I don't own any of the Biker Mice characters. I'm just a fan writing
about some of my favorite characters.

Things Change-Part 1

by Ariel

Copyright 1998

It is a somewhat quiet day in sunny Chicago. All is quiet except at
Limburger Tower. Limburger was in a foul mood after having his latest
plan thwarted by the Biker Mice.

" Can't anyone get rid of those meddlesome mice," Limburger shouted
at the top of his voice. Pressing a button on his desk he descended
into Karbunkle's lab below. " Dr. Karbunkle, I hope that you have
found a way to rid me of those overgrown rodents."

" Of course your supreme cheddar chessiness," the doctor spoke as he
pulled the lever on the transporter.
" There seems to be some sort of problem."

" There'd better not be," Limburger growled. Suddenly a flash of
light appeared revealing a shadowy outline of a person on a
motorcycle. Once the light faded there
sitting on the motorcycle was woman with long red/white hair, dressed
in black/red armor, and a leather jacket.

" Ah, Miss Starr," Limburger spoke as he approached her." it is so
good to see you again."

" Can it you Plutarkian Stinkfish," she replied as she shoved him out
of her way." Can't ya read a do not disturb or out of order sign."

" I thought that it was a misprint or something," Karbunkle stated.

" Send me back now," she growled menacingly.

" I have a job for you, my dear Talia," Limburger stated, Talia
glared at him. " I want you ti rid me of some bothersome Biker Mice."

" No," she growled, Talia grabbed her whip from her right boot. She
snapped it a few times making Limburger and Karbunkle stepped
backwards. " Now if you'll excuse
me, I'll be going." With that she donned her helmet, and with a squeal
of tires both biker and rider exited the tower via the window.

" After her," Limburger yelled as Greasepit and his goons chased
after Talia.

They chased her through the streets of Chicago firing their weapons.
Talia returned fire knocking out some of the goons vehicles.

" I've got you now," Greasepit laughed, as he fired a mini-missile at
Talia, scoring a direct hit.

Several blocks away at the Last Chance Garage, Throttle became alert
to the sounds of a battle. " Hey, bros! Hear that," Throttle spoke.

" Yeah! Sounds like a battle and nobody invited us," Vinnie stated,
as they got on their bikes, and prepared for battle.

" Then let's rock n' ride," Throttle shouted as they rocketed out of
the garage.

The three BIker Mice arrived just in time to see a missile strike
beneath a black/red motorcycle causing it to fly into the air. The
rider and bike landed hard, the rider skidded a few feet from the
bike, and didn't move.

" Let's go," Throttle yelled as he, Vinnie, and Modo entered the fight.

" Oh, no," Greasepit said out loud as he saw the Biker Mice rapidly
approaching. He stopped his bike, then with tires squealing he headed
back to Limburger Tower.

" Oh, man! They didn't even put up a fight," Vinnie said disappointed
that he didn't get a chance to whip some tail.

The three Biker Mice turned their attention to the injured motorcyle.

" Is she hurt," Modo asked. Throttle removed the helmet. Beneath the
helmet was a beautiful face surrounded by red/white hair. She was
unconscious, so Throttle gently picked her up and carried her to his
bike. Activating the sidecar, he gently laid her in the side car.

" Vinnie, Modo, put a line on her bike and bring it to the garage,"
Throttle spoke as he started up his bike and headed back to the garage
followed by Vinnie and Modo.