with a side order of chocolate sprinkles, whip cream, and a quart of cherries if possible, please?
Service man(looking at the two in shock): Is, is that all!?!
Maula: Yes, thats all.
Service man(trying to score): Well, it looks like some party! Can I come? I can be one of your dates or both of your dates, if you like. (He leans over the counter and gave the girls a smile that Vinnie usually gives.)
Maula(politely): Its not a party though. Its like a social gathering among friends.
Service man: I can be your friend honey.(Winking at Maula)
Maula(Getting annoyed): It all depends on your meaning of friend. (She noticed he was leaning even further over the counter towards her face. She instantly moved back to avoid any contact whatsoever. She then glanced over at Charley who was mad at the service man.): May you please just give us what we asked for, please?
Service man: If I can have your number.
Charley(Trying to control her anger): May we please have our order?
Service man: If I can get yours too, sure.
Charley(looking at Maula): Maybe we should go somewhere else.
Maula: Agreed.
(They started towards the door when the service man called over to them.)
Service man: What about your stuff?
(They walked back towards the counter and pulled out their money. When they reached the counter, they left the total amount of money there and took the items they asked for.)
Charley: Thank you.
(With that, her and Maula left the parlor and started off back to the scoreboard hangout where the guys were waiting for them. On the ride there, Charley talked about what nerve the guy had. Maula was thinking of other things. Things from her childhood, or, what a child should never go through. When Charley realized something was wrong with Maula, she gently shook her on the shoulder.)
Maula(coming back): Wha-what's wrong?
Charley: Hey, are you ok, Maula?
Maula: Yeah. Just thinkin'..........about old times.

(With that, the ride back to the hangout was silent. The guys heard the truck pull up next to their bikes. They decided to meet the girls and take the bags. They saw that the girls had something on their minds, but decided to wait till they told them personally. They head back into the scoreboard and pass out who's ice-cream belongs to whom. Then, they head for the corner that the girls were heading to. They all sit down and start to eat in silence until Vinnie thinks of a game to play.)
Vinnie: Hey, lets play Truth or dare! That will at least keep us busy while we eat the bordom away. (He sticka a giant spoon full of ice-cream in his mouth.)
Modo(really catching on to Vinnie's plan to find out whats going on with the girls.): Yeah, thats sounds fun!
Throttle: Count me in!
Charley: Same here.
(Maula knew what was going to happen if she played, but if she didn't, she would make everyone sad, and if she did, they would know her past, and worse, her worst fear, and would probably shame her, like others have done. She was hesitant.)
Vinnie(looking over to Maula): Hey Maula, are ya in, or not?
Maula: I think I'll sit this one out guys. You all have fun. (She starts to get up and walk away but Modo catches her ankles with his tail. She almost hit the floor, but Modo caught her.)
Modo: Why are you leaving Maula? It's just a game.
Maula: Yeah, a game that leds into trouble for me.
Throttle(curious): The only way this game can be harmful is if there is something you haven't told us that we don't know about, and you've told us everything about you right?
(Maula had to think for a moment. She was in a trap, she had no choice but to go along with it. As long as she didn't take any truths, she was all set. The only thing she had to worry about were how serious the dares were.)
Maula: You know what, your right Throttle. Count me in.(Modo sits her down on the floor beside him.): Who goes first.
Vinnie: Well, since I thought about it, I'll start first picking the victim. hehehe.(His eyes search the room and he picks his victim.):Charley!!(He feeds off the expression on her face): Truth or dare?
Charley: Ummmmmmmm, I'll pick......dare. You may aske me something really, really personal so I'll play it safe.
(Boy was she wrong.)
Vinnie: Alright Charley girl, I dare you to go in the corner and wear a shirt of ice-cream.
Charley(sulking): And the consequenses are...............
Vinnie: You have to kiss me. Smack dab on the lips. Long........and hard, with feeling. For 20 seconds.
(Although it was something Charley wanted to do, she knew she wouldn't hear the end of it, but it was better than taking off your shirt and wearing ice-cream in the place of it. She got up and walked over to Vinnie, who wasn't too far away. She sat beside him.)
Charley: Well, who will watch the time?
Maula: I will Charley girl.
