True Love...Or Not?

By Kimberly

July 15, 1998

Copyright1998 Kimberly, all rights reserved

This is a story mostly for romantics. But it is not like hentai!!
It is about Terrance and My own character, Miracle.


It was hot. Very hot. Throttle was in the garage helping Charley, Vinny was gloating, as usual, and Modo was sitting outside with Miracle. She was looking at a picture of Stoker. "So, ya miss him?" asked Modo. "Miracle asked, looking up at Modo. "Your brother." "Oh yeah."


"The transporter is ready!" called Throttle from inside the garage. Charley and the four mice piled into the transporter. There was a green glow and they were transported to Mars.

Chapter One- Returns/introductions


Throttle looked around him. "It worked! We are back on Mars!" "Of course it worked. Ever any doubts?" smirked Charley. Throttle pulled his shades down and looked at her. She instantly shut up. Everyone cheered except Miracle. She'd fallen unconscious at the different atmosphere change. Being 17 and having left mars when she was 7, she spent most of her time on Earth. Tarrence found the mice and the Biker Mice left, leaving Miracle with Terrance. Tarrence was covered in brown, nearly black, fur with wild short black hair. He was dressed in a blue t-shirt and blue jeans. When Miracle awoke, he was standing over her holding a canteen. When she opened her eyes, she was staring him straight in the eyes. Suddenly she had butterflies in her stomach. " Ah. So youre finally awake." his voice was light and gentle. He helped her stand up. She was still groggy, and fell forward into him. He caught her just in time. Suddenly, Arrence, Terrance's little brother, walked over. He almost immediatly fell for Miracle. So did Terrance.

"So, What's your name?" Miracle asked. "Terrance. That's my annoying little brother, Arrence." smirked Terrance, pointing his thumb at the mouse in the back ground. Then Tarrence bent down and whispered in Miracle's ear,"he thinks he is such a lady magnet, but he's the least attactive male this side of Mars." Tarrence and Miracle giggled. "HA HA. I know your talkin about me bro. Spill it." growled Arrence.

"Leave Terrance alone." said Miracle. "Yeah? Ya gonna make me girlie?" The only respnse he got was a slap across the face, by Miracle. "Don't EVER call me GIRLIE!!!! GOT THAT?!"Miracle half screamed, half growled. Terrance laughed hard. "She got you good bro!" Arrence was raging mad.


Arrence growled and tackled the laughing Terrance to the ground. The two brothers wrestled for about thirty minutes. Finally with both males panting heavily, Arrence let go of Terrance. Now, normally they would not have acted that way, but now there was a beautiful girl. That changed everything.

Get off me! Said Terrance, pushing his brother off of him. He had been sitting on Terrance's stomach. Then Terrance stood up and brushed himself off. He turned to Miracle and asked, "would you like me to escort you to headquarters?" Miracle smiled. So Terrance held out his arm and Miracle slipped her arm in to his arm. Arrence, obviously jealous, followed behind. The Biker Mice had already reached headguarters long ago. Terrance and Miracle entered the cave, and Arrence followed behind. "OOH HOO HOO! Terrance!" laughed Stoker, joined in by the other freedom fighters. "Ignore them." advised Terrance. Then he and Miracle went to his lab and sat on an old couch. they talked for a while and then Miracle layed her head agaist Terrance's shoulder and fell asleep snuggling up to him. Terrance wrapped his arm around her, as if to keep her safe from something, and he soon fell asleep. When he awoke, he couldn't get up. Then he realized Miracle had draped her legs over his lap and was now lying against his chest. He gently shook her awake. She tightly squeezed his hand. Tarrence's tail gently played with Miracle's tail.

Suddenly something snapped in his head. He pushed Miracle away, and hid his face in his hands. I can't do this! I'm not like this! It isn't easy to explain." But Miracle understood, and convinced him that nothing would happen, and she would not leave him with a broken heart.

"I Love you." "I love you too." just as they were about to kiss, Arrence came barging into Terrance's room. Whether it was deliberate or not, Terrance wasn't sure. But Gerald, Terrance's dog, seemed ot know, and growled visiously. He ran up, and bit Arrence hard, where, well, where a guy doesn't want to be bitten.

Ahhh! Terrance! I'm gonna get you for that!" yelled Arrence in agony. Terrance laughed. Why? It was Gerald who bit you. Not me." then added under his breath, "I wouldn't want to." Arrence didn't hear, but Miracle did, and bean to giggle. Arrence shook his head and walked out of the room.

To be continued in: Part two-Two MIce and a...child??