The Return

By Leanne Mac Leod, Sept 16, 1997

I wrote this story to share my feelings of the Biker Mice with everyone, I won't be making a profit.



Throttle, Modo and Vinnie sped down the barren Chicago streets. They were chasing Greasepit and a couple of Limburgers goons.
"Don't let em' get away bro's! Limburger must have a plan for that chemical.And knowing him we won't like it!" Throttle said. They fired at the tires of the dune buggies they rode, busting the tires of two of them.
"Two down..." Modo started, then more goons flew out of a street as they passed it.
"Twenty ta go!" Vinnie exclaimed.
"Divide and Conquer number twelve,Go!" Throttle ordered. The three Biker Mice split off into opposite directions. Several goons following each of them.
Vinnie sped toward the lake, Seven goons behind him. "Catch me if you can, Jerk faces!" Vinnie rode right on to a small dock, the goons following all the way. Instead of stopping at the end as the Goons expected, Vinnie fired his jets and sped off the end. He pressed a button on his handlebars and released his skies. He landed with a small splash and floated on the surface. The goons however plummeted to the bottom of the lake. They resurfaced, coughing and spewing, sans their dune buggies.
"Man, this job is getting too easy!" Vinnie exclaimed in disgust. He rode off to join his bro's.

Modo sped toward a junkyard. Five goons firing at him, nearly singeing Little Hoss's Leather seat. Modo's eye began to glow. "No one tries to blast my bike and gets away with it!" He exclaimed. He screeched to a halt just outside the junkyard fence.Fired his jets and flew over the oncoming goons. The goons plowed through the fence and crashed into a shed. The Goons stumbled out of their vehicles. They were faced by four very large, malcontent junkyard dogs. Modo took a quick look at the flailing limbs, flying cloth and hilarious chase that ensued . He laughed and sped off to rejoin his bro's.

Throttle was leading his pursuers on a wild mouse chase. He sped down intertwining streets in attempts to lessen the number of goons following him. It worked. Most of the goons got fed up chasing him, and those who still did, were getting clumsy with their blaster fire. They were shooting buildings and telephone poles. Throttle knew he'd have to get them to stop, innocent people could be hurt. He made a sharp turn and sped down an alleyway. There was a brick wall at the end. Throttle rode right up the wall and onto the roof of the building it was attached to. He waited and heard the sound of crunching steel, as the goons closest to him slammed into the wall. He rode towards the edge of the roof and blasted the weapons of any goon capable of following him.
"Well, that takes care of them,now for Greasepit and that chemical." He said and turned his bike to leave.But instead of jumping off the building and racing down the street, he found himself off his bike and laying on the roof. Something blasted him from behind. Unhurt he got on his feet and looked for his attacker.A single goon pointed a blaster at him.
"Paws up mouse!" the goon said.Seeing no other choice, Throttle obeyed.
"I never thought I'd ever say this but, looks like you're not so dumb a goon." Throttle said. Throttle tried to think of how he was going to get out of this, he didn't think he'd be able to stall till his bro's found him, they were probably too busy with Greasepit. He eyed his bike. Her engine was running and her cannons were out, but she couldn't shoot. Throttle was too close to the goon, and the bike wouldn't endanger him. So that ruled out help from his bro's and his bike.It's up to me then! He went for his blaster, but he didn't have a chance. The goon shot it out of his hand as soon as he got it into the air.
"Nice try." The goon said dryly. He kept the blaster pointed at him."What am I gonna do with you?" The goon asked himself.The statement gave Throttle an idea. This man was probably never this close to a real live alien before, he had probably never even seen one. So, why not use it to his advantage.
"Ya better hurry up and decide, because my companions will be back to pick me up in the mother ship soon." Throttle said.
"Yeah right." The goon said with an almost undetectable worried tone.
"Yep."Throttle said and smiled.Now for some fun. "Did you ever see that show Alien Autopsy?"he asked.
"Well, when they get here they'll do the same thing, only to you!" Throttle said.
The look of horror on the goons face was priceless. But it didn't last.
"Then I'll just have to waste ya before they get here!" The goon said.He was about to pull the trigger when....
KABOOM... POP... HISS!!!!!!
A blast from atop a taller building disarmed the goon, and popped his tire.
"OH NO!THE ALIENS!!!!! I GOTTA GET OUTTA HERE!!!!" The goon screamed and ran toward the fire escape. Throttle let him go, he was more interested in his rescuer. He didn't recognize the biker, yet he recognized the bike he had. It was Martian. But Vinnie, Modo and him were the only Martians on Earth, to Throttle's knowledge anyway.
"Hey thanks for the help, thought I was toast for sure." Throttle said. "Hey, who are you anyway, do I know you?"
The biker paused for a minute then turned away from Throttle.
"No, Wait!" Throttle called out, but the Biker was already gone before he finished his sentence.
"Hey bro, what happened?" Modo asked. He and Vinnie had just arrived on the roof.
"Did you just see that biker?" Throttle asked anxiously.
"No, what biker?" Vinnie asked.
"Never mind, he's gone." Throttle said and paused a minute,thinking, all of a sudden as if he just got back to reality he said" We gotta stop Greasepit!"
"Too late bro, he was long gone after we took care of the goons."Modo said.
Throttle sighed. "Well, there's yet another problem.Anything to make life more difficult." He said irritated.He got on his bike.
Vinnie and Modo looked at each other, that wasn't like Throttle at all. His statement was so pessimistic. He usually said something like 'We know where to find him.' or ' Limburger's bound to slip up sometime.Then we'll have him!'
"Are we gonna go to the Tower?" Vinnie asked.
"Nah, I just want to go home. We'll fix this problem later, I'm too tired right now."Throttle said and sped off the roof before Vinnie and Modo could argue.
"Should we go without him?" Vinnie asked.
"No." Modo said.
"But that chemical must be dangerous!We can't jus....."
"Bro, Throttle knows what he's doing." Modo interrupted. Vinnie gave him an angry look."Something upset him, I think we should find out what it was, we're his bro's he needs us."
"Yeah, you're right." Vinnie said. Throttle definitely wasn't acting his usual self all of a sudden.

