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Author's note: This story takes place before Til Death Do Us Apart and there is alot of time changing going on so Kristin's age depends on what era she is in. If she is in the 90's she is in her late 30's and early 40's and don't tell the author that she-Kristin- should be living on her own 'cause she'll tell you a long story that will come long before this one is ever out on the net!

Narrator: It was a dark and rainy night in ancient Chicago and out in the woods in a cave, sitting on the damp floor sat a beautiful blond haired dark blue eyed female who wore a midnight blue dress and her hair tied back in a midnight blue hair ribbon. This was no ordinary girl, for you see this is the missing daughter of Morcam Dorial who had been abducted from her home and was being held in the cavern against her wishes. The girl (in medevial ages) was only three years old and missed her father who was at the point where he had become extremly worried about her and was out searching for her. As the girl sat you could see that she was trembling from sheer exhaustion, cold, hunger,the cool air and fear, for she knew what lay ahead. When her captors finished eating, the tall skinny one known as "Patrick" would open the cell door, walk over to her, tie her hands behind her back and fasten a collar made from rope around her neck that had a chain attached to it, then he would force her unto her unsteady legs and then they would exit the prison and go down a short tunnel that led them outside to a brook where they would go through the rundown of how she was to be killed. In her mind, the girl could hear her father's words of warning not to stray away from the path that lead to their front door where he could visibly see her from the kitchen window for safety reasons. Looking at the ring on her finger and remembered how she had been told that if she was ever kidnapped and managed to escape and return home but he didn't recognize her, all she had to do was show him the ring around her finger to prove that she was his daughter. So begins our story.


swallowing the savoury T-Bone steak with a drink of rich wine before asking) Well Jordan, shall we review what will happen if her brother or someone at the palace doesn't pay the ransom notice?

Jordan swallowing the savoury T-Bone steak with a drink of rich wine before answering) Mmmm,Yes, I think that would be a splendid idea Patrick.

Kristin silently to herself) Oh please no more rehearsals. I wouldn't be able to stand on my feet without my knees giving out. Please just let me stay here and catch up on my sleep or at least share the remanants of your meal with me. I feel so exhausted and hungry and thirsty. I haven't eaten in days,that steak looks mighty mouth watering and I bet the wine is deliciously rich. The type of wine father gives me on my birthday with rare meats and desserts. Now why does the name Jordan ring a familiar bell in my memories? No! Can it be? Only one way to find out and that's to beg for Jordan to do this, he's gentle.

Patrick grabs a coil of rope off of the table,goes to prison,opens door,walks over to Kristin who trembles when he stands in front of her and says) Now then ya little brat, you know the routine so stand up and hands behind your back.

Kristin: Wait! You do this every day! Why not let Jordan over there do it for once?

Patrick: All right then, Jordan I believe that today is your turn to do this.

Jordan gets up from chair and walks over to the prison and replaces Patrick in tying Kristin's wrists behind her back saying) Give me the ropes and collar and I'll do it for a change. Now then little one, you know the routine so stand up and hands behind your back.

Kristin unsteadily rises to her feet fearing what will happen if she doesn't do what Jordan says,turns around to face the wall and crosses her wrists behind her back to Jordan to bind them together tightly with the coil of rope that he brought in,softly crying out in pain as Jordan jerks the ropes tighter and tighter until she was unable to move her wrists but the blood could still flow.) Oh uhow. (Softly sobs to her self) How much longer until some one comes? I can't do this much longer. Every day brings new horrors no food or drinks and less sleep. This can't be good for my system. I can hardly walk properly. Now's my chance! A-are you J-Jordan of Britain? The one father asked to watch me while he went to the market the week I was being punished for lying and not going straight home from school following the path from the school house to my front door the way I was instructed to do?

Jordan gently whispers) Shh don't cry,everything will be fine. Now all I have to do is put this collar around your neck and we'll be off for rehearsals. Yes,that would be me what do you want?

Kristin: Don't you recognize me? No not the collar. Please, the ropes are bad enough...Th-th-th-that thing chokes me and I d-d-don't like the feel of it.

Jordan: I'm sorry little one but I don't make the rules, the collar is going on so either you learn to like it or Patrick will leave it on your beautiful neck and chain you to the wall like an animal. Am I understood?

Kristin: Y-yes, n-no more arguing will come out of me tonight.

Jordan ties the collar around Kristin's neck and makes sure that the knot won't tighten too much then jerks it to make absoultely sure it's loose enough so that it won't choke the child and then whispers into her ear) Yes I recognize you and when he goes home to his family,I'll give you the last of the steaks and wine. Don't worry ,you won't be here very long. Where there's a will there's a way to contact your father and from what Terrance has told me your friends will be on their way as soon as Jamie calls for them OK?

Kristin relieved that its who she thought it was and says) yes

Jordan: Good! Now come on we're running late because of a long lunch. Just try and walk as best as you can to and from the brook. (Hands Patrick the length of rope that was tied around Kristin's neck and they start out the cave entrance)

Kristin still sobbing, stumbles out the cell door due to the lack of food and sleep and continues to stumble all the way down the tunnel then finally her legs give out and she falls to her knees in exhaustion and hunger.

Patrick feels the rope in his hands go taunt in his hands and turns around to find that little Kristin had dropped to her knees and says: Get up ya little witch or else ya can forget about goin home to yer daddy!

Kristin starts to feel the tears that were stinging the backs of her eyes spring forth and as she closed her eyes, she felt them slide down her cheeks as she remembers the one person who loved her more than life its slef and cries: I WANNA GO HOME! PLEASE, TAKE ME HOME! I WANNA WAKE UP FROM THIS BAD DREAM AND FIND MY SELF IN PAPPA'S ARMS.

