Written by Blaze


Copyright 1998 by Blaze

Disclaimer: The Biker Mice From Mars and Characters do not belong to me. And they are being used without permission. Saphire belongs to Saphire and is being used with her permission. Lania, Jelena, Ryder,Danya Wolvespaw, belong to their prospect characters and are being used with their permission. Blaze, Waves, Electric, and Carez belong to Blaze and are being used with her permission. This story was for entertainment purposes and is not making one cent. On to the shows Rocker buddies.

It was a great day at Blaze's apartment. Everyone was sitting in the living room talking and having a great time. They were talking about what to do. Blaze as snuggled in Throttle's arms, Saph with Carez, Lania with Modo, Ryder with Electric, Lena with Waves, Danya with Vinnie. Everyone was happy.

"Let's go to the beach?" asked Ryder.

"Hey sounds like a plan to me" replied Throttle.

"Let's go," said Saphire.

"Okay" said Lania.

"Hold up guys" replied Blaze. "Looking at the TV she saw Limburger making announcement. "Guys we have a problem."

Vinnie looked at that the TV. "Blaze's right. Oh stink breath is up to something."

"Looks like the fun is postpone" sighed Throttle. "We have to stop him. Let's ROCK!"

"AND RIDE!" exclaimed the group.


Everyone got on their bikes and headed to Limburger's Tower. They crashed the place and broke out into groups and started to beat the hell out of Limburger's goons. While the group takes care of business Throttle headed up to Limburger's office. Throttle busted in and saw Limburger.

"Okay Limburger, what are you up to?" asked Throttle sternly.

"Nothing" stuttered Limburger. "I wasn't planning anything."

"Yeah right and I'm the queen of Mars" replied Throttle sarcastically. "You're always up to something."

Throttle got off his bike and grabbed Limburger by the collar and hoisted him in the air. "I'm putting a stop to your evil scheme."

Throttle punched Limburger in the face. Limburger flew back to the desk. Throttle turned to walk back to his bike. Limburger opened a drawer and pulled out a revolver. He aimed the gun and fired.

Throttle fell to the ground. He felt something hit him in the back. Then immense pain started to flow through his body. He tried to get up but couldn't manage it. Limburger walked up and started to laugh.

"My dear boy, you aren't even going to make it out of here alive" chuckled Limburger.

Limburger pointed the gun at Throttle's head. Throttle was so much in pain that he didn't notice Limburger.

Just then Vinnie busted in. He saw Throttle on the ground. He became enraged.

"BRO!!" screamed Vinnie as his body started to shake with immense anger. His eyes were bright red.

Vinnie lashed out at Limburger knocking the gun out of his hand. Then he knocked Limburger on his fat butt.

"You better be happy that I don't kill you, you big ugly ass!!" hissed Vinnie. "If something happens to my bro then I will filet you and sell to Burger King!!! Get out of here before I change my mind!"

Limburger scampered like a coward he was out of his office. Vinnie rushed to Throttle's side. He saw the blood flow from Throttle's back. He touched his shoulder. He knew Limburger shot Throttle. The way he was on the ground, the blood, not to mention a bullet wound. He had to get Throttle out of here before Limburger comes back. But he couldn't move his bro. He didn't know how severe the injury was.

"Throttle?" asked a concerned Vinnie. "Can you hear me bro?"

Throttle moaned and tried to get up. Vinnie stopped him. "Take it easy bro. Everything is gonna be all right."

"Vinnie" whispered Throttle. "My back hurts."

"Shush now bro. Take it easy. I'm here. We're going to get you some help" replied Vinnie.

Vinnie looked at his bike. "I'm going to call the others, okay."

Throttle moaned in response. Vinnie went to his bike and radio for help. "Come in someone! This is Vinnie! Emergency come in!"

He waited then he heard a voice over the radio. "You in trouble bro?" asked the voice.

"Modo?!" exclaimed Vinnie.

"Hey bro. What's wrong? You've sound worried. You're not in trouble are ya. Mr. Van Wham need help" teased Modo.

"Ha...ha.."exclaimed Vinnie. "Seriously bro. I need you and Carez here now!"

Modo felt sick. If Vinnie was calling for him and Carez then something was wrong, very wrong. "Bro, what's wrong and are you hurt."

"It's not me Modo. Hurry. It's Throttle. He' s hurt very badly. Limburger shot him in the back" whispered Vinnie.

"OH MAMA!" replied Modo in shock. "Is he okay Vin."

"Don't know. I don't want to move him. Bro, I'm worried" said Vinnie. "Hurry bro. Please."

