This novel began in 1998 as a simple one page story and simply evolved into something much more spectacular. In 98 the year 2000 seem a long way off, now it's just around the bend. It's taken years to get this far and you may notice how in the story my tastes change, as they have over almost two years. And although this work is incomplete I hope you still enjoy.


MAY 5 1995

On an isolated road in Ohio, every thing is calm and peaceful in the gentle breeze. All of a sudden energy crackels, to form an odd disc, from which two figures emerge. Once clear of the disc it simply vanishes while the two bikers sit there mounted. "Yahoo!" one screams "We made it!" he is clearly over joked. " Yeah, cute trick, but if you don't mind we have a mission ,we have to find those guys or we're sunk."
"Okay I get the message. If I remember correctly Chicago should be to our.......West!"
"For all our sakes you'd better be right."
They sped off heading for Chicago, still slightly over joyed that they survived such a trip.
James porch smiled as he sped along, the wind blowing his long hair back, the bright sun on his face. He felt the small earing he wore coldly tap his cheek. This is how every eighteen- year- old human should have it. He thought. He took pleasure in seeing the sky blue again. It was great to be home again on earth but he knew it wasn't a trip of pleasure. He looked over at his old friend on his bike. Yes age had grayed his hair but beneath ,Stoker's spirit was as wild as ever.
" What getting to old for this ? " James joked
" You wish kid !"
Stoker sped up almost to maximum burn, James was really having fun it had been ages scince he could remember smiling. He poped a wheelie an easily caught up to Stoker.
"Hey we should be getting to town pretty soon. " James informed Stoker.

While in town the first martians to the planet had just gotten done with defeating 20 of Limburger's goons, eating lunch with Charly , and were heading back to the Last Chance. When Throttle noticed some thing strange.
"Hey, bros check this out. I'm picking up two odd signals on my scanner."
"I got 'em to, hey wait a minute, their Martian!" Modo exclaimed.
" All right ,its time Mars sent reinforcements against Limburger." Vinnie put in." Charly wanna come and meet a few friends?"
"Sorry, Vinnie, I can't I'm already days behind schedule on repairing this old clunker of a van." she replied.
"Your loss Charly darlin" Throttle said as the three bikes drove off leaving Charly to walk three blocks to the grarage .

Stoker and James were just about finished refueling when Stoker glanced at the clock on the bank across the street.
"Just when in time are we supposed to be kid?" Stoker asked, in an odd tone.
"Uum, May 5,1996. Why?" James replied not looking up from the pump.
"That clock said it 's May 5 ,1995!"Stoker blurted out sounding shocked.
"What!" James shouted, his voice craking while he did so. "Okay sooo maybe I made a little mistake?" He said worried Stoker was going to be really mad at him.
"We can still complete our mission in this year. " James said trying to calm his pal down.
"Yes, but it would still be easier in 1996." Stoker reminded him.
"Well all those space time calculations, my excitement, my under developed abilities ,and the fact I'm only eighteen, could explain it." Seeing rage in Stoker James added "And I think its time I shutup now."
Stoker only nodded "So what do we do now , try again, or continue our assignment?"
"I say we try to continue our assignment. Ya remember the way to the last chance?"
"Yeah, lets hurry before something else goes wrong." Stoker said mounting up.
James paid the station attendant, hopped onto his bike and weakly replied "sorry" He was relieved when Stoker patted him on the back, a symbol that everything was going to be okay.

While on the other side of town.............
"Okay they just stopped at 'Don's Discount Gas'" Modo informed his bros.
"Hey wait a minute their doubling back and heading toward the grarage!" Throttle quickly announced. And no sooner than he did those three mice were already on their way back to make sure Charly and their spare bike parts were out of danger.

James approached the building deemed "The Last Chance Grarage". Once at the entrance he pulled a small object out of his pocket. It looked like a rectangular compact with the Martian mouse logo and another blue logo on it. But once flipped open it didn't take a scientist to see that it was indeed a small portable computer.
"Basically crack the code, break in , sabotage the right parts, then get out eh?" James said confidently.
"First things first, life signs?" Stoker reminded his young friend.
"Okay, there is , one person, human, and it's standing still on the second floor .It must be sleeping." Little did he know James couldn't be more wrong.
"All right then, do your stuff."
The little computer clicked and beeped with purpose, after about five seconds the grarage door opened. The repair shop was dark. Stoker had no trouble seeing in the dark, but that was more than could be said for James. He walked into a stake of hub caps. The caps made a horrendous clatter in the silence but after a few moments and nothing had happened Stoker reminded James to be careful.
"I will, I will. Find a 154M9 with the cereal number 447846468, that should be contaminated with a level 7 T-13 virus."
As James went on Stoker just kept nodding his head with a glazed look in his eyes.

Meanwhile across the street, on the roof of a closed pizza parlor stood three mice , observing the grarage.
"One's definitely a Martian." Modo put in.
"But that doesn't explain why the human has a Martian bike, or why they just didn't try the front entrance." Throttle said .
"I'll inform Charley to go ahead with plan B and that we'll be there soon." Vinnie said ready to fight.

Yet again we skip to another part of town, to the headquarters of Lawrence Limburger. He sits in an old fashioned high backed chair with his back to a stranger. Looking out apon Chicago Limburger analyzes what he has just heard.
"If what your telling me is true then all I have to do is get this wimpy 18year-old and with him I can finally rid my self of those atrocious Martian mice?"
"Thats right , and all you have to do is use some of the arsenal I gave you blueprints of to do it ." The stranger with such a familiar voice says.
"Then we're agreed, 1 weakling teenager for a life free from those, those mice?" Limburger asked to make sure he wasn't dreaming this.
The stranger only nodded and then both of them let out an evil laugh that would chill the bones of every citizen in Chicago, if only they heard it.