(With that, she let Vinnie have it. Vinnie wrapped his arms around her. She had Vinnie's face in the palms of her hands, holding him gently. Throttle watched in interest, but Modo was too busy looking at Maula watching the time. He was admiring her beauty, wishing he could have her, please her, and love her, but she was too innocent. He thought that she would never go that far with him. When the time expired, she made sure that they would hear her.)
Maula: TIME!
(Vinnie and Charley had to fight to stop the kiss. Neither one of them wanted for it to end. When they finally pulled away from each other, Charley searched the room. She found her victim.)
Charley: Throttle!!!!!
Throttle: Oh boy.
Charley: Truth or dare?
Throttle: Truth. (He thought to himself that there was no one for him to kiss, and plus he had nothing to hide. He was wrong.)
Charley: Between Maula and I, who do you fantasize about the most, and say dirty, sensual, or both.
(Throttle was caught in a trap also. If he were to say that he fantasized about both of them equal amount of times, because they were equal in beauty, he would be in trouble. Not by the girls, but by his bros. When he was about to ask for the consequenses, he saw that his bros were cracking knuckles. He decided instead of letting the girls see him get pumbled for their viewing pleasure, to just tell the truth.)
Throttle: Okay, here goes........(He says it as fast as he can): Idreamaboutthebothyouequallyandbothsenualanddirty.(Translation: I dream about the both of you equally and both sensual and dirty. ) Whew! There. I did it. Now, its my turn to torcher someone.
(Maula knew now that she should have stood out. Both the dares were too tough to do and the truths were too personal. She sees Throttle's eyes swing around the room underneath his shades. She closed her eyes and prayed not to be picked.)
Throttle: Modo, your turn big fella.
(Maula let out a sigh of relief that sounded like a whisper)
Modo: What do you have in store for me, bro?
Throttle: Truth or dare?
Modo: Dare.
Throttle: Since your the biggest, I double dare you. Will you except or take the consequenses like a coward?
Vinnie: OOOOHHHHHHHHHH, he put your manhood on the line bro, whatcha gonna do?
Modo(filled with pride): Double dare me all you want. (big mistake)
Throttle: Ok big fella, I double dare you to wear one of the girls bras.(He looked at both Maula and Charley): May he borrow one of your bras?
Charley: He'll have to borrow Maula's. She is four sizes bigger than I am. I only wear a 38C.
Maula: Uh.......alright. (She goes inside of her shirt and removes her bra and gives it to Modo.): It may still be a little snug.
Throttle and Vinnie: 38C, 42C? Wow, your busty!
Charley(looking at Maula): Why thanks guys. We think.
(They all watch as Modo puts on Maula's bra. He was having trouble so Maula assisted him. When he felt her fingers touch his back, he almost let out a moan, but fought it back so he wouldn't embarass himself. It was just as much of a trill for her as well. Modo's back was all muscle. That instantly turns any woman on. She noticed his muscles tighten underneath her fingertips. She knew what he was feeling, and she loved it. As much as she wanted to continue, she didn't. She finished fastening the bra to him. The bra looked as if it were about to snap. Modo looked as if he were sufficating.)
Maula: Guys, that thing is going to leave a real nasty scar if he wears it for too long. May he take it off?
Throttle: Only if you take his turn, and you can'y pick dare, since he is having trouble with his.
Modo(protesting and winching in pain): It's okay Maula ma'am, I'll carry on the dare.
Maula: No Modo, if you wear that any longer, it will cut your back and leave an awful scar. Trust me, its worse than any other pain you have ever felt. It hurts worse than a paper cut!
Modo: Really, it's ok. (He tried to get comfortable and moved a little to attempt just that, but when he did, he realized Maula's warning. The elastic strap of the bra sliced him as easily as a razorblade would have. The pain was great. It left a real bad gash in his side along his left ribcage. Maula instantly ran to his aid.)
Maula(scolding him gently): I told you what would happen. (She unfastened the bra from Modo and tended to his gash.): Wow, it's bad, but you'll be ok. (She ripped a piece of her shirt and used it to wipe the blood from the wound.): Throttle, I'll take Modo's place. Besides, he did wear it and you didn't give a time limit.
Throttle: The dare was to wear it, when I said wear it, I meant throughout the entire night.
