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Song by Celine Dion ( of course I don't own that either )

To Sleep Perhaps To Dream

By Morning 1999

Limburger sat crying in the rumble of his now trashed Tower. What was this trashing number 94 or was it 95? It didn't much matter because one of these days he will get the idea that it might be better and healthier if he were to think about moving his business to not only another planet but a whole other galaxy.
But for now he would just rebuild until another confrontation with the baddest Mama Jammas this side of the Milky Way, The Biker Mice from Mars.

As they got back to the Last Chance garage they were giving their usual whoops and hollers of victory along with a group high five.
Vinnie wrapping his tail around Charlie's waist lifted her off the back of his bike. Before he let her touch the floor he pulled her close to him and with a full hero's smile, one Dudley Do Right would be proud of, he told her,

" Well sweetheart was I awesome or what"

Charley looked at him with a sarcastic smile, "Yeah sure Vinnie as always you are the awe inspiring light to my universe, now let me go so I can check these machine. They took a pretty hearty beating this time."

He released her gently as she gave him a wink and a pinch on his cheek. Vinnie sighed and watched her walk away to get the tools need to do the repairs. Other eyes carefully hidden behind a pair of dark shades tried hard not to notice her shapely figure and that way she had of leaving a room.

Modo watched Throttle trying too hard not to watch her. He may not have been the smartest when it came to book knowledge but when it came to people and life experience Modo was a sharp as a razor edge. He could see the situation brewing, one that could do what the whole Plutarkian nation couldn't. Destroy the Biker Mice from Mars.

What he needed was time, time to at least talk to Throttle. Modo knew his friend only too well and no matter what it would cost Throttle would never put anything ahead of a friendship.
But even the noble Throttle had his limits and the way things were shaping up he had just about reached them.

"Well Throttle you and me can head back to the board. We could use some R and R after that tangle with the head cheese while Charley works on Vinnie's bike first." Modo suggested as he stared up his bike.

Charley just glanced at him saying nothing and walked over towards Vinnie's bike.

Throttle readjusting his helmet knew it was better to follow Modo's lead on this one. But as things would have it when he attempted to start his bike it coughed weakly and died.

"No love don't do this to me now." He whispers a plea to his bike but she wasn't going anywhere.

"Hey Throttle just stay here and let Charley work on your bike first. Me and Modo can hang out at the board for a while and you stay here and keep Charley company. Of course there is no real substitute for the real thing." Vinnie grinned striking a muscle-flexing pose.

His older bros. looked at each other and Throttle gave Modo a reassuring nod that he would keep everything under control.

"It will be okay bro everything is cool you don't have to worry, trust me." Throttle's voice promised.

Vinnie gave them both a puzzled look, but soon shook it off. Figuring what ever it was they'd deal with it.

"Don't miss me too much Dollface." Vinnie said as he blows a kiss to Charley. But something in her face or in the air made him not want to leave.

"Hey Charley you want me to hang around too?" Vinnie said not really knowing why.

"No Vinnie I'll be fine, just a little too much Limburger I guess." She walked up to him kissed him on the cheek.

"You know I will count every moment your gone, now get your hunky tail out of here I have work to do," Charley said trying hard not to let him see anything in her eyes.

Vinnie held her hand to his cheek and kissed her palm. "If you say so sweetheart. We'll be back before you know it."

With that the two left for the scoreboard leaving Throttle and Charley to no only deal with his bike but both their consciences.

It was uncomfortably quiet, saying nothing they went right to work on doing what was needed on Throttle's bike.
But neither could escape the thoughts and feelings that were kept pushed to the back of their minds. Ones that got harder and harder to conceal.

"Throttle, can you finish getting this started with out me? I need to wash a little Limburger out of my hair. I won't be too long, okay?"

"Sure Charley girl no problem," He wouldn't even look at her. He just bent down and continued working on the bike.

Charley watched his back for a moment then went up to her room.

As she left he did catch a glimpse of her disappearing up to her bedroom. When he was sure she was gone he let out a frustrated breath of air letting his body lean forward his head leaning against his bike, both hands draped across the top.

"How much longer can this craziness go on. Cheese, what kind of rat are you Throttle.
This is one of your best bros, a guy you would think nothing of taking a laser blast in the chest for. You have to put her out of your mind and keep her out.
You gotta remember Carbine too. She has waited for you all these years. Waited for you to come back to her. Yeah, we have our problems but nothing that we both can't work out, right? Right!
Any way there is nothing to think about Vinnie's my bro, family and nothing will ever come between that." Throttle tried desperately to convince himself.

Even if that nothing was the most incredible women he'd ever known. He knelt up to lay his head on his arms, then sat back on the floor taking his shades off rubbing his tired eyes.
He stretched completely out on the concrete floor it was cool, hard and felt good on his back. He put his arms across his eyes trying to block out the light that was in the garage and the human face with the sweet warm smile and consuming green eyes that won't leave his mind.

The last though he had before he drifted off was, "Like my life isn't crazy enough"

Charley listened to the sound of the water running in the tub as she lay across her bed in her robe. A CD played softly a song she'd become very fond of lately, her mind was filled with too many thoughts.

Love doesn't ask why
It speaks from the heart
And never explains
Don't you know that
Love doesn't think twice
It can come all at once
Or whisper from a Distance

She got up and sat at the top of the stairs holding her knees listening to the words now filling her heart. Up there alone she allowed herself to watch him lying there. Allow her self to feel what she won't dare if she were close enough for any one to notice.