All James knew was that one minute he was loading a virus into a bike part that would end up in Vinnie's bike, and then the next a gun was in his back.
"Now, who are you?" Charly asked with a terrifying vengeance.
Stoker easily used his cybernetic tail to disarm Charly of her two guns.
"Your gonna wish you never did that...."came a voice from out side, every one in the building turned their head to see who was speaking. "Stoker?" came Vinnie's shocked response. "What are you doing here, and what happened to your hair?"
"And who's that ?"Modo said almost sneering as he walked up to Vinnie.
James didn't know who said what or threw the first punch , all he knew was that he was in the middle of a fight. Stoker was locked in hand to hand combat with Throttle. James pulled his hands close to his chest and concentrated on an old hero from earth. Then he felt the familiar tingling as pure pink energy engulfed his hands. he out stretched his hands and went left to right in a sweeping motion. this knocked Throttle, Charly and Vinnie down. Modo dived to his right, landed on his side and shot James with a mild pulse from his arm. The laser only burned James skin momentarily, and it burned a small hole in his leather jacket. He fell to the concrete floor, hard! He lay there dazed as the battle raged on .He literally felt pain as he saw Stoker fall.He forced his tiered body to stand up he wrestled Vinnie to the ground only to be thrown through the air. Modo caught him by his ankle with his cybernetic arm. He held James upside down. His few weak punches landed on Modo but had no effect. Now his jacket gone, his black vest and white T-shirt hanging over his face all he thought of while he gave into sleep was "WHY ME ?" And he fell into a peaceful sleep not to be woken for 6 hours.

Karbunkle sat at his desk in his dark lab, sipping coffee, or more like coffee flavored motor oil for his internal cybernetics. He was staring at the monitor for his computer. On the display were blueprints for numerous weapons. To manufacture these would require a lot of rare parts, oh well he'll just mobilize the goons and have them raid the proper government installations. The all mighty lard ball had ordered Karbunkle out of his quarters at 11:56 to get to work on another half-baked scheme of his. He was shocked to see a floppy disk on his desk containing 50 different, lethal designs. The calculations would have taken even him years to figure out. Yet he had orders to produce these weapons , so he had little choice but to do so.

MAY 6, 1995 0123HRS

James was just waking up, he was seriously disoriented. He and Stoker were tied to chairs with some heavy duty chains. It looked like some metal snake was tapping on his shoulder, it took him a few moments to realize it was Stoker's tail. Modo was on the chouch channel surfing, no doubt he was on guard duty. Throttle and Vinnie were asleep on the couch beside him. On the coffee table were all the things they found in James's and Stoker's pockets. Not much between the two really, his palm top computer, a vile of mouth wash, their wallets, and a curved piece of an odd blue metal. It was also nice to see that both Stoker's and James's injuries had been bandaged. Nice to see the guys would still have their hearts. James must have made some sort of sound because Modo got up, walked over to the two and asked if they would like some water. Stoker nodded . James tried to say "yes please " but it came out "yeeeeeeggggggggggg" He slipped out of consciousness again and wouldn't awake till morning.

James awoke to the sweet smell of maple syrup on pancakes. And Modo in his face with a small light checking out his eyes. Where does Modo get off thinking he is a doctor . James thought.
Throttle came in and relived Modo. "Would either of you care for something to eat? Once we've had some food you can tell us what you were doing here last night. Then you can leave in peace." Throttle said in a calm tone. James would have liked it much better if he could have been untied to eat, but that was out of the question. Vinnie was having way too much fun feeding James. Poor Stoker had all that sticky syrup dripping down his chin. Once the "FUN" was over Throttle began the interrogation.
"All we want to know is 1) your real names, 2) what all these gizmos are and 3) who sent you and what were you doing here." This sentence gave James hope that meant that the two bikes were still free.
"Well if you looked at our ID's you'd know our names." Stoker said with a superior attitude.
"One thing we know is that you are not Stoker" Modo said condescendingly.
"Your definitely too old and second Stoker's rank isn't that high!" Vinnie stepped in placing one of the wallets down.
James closed his eyes and focused as hard as he could on Stoker and finally he linked, telepathically.<Stoker should I bust us out here yet?> he inquired. Stoker coughed, a negative. Then James relized if the Biker Mice paided close enough attention to the money in his wallet or the files in the computer the guys would know they were from the future and he'd be sunk.
"And what's this ?"Vinnie said ,carelessly picking up the piece of what was called "Blue Stinger Metal". A low growl escaped James's throat , and Vinnie backed off. Charly picked up the computer the size of a base ball card and stared.
"Hey guys maybe there will be a clue in here. " Charly said.
"NO!" Stoker and James screamed at the exact same time. Vinnie chuckled. As Vinnie opened the little computer James shook his head and said" Computer lockout!!! Authorization James Porch 18, voice print 'sugar and spice '"
The three bikers were shocked when the little computer said " VOICE PRINT CONFIRMED" Stoker and James were simply relived, Both groups knew they were going to be here for hours.

Karbunkle sat with doughboy looking over his shoulders. He had been working round the clock and all he had managed to produce were 15, yes only 15 modified tranquilizers. Each one had the potential for stopping a charging rhino . Odds were that this was no ordinary kid so Karbunkle had decided hours ago that when the fight came here he wouldn't be.
"Only 15 measly tranks?" Limburger said in his evil tone.
"And yet the delivery system hasn't even been looked at." Said Limburger's guest. "I would never tolerate this quality work, don't you agree?"
Karbunkle's only response was a huge gulp.

