Three Mice in a Strange World (or Where are we?)

part 1


Modo and Throttle were arm wrestling for a solid hour. Vinnie and Charley were outside kissing. The day had been one big mess from sunrise. Modo and Throttle almost got into a big fight over who gets the last hotcake,Vinnie couldn't get near Charley until noon and top it all off Throttle and Misty(his sister)had the biggest fight and were almost ready to hurt each other. Charley tried to stop Misty from leaving but she was too angry too listen.

Last Chance Garage 6:31p.m.

Misty was walking toward the back door when Vinnie grabbed her by the arm.

"Let go of me!"Misty hissed

"No way! I'm not letting you go in there and walk into another fight!"Vinnie hissed back

Throttle open the back door and sees Misty standing outside. He looks at coldly then softly for a moment wanting to hit and hug her at the same time. But as glad he is to see her he's a bit mad at. Throttle slams the door shut.

Misty went inside. Throttle looked at her and sighed heavily.

"Throttle? Are you still mad at me?"Misty asked gently

"No. Just mostly confused. How could you do that? I'm sorry for raising my voice."Throttle said softly

"It's ok. You had a right to get mad. But you don't know everything yet. Let's just drop it for now. Ok?"Misty said

Throttle holds in his arms for what seems like forever. Vinnie walks in with Charley. Modo comes in too. They all decide to go for ride to cheer up.

7:35 the streets of Chicago

Throttle,Modo and Vinnie race each other for 20 minutes. As race down the street their hearts are filled with happiness and the thrill of excitement. Suddenly a portal opens and the mice ride straight into it before they have a chance to stop.

"Throttle!!"Misty screams

"Vinnie!!Nooo!"Charley shouts. "What was that thing they went through?"

"I'm not sure. But I do know where ever they are they'll find a way back. They will!"Misty assures Charley. She thinks to herself"I hope I'm not wrong."

Where the mice are.

"Where are we?"Modo asks

"Please tell we're dreaming"Vinnie said confused

"Vincent,this is no dream! I wish I knew where we are."Throttle says

"Your in Videoland!" a voice behind says

"Who are you?"Throttle asks

"I'm Captain N. Now who are you?!"He said sternly

The guy had brown hair,blue eyes and wore blue jeans,a yellow t-shirt,leather high school jacket with an N and some kind of belt which was different looking. He was young and he held a gun which was pointed at the mice. It look like a zapper. Suddenly some other guys arrived. There was a kid with wings,red hair and green eyes holding a bow and arrow,a guy in green(no wings)with blue eyes that had to be two feet tall. Then there was this tall guy with blue eyes and blonde hair that looked like his ego might be a match for Vinnie's.

"Whats your real name? I'm Throttle,the one with the metal arm is Modo and Vinnie is the guy with the mask on his face."Throttle spoke calmly yet also alertly

"I'm Kevin Keene. My friends call me Kevin."Kevin said

"Kid Icarus."The kid said

"I'm Mega Man."said the guy in green

"I'm Simon Bellemont. Perhap you've heard of me?!"Simon said boastfully

"Whoa,stop right there! You just named people from games. You are these people?!?"Vinnie asked more confused than ever.

"And your sayin' that we're in a place called Videoland?"Modo asked beginning to think that he hit his head harder than he thought.

Then two really beautiful women came in the room. One had long blonde hair,blues eye and wore a suit of armor and the other had blue eyes,long brown hair and wore a tank top and an uneven skirt,a jade necklace,arm bands,blue boots,two-inch teardrop earrings and a tiara.

"This is Princess Lana and Samus Aran. Videoland is a world made up of game worlds."Kevin said "Are you three friend or foe?"

"Friends."Throttle spoke calmly

Kevin put the zapper away.

Vinnie look at Lana for a few minute and could not get over the resemblance. Except for hair color and length she could almost pass for Charly girl's sister. Modo slapped him in back of the head and looked at him sternly.

"What? It's not my fault we're here!"Vinnie said defensively

"No it isn't your fault. I just did that to make sure you don't idea's about her and you!!"Modo said pointing at Lana and then at Vinnie.

"Modo! I'm shocked at you! I would never cheat on Charley!"Vinnie shouted

"Charley is his girlfriend. Her name is Charlene. But we do need to get home."Throttle said

Chicago 9:00 p.m. Tuesday

"Charley, you ok? You look like You've lost a war with life!"Misty said

"I'm fine. I was thinking about the guys. Mostly about Vinnie. I miss his touch,his laugh,his kiss,the way he would..."Charley started

"Whoa,stop right there Charley girl! Please don't say anymore. I think I get the idea!"Misty said quickly

"Huh? Oh*blushes*I'm sorry. But I think that thing they went through was some kind portal."Charley said more alertly now.

"I heard about people seeing those thing at ramdom places. If we find one of those places we can find the guys!"Misty said starting get an idea "Are you thinking what I am?"