"I told you five times, there's nothing wrong!" Throttle said to Vinnie and Modo. They were back at the Last Chance. Just then Charley walked in carrying some munchies from the corner store.
"What's wrong?" Charley asked them all.She was used to missing the first part of the Mice's conversation.
"NOTHING!!!" Throttle said very loudly. Charley jumped with surprise, she'd never heard Throttle speak so loudly. He was usually the quietest of the trio, usually in deep thought.He saw the surprised reactions, then blushed with guilt, he shouldn't have treated his friends like that.
"I'm sorry," Throttle said quietly."I've just got stuff on my mind that's all."
"It's okay bro, we understand. You're the one always making the life and death decisions around here, you're just stressed.Sorry we got on your back." Vinnie said.
"No, it's not that, it's just... well." Throttle hesitated.
"You can tell us Throttle." Charley said reassuringly.
"Um.. That biker I saw.. he reminded me of Tredz." Throttle said hesitantly. "I'm goin outside for some air okay." Throttle started to leave.
"Yeah, sure bro." Vinnie said.
"Who's Tredz?" Charley asked after Throttle was gone.
"Throttle's father."Modo said.
"Is this another sad Martian story?" Charley asked.
"The saddest." Modo said. And began to tell Charley all about Tredz and what Karbunkle did to him. What Tredz did to Throttle when he was under The Plutarkians control, and how he disappeared.
"That's horrible, poor Throttle!"Charley said.
"Yeah, Throttle really misses him. They were close. He can't accept that he's dead."Modo said.
"Are you positive he's dead?"Charley asked.
"Well, we have no proof that he is, but he has to be. I mean there's no way he survived, he was a cyborg."Modo said.
"Sometimes people surprise you." Charley said blankly.
"I hope that's the case with Tredz, Charley Girl." Vinnie said.

Throttle sat on the pavement in the alley beside the Last Chance. Thinking about so many things at once his head spun.
I'll be back someday.......I promise.
Why'd he have to go and break his promise? He'd never done that before. Why didn't he stay?! What happened to him?