"Whoa, Throttle, I'm gettin two signals on my scanner. Dallars to dirt there our friends bikes." Modo said after looking at the scanner.
"You and Vinnie should better get on it ." Throttle said triumphantly.
The only word dominating James's thoughts was 'YES'. The bikes would come break him free ,he'd get his stuff, leave and try again. If only it worked out that way. Throttle had his blaster hand ready to grab his side arm.
Only 15 minutes had past before two very modern streamlined Martian motorcycles came breaking through the window of the apartment adjacent to the Last Chance Grarage. Once inside the dark blue bike which was James's released an accurate needle laser, breaking the bonds holding Stoker and James. Throttle all this time just looked on. When James moved to get the stuff on the table Throttle made his move. He reached James not certain what to do . James simply let him have it throwing the unsuspecting mouse into a wall .Stoker gently tied up Charly.
No sooner had James just reached his priceless piece of the "BLUE STINGER", a hand grabed the back of his shirt and planted him on his bike.Vinnie and Modo pulled into the grarage obviously mad. Stoker floored it and his bike made it through the neat hole it had made coming in. James wasn't as lucky as he made it out the bike bag he had on the back of his bike was ripped off.
"Shit!" He cursed under his breath he turned around to see three mice making no attempt to follow. While he still had time he thrust his hand out and within a moment his little computer flipped carelessly through the air into his palm.

It had been 30 minutes since two lost timetravelers escaped a group of people who would become their friends. Karbunkle was still working on another set of projectiles. And three very mad martians were cleaning up a friends apartment.

"Okay guys the place is almost as good as new lets see what that punk dropped." Throttle said as he put the broom and dust pan away.
"All right I've wanted to even the score for awhile now!" Vinnie exclaimed. One by one they took the items out of James's discarded bag. They hoped it would answer some questions but it only raised more. When they were done they had,2 CD's with almost unpronounceable names like "MACERENA" and "TUBTHUMPING" both with 1997 copyrights.3 3x3 floppy disc. A cassette tap that looked like it had survived war. A few cans of rootbeer, some clean cloths and a can of some dry chemical. It looked like a soda can except it had no name, and it was entirely red with a silver colored lightning bolt.Finally the oddest thing $20.00 Martian currency with $5.25 American. This and the stuff they took last night. Something odd was going on and the mice knew soon every thing would be reveled.
Stoker and James had ducked into an alley between a convenience store and video store. They didn't have a lot of resources but they certainly had a lot of work. They split Stoker's can of cleaner. The red one. James poured some of the white powder into his hands and rubbed it into his skin. instantly the powder dissolved all the dirt and grime that had built up over the past couple of days. No biker left home without any.
"So how much ya got?"James questioned hoping they had enough for at least 2 burgers and 2 cokes.
"31.52martian, 12.34 american."Stoker replied half heatedly.
James frowned , he hated seeing his friend like this. James knew this was all his fault. So to break the silence he said"Hey I know we can stop in at Burger King , get some real food and work out a plan from there. Whatta ya say?"
Stoker let a grin develop at the corner of his mouth and after both heard his stomach growl he asked, "The Whopper hasn't been abolished yet?!"
James let out a huge grin , jumped on his bike an said "Race ya."

"Guys I've got an Idea!" Vinnie shouted."You??" A confused Modo and Throttle said .
"Yeah heres what we do we break into...................."
Karbunkle was explaining his plan to the stinky chesseyness " two teams one for those three Martian mice .............."
"and one for Limburger H.Q" James finished explaining to Stoker, who just had one continuos sip of Coke.
"When do we Start?"Stoker asked.
"Tonight at 2100hrs"Vinnie said, ending his brilliant, unique plan.

"Tonight at 21:00hrs"Karbunkle said as he typed something up on his computer.
"Tonight at 20:59hrs"James said as he and Stoker exited the restaurant.
The time had finally came when Karbunkle had to leave his nice air conditioned lab to go and hunt out some little brat.He had only gotten 2 of the advanced guns built and each only had nine modified tranks which would simply knock the kid out. Why traditional tranks wouldn't work was beyond him. He jumped into his cramped little European car and sped off,exhaust filling the air behind it. His destination was the same as the kid's but not the cargo he intended to pick up.

James had said a few quick good-byes to Stoker simply minutes ago. At the moment he was on his way toward the Last Chance Grarage. He planned on picking up the stuff he lost and complete the virus download & finally to rondevu with Stoker at limburger towers. Stoker knew the Biker mice would be at the towers, thats why he was their ,hopefully he' d give James enough time to complete the download, and leave Limburger a nasty little surprise.

Throttle and Charly guarded the bike bag that was left behind. They both knew that it's owner would be back. They didn't have to wait long. At precisely 2106hrs a sleek dark blue bike pulled up out front. At least this time it didn't shattered the expensive windows again. Two minutes after that James walked in through the door , only one problem, the door didn't open, it was as if it didn't exist ! James and Throttle came face to face and at the exact moment both said" What the hell are you doing here?!"
James reached for his bag, but throttle grabed his arm and with Throttle's free hand backhanded James sending him flying into the chouch. James only growled , James lifted his glasses and once he did so , red hot energy poured from his eyes, hitting Throttle squarely in the chest knocking him into a wall, that was the least of Throttle's problems considering that the blast burnt some of the hair on Throttle's chest and was still smoking.
"Look , mouse, I just want stuff back and I'll leave , okay? This violence wasn't nessasary."James said trying to get the point across.
"Then what you'll come back later and try to sabotage more parts?"Charly said aiming a conventional gun at James."I................"He trailed off when all three of them heard an odd hissing laugh.
Karbunkle steped out off the shadows behind the three unsuspecting victims, they all turned. "Karbunkle" they exclaimed shocked. "Looks like we're on the same team after all Throttle"James said quickly, all the while his hands glowing as they did in the first confrontation in the grarage. Throttle stood their facing the strange scene. Then in one heartbeat it all came crashing to an end. Karbukle shot Charly and she was down the second what appeared to be a tranquilizer hit her. Charly's gun went off shooting James in the shoulder, in turn his energy blast missed Karbunkle and blew a wall to pieces.
In seconds the odds went from three to one to one on one as Throttle tried to see through the cloud of dust James's blast had created. When the dust finally cleared, and Throttle ready to fight he discovered that the weasily little scientist had nabbed the punk, err kid. All he could think was that tonight was going to be a long night.