"Yes. Let's start looking right now!"Charley said excitely.

They got on their bikes rode off in search of a portal that would take them to the their friends.

Chicago 4:00 a.m.

Misty and Charley searched the city for seven solid hours before returning to "The Last Chance Garage"to rest. Misty brushed her shoulder length blonde hair for a minute then fell on the couch and slept. Charley put a blanket on her and did the same thing. Charley had dreams about Vinnie that caused her to wake up crying. Misty's dreams were of the fight she and Throttle had. She awoke feeling no better than Charley.

Videoland :Palace of Power 4:00 a.m.

The mice had seen a map of Videoland before they had gone to bed and they wrote everything down that had happened to them. After they had played a game,try to figure a way home and had dinner before they went to bed. Throttle couldn't sleep because he kept thinking about home and the terrrible arguement he and Misty had. Modo slept ok. His dreams were filled confusion and sadness and memories that were just annoying. Vinnie didn't sleep because he was thinking about Charley. He missed her so bad. He was even ready to cry. There was a knock at Vinnie's room door.

"Come in."Vinnie said

It was Princess Lana. She was carrying a tray with some snacks on it.

"I put some snacks in your friends rooms as well. You really need your sleep. Go to bed now."Lana said handing Vinnie a glass of warm milk.

"Ok. I was just thinking Charley girl."Vinnie said softly starting to fall asleep.

Lana went bed too.

9:00 a.m.

In the morning the mice had breakfast and then started to think of a way home. Mega Man and Kid were out excercising. Samus was on guard duty. Suddenly this robot which resembled a game boy came hopping into the room.

"Don't tell me! That's Gameboy,right?"Modo said

"Yep. Watch this. Gameboy,five bats please."Kevin said holding his zapper.

Five bats came out of Gameboy's srceen and Kevin zapped them with lightning speed.

They applauded. Kevin bowed once and sat down to help the mice think of a way home when out nowhere there was a blasting sound. Samus ran into the room fully armored.

"Kevin,Princess the palace is under attack by Mother Brain and Eggplant Wizard!"Samus shouted

The N-Team raced into action. The battle heated up quickly and Mother Brain was moments away from the palace entrance. The biker mice joined the fight. Guns shoot,spells cast. Soon Mother Brain was forced to retreat. Thanks to the biker mice the Videoland was saved. Suddenly an idea dawned on Kevin.

"Lana can the ultimate warp zone send them home like it brought me here?"Kevin asked

"Yes. It can send them home."Lana said

Everyone went into the throne room. A warp opened before them that looked like the one that brought them to Videoland. They rode through as the N-Team waved bye.


They rode to "The last Chance Garage".

"Misty,did you see a strange light outside a minute ago?"Charley

"I saw more than that. I saw portal three block away close! Get dressed and get your bike fast."Misty said in a hurry.

Misty got dressed in five minutes flat. Charley was still in her gown and robe when she got on her bike. The garage doors opened and they rode. They rode half a block when they saw the mice coming and stopped to greet them.

"Throttle,Vinnie,Modo! I thought we would never see you again!"Misty said as the mice and the girls rode back to the garage. It was then that Charley realized she was still in her gown and robe.

"Charley! You look great!"Vinnie said

Charley hugged Vinnie and gave a kiss so passionate that he completely fell to ground and just smiled.

"Misty about that subject we never finished."Throttle said

"Throttle,it was just a portrait of me that I had done!"Misty said defensively

"I don't aprrove of you posing for a half nude portrait!"Throttle said almost rising his voice.

"I didn't know the artist was painting me like that! I was wearing black blue jeans and a t-shirt. He wouldn't even let me see the canvas!"Misty said

Vinnie,Modo and Charley looked at her in amazement. Misty went inside and came back with a portrait of herself in her hands.In the portrait she was holding a feather fan in front of her breasts and there was a piece of velvet covering her from her waist to the bottom of her thigh. She was sitting on a golden throne,wearing a diamond tiara and smiling.

Throttle grabbed the portrait from her hands and got on his bike.

"Where are going?!"Misty said angrily

"I'm getting rid of this!"Throttle said firmly"Don't be mad."

Suddenly this French guy saw the portrait of Misty.

"Excuse me. I am Antonio. I would like to buy this for my private collection of art. I live in the Swiss alps. I'll pay $500 for it."Antonio said holding a check for the amount he offered.

"It's yours!"Throttle and Misty both said happily

They watch him get into a cab and leave with the portrait. The cause of the arguement was gone at last. Throttle Misty hugged each other with great relief.

Later that evening Modo and Throttle enjoyed a game of chinese checkers. Misty watch a movie on tv and Vinnie and Charley were outside kissing.

"Vinnie,I'm glad your home."Charley said

"I love you Charley"Vinnie said before he kissed her again.

"I love you too!"Charley replied

The end...or is it?