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The Joining

A Wedding on Mars

By Morning

Copyright Morning, June 20, 1998

The day was prefect one of the most perfect there had been since before the Plutarkian invasion. Many things go through her mind on a day like this. How she’d gotten here?

Her mind goes back to when she was a child as she smiles remembering the times she and her mother would talk of this day," How will I know Momma? Did you know when you met Daddy?" She had found him and sadly thinks to herself," Momma I just wish you could be here that I know you would have loved him, funny and warm he reminds me of Dad. I guess everyone says that when they find, what is that term he uses from earth, oh yes, a knight in shinning armor or leather in this case.

How had it all started it seems more like a dream than a memory, her mind floated back to the time they well I guess you would say bumped into each other…

The freedom fighters base on Mars
{right before the end of the war}

It was the final battle, the difference between the salvation of their planet and the extinction of their race. All were ready to do what was necessary to end this horror one time for all time.

She was a medical tech and had been working nonstop at least 12 to 14 hours a day sometimes more, but there were so many wounded and they just kept coming. She didn’t know whether they were winning or losing either way the hospital was full. She’d done things that under normal circumstances only the doctors would do but there were far too few of them. And things hadn’t been normal since this whole terrible mess began.

Her name was Aurora she had seen her share of tragedy. Both her parents had died early on in the war and she had stopped her premed education to be of whatever help she could to the freedom fighters. It seems to make more sense since the college was blown up any way.

A nice figured female with a hearty shape not small and wiry like most but the kind of shape that made most of the males on the base walk into the wall watching her. And the fact that uniforms where in short supply, the cut off tee shirt and slightly tight pants she had too wear did not help matters, she did tried keeping her lab coat on as much as possible.

Her brown and gold mass of curly hair cascaded down her back and with her dark brown fur she made a very pleasant sight for many a wounded hero to wake up to.

As usual she was rushing down the corridor having five or six things on her mind when she was practically knock unconscious by a tall fast moving body that slammed into her. Or was it she into him.

Once she got her senses back she was ready to kill. Not even looking up she tore into the still dazed male lying on the opposite wall. "I hope they don’t let you fire any weapons? What are you blind or something?" He lay there for a second then spoke," Well not quite" She saw he was feeling around for a pair of field specs that where thrown off during their collision.

She looked at him for a minute then got up and retrieve the glasses for him," Sorry" she said not knowing what else she could say. Wanting to take off down the hall but not wanting to go until she saw that he was uninjured she just stood there watching him.

The tan mouse got to he’s feet and after adjusting the specs and focusing his sight said smiling," Sorry for what trying to kill me." No, I mean for the stu… what do you mean trying to kill you. You should watch where you are going," she said more than a little irritated. "Well I could say the same thing to you but that wouldn’t get us anywhere would it?" he answered.

In her mind she was thinking how very handsome he was but she said" Well excuse me, I have to get going there is a war on. "Don’t I know it pretty lady" he said still smiling he couldn’t help but slowly eye her up and down.

She blushed and gathered herself and continued on her way. Thinking the whole time." please don’t let him be watching me". As she turn slightly to see if that were the case she saw he was.

He thought to himself" I am definitely going to have to investigate this further" as he watched the shapely derriere walk away. But that would have to be at a later date he had to concentrate on the task at hand. The reason he had come back home.

A few weeks later:

The celebration had been going on for days the war was finally over. They had their home back and they had sent the enemy back to their own tattered filthy planet. Of course it was just the beginning but the feeling was still sweet.

Aurora hadn’t much time for celebrating the battle had taken a heavy total and she seem to be working harder than ever. So many faces, so many broken bodies, she could only sigh and do her best to mend and help heal.

She was in the mist of her duties when the fatigue finally caught up with her she tried to shake it off and keep going, so many there needed her she forced herself to try. She lay her back on the nearest wall trying to stop the room from spinning, when she felt herself starting to hit the floor. She didn’t know where they came from but a strong pair of arms caught her. She was so tired she let herself sink into those arms and then everything went black.