Karbunkle hissed his little laugh, his weapon had worked perfectly!The kid was tied up and asleep in the back of his car.And as a bonus Karbukle was going to disect the pocket size computer he took from the kid. All the dust in the grarage had been a blessing, Karbunkle's cybernectic eyes saw perfectly in the dust and managed to shoot the kid, this was turning out to be the perfect night. Would it last?

Stoker slinked through the basement of Limburger Enterprises. He was just going to leave a little surprise for Limburger, hopefully this would keep the Biker Mice and Limburger too busy to worry about James. After a few minutes he heard the sound of an engine one floor up. He climbed a matenince latter and hid behind a stak of crates. He was mildly surprised to see Karbunkle exit the tiny car that had just pulled in. He was really surprised to see two hench men carry James out of the back seat. Karbunkle walked over to the unconsious form and rip James's watch off.
"Two miniutes slow I'm afraid. And I'm afraid your time is up. Hee hee heee." Karbunkle said with such a mocery in his tone. Karbunkle snapped a flashing, electronic bracelet on James and had the two goons who had taken him from the car throw the kid's weak body in to a simple steel cage to the right of Karbunkle's desk.
Gee now Stoker could'nt detonate the remote mines he had been planting.DAMN!

Vinnie was enjoying the wind pushing back his ears as he rode along side Modo, who had motioned for Vinnie to put his helmet back on. The two had been gone about thirty minutes, when Throttle had called in and told them about a fight at the grarage. He would be joining them in a few minutes. Modo abruptly stopped.
"Hey wait Vin, if Karbunkle took the kid then that guy claiming to be Stoker would be heading for Limburger Towers, right?"Modo said deep in thought
"I guess." Came Vinnie's reply.
"Then all we have to do is go to the towers and wait for him there, lets go!"
And the two sped off.

Charly sat at her computer , she had over twelve cups of coffee and she was still groggy from that trank. She hoped that the answer to this whole thing was on one of the three disk she took. The first disk she acessed was simply a list of over 300 names, and beside each names were either the words active or inactive. To get more information on which ever name she clicked on she needed a password. She thought yet nothing came to mind. Then she dozed off , having a weird dream about the little computer James had. When she awoke ten minutes later she remembered the code James had used to lock her out of the computer, she tried it but to no avail. She needed more COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Throttle had just joined his bros. "So how we getting in this time ?" he asked.
"Basement route okay?"Modo said not quite sure.
All Vinnie could say was "Aw man!!"

Karbunkle just got done getting the nessasary tools to disect the poor little computer of James's.As he set up the equipment he dropped a small point driver. James quickly picked it up and put it in his coat poket, he hoped it would be some use to him.Suddenly he saw something behind some crates in the coner move . He reconized the gleam on the tail, Stoker. He saw two goons go down quietly, Karbunkle leaned over to his side looking for the point driver he had dropped. He bumped into the gun he shot James with and it went off. And against all odds hit Stoker in the chest and he fell.
"Hmmmmmmmmmmmm" Karbunkle said, turning around.
"Yo! Uhhhh? Zitface!"James screamed getting the attenion of the dweby scientist.Karbunkle faced him and said,"You should talk!"
"I bet your not cybernetic here!" James said in a hurry as he lunged the point driver into Karbunkle's groin area.
"You'd be surprised at what cybernetics can do!" He retorted.
"No way !" James gasped , his mouth hanging open.
Then Karbunkle added"Unfortunatly I can't replace that yet! I'll kill you when I wake up!"He said just as he hit the concrete.


James had dozed off. When he awoke Stoker was still out but moved against a wall and tied with chains. No one was in sight, and he was to tired to try and wake Stoker telapathicly so he did the only thing he could do. He took the bloodied point driver and kept tapping it to a bar in the cage.

Vinnie hated the basement route, it stunk almost as bad as Limburger! Not to mention it was really grimy. Him and his bros were now two floors higher that where they entered.
"This should be Karbunkles lab to our right." Throttle whispered to the others.
"What's that, that tapping?" Modo asked.
"Huh, sounds familiar ." Throttle sai, now interested in the tapping.
"Yeah, like tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, sounds familar" Vinnie said annoyed.
"Wait its morse code!" Throttle said a little loud, once he figured it out.
"It's S.O.S"Modo added, "But who would send an S.O.S?"
"Only one way to find out, lets go!" Throttle exclaimed as he broke into a run.

Charly was guzling a 30th cup of coffee as she was staring at the little computer disc on her table. She was ready to use it as a coaster when she leaned on the keyboard. Lines of gibberish broke out across the screen. When she went to hit delete her hand slipped and hit enter. She almost pulled her hair out when the words 'password acepted' flased up on the screen, now she was geting somewhere but first more COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Limburger reluctantly shared his meal with the stranger he had met. This goof was up to something , but he just could'nt place it. He had to know his enimie's agenda, whatever it was. And what Limburger wants Limburger gets.