Patrick mimics little Kristin: I WANNA GO HOME! PLEASE, TAKE ME HOME! I WANNA WAKE UP FROM THIS BAD DREAM AND FIND MY SELF IN MY DADDY'S ARMS. (Wipes at an imaginary tear in his eye) Aww now aren't we sweet! the little brat is begging us to let her go home! (Roughly grabs Kristin by her arm and says) On Yer feet NOW OR YER GONNA DIE HERE AND NOW!

Kristin starts to sob harder with the threat of being killed immediatly and tries to free her arm from Patrick's painful grip begging between tears and gasps for breath) Please let me go, your hurting me.

Patrick mimmicking Kristin: Please let me go, your hurting me. (Jerks Kristin on to her feet and tightens his grip on her arm saying) Now aint we sweet beggin me to letcha go! Well I've got a good mind to slice off your head and send it to your family

Kristin starts to sob harder and starts to shake in shear terror then starts to sob even harder until tears stream down her cheeks crying out in fear: Please no, I'm an only child. If you kill me, what will you tell my father when he demands to know if I'm alright?

Patrick growing disgusted with Kristin and says: What'll I tell yer father?! What'll I tell yer father? I'll tell him that you had a severe accident and that the pesants lead you to the guillotine and yer head was sliced clean off yer pathetic little body!

Kristin starts to sob harder and starts to shake in shear terror then starts to sob even harder until tears stream down her cheeks crying out in fear saying: And have my father break your neck? You don't know whose child your messing with do you? Do you even know who my father is by chance? Answer me that question and you'll realize who you are dealing with in terms of his only child!

Patrick back hands Kristin across the face and says: Yer nothin but a mere street rat! No father, No mother, no family period! If ya back mouth me one more time, I'll kill ya right now!

Jordan, who was five feet ahead of them doubles back and yells at Patrick: Knock it off and let her go Patrick! You've scared her enough since you grabbed her off the path on her way home from school! Now enough is enough! Leave her alone or else Terrance will hear about your behaviour and how you never feed her anything when you know his rules include feeding her at meal times so that she has enough strength to walk to the brook with out falling and getting hurt. If you don't stop it right now,then we're goning to turn around and head back inside where I'll give her the last ten steaks and the last of the wine so she'll have a full stomach and I'll send word to Terrance that your threatening to kill her now and tell him how you treat her like an animal. (Bends down and unties the ropes from around Kristin's wrists then removes the collar saying) She isn't an animal and there is no need to tie her up and put a collar around her neck!

Kristin still on her knees pulls her freed wrists infront of her to rub the feeling back into them, then reaches up to rub her neck in disbelief that the dreaded collar is off of her neck and says) W-why did you free me? Does this mean that I can go home now?

Jordan helps Kristin to her feet and says) It's one of Terrance's rules not to put any restraints on you and it has been broken for the last time! Do you think that you can walk the rest of the way to the brook?

Kristin tries to stand but her left ankle gives out and she falls to the ground in a crumpled heap clutching her ankle and crying in pain) Oohhh ow how how my ankle! I can't stand on it to put any pressure on it!

Jordan glares at Patrick and says) Now do you see what happens when a person doesn't get anything to eat? She doesn't have any strength and she's sprained her ankle. (drops to his knees,removes her left shoe to inspect her left ankle and gently probes it saying) Yeah its a bad sprain all right! (gently lifts Kristin into his arms and says) We're going back to my cabin not that filty cave and she's going to lay in a real bed,eat real food not dog food and have plenty to drink while I tend to her ankle. (Hands Patrick a new note explaining that he was giving himself up to the authorites and that Kristin was safely stashed away at Jordan's family cabin with a sprained ankle and says)Then YOU Patrick are going to take this not telling the authorities that you DID NOT KILL THE CHILD but are going return her when you give them the location of where you're keeping her am I understood Patrick?

Patrick rather meekly under Jordan's anger) Yes Jordan, I'll go turn myself in to the guards.

Jordan: Good now then let's get you to my cabin and prop up that ankle before it swells anymore than what it already is. Come on Patrick I believe that you have an appointment with the captain of the castle guards so you'd better hurry. Oh and before you leave Patrick, a piece of safe advice, I'd stray away from this child's father. If Moracm Dorial finds out that you've starved and hurt his only child then I suggest that you start running! He doesn't appreciate finding out that his only child was starved and beaten. I'd also stay away from the Prince of Black Ruby and Vinceenzaro VanWham, rumor has it that they are both fierce protectors of this child. Come on Kristin let's get you something to eat and drink while he's gone off to turn him self in. (Heads off in the direction of his family cabin while Patrick heads off in the other direction to turn himself in to the guards saying to Kristin) I have a nice hot meal waiting for you when we get to my place.

Kristin:I-it's not gruel is it?

Jordan:No it isn't gruel this time, my family has a cook that comes in every so often and when he came in this afternoon, he heard that you weren't being fed and made a full six to eight course meal and has it waiting for you in the oven.

Kristin: Sounds wonderful, I can hardly wait to have a decent meal for once and a nice long hot bath followed by a nice long sleep in a warm comfortable bed and maybe you could fufill your urges to contact my father and uncles and...... (Kristin's words were silenced by long heavy yawn that lasted several seconds. After the yawn subsided she says after yawning one last time) So sound like a fair trade Jordan?

Jordan trails his finger around Kristin's neck until he comes to the ripped neckline of her dress saying)You bet; but did you know that the neckline of your dress is torn? