Tis' The Season...


December 7,1997

Copyright: From the pen of the gyrl

Tis' the season to be jolly!
Falalala lalala!

"Let's sing a new song now!"
Pedals stands on a ladder hovering over a Christmas tree, that is not fully decorated. She drapes lights all over the tree evenly. "This is going to look beautiful!" She steps down and picks up some ornaments and starts to hum 'Jingle Bell Rock'.
"Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock!" Wheels starts to sing on tune, gathering candles for the Hanukkah setting.
"It's the right time, the best time, to rock your night away!" Rayvin places fruits and a ear of corn on a straw mat, preparing the setting for Kwanzaa. "This is going to be great."
"Wow! You guys really out down yourselves this holiday season!" Rayvin turns around to the door and smiles wide. "Hey Charlie! Come in!"
Charlie walks into the decorated factory and looks around in amazement. "Hey guys! Check this out!"
Throttle,Modo and Vinnie walk into the building and look around at the room. "It looks like Las Vegas in here!", Vinnie exclaims admiring the lights.
"What's with the boxes?", Modo asks looking at the stacks of colorfully decorated boxes. "Box day, in Canada.", Pedals says rolling her eyes. "Wheels's idea."
Vinnie sucks his teeth and rolls his eyes,"Figures." Wheels turns around and glares at Vinnie,"You know what...kiss my snow white, furry..."
"Tis the season to be jolly!", Throttle says jumping in. Wheels rolls her eyes and razzes Vinnie.
"Where's the miseltoe, eggnog, and cookies?", Charlie exclaims. Modo looks up, his mouth full of eggnog and cookies. He gives Charlie a sheepish smile and continues to eat.
"Thanks for sharing!" "Mmmmmbbrmmslms..."
Pedals stops stringing popcorn and looks up at Charlie,"What's miseltoe?" "Miseltoe is small plant you hang up in a doorway, for example, and when your under it with another person you show your love by huggin' or kissin them." Rayvin winks and smiles slyly. "Or both!"
Pedals giggles and continues to string popcorn,"Do we have any?" "Of course!, It's in the box over there.",Wheels replied walking into the other room.
"I got an idea!",Vinnie thinks to himself. He goes to the box and grabs a miseltoe and a hook... After everything is done and the factory is lit up with lights. The bros,Charlie and the pirates sit around joking, singing carols and playing games.
Vinnie starts to sniff the air,"I smell cookies..." Wheels jumps up by surprise,"Oh no!" She runs into the kitchen.
Vinnie then starts to fake a dry voice and cough,"Oh man! I need some eggnog!" Pedals pats him on the back and makes a sympathetic face. "Oh! You poor baby! I'll get you some." She gets up and goes into the kitchen. She pops her head out of the door, "Does anybody else want some?"
"Sure!", Throttle and Modo say in unison. The remaining five start to talk and laugh, until shortly Vinnie interrupts once more,"Uhh..Rayvin, I think I hear Wheels callin your name."
Rayvin eyed him,"I didn't hear anything." Vinnie gulped and smiled his smile,"Well, sweetheart..."
Rayvin got up and started to walk towards the kitchen,"I'll go see." She walked into the kitchen.
Vinnie laughed,"Show time!" He ran to the kitchen door and leaned against the paneling. "All I have to do now is wait!"
Charlie started to tap her fingers against the table and looked at Vinnie sternly. "Vinnie! What are you up too!!?"
Throttle looked over at Vinnie and then looked up above his head, over the door way was a small plant with two red berries. "Hey! Isn't that..."
"Ssshhhhh!", Vinnie smiled. "Your going to get it.", Modo whispered
"I sure am.", Vinnie winked. Just then Pedals comes though the door with a tray of eggnog. "Here ya..." She was cut off by Vinnie's kiss. Her eyes grew wide and she was dumb struck when he let go of her. Vinnie pointed up. Pedals looked up and saw the miseltoe. She sighed.
"Your lucky!", She laughed and served the drinks to everybody else. Vinnie smiled,"Two more to go!"
Rayvin then came out and looked at Vinnie,"Wheels didn't ca..." She was then interrupted by Vinnie grabbing her, dipping her and then laying a big kiss on her mouth. Rayvin was shocked and speechless afterwards.
"There ya' go, babe! Happy Holidays!", Vinnie said with a suave smile. Rayvin kept looking at him but managed to back away toward the table.
Pedals began to laugh,"Vinnie..." Wheels then came out with a batch of cookies in her hand. "They didn't burn! I saved them!" She looked over at Vinnie and looked him up and down. "Why are you standing this close to me?"
Vinnie grabbed Wheels and smiled... "What in the world do you think your do..."Wheels gasped. Vinnie kissed her hard, interrupting her sentence. When he finally let's her go he takes a bow. Throttle and Modo cheer as Wheels spits and gags.
"Honestly!", Charlie exclaims shaking her head. Wheels stands up straight and glares at Vinnie. Her face suddenly turns pleasant and she giggles slyly. "Oh Vinnie! Your such a tease! Ya' know...I think I deserve your gift now."
Vinnie faces Wheels and smiled his famous smile,"Really Sweetheart!?" "Indeed!" She pulled back her arm and balled up her hand she then swung and punched Vinnie right in the face. The punch sent him flying into the Box Day display, having them topple down all over him. "Tis that jerk!!!", Wheels yelled. "I can't believe him!" She walked into the kitchen grumbling and complaining all the way.
They all laugh as Vinnie stumbles to get up and falls down repeatedly because of his dizziness. "Vincent! You'll never learn!!!", All the girls laugh.






(Music starts up in the background with everybody singing that is slowly fading away)
Deck the halls with balls of Holly!
Falalalala lalalala!
Tis' the season to be jolly!
Falalalala lalalala!...