James sat in his cage, looking onward at Stoker. Man he really blew it and now there was no where to run or hide. He saw something shine in the shadows.
"Huh?" James said staring into darkness. He heard some wispering then saw three martians walk out from behind the same crates Stoker did.
"I have never in my entire life been so glad to see anyone before. Could you please get me out guys?"James said not bothering to hide the relife in his voice.
"What makes you think we'll do that brat?"Vinnie said as if he were god of the universe.
"VINNIE!" Both Throttle and Modo said.
"We'll get you and your friend out on the condition you don't try anything supid and explain yourself. Got it?" Throttle explained crouched down to the level of the cage.
"Deal!" James said as quickly as he could.
"Stand back," Modo said as the laser in his arm surfaced. In blinding blue light the bars of the cage were quickly severed.
"Lets go big guy." James said as he placed his hands on Stoker. After a moment he then attempted to lifted Stoker up. "Hey! What gives, why are'nt my powers working? The bracelet!"
"Would you hurry up?" Vinnie said as he looked back to see the boy standing, gawking at his hands.
"Uhh, right. "James said as he walked slowly behind Modo who was carring Stoker.As James started twoard the door he bumped into Karbunkle's keyboard. When he glanced at the screen he saw the unimaginable and muttered"Oh my god, it's wose than I thought. Guys we gotta get outta here , now!"
"Why the party's just begining."Vinnie joked .
"Just shutup and run!" was his reply as James ran off.
"Hey don't you.........." Modo started to say as he picked up the small computer off the desk.

James made it outside moments later. He was across the street from Limburger towers, panting, trying to regain his breath. Throttle made it out first then Modo with Vinnie trailing behind.
"What's the matter jerk! Afraid of a Screen saver!" Vinnie screeched."Trying to bail you little liar!"
"Chidren children quit! Were you trying to escape?" Throttle asked trying to calm down his bro.
"No, its just............"James started. " what I saw on that moniter was...."
"Impossible?" The stranger said walking out of the building two minutes later.
"Limburger?!" ashocked James stuttered.
"Limburger?"The three mice asked in unison.
"Me?" Said the Limburger in the purple suit .
"No, noway, nadda, this ain't happening!" James said with definite distress. "Do you know how much damage you've done giving this, this inferior baboon information!"
"Baboon?" The Limburger from this time said.
"Ohh, its so much worse than that my dear punk, those weapons that were used in the recent activites of this company for the past week were all..."Began Limburger.
"Don't say it, what ever you do don't say it!!"James retorted his face a pale sickly looking one.
"Why you don't want me to say.......................FUTURE!!!!!!!! Hah hah hah hah,"
"Would someone mind telling me what is going on?" Vinnie cut in ready for answers. James walked over to Stoker's unconsious body. As he passed Throttle he asked"Will you cover me if Limburger tries anything.Throttle did'nt say a thing. Everyone stared at the teenager as he gazed apon his fallen friend."Come on, come on, Stoke can you hear me? Did you get all the mines placed?"his reply was"YES".
James looked up and said a vengence in his voice"Limburger lets end this now"
"In due time, in due time."and he walk off in a different direction as the other Limburger.

"Lets get back to Charly."Vinnie said shocked by what he heard.
"Could one of you take care of him?"James asked. The sound off defeat in his voice.
"Yeah."Modo said in an equly sad tone.
"Ride with me."Throttle politly ordered to James.
"Oh, I have my own bi....."
"I know, just a precaution."Throttle retorted . Then the four road home in silence, two newer bikes trailing.

Charly was downing har 52nd cup of coffee as the bikes rolled in."Hey guys!"she called, then everyone entered including James and Stoker over Modo's shoulder.Everyone had on a serious expression of defeat and sorrow.Modo layed Stoker down on the couch. James sat down in front of it, and everyone else pulled up a chair, execpt Charly who wheeled hers over to the guys.
"Okay spill your guts kid!"Vinnie said harshly. He seemed the only one not deep in thought.
James just sighed then took a deep breath. "Okay but I'm warning you it's a long story, and he isn't going to like me telling you."He jerked a thumb tword the unconsious form on the couch."As you all know in '93 you three crashed here in Chicago.And-"
"Just get to the present!"Vinnie cut in rudly.
James muttered something then continued."First I'm James and I am from the futer as Limburger said.Okay, in december '95 you and Limburger are going to have a collosel fight. It appears that Limburger is destroyed. You guys have a celabration and all that. Now while all this is going on it seems that the martian population is getting bigger. No biggie right? Wrong! You guys eventually recive a message from Stoker saying that the plutarkians are sending more reinforcements to destroy this growing population. You figure that with Limburger gone its okay to return to Mars and defend it. Bad move, Limburger survived, and in your absence he and more plutarkian forces invade Earth.Reducing the entire western hemishere to junk. Humans fight back but unsucessfully. By 2000 all humans and martians have teamed up to fight the plutarkians. Thats why Stoker and I came back. To stop you from going to Mars, to stop all this misery. Just to make sure you get the picture of how thin our resouces are spread, Throttle, Stoker and I are leading 387 beings both human and martian on earth. Vinnie, Modo and Charly are on Mars with about 290."
Everyone was feeling bleak looking down at the floor."Yeah, but that dosen't explain why you can do all that stuff you did, like the energy blast?"Modo, finally cut the silence.
"Thats because I was exposed to some of the plutarkian pollution a little too long,and a jillion other factors in my life gave me those powers, but with this gizmo on me I can't do a thing."James replied as he flicked the bracelet. "Let me take a look at that?" Charly asked.She looked at it and then admitted it was beyond her relm of expertise.
"I hope it's water proof. Is it okay to, you know, take a shower?"James asked .Throttle nodded.As he truged up the stairs he put in one last thing."I think I'll give Limburger his surprise now."
All eyes were on the kid claiming to be from the future. He walked back down the stairs, took Stoker's silver watch off and pressed a button. He then threw it down on the coffee table as it started counting backwards from two minutes.And the kid got his shower.