"We're on our way!" growled Modo. "Keep him comfortable."

"Will do" said Vinnie.

Modo cut the transmission off. He found Carez. He was with the others. He saw Blaze. -Mama! How is she going to handle this!- He pulled up to the others.

"CAREZ!" hollered Modo.

Everyone turned to Mood. They saw the worried look on his face. They became worried. Especially Blaze.

"What's the matter?" asked Blaze.

"Carez I need your help?" asked Modo.

"What's happening?" asked Carez.

"Throttle's been shot in the back. Vinnie doesn't want to move him!!" panicked Modo.

"Let's Rock!" said Carez.

"Oh god Throttle!!" replied Blaze hysterical.

"I'm coming!!" cried Blaze.

"The rest of us are coming with you!" replied Saph who gave Carez a no nonsense look.

Carez and Modo nodded and the others left with them. They got to Limburgers office and went in. Blaze saw Throttle laying on the ground. She was shocked beyond belief. She ran to him and cried.

"Throttle! Oh my poor baby!" cried Blaze. "Help him!"

"We're going to help him Blaze ma'am" replied Modo softly. "Calm down."

"I can't!" cried Blaze. "He's hurt! My Sweets is hurt!"

"Buttercup, please hon, clam down" said Carez softly. "Saph help her."

Saphire came and pulled Blaze away and into a hug. Everyone was shocked, frightened and scared. Modo and Carez came and gently picked up Throttle. They got on their bikes and gently took him to the hospital.


They got to the hospital and the doctor's rushed Throttle off to surgery. The others we're in the waiting room. It was silent. Blaze was pacing back and forth crying her eyes out.

Saph saw Blaze pacing back and forth. Watching her pace was driving her crazy. She got up and went to Blaze. She put her hands on Blaze's shoulder. "Blaze, you've got to calm down. Everything's going to be all right."

"Is it!" snapped Blaze. "Throttle's not moving! He was bleeding! He was in a lot of pain!"

"But he's alive" replied Saph softly.

Lena came and gave Blaze a hug. She was scared. All of them were. Blaze looked at Modo an Vinnie. They were extremely frightened and angry. Vinnie looks like he's going to kill someone. Modo looks very pale. The look on Modo's face was unreadable. Blaze was concerned. She sighed as she knew Saph was right.

"I know..." sobbed Blaze.

Saph pulled Blaze in her embrace and both cried. Carez came and pulled them into his protective embrace. "It's going to be okay. He'll pull through. Throttle's tough you know that."

I smiled. Carez took us and sat us down on the couch. Vinnie couldn't hold his anger in any longer.

"This isn't fair!" exploded Vinnie. "This isn't suppose to happen! Not to Throttle! Not to any of us!"

"Vinnie calm down" whispered Wolvespaw.

"HELL NO!" hissed Vinnie. "Throttle's my bro!"

"Vinnie it happened. All we can do is wait" said Ryder gently.

"But he could die!" Vinnie complained. He regretted those words as he saw Blaze burst into more tears and everyone giving him dirty looks.

"How could this happened?" whispered Modo. "We're the good guys. This isn't fair! He doesn't deserve this."

Lania came and hugged Modo. "I know love. But these things do happen and unfortunately to good people."

Modo embraced Lania and Modo made a small weeping sound. Lania cried into his shoulder.

"Sorry Blaze....I...didn't mean it" Vinnie replied softly.

Blaze got up and hugged him. She knew what he meant. "I know Vinnie. Fish face will pay!"

Vinnie held me and we both cried. This was going to be a long night.


Six hours later everyone except Blaze was asleep. She was worried about Throttle. It's been over twelve hours sine Throttle was rushed to surgery. There was no news about the progress. She wouldn't sleep until she found out about Throttle and what was his condition. She sat on the chair rocking herself. She was so scared and frightened. Silent tears fell from her. She couldn't lose him. He was everything to her. He meant too much to her. She couldn't and wouldn't let him go. She loved him. He was her soul as he was hers. She sighed. She picked up a magazine to get her mind distracted from the current situation.

Blaze was reading when the doctor rushed into the waiting room. He found everyone asleep except Blaze. He came to her. Blaze looked up. She saw the doctor rushing towards her. She ran up to meet the doctor.

"Any news!" asked an anxious Blaze.

"Yes. My name is Dr. Alberts. I'm Throttle's doctor. He's a tough young man!" said Dr. Alberts.

"How is he?" asked Blaze.

"He's going to pull through. Like I said he's tough" replied Dr. Alberts. "But I do have some bad news."

Blaze felt her stomach twist in knots. She was nervous. "Wh...What's wrong?"

"Have a seat. It's not good news" replied Dr. Alberts sadly.

Blaze managed to sit down. Dr. Alberts joined her. "Well Throttle's going to pull through but during the surgery we've found a disturbing discovery."

"What is it?" dreaded Blaze.

"This isn't going to be easy for you to take but it has to be said. Well during the surgery we discovered that the bulled was lodged between one of Throttle's vertebrae. Well we took out the bullet but the damage has been done." Replied Dr. Alberts.

"What kind of damage?" whispered Blaze.

"I'm afraid the bullet caused permanent paralysis. I'm sorry Throttle will never walk again," said Dr. Alberts.

"Oh no!" Blaze managed to whisper. "No..not that. Are you sure?"

"Positive. The damage to the vertebrae was severe. The bullet damaged the nerves beyond repair. He's paralyze from the waist down. I'm sorry" replied Dr. Alberts.

Blaze broke down completely. This was too much for her to take. She was in complete shock. She started to cry. How can she watch Throttle be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Because she loves him. She'll be there for him. If she was having a tough time dealing with it then how is Throttle. -My poor love! Oh by Mars No! Why him!? He doesn't deserve this! Oh my poor baby!-

Lena woke to the sounds of Blaze crying. She rubbed her eyes and saw her. She rushed over and pulled Blaze into a hug.

"What's wrong sis?" asked Lena.

"It's…It's…not FAIR!" sobbed Blaze.

"Sis, what's wrong? What happened?" asked Lena nervously.

Blaze couldn't say anything and cried into Lena's shoulder. Lena held her and her stomach turned to knots. She wondered how bad the situation really was.

Meanwhile the others woke to the sounds of torturous crying. They shook the sleep out of their eyes. They focused and saw and heard Blaze crying. They rushed to her side. Carez pulled her into a hug.

"What's wrong sis?" asked Carez.

Blaze just cried. It hurt her too much. She doesn't know if she can say a word.

"Darlin, what happened?" asked Modo.

"Sis, you can tell us" replied Danya.

"Its…It's…not right!" sobbed Blaze.

"What!?" asked Vinnie.

"Please tell us what's going on?" asked Waves.

"Blaze, hon what is it? Please we need to know" replied Lania softly.

Blaze pulled away and wiped her eyes. She looked at the group trying to calm down. She sniffed about twice and looked at the doctor and then broke into tears. There was no way she could tell them.

"Sis?" asked Saph concerned.

"Doc?" asked Ryder looking at the doctor.

"What's going on?" asked Electric. "What's wrong with Throttle? Is he okay?"

Dr. Alberts sighed. "First of all I'm Dr. Alberts. Throttle's doctor. Throttle is going to pull through. He is a fighter. But there is bad news I'm afraid. When we operated the bulled was lodged in one of his vertebrae. Well the bulled did more damaged then we originally thought. The bullet damaged his nerves. In other words, I'm sorry Throttle is paralyzed from the waist down. I'm so sorry." The group was shocked and in deathly silence. The news was unbearable. They couldn't believe it. Throttle never to walk again. Paralyzed from the waist down. The news shocked their systems. The girls broke down and hugged Blaze who totally broke down again after hearing the news again broke her heart. The guys just stood there in silence.

"I'm sorry. I'm going to check on him" replied Dr. Alberts. He didn't have the heart to tell them that they needed to get a wheelchair for him. Dr. Alberts left the room.

Wolvespaw sat there in silence and in shock. Emotions overcame him and he broke down. He couldn't believe it. He didn't think something like this could happen. "No…Throttle" he sobbed. He looked at Blaze thought his eyes and saw and felt the total hell she's going through. He knew she didn't put a shield he taught her.

Ryder collapsed in Electric's arms crying. She couldn't believe it. Something like this never has happened to them before. Sure they've faced death, injuries and what not but never where it cripples one of their own. Electric held her feeling his tears from his eyes. Not to mention the rage he felt. Pure rage filling through ever cell of his body. He held Ryder trying to comfort her.

Lena and Waves held each other and cried. Both were extremely upset and angry. Danya wanted to kill so bad. She was so pissed off. Lania just cried. Saphire was shaking. She cried. She couldn't believe something like this was happening. She looked at Blaze. Her heart virtually broke. Seeing Blaze and knowing how Blaze lost a lot. Saph had to be there for her. She felt Carez pull her to him. Carez sat there in silence and shock. He was angry and sad. Quite angry. Saphire knew.