The unanswered questions ran through his head like a nightmare. But he knew he wouldn't wake up. His father wouldn't be there, he was never coming back.Why can't I accept that? Why can't I let the past die, there's nothing I could do to change it! But time and time again I return to this state of mind.Why?!
Throttle picked up a rock and tossed it at a dumpster, a small smile passed over his face as he thought of Champ and the squabble they had a long time ago. That day was the day he got a real life, a good one. A life that wasn't filled with hate and violence. Then his old life came back, with a new face. Not of mean kids but of ugly fish faces. Either way it was the same. Every time his life got better something happened to screw it up. I'm sick of that always happening! Why can't I change it.A wave of hurt emotions welled up inside him. He had no idea what triggered them, Fighting Limburger was fun, and when he was with his bro's everything was perfect. But from time to time this feeling of sorrow and loneliness threatened to overwhelm him. And It took all his strength not to release it.
He sighed heavily, tilted his head back and stared at the sky and looked at the sky, right at a brightly lit star. Throttle knew it wasn't a star but Mars. He sighed again.Getting back home was another sad thought.One thing at a time, Throttle! You're brain is gonna be toast if ya keep thinkin of all this sad stuff! He smirked in reaction to his thought. Something caught the corner of his eye. A sparkle on the roof of the building opposite the Last Chance. The mystery Biker again. He saw Throttle taking notice of him then sped off.
Not this time you don't! I wanna know who you are! Throttle whistled for his bike.

In the garage Throttle's bike took off outside when it heard the whistle.
"Where's it going?" Vinnie asked around a hotdog in his mouth.The three of them looked out the door to see Throttle speed off after a biker.
"Better yet, Where's Throttle going?" Modo asked.

Throttle was hot on the mystery biker's tail. And a tail it was. This mystery biker was a Martian mouse. Obviously he knew Throttle was one too, so why was he running. They were at least ten blocks away from Charley's and this guy seemed to have no intention of stopping. He made a sharp turn. So sharp, Throttle sped past him. The biker shot up the side of the building.Throttle made the fastest turn around he could manage, then sped up the building after the mouse.
When he got to the top the mystery mouse was no where to be seen. Throttle slowly rode around the roof looking all over.He spun around at a shadowed corner, blaster in hand.
"Don't move." Throttle said to the shadowed figure.
"Not bad,Pup." A voice said. Throttle found something slightly familiar about it, but it was strange nonetheless.
"Who are you?" Throttle said angrily.
"Temper,temper, Pup!"The voice chastised.
"Who do you think you are calling me that?!" Throttle said. Calling a grown mouse a Pup, especially one that had you cornered was a big mistake!
"I'll call you whatever I feel like, you're mine after all."The voice said. Throttle slowly lowered his gun. The figure stepped forward.
"Dad!" Throttle said surprised. He appeared different, His bionic arms were more like Modo's now, Most of the Computer on his head was gone, and his voice wasn't robotic anymore.
"Who did you expect?" Tredz said and smiled. Throttle didn't return it.
"I don't know." Throttle replied and started to drive away.
Tredz sped over and tore his son's hand from the handle bar." We haven't seen each other in five whole years and you don't even say Hello? Now you're leaving?I was sure I taught you better manners then that!"
"You taught me always to keep my promises!" Throttle said angrily.
"Let me explain,please!" Tredz asked.
"You didn't seem too eager to explain anything on the building with the goon or during that chase just now!"Throttle said.
Tredz sighed. "I was scared."
"Of what?!" Throttle demanded, he was his son for heavens sake!
"That you'd hate me. I guess I was right to feel that way." Tredz said and let go of Throttle's arm. He put his own on his handle to leave.
"I don't hate you!" Throttle said. "I could never hate you!"
"I couldn't blame you if you did, not after the way I hurt you."
"It wasn't your fault." Throttle said for the second time in his life. "I told you that before."
"Yeah I remember." Tredz said. "I guess it was silly of me to feel that way."
"Yeah it was! How long have you avoided me because of it?"
"I just landed on Earth yesterday, It took me a while to find you. I followed Limburger's goons because I knew you'd show up to stop whatever scheme they were up to eventually."
"You know about Limburger?" Throttle asked inquisitively.
"Yeah, Stoker told me, he was the one that made all the improvements on yours truly!" Tredz said and smiled.
"Really?" Throttle asked in surprise. He didn't know Stoker could do that.
"Yep." Tredz said. His smile was replaced by a stern look. "Your mother is very worried about you young man!"
"You were talking to mom?" Throttle asked.
"Yes, you should really try to get back and visit her for a day at least.Just to let her know nothing horrible happened to you. Nothing horrible happened to you did it?" Tredz asked concerned eying his son over, making sure he was in tact.
"Not if you call having your eyes replaced by nonfunctional bionic ones."Throttle said frustrated. Sometimes he wished he didn't have to wear his field specs all the time.
"Hmmmm, there's nothing anyone can do to fix em either. Stoker isn't that good. Too bad they don't work though, mine can do some really cool stuff. Like night vision." Tredz said.
"You sound as if you like being the way you are." Throttle said then instantly regretted the way he phrased it."I'm sorry Dad I didn't mean it to come out like that."
"S'okay son. I know I look scary, but People get used to it. It took a while for me to myself." Tredz looked Throttle over again and smiled.
"What?" Throttle asked nervously.
"Nothing, it's just that you're a lot different than I remember ya. You're a lot taller and you've got bigger muscles than me!" Tredz said and laughed.
Throttle laughed too, It was great to have his dad back again.
"How's about givin your old man a hug? Or are ya too big and buff for that stuff?" Tredz asked with a sly smile.
Throttle hugged him right after he finished his sentence.