Don't ask me if this feeling's
Right or wrong
It doesn't have to make much sense
It just has to be this strong

Most people laugh at the thought of life on another planet, but not Charlene Davidson.
Not only does she find extra terrestrial life but she has one who is crazy about her, one she can't keep her mind off and they just happen to be best friends.
Charley dramatically falls back on the floor. "Why is my life so incredibly weird?" she cried to herself. She lay there staring at the ceiling until the running water and soft music work there magic and she too dozes off. The words floating in the air quietly filling her head

Cause when you're in my arms
I understand
We don't have a voice
When our hearts make the choices
There's no plan
It's not in our hands

When she opens her eyes she was no longer in her garage but a mist covered field. She sat up; this wasn't like any place she's ever seen. Remembering a line from the Wizard of Oz she says, " Well Toto we are not in Kansas any more."

Charley gazes at herself to see she is dressed in a splendid long white and gold gown, like something out of a Disney movie. Cinderella at the ball or Sleeping Beauty dancing with the prince couldn't have had one more beautiful. Her hair loosely framing her face and cascading long down her back. It is scattered with small jewels.

"Okay Charlene, you know this is a dream, it has to be a dream. If it is a dream all I have to do is wait until I wake up. That's what I'll do, I will sit here and wait until"

But looking around she sees some one standing in the distance, feeling almost compelled she slowly rises and walks towards the figured who seems to be waiting for her. Getting closer she saw it was a man, she felt oddly secure in approaching him. He was tall, very tall and was dressed in black. The closer she got the faster her heartbeat; soon she could see him clearly.

"Throttle?!" She sighed stopping to try and catch her breath.

"I can't get you out of my mind, now you are invading my dreams, why?" she looked questionably at him.

"I think you already know the answer to that." He said in that low and husky voice as he began walking towards her.

He looked very dashing like the heroes in a childhood fantasy. Black leather boots, pants, vest, a white silk shirt that was tied loosely in the front, and a thick leather belt where a long silver sword hung low on his hips. His hair still pulled back but much longer it flowing gently in the soft whisper of a breeze, his speck where they always have been.

He continued to come closer until he stood directly in front of her.

"You look breath takingly beautiful Charlene."

Charley could only stand frozen looking into his face and into the eyes that mesmerized her even through the specks.

His fingers gently made their way up through her hair and she could feel her breath begin to quicken again and her heart to beat even faster.

"Throttle um.. you know we can't let this happen."

"Let what happen? Who said anything was going to happen?" He said as he put two fingers to her lips to quiet her. Then tracing them very gently.

"Besides it's only a dream, remember." He takes off his shades and slides his hand softly around her waist, his face coming closer to hers.

"Oh my gosh" Charley barely whispered as she closes her eyes.

Everything was moving in slow motion as he began to kiss her. Her head was floating and she couldn't feel the ground anymore. In his arms her world couldn't have been more perfect or more unbearably sad. And the kiss it was phenomenal, enchanted, more than she could have ever imagined.

Now I can feel what you're
Afraid to say
If you give your soul to me
Will you give too much away
But we can't let this moment
Pass us by
Can't question this chance
Or expect any answers
We can try
But love doesn't ask you why

So let's take what we found
And wrap it around us

"This can't happen! I can't let it! But how can I stop it! Charlie's mind was screaming to her.
The music, her feelings, the kiss, everything was crashing in on her, she felt like she was being devoured by emotion.

Charley woke abruptly shaking badly she realized she was lying in a pool of water. She tore into the bathroom splashing through a small pond to turn off the faucet and unplugged the tub. Water was everywhere, on the bathroom floor, the bedroom floor, and the hallway and down the stairs.

"Hey Charley you have a flood coming down here?" Throttle yelled from down in the garage.

"Yeah, I must have fallen asleep and the tub overflowed. I'm cleaning it up now. I'll be down as soon as I get this mess cleaned up.

" I'll get up what ran down here. You sure you are okay?"

Charley sat on the edge of the tub her robe and slippers sopping wet, she was still shaking all over.

Trying not to let him hear the tears in her voice, " Yeah I `m fine."

But in a whisper she said to herself, "Yeah I'm just fine. What am I going to do?
She bent her head in her lap and allowed herself to have a good cry.

Love doesn't ask why
It speaks from the heart
And never explains
Now I know that
Love doesn't think twice
It can come all at once
Or whisper from a distance

Finally dried and dressed she headed down into the garage, the emotional roller coaster ride her dream had given was just the thing she needed to face what they both so desperately tried to hid.
As she got to the bottom of the stairs she continued to watch him as he put away the mop.
Charley took a deep breath and plunged into the abyss.


"Yeah Charley girl?" he stood with his back to her.

Charley walks up to him, takes hold of his arm and turns him toward her. "How much longer can we be like this? It's not fair to Vinnie, Carbine, you, or me."

Throttle pulled his specks down from his eyes to look at the woman whom, as much as he would try to deny he'd fallen in love with. Who he knew loved him back.

"He's my bro Charlene and he's lost so much already, she's waited so long for me I won't hurt her. For us there can be no other way. It may not be fair but that is how it is. How it has to stay." He sadly smiled took her hand and held it for a second.

Charley touched his face and sighed. Her heart breaking fighting back the tears for all she was worth. "Life it ain't ever a straight road, huh?"

"Hasn't been so far," He said losing his own fight. With that he puts on his helmet and since his bike was out of commission he walked out of the garage.

The end or not.