Everyone was hurt and sad by this but no one expected bad reactions or maybe they did. But not from Modo. Not the very least. Modo was so mad and so angry that it took over his soul. His bro. His bro was hurt very badly. Throttle will never walk. Never ride. That will kill him not to ride his bike again. Modo felt the rage took over he didn't care. He got up and slammed his fist into the wall. "DAMN IT!"

Everyone looked at Modo in shock. They couldn't believe it. "Modo?" asked Lania softly. "Baby."

"DAMN IT TO HELL!" roared Modo. He couldn't help it. He was so deep in rage he wasn't sure he be able to come back.

"Calm down Modo" said Electric.

"NO!" screamed Modo. "How can I? My bro was hurt! He was hurt bad!"

"Getting angry won't do Throttle any good" whispered Waves.

"I know but I can't help it!" breathed Modo. "What is Throttle going to do? How are we going to handle this!"

"One day at a time" whispered Lania.

Modo wanted to break something. More likely he wanted to break Limburger's neck. Carez saw the pure hatred lit in Modo's eye. He had to restrain him. He got up and held Modo back before he really can do some damage.

"Why should Modo calm down!" screamed Vinnie. "He has every freckin right to be pissed!"

Vinnie got up and found a lamp and smashed it. He was so infuriated by what has happened. His bro stuck to a wheelchair for the rest of his life didn't hold to well for Vinnie. "It's not fair! It's not right! Why did this happen to him! WHY!?"

Electric went to help Carez restrain Modo while Wolvespaw and Waves restrained Vinnie.

"I know you guys have every right to be pissed. I mean we all are but this is not the place nor the time" said Carez.

"You guys have to calm down" said Danya.

Saph came up and stood in front of Vinnie. She looked and stared at him in his eyes. "Vinnie, you and Modo have to calm down. You keep that up then we all will get kicked out of here and we can't afford that. It will make things much worse. Throttle needs us right now and if you two get us kicked out think what's that going to do to Blaze"

Vinnie and Modo was still extremely pissed. They took a look at Blaze and saw that she was extremely upset about this. She was crying. Vinnie and Modo felt a little guilty. Vinnie looked at Saph and then looked down and knew she was right. "You're right sweetheart. I'm sorry."

"It's okay" sniffed Saph. "We have to be there for Throttle. He's going to need us more than ever."

Modo looked ashamed. "Sorry everybody. But I couldn't help it. Limburger! If I get my hands on him I'm going to rip him in half! I will!"

Lania wrapped Modo in a hug. "We know love, we know. We all feel the same way."


While everyone was talking Blaze slipped out of the waiting room. She silently walked and sneaked around until she found Throttle's room. She opened the door and wen tin. There she found Throttle hooked up to machines and an iv drip and others. She found him slightly evelvated off the bed so it won't aggravate the injury. She walked up to him in tears. She touched his cheek.

"Oh Throttle. My poor Throttle" sobbed Blaze.

She finally took a seat and closed her eyes. Sleep overcame her. As long as she was near Throttle. She was fine.


Throttle woke up. He felt so awful. His back hurt. He turned and saw Blaze sleeping in a chair. He moaned from the pain. He saw Blaze stir al little.

"Blaze" replied Throttle weakly.

Blaze woke up to the sound of Throttle's voice. She fought the sleep out of her eyes. She got up and saw Throttle staring at her. She smiled. She came and kissed him softly on the lips.

"Hey sweets. How are you feeling?" asked Blaze.

"Want the truth? Like crap" replied Throttle.

Blaze pulled Throttle's hand in her own and squeezed it.

"Baby what's wrong?" asked Throttle eyeing her.

Blaze said nothing. She knew he read something in her eyes. She stroked his cheek with her other hand. "I'll be fine. I love you so much babe."

Throttle shifted then he noticed it. Fear crept in his eyes. Blaze saw this and tried to hide her emotions. "Blaze? Why can't I feel my legs? What's wrong? What happened to me?" asked Throttle startled, confused and scared.

"Honey, something happened" whispered Blaze.

Throttle shut his eyes. Then tears flowed as he knew what was wrong with him. He whispered, "Oh god! I can't walk can't I. I lost my legs."

Blaze started to break down. She couldn't help it. She tried to be brave for him but it didn't work. "I'm sorry baby. It's true. The doctor confirmed it. You're paralyzed from the waist down. OH GOD!"

Throttle couldn't hide the emotions any longer. He started to break down. Blaze fell to her knees crying into his hand. Throttle urged her up and she fell gently in his arm and both cried into each other.