"Greasepit?You actually did something right?" Limburger asked in shock as Greasepit passed him the container of chemical.
"Yeah those mousies wasn't that good tonight" Greasepit said, a proud smile on his face.
Karbunkle took the chemical from Limburger "They must have something very wrong with them if Greasepit got away from them untouched!" The doc said.
" Nonsense dear doctor, they're obviously losing their touch.Now, explain to me again what this concoction will do."Limburger said cheerfully.
"As you wish your Swiss cheesiness, this chemical has brainwashing abilities. All we have to do is pour it into the Chicago water system and the whole population of the city will be under your control!"
" It's a tad hard to believe that this liquid will brainwash a whole city." Limburger said, he had more than enough experience with far fetched plans that didn't work.
"Oh, it is quite effective! For a while at least." Karbunkle said.
"How long a while?" Limburger asked, he knew it was too good to be true.
"A few hours, we'll make preparations for what you want the citizens of Chicago to do ahead of time. When everything's ready, Greasepit will drop the chemical into the city's water supply, we'll take over a T.V station's Air waves and we'll tell them to come to us. Free labor, and they'll have no idea what they're doing!"
"Excellent! Will those rough riding rodents be included?" Limburger asked.
"Most definitely!"
Perfect! Start making preparations doctor, Greasepit get my camera!I'm going to have to take some pictures of my triumph over those meddling mice!HAAHAAHAAHAAHAAHAAHAAH!!!!!!!