As the light started coming back into her world she could see the blurry image of someone looking down at her. Then there was that voice, the kind of voice with a lot of base making one think of starry nights, walks in the moonlight and all the romance of the sweetest of fantasies. "So pretty lady how are you feeling", the voice said with concern. As her vision began to clear she could see the handsome face of the mouse she had collided with earlier.

She attempted to raise herself out of the bed, her body wasn’t going to cooperate," I guess I’m a little over worked," she said weakly as she started to topple. His arms were around her in a flash "I don’t think you’d better try that, the doctor said you need to rest at least another 48hrs," he said not attempting to remove his arms. She turning toward him said "I can’t who is going to assist with all those patients?"

"If you don’t get some rest the doctors said you won’t be around to help anybody" he said while still holding her. She allowed him to gently lay her back down on the pillow she watched his face not able to take her eyes off him.

"And I have plans for us so I think you should follow doctor’s orders, by the way the name is Throttle and I know your name is Aurora". She didn’t say a word just smiled and thought to herself, "I have a few plans of my own".

Back to where we stared:

As the memories are allowed to go back into their special place she checks the time just then an excited human female’s voice tells her, " Well Aurora you ready? I just wanted to tell you thanks for letting me a part of all of this. Throttle is a very special person to me and his happiness is important. I know he loves you very much and I pray you both will find all the fullness life can offer". Then she hugged Aurora and they both wiped their tears.

Aurora looked at the human and realized how much of a sister she’d become. Charley Davidson was so much a part of everything. She had left her world to fight a war she made her own. She had been there so many times for Throttle in fact for all the freedom fighters; she had to be part of this beginning.

In times past The Joining Ceremony was always done in the beautiful gardens that use to exist on Mars. Trees and flowers of all shapes and sizes would fill the air with a perfume almost beyond imagination. The colors where so vivid that it would almost blind you.

But there where no more beautiful gardens just a war torn planet needing time to heal. But they had their hope, their love and that was the important thing.

They chose a bluff near the desert away from the burned out cities. A place that does have its own kind of quiets beauty. It was just before dusk when the wind was cool and the colors of the sunset were at their best.

This was a time of great joy for the inhabitants of this small red planet. These were beings that put great value in family and this was one of their most treasured of ceremonies. As friends and family was gathered to share in the joining of two lives into one existence.

Looking at all the persons that were important in his life, Throttle saw the two friends that had seen him through childhood, manhood, and the death and rebirth of a planet. Much more than brothers a friendship that comes once in a lifetime. Looking at both Modo and Vinnie he smiled to himself and says, "Thanks bros. without you I couldn’t have made it this far"

Now according to Martian law the oldest of a particular kinship would officiate at the ceremony but on Mars at this time it seemed that anyone who survived was now family so that being the case Stoker had the honor.

Stoker had seen all three grow from skinny awkward youths to fine young men even, Vinnie.

Now as one them was about to begin one of life’s most precious journey it was only right that he be the one that start Throttle on his way.

The Ceremony begins:

They both stand facing each other looking directly into each other’s eyes. Throttle thinks to himself," In all my life I have never seen anyone more beautiful" he gently takes her hands in his.

Aurora’s feels the strength and tenderness in his touch and thinks," Now my life is complete".

As Stoker remembers the ancient words of The Joining Ceremony he tells them," No longer are you to live for self. Now you will become one flesh what is good or bad for one will be for the other.

Tuning to Throttle he says," She is now your life do you accept the responsibility to care for her, to love, respect and keep her in honor as long as there is life in you". Still looking into her eyes Throttle answers, "This I vow".

Turning to Aurora Stoker says," He is now your life do you accept the responsibility to care for him, to love, respect and keep him in honor. She answers smiling," This I vow"

Stoker steps back away from the couple as they move closer to each other. They lean their heads close together as they touch antenna a warm glow surrounds them. What they share at this moment is only for there minds to hear they then kiss and feel the complete love that is only theirs to share

As they separate slowly they smile lovingly at each other and Stoker says," It is done they are now joined may their lives be full of joy and many children. You can hear the laughter and applause of all that are there.

After the celebrating is done all have gone they stand alone holding each other staring into the dark Martian night. Throttle takes the face of his new wife and caresses it and says in a voice that only those finding true love can, "You are my life, now and forever."

The End of the Beginning