"That was totally wierd"Charly said astonished.
"You guys can't belive the garbage this kid is saying."Vinnie said in shock to the others.
Throttle ended the conversation"I don't know Vincent,I don't know."

At Karbunkle's lab.............
"and finally I want the information we have on this brat."Limburger finished.
"At once your combersome curdlyness. Sir ........."Karbunkle started.
"What is it karbunkle?"
"Uhhh not to cause alarm, it seems that twenty stratigicly placed mines are going to detonate in one minute."He ended calmly then added in an even calmer tone "Emergency procedures?"
Limburger nodded, and then the two began running around screaming waving their arms in panic.

James was getting dressed when he heard the titanic boom from downtown Chicago.

This earthshattering boom, woke Stoker out of his deep sleep.The other three mice came to his aid and called a truce.

Limburger and Karbunkle barely got out off the building alive. The gigantic explosion knocked Limburger through the window of a bakery and Karbunkle down a manhole.

And some where a fugitive from the future laughs.

MAY 7 1995 0354HRS

Stoker was still groggy. After hearing the mice's explanation for their apology, he was ready to let James have it but did'nt have the heart. Right now he stood staring over Charly's shoulder explaining the disc of James's.Throttle was the only other one still up. Vinnie had fallen asleep on his bike. Modo was in a chair at the dinning room table. And James was sound asleep on the couch with Stoker's Jaket over him.
"So every name on this disc is someone who is registered as fighting the plutarkians?"Charly asked.Stoker sipped his coffee and nodded.
"Hey, I'm listed here!"Charly pointed out enthusiasticly.This also got Throttle's attention."Check it out."He said . Once she clicked on her name Charly was amazed at what poped up. A photo of her from the futer. She looked pretty much the same save her slightly grey hair, a tool belt cramed to capacity, and the fact she was carring the largest gun she ever saw.Along with this was a few pages of data on her. She eagerly scrolled through it.
She was brought out of her trance by a beeping ,this brought all the mice to attenion.James just slept on.

"Yo Modo wake up one odd signature comin our way better check!"Vinnie said insantly awake.
"It's probally the Limburger from my time I'll go with you."Stoker said, disorientation slipping out of his voice.
"No, too dangerous wait here."Throttle ordered.Then the three were gone. The only thing said was from Charly and Stoker "Typical Throttle!"