"Hey bro's!" Throttle said as he entered the garage. His voice much more cheerful than before.
"So, where did you rush off to?" Modo asked as casually as he could. But Throttle could tell he was faking it.
"To get someone." Throttle said. He pretended to be interested in some tools lying on the table.
"Aren't you gonna tell us who?" Charley asked impatiently. She was just as curious as Modo.
"I'll do better than that, I'll show you." Throttle said and went back outside. He came back in a second later, followed by a very strange looking Martian Mouse.
"Oh Mama!" Modo exclaimed. Charley looked inquisitively at Throttle.
"Charley girl, I'd like you to meet my Dad.Dad this is Charley" Throttle introduced the two.
"Pleased to meet you!" Tredz said enthusiastically.
"Likewise." Charley said and smiled, she was amazed by the resemblance of Throttle. Only Tredz was a darker brown.
"Woah Mama!" Modo said again, he was shocked.
"Hey Modo! What's happenin?" Tredz said and clapped Modo on the back.
"Nothin much, where were you all these years?" Modo asked.
"Yeah!" Vinnie said as he appeared in the room.
"You two still hangin out with that loser?" Tredz said to Throttle and Modo, a mischievous smile on his face.
"This loser beat you in blaster ball twenty times in a row!" Vinnie exclaimed.
"So you did!" Tredz said. "Too bad video games don't make you a good fighter in real life huh?" Tredz teased.
"Right here right now!C'mon I can take ya!" Vinnie said laughing.
"I'm too old to be wastin my time like that!" Tredz said. Smiling he turned to Throttle. "I'm ready to explain where I disappeared to, now that everyone's here."
"Let's go in the living room." Charley said. They all settled in and Tredz began telling his story.
"After I left Throttle on the roof of that building,five years ago, I went to the desert. I stayed in a cave there, the computer was always trying to regain control of my mind. It took a lot to keep it from controlling me. After a very long while it just sort of gave up I guess. I had control of my actions again, and was on my way back home, when I found the small village." Tredz said.
"A village in the middle of the desert?" Throttle asked.
"Yep, strange huh? What I found in the village was even stranger. There were about fifty kids ranging from infants to teenagers. Plutarkians captured their parents. Then they took the children to an abandoned Sand Raider camp and left them there to die. Their parents were used as slaves, rebuilding the Plutarkian camps and such. Anyway I got all the parents back from the fish faces eventually. It took me three years, I ran rescue missions at night and took care of the kids during the day. I trained some darn good Freedom Fighters too!"
Tredz said. He smiled.
"Poor little kids!" Modo said.
"They're lucky you came along, I'm glad you helped them."Throttle said to his father.
" I knew you would be, those kids needed a lot of help." Tredz said and smiled.He turned to Charley"Wanna see some pictures?"
"Yeah!" Charley said, remembering the time she saw Vinnie's baby picture, she wondered if Throttle was just as cute looking. She wouldn't admit to Vinnie she thought he was a cute baby though.
"Aww, Dad! Come on!" Throttle said as his father got out his wallet.
"What are you worried about you were adorable!" Tredz started flipping through his wallet. "There's Throttle sitting on my bike, and that's him and his brother, and that's when we all had the oil fight in the garage...." Charley, Modo and Vinnie were all laughing. Throttle crossed his arms and tried to look impatient.
"You were cute when you were little Throttle!" Charley said. They kept looking at the pictures.
"Oh here she is." Tredz said when he got to a picture near the end. "C'mere Throttle." Throttle walked over to where everyone was standing. The picture was of a little mouse girl about five years old. Throttle's eyes widened in surprise.
"Her name is Ebony, and she's your adopted sister." Tredz said.Ebony she was. She was pitch black with big golden eyes. Such colorings were rare on Martian mice, and people were very superstitious about them.
"Where'd you find her?" Throttle asked in an unbelieving tone.
"In that village I told you about. The adults I rescued said her parents were killed by the Plutarkians. They'd heard all those silly campfire stories about Martians that looked like that. Anyway none of the people I rescued would take her in, they said her parents were strange and they didn't want their daughter, they were actually scared of her." Tredz said in an angry voice.
"They were scared of a child?" Charley asked." What kind of stories were they?"
"Just silly stories about strange powers. But they're only stories, Ebony is as normal as any child that went through what she did."
"They didn't kill her parents in front of her?" Charley asked horrified.
"No, she said they took them away and left her alone. She was very neglected by the other kids, they wouldn't go near her. She was almost starved to death when I found her."Tredz said sadly, then smiled as he looked at the picture."She's okay now though.Really cute and one heck of a personality!"Tredz put the picture back in his wallet, satisfied at his story. "So, what do ya think, Throttle?"
"It's great, least Ebony is happy." Throttle said.
"I knew you'd feel that way." Tredz said.
"So, what brought you here?" Throttle asked.
"I told ya, you're mother was worried about you, Your mother's too!" Tredz said to Vinnie and Modo."Stoker, Rimfire and Carbine told us you were here and what you were doing. But that was a few weeks ago, you know how women are, always worrying and whinin and....." Tredz stopped when he saw Charley's glare. "Did I say women ?I meant mothers..." Charley didn't let up. "Heh, heh, heh!"Tredz laughed nervously."Well, do ya need any help while I'm here?"
"Oh,no we're doin just fine!" Throttle said quickly, he'd always hated it when his dad watched him do something, it made him nervous for some reason. Maybe it was because he didn't want to let him down.
"Well, I'm sure ya are but I'll just be stuck here in Charley's way. Stoker told me you were a great leader,and that you were all awesome fighters! The best around! I wanna see you guys in action!"
"We could use some help getting that chemical back." Modo suggested.
Throttle opened up his mouth to say something but his father was too fast.
"Ok then! I'm goin! Ready?" Tredz hopped on his bike.Vinnie and Modo followed his example. Throttle stood there, his mouth still open.
"You comin'?" Tredz asked impatiently.
"Y...Yeah.Of course I'm comin'!" Throttle said.
"Well,get your rear in gear!" Tredz said. Throttle flinched at his father's statement. It was so lame!
Throttle turned to his father, sensing that his natural parental instincts will take charge and then he would appoint himself the leader."You promise you won't take charge?" Throttle asked.
"Yep!" Tredz said, Vinnie and Modo giggled. Tredz had his fingers crossed behind his back.

