To Sleep, Perchance to Dream...

By Hayden

Copyright Hayden April 26, 1998

Author's Note and Disclaimer: BMFM and it's character don't belong to me. They belong to someone else. I don't remember who, but they belong to someone else. I'm not making a profit from this. This is for the pure enjoyment (or terror in this case) of BMFM fans and some guy name Moe (don't ask). Zoey belongs to me, the mystery mouse belongs to..well now that would give it away now wouldn't. Felicia, Ryder this is a little foreshadowing into the subject of our conversation last night. I like being evil.

On to the story........

Takes place after the end of Blood Ties.

Darkness. Pure darkness. It was all around her. Silent, black; swallowing her whole. Zoey raced down the seemingly endless corridor. Her heart slamming against her chest as it heaved. The sound of her bare furred feet hitting the icy metal floor echoed down the empty halls; armagedoon in her ears. Raindrops fell from her green jeweled eyes, streaming down her checks.

Zoey was griped by some unknown, unseen terror. She knew not what made her so afraid, nor from what she was running. But she knew she couldn't stop. She couldn't slow her rapid footfalls. The blackness around her had become more than what it was. It was something that could devour her, if she stopped running. If she looked back.

A voice called her name, shattering the silence. Zoey knew the voice, but refused to turn. Hafta reach the end..can't look back....can't stop....gotta reach the end...

The blackness filled her mouth, pooling in her lungs. She gasped for air. Her footfalls sounded faster and faster. Feet barley touching the ground as she ran.

This isn't real--jest a dream...bad can't hurt me....hurt me.....hafta to reach the end..can't look back...jest a bad real...hate the dark.....

The first voice was joined by a second, call to her. She almost stopped this time and turned. She wanted to look back. She wanted to run to the sources of those voices. But she didn't.

The blackness turned into tar, making her every step slower and slower. Then she saw it. In the distance a door. Light poured in though the cracks, glowing, beckoning. Zoey ran faster, forgetting how tired she was. She reached her hand out, stretching to reach the knob.

Her fingers wrapped around the knob. And she began to turn it. It's over....I got to the end......I wanna wake up know....

The door vanished. Taking it's light with it. The darkness seemed blacker than before. It pressed in on her crushing the very breath from her lungs. A horrid laughter filled the corridor. She trembled in fear. Rivers ran down her face. I don't wanna be here...I wanna go home..I wanna go home....

The voices calling her name grew louder, more frantic with every moment. The voices reached their terrifying crescendo, and Zoey screamed covering her ears in fright.

A crashing rumbling echoed on her ears and bones ending the voices. She uncovered her ears, her chest heaving. The darkness seemed lighter. As if a match had been light behind her. Then the first voice, a males voice, called her name once more. An anguished pleading cry.

"Leave me `lone!!" Zoey cried, refusing to turn.

The laughter filled her ears again. It surrounded her, coming thorough the darkness. A heart-wrenching cry came from behind her.

Zoey whirled around at the sound, and answered it with a cry of her own. There were two figures standing before her, with an large object at their feet. A strange unearthly green glow illumined them to Zoey's eyes.

Her mother and her father. Zoey didn't notice the shadow behind her adding it's darkness to the already lightless black. Her father look daze, silent tears ran down his face. Red painted is usually white fur on his chest and arms. His eyes meet her's for a moment, then he turned his head. As if the sight of her broke his heart.

"Daddy--?" Zoey whispered.

She took a step forward. Only to stop as she really looked at the person she thought was her mother. It wasn't. Beside her father stood a mouse, whose face held more than a passing resemblance to her mother. She looked at the woman in fear and horror.

The woman smiled evily, and put an arm around Vinnie. The look in her eyes was that of anguish and sorrow, as if she had no control over her own actions.

"Mine.." the woman whispered.

Then Zoey truly saw what lay on the ground. She screamed. Backing up a bit.


Her mother lay dead still on the cold metal floor. In a pool of blood. Blood which paint Charley's stomach and chest crimson red. Jade eyes started blankly into the heaven, unseeing.

The laughter grew louder. Zoey backed away from the scene in front of her. a dream....jest a dream........mommy.......

Zoey ran into something behind her. She screamed as she felt large arms wrap around her. A hand went over her mouth. She kicked and screaming trying to get lose......

"Zoey...Zoey...Zoey..." A familiar voice called to her. "Call down sweety. It was just a bad dream. Daddy's got ya. It is okay. Shhhh...." Strong arms rocked her gentle, a hand stroked her hair.

Zoey opened her eyes and found herself in her Daddy's arms. I'm home....daddy....I'm safe....made it...jest a dream.....mommy?

Her mother stoked her hair gentle. Murmuring soft words to Zoey, as she sat beside Vinnie.

"It's okay, baby. Mommy and Daddy have you...nothings gonna hurt you.." she whispered.

Zoey through her arms around her father and sobbed. Vinnie held her closer, cradling his only precious child to him. He looked worriedly at Charley, the at Zoey. Charley looked just a worried back.

Zoey sobbed in her father's arms for a good twenty minutes before she fell asleep. She refused to tell her parent what had upset her so. Vinnie contained to rock her even after she had fallen to sleep. He still couldn't get over that this darling little one was his own baby.

He look at Charley. "This can't keep up, honey." he whisper, putting one arm around her, cuddling both his girls near.

"I know...this is the second week in a row she's had these nightmares...But what are we going to do, Vinnie?" she whispered back.

"I don't know, babe. I just don't know."

They looked at their daughter sleeping peacefully. A tear ran down Charley's cheek. Vinnie saw it and brushed it away. Knowing what she was thinking about.

"She safe know, Charlene. Nothings ever going to happen to her. A swear it to you , love." Vinnie whispered.

The sat there like that for along time, until Vinnie noticed Charley had fallen asleep to.

"And nothings ever gonna happen to you either....." His were unfocused as he remember a nightmare of is own. "Nothing. I swear it. I swear it."

Gently he placed Zoey under her covers. He kissed her gentle good night. Then carried Charley back into their bedroom. He didn't sleep anymore that night.

The End?