The three mice sat mounted on their bikes, looking for the source of the disturbance. And wondering why that disturbance ended up being at Wal-mart. They saw what they assumed was Limburger, only he was'nt quite the same as the one from their own time. This one was way fatter, and seemed to have his arms and legs rippled by muscle.
"Give it up" Throttle yelled.
"Three to one, cheese face!" Vinnie added for no reason.
"As far as I'm concerned my dear rodent your outnumbered." The futer Limburger said, ready to alter history. And with that the parking lot went from dark, quiet and a mess to dark, loud, and filthy.
MAY 8, 1995
James awoke to the sound and smell of eggs frying. He yawned as he rose from the couch that was his bed. He straighted out his cloths and used some of the mouthwash from the vile.
When he walked into the dinning room, he knew things went wrong last night. Throttle's left antena was obviosly snapped under the bandageing he had applied. Modo had multiple burn marks on his chest and cybernectic arm. Vinnie seemed to be in the worst shape of his brothers. He had deep red spots in his wonderful white fur, some spots were really matted down. And for some odd reason charly seemed really perky, almost too, happy. Stoker seemed to be groggy as he chugged some coffee. The other three were definitly depressed, they simply picked at their breakfeast.
"So I take it last night was'nt exactly a success?" James asked after staring for a moment or too. The three mice turned their heads tword the kid and glared at him. Charly then broke in, "Hey guys we've all had a long night so why don't we just rest up and then figure out what to do?"
They all grunted their acknoledgement and went seperate ways. Throttle to the TV, Modo to his room, Vinnie to the shower and the two time travelers to the computer.
James sat down and put a disc in the computer, one he always carried with him. It was his journal and now seemed an apropriate time to write in it.
"Hey kid." Stoker called as James pounded on the keyboard. He turned around quickly.
"Man, you scared me, I was worried it was one of the others, this is one thing they can not see." James declared in an almost frantic tone.
"We definatly have the time so how about we check up on a few people. Hey, I know we can sabatoge Hanson's career!"
"Good one!" James smiled. He took his disc out of the computer and set it on the table. The two then told Charly they were going out, and tryed to relive the good days.
Fifteen minutes after James and Stoker had left Charly and Throttle decided to do a little computer work by reading some more of James's files, more importantly, his journal. Minutes turned to hours and Charly still stayed glued to her moniter. At roughly 4:23 James and Stoker returned.
James and Stoker entered smiling and Laughing.
"Weird, Pochohontis is playing at theaters, so that leaves, two crappy Disney movies till Mulan." James said stating something he had remembered as a kid. "And if I wanted I could go home and change the futer by meeting myself and do things differently."
Stoker just nodded, he was'nt exactly a big talker. Charly let out a long, "Hmmmmmm" before James noticed her.
"So what are you up to?" He had asked casually.
"Nothing much, but, uh, who was Amy?" Charly asked of him equally toned. James's smile faded, he bent over, ejected the disc and added"You have some nerve."
He then stormed outside.
Charly took a deep breath and stared down at her boots. Stoker seemed to pause as if trying to find the right words. He finaly did.
"You really should'nt have, that was'nt just a file, it was his journal. Though from a militaristic stand point I can see why you did it. But if you really must know, Amy was his girl friend. They met in the martian infirmary, the kid was really banged up, she took care of him and befriended him. Soon an attack force came and attacked, James tryed to protect her, but it turned out she protected him. She died to years later at the hands of Limburger as a way of gaining information. To this day he still considers it his fault. But if you want her offical report, it's on the other disc. And in one hour Throttle and I are going to organize and attack on Limburger." Stoker then went after James.
Charly did look it up and then attended the meeting.
Everyone had taken up positions around the living room, Stoker in a chair, James in front of him on the floor, and two of Charly's room mates on the couch, Throttle was standing, waiting for her to arrive.
"Okay people," He started, "We need to do something about both Limburgers. I think now that his tower has been destroyed he has no where to go except to the ruble."
"Isn't that where he'd expect Stoke and me to go?" James asked, his brow slightly creased.
"Yeah your right, so you better stay here, and....." He never got around to finishing his sentence before Stoker interupted.
"No. We tryed that before and look were that got you, the infirmary. How about all six of us go and each try to take a Limburger?"
"I'm not much use in a fight with this contraption on me." James snorted.
"Guys,......." Charly started. James glared at her, he was still mad.
"I know, we get limburger when he goes to a laundry mat to clean his suit and..."
"NO!" the three mice and two humans said to Vinnie's plan.
Fifteen minutes later no one had come up with a better plan.
"Hey, aren't we looking at this the wrong way. Instead of going after Limburger, from either time, why not go after someone who's bound to help him rebuild." Charly said feeling as though she were the brains of the operation, which of course she was.
"Yeah, but who?" Throttle asked giving the idea a great deal of thought.
James and Stoker started a routine to well known to them. "That Electromag, freak." James started. Stoker stared at Throttle for the response.
"Uh, what, oh him no, he's still locked up on mars."
"How about, Evil Eye-wevil?"
"He and Limburger had a falling out."
"Gee then I don't know, Honka and Hacka, ewwwwww." James shuddered on that last pair. Stoker broke out laughing.
"No all you want is some revenge for what they did to you in `99! Oh man they gave a new meaning to the word trashed! The Loogie Brothers were terrible, oh man you looked like......"
James had enough, he hated that disgusting duo, so he did the reasonable thing he unbalaced the wait on Stoker's chair. Stoker was still laughing when he hit. Everyone stated to make suggestions. Greasepit, Exterminator, Excavator.
"Guys,..."Charly's voice trailed off in the noise, "GUYS!" She shouted this time. Once everyone's head was looking her way she continued. "It's simple, Karbunkle."
They nodded, with out even one word the six went off in different directions readying themselves for the long night ahead.

Karbunkle took his time strolling down the huge, empty mall corridor. At least now he could acomplish something, but did the lard ball have to follow him?