The Biker Mice from Mars crashed through the window in Limburger's office. The Big Cheese was writing something down. Shards of broken glass rained down on him as the Mice flew over his head and landed in front of his desk.Limburger didn't seem to notice.
"Ahem! Yo, lard butt, your favorite people have arrived for a visit!" Vinnie said, he'd expected the usual response 'BIKER MICE! what is the meaning of this intrusion?!!'
"Oh, a little late aren't you?" Limburger asked casually.
"What are you up to Limburger?" Throttle asked impatiently, he was well aware that Limburger was playing one of his games again.
"Me? Only writing a speech I'll be making to the public in ..oh... about fifteen minutes." Limburger said.
"What kind of speech?" Modo asked.
"It's about a little business venture I'm pursuing."
"What kind of business venture?" Tredz asked.
"I'm going to put that chemical I stole a few hours ago in the Chicago water system. It'll turn the whole city into mindless slaves, MY mindless slaves!" Limburger laughed in triumph.
"Lets go!" Throttle shouted over Limburger's laughing
The Biker Mice flew back out the window and down to the street below.

"They're in there!" Throttle said, and pointed at the water treatment facility.
Vinnie spoke "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's Rock....."
"AND RIDE!" Everyone shouted even Tredz, which made Throttle wonder where he heard it.They crashed through the closed steel doors. Greasepit and Karbunkle were making their way up the ladder to the biggest water tank. Greasepit was in front of Karbunkle, his greasy shoes kept slipping off the ladder rungs and ending up in Karbunkle's face.
"You Greasy Moron be more careful!You're going to make me drop the chemical!"Karbunkle screeched.
"If he doesn't we will!" Modo said.
"Come down off that ladder and surrender, you haven't got a chance against us!" Throttle said. He didn't notice his father, Tredz's cannons were out and his eyes were glowing scarlet red.His gaze was fixed on Karbunkle.
"Wrong fleabags! GOONS ATTACK!" Karbunkle screamed. About two dozen goons sped out from behind water tanks and started firing on the Biker Mice. Forgetting Karbunkle for the moment, Throttle Modo and Vinnie went into battle. They started disarming goons and forcing them off their dune buggies.They were making quick work of them. Tredz still had his eyes fixed on Karbunkle. The doc and Greasepit were now on the platform above the water tank. Seeing the amount of goons that were worthless because of the Biker Mice's counter attack, Karbunkle said something to Greasepit. Greasepit hauled out his blaster and started to shoot at the Mice in battle. Tredz moved his gaze to the lazer fire, a beam missed Throttle's helmet with only mere centimeters to spare. Tredz snapped!
First he whipped up his arm and disarmed Greasepit. Then he fired his jets and sped up to the platform. He shoved Greasepit who toppled into the water tank.
"Heeeellp! I can't swim!" Greasepit thrashed around in the tank, but showed no indication of sinking.
Karbunkle spun around, The open chemical bottle in one hand, a blaster in the other. "Freeze mou......." Karbunkle started, then realized who Tredz was. " Y..You're the bionic soldier we lost on Mars!" Karbunkle said with both fear and surprise. Surprised Tredz was still alive and fearful because he knew what he was capable of.
"You made me hurt my son!" Tredz said in a flat tone. He got off his bike and slowly walked toward Karbunkle.
" just calm down!" Karbunkle said nervously,dropping the blaster and backing away.