Maula(pleading): Please Throttle? You know I can't stand to see my friends in pain, or get hurt. Ask me anything. You know I would do this for any of you. (Maula didn't want to do the truth question, but she didn't want to see Modo get cut up anymore than he was already.)
Throttle: Alright Maula. You have to answer the truth question I give you. Plus, since you didn't have a turn of your own, you'll get another truth.
(Maula didn't know that that was going to happen.)
Throttle: Why were you and Charley so silent when you came back from getting the ice-cream?
Maula(after taking a long frustating sigh): The clerk that served us was an obnoxious jerk with an ego so big that in comparison to Vinnie, he made Vinnie look like he had low self asteem.
Charey(curious): Then why did you tell me in the car that you were thinking about things from your past?
(She couldn't hide it any longer. The truth had to come out.)
Maula: The incident that happened with the clerk triggered me to thinking about my past.
Throttle: Truth 2. Tell us about your past. (He saw the expression on Maula's face that instintly told him it was something painful.): Maula, you know we're your friends, and to me, your like my sister,.....without fur. hehehe But nevertheless, your my sister. Anything or anyone that bothers you, we will help you. We only know about your transformation, but your past that reflects to who you are now, we know nothing about.
(Maula dropped her head and let out a loud sigh. When her head arose, he saw her eyes were filled with tears she fought for them not to fall. She was always kind, caring, well mannered, fun and shy, just like Modo. He didn't know that a sweet and innocent person such as herself could have something so painful to hide. But, thinking of himself and his bros, and all that they had seen in war, he took it back.)
Maula(almost sobbing): First I have to tell you that my full name is Maula Belle Lumanar Danson. It all started at the age of four. I was in a private airplane with my parents who were millionaires. The next thing we know, the engine was on fire and we were falling. My parents only packed one parachute because they never had an accident while flying. Dumb move huh? hehehe (She felt Modo's arm around her. She was then scooped up from the floor and in his oversized lap. She looked like a little kid in the lap of an adult. He towered her, but she felt like he was the safest place to be. He held her as she went on with the disturbing story.): They put the last chute on me and pushed me out of the plane. As I fell to safety to a nearby airbase, I watched my parents plane crash into the mountains. A month later, I was adopted by the Danson Family in a small town in this state. Thats when my life went from bad to worse. I wasn't allowed to know their first names so I just called them the names that suited their position of raising me, momma and poppa. I only knew my brother's name. Poppa Danson and my so called brother Merrell Danson wanted a girl, and I found out why the hard way if you know what I mean. (The guys faces went from shock to disgust and the to sheer anger. They knew exactly what she meant. They were trying to figure out why those two ever called themselves men.): They forcefully passed me around to everyone. Momma Danson was the only one that tried to protect me, and like me, she was also beaten. We tried to runaway and lead another life, but they found us and beat us some more. When I reached the age of 11, I was more develope than the other girls. This made Poppa very happy. He passed me around to even more people.(She began sobbing uncontrollably, but was still able to continue the story.): He even gave me to the captain of the police department. Everytime I tried to fight I would always get more punishment, and the client, more pleasure. One day, Poppa and Merrell decided to take Momma and I to the local lake, for more profit. Momma and I refused to go. Merrell told Poppa that Momma was slowing down their fun with me. So, before they got into the truck, Poppa tied Momma up and threw her into the back of the truck. Then they were off with me. When we arrived at the lake, the first thing Merrell and Poppa did was go to the back of the truck and get Momma. They walked through the brush up a hill until they were at the cliff. Then......they...tossed Momma into the lake.
Throttle(reaching to stroke her face): If you want to stop, you can.
Maula(crying): No, I have to finish the game, remember? (Before he could reply she put her finger over his mouth): You know what? Maybe your right. Maybe I should show you what I've been through. (She got up from Modo's lap and wiped her tears. Then she went in the center of the circle and sat down.): Then you can understand why I am the way I am. Because, there is much more to my past then what I have told you now. You mice are telepathic when you youch someone with your antennas, well, touch me and see everything. See it and feel it. Understand why I am so forgiving, sweet, caring, but always to a point.
(The mice all looked at each other and then looked at Charley, who was in tears. Charley nodded at the guys to go along with what Maula wanted them to do. They all leaned their heads over to Maula and let their antennas touch her forehead. They seen everything she told them and much more.)

To Be Continued