"Every one set?" Throttle asked, he was mounting up, the scanner was blank but after a while they'd find what their looking for. Stealth was needed so James rode behind Throttle, Charlly behind Vinnie and Stoker behind Modo. It took about twenty minutes for Throttle's scanner to find anything of use. Until he uttered and odd HUH? he had'nt said a word.
"Huh what Throttle?" James asked impatiently.
"Their at, the mall!"
"Figures" Stoker put in, "Karbunkle ripped of Radio Shack 80 times before they got Chicago." Shortly after they arrived at the mall, but which Limburger was here? James braced himself for impact he had never run down doors on his bike, let alone without his powers. The glass splintered and James's grip on Throttle's waist was much tighter.
"Anything wrong?" He asked with a grin. The six riders dismounted in front of a Lazarus. Causously making their way down the hall. The guys boots made distinctive clacks as they continued. Modo noticed something and motioned for everyone to grap a weapon. The only two without a standard firearm were Charly and James. She had two ultra light PP7's while James had a hand laser like Vinnie. Down past the fountain the two figures walked. Limburger taking his time while Karbunkle rushed from store to store with all of his goodies.
"Do you have a perfered coustomer card?" Vinnie said in an arrogant voice which inadvertantly set the entire battle into motion. Vinnie, Modo and Thottle went after Karbunkle as Charly, Stoker and James led Limburger away from the action. It soon turned out that they were'nt chasing Limburger but he was chasing them, in a vain attempt at strategic withdrawl ,as Stoker puts it , he lifted the gate closing off a sporting good store. Limburger followed the three and evened the odds by fireing round after round of energy beams from his rifle. Stoker avoided all the beams yet triped on a lose dumb bell and fell into a display case of golf clubs, knocking the unsuspecting mouse unconsious. Charly and James were being hearded to the wall by energy blast, they only got in a few shots. Pain instantly shot through both bikers as Limburger blasted their knees, it seemed he wanted to gloat before he killed them. As the two were on their backs, Charly pulled the same trick only, that Limburger's knees were hit with searing lead not energy. James quickly got up despite the pain and grabed a croqet mallet and slamed it into Limburger's head, sending him to la-la land. Charly did something unexpected during this scene of a total sporting good store. She apologized for the journal incedent. The two exhausted humans went to work digging a fellow biker out of a stack of three iorns and putters.
On the other side of the mall the three brothers had chased Karbunkle into JC Penny's. Karbunkle had avoided blast after blast by ducking behind dresses and other assorted clothing. He had just made his way up to the third floor of the store realizing he had no where else to make a run to. He looked around and did what any good scientist would do, observe his soroundings and find a plan of attack. Vinnie's shouts were getting louder, closer. Karbunkle picked up an extension cord and chopped off one end with a pair of nearby sissors. He quickly plugged the other end in. Modo ran up the disabled escolator. Karbunkle put the other end of the cord down on the top step, sending volt after volt coursing through both the escolator and the poor gray mouse. Thottle and Vinnie quickly went around to the other side of the store and went up the down escolator.
"No where to run to now Karbunkle!" Vinnie shouted as he scaled the stairs. Karbunkle was running out of ideas and decided to use the oldest trick in the book. "Look, there behind you!" he shouted, neither Vinnie or Throttle bothered looking behind them. Karbunkle suddenly turned and sprinted into another section of the store, the layaway section. He soon found himself sourrounded by counters and defective merchandise. He had exhausted every idea and his body, it was only a matter of time before two of his most hated enimies captured him. He had to do something, but what. He searched his pockets and found nothing, but the disk he had used to make those weapons. But what good would that do him now. At least he could hide it and hope the boss found it. He had just finished stuffing it under the counter in time to hear "Yo, digi-dork , where are ya." Vinnie no doubt. Karbunkle turned out of the entrance to layaway and came right into Vinnie's fist, he went out like a light.
Down in the main hallway of the mall our three other warriors sat triumphant, sorta. Stoker was slightly dazed but walking it off, while both Charley and James sat on the edge of the fountain. Limburger's blast had just about made their legs useless. Vinnie walked down the hall from J.C. Pennys to the fountain with an uncounscious Karbunkle over his shoulder while Throttle helped a limping Modo.
" I see you three had happy hunting as well." said Modo. James snorted and the other two just smiled. "Okay troops we've eliminated one threat but we still have that sadistic time traveler to deal with." Throttle said in a mono tone as he sat down inbetween Charley and James. "We'll take a few minutes and then get outta here."
As all of the martians and humans tended to their wounds and slightly fatigued bodies Limburger began to regain consciousness. He and Karbunkle were a good 3 feet away from Vinnie, the closest one to him. " Think of something Karbunkle." he said through gritted teeth. " I don't know, but I hid the disk. We have to go along with these rats until we can strike." Karbunkle hissed at his boss.
Crossing over a few feet, the others try and think up a stratagem. " So " began Vinnie. " Just how did the Limburger from you time buff up so much ?" he asked. Stoke patted James on the shoulder to show that he'd answer this frequently asked question this time. " Thats quite an interesting story. Well, once Limburger saw the kid here with this unimaginable power he definitly wanted it for himself. He then discovered that his pollution had caused the mutation. So, he set Karbunkle up in his own New York lab and had him find a way to recreate what happened. Karbunkle succeeded and instead of just reproducing it, he made a serum that was twice as strong and injected it into Limburger." The others were slightly shocked at this, while James hung his head down in hatred.
" I just had an idea" James cut in " How do we get these clowns home if we rode double to get here?" To this no one had and answer.
" We're trying to get the attention of your Limburger Right?" Charly asked, "So what type of place would he hang out at in this time?"
" Ya know, I don't have a clue. We don't even know what he's doing in this time to tell you the truth." Stoker said, kind of ashamed.
"Well, he'd want to ensure that he'd have success in the futer, right?" Modo reasoned.
"And scince we're here," Vinnie added nervously, every one became a little more tense.
"And scince he probably won't go all the way to mars to get Stoker" Throttle added in a rush, everyone started to get ready, they knew they had a long way to go.
"There going after....." Stoker trailed off.
"ME!" the troubled teen screeched, clearly terrified. "We gotta shake, some major tail!" Throttle said.
"Wait," Charley exclaimed, "we can't just leave these two here." charly said indicating the two vile villans. Stoker nodded at James and he backed away as Stoker approached Karbunkle. Karbunkle was definitly showing his fear. Stoker grabbed him by the collar of his lab jacket and shook furiously. "Now listen up, give me the key to that contraption on my little bro or I'll choke you to death using the cybernetic tail you so generously gave me years ago. You know I'll do it too, I'm in no way connected to the others."
"Never" Karbunkle hissed obviously afraid. Stoker quickly searched him and found a little device that looked like a remote control for a TV the size of a computer mouse. "Your little brat will never be free, you'll never crack my 9 digit code." Karbunkle beamed. Limburger looked down, the imbicilic scientist just hurt his operation. Karbunkle recieved a nice sharp kick from Limburger.
"May I ?" Vinnie asked Throttle. He then walked over to the dweeby fragil scientist. " Well thank you for playing, and scince we can't have you causing trouble while we're gone, we have a nice consolation prize for you." Then without warning Vinnie's fist pounded the two enimies until the were out cold. Who said there was no justice left in the world.
After everyone had a moment to recover from Vinnie's sudden outburst Throttle quickly questioned James. "Alright James, its May eight, nineteen nintey five, where were you this day, originally?"
The stunned teen lowered his head in thougt, "May of Ninety Five, I was still living in Ohio, Youngstown, to be exact. From here it's over a day's drive."
"Well, we just gotta find a way to get there first!" Vinnie, shouted, leading the rest of the party from the mall. Only Charly did'nt budge.
"Guys, we can't make it there ahead of him if he's already headed there. Could'nt we find a deversion and make him come back this way?"
With everyone taking this advice into consideration Modo had a stroke of brilliance. "Hey, he would'nt have a cell phone or something like that, that we could tap easy would he?"
As James was about to answer the query a ringing was heard from the breast pocket of the unconscious Limburger.

To be continued......