"You made me hurt my whole family!" Tredz said, his anger growing apparent on his face.
"That was a long time ago.....!" Karbunkle held out the chemical." Take it! Just please don't hurt me!"
Tredz hit Karbunkle's arm, the chemical flew out of his grasp to the opposite side of the tank. It shattered on the floor below.Tredz then grabbed Karbunkle by his lab coat and lifted him up.
"You made me hurt lots of innocent people, and now it's payback time."Tredz lifted Karbunkle over the Platform railing and held him in the air. If Tredz dropped him, Karbunkle would be killed on impact. Tredz stared at him angrily.
Throttle noticed what his dad was doing. "No Dad Stop!" He hollered up to him.
"I'm getting rid of this wretched excuse for a living thing once and for all!" Tredz said angrily.
"You can't! Not like that!" Throttle said. "If you kill him you'll be just like him."
Tredz's eyes stopped glowing. He threw Karbunkle onto the platform.
"What will we do with him then?" Tredz asked. Throttle started to answer when....
"Hey you guys, little help?"Vinnie said impatiently, he and Modo were standing beside a cluster of bound goons. Throttle started toward them, Tredz went for Karbunkle, who was on his feet.
"You're not getting me cyborg!" Karbunkle exclaimed, he whipped out the remote for his transporter.
"DON'T LEAVE ME DOC!!!!!" Greasepit screamed from the water tank. Karbunkle jumped inn with him and pressed the button on the remote. Tredz jumped for them but was too late. He hauled himself out of the tank, sopping wet.
"They got away!" Tredz said.He jumped from the platform and onto his bike. "Forget those goons, we have to go after them!"
"No, we have to get them to jail, without them Limburger will be at a disadvantage." Throttle said.
"But..."Tredz started, his eyes faintly glowing.
"We know where Karbunkle is, he'll get what's coming to him eventually."Throttle said.
Tredz sighed, his eyes faded back to normal. "You're the Leader." Tredz said and walked toward the heap of goons."And an excellent one at that!" He said and beamed.

"Do ya gotta go back so soon? I mean you could help us fight Limburger some more." Throttle said as his Dad was getting on his bike to go back to his ship.
"Sorry,son. But I gotta get back, Torque just turned Fifteen a couple of weeks ago and we gotta go on a road trip." Tredz said. "Maybe when we get back the whole family will pop in for a visit."
"That'd be great!" Charley said enthusiastically.
"Hey everyone, ya gotta see this!" Modo said. Everyone went to see what all the commotion was about. They gathered around the tube. Limburger was making a public address.
"Citizens of Chicago, you are under my control. You will all gather outside Limburger tower......"
Everyone started to laugh hysterically.
Karbunkle and Greasepit appeared on the podium, trying to get his attention. Limburger continued talking until finally he gave in. Karbunkle whispered something to him.
"WHAT YOU IDIOTS! CAN'T YOU DO......HEH HEH HEH!!!!!"Limburger turned to the crowd nervously.
"Look at him squirm!" Vinnie exclaimed "OH MAN, we should be recording this!" Everyone laughed.
"Ah, I'm gonna miss this." Tredz said.
"Don't worry, we'll have even more fun the next time!" Throttle said.
"I'm looking forward to it!" Tredz said.
Charley returned drinking a glass of water. "Hey, did you guys notice that this water tastes kinda funny."
All three mice tried to choke back their laughter. L'eau a la Greasepit/Karbunkle probably wouldn't be the taste craze of the year. All four mice laughed out loud.
"What!?" Charley demanded.
"Nothing!" All four mice said at once.
"Hmmmfffhhh!" Charley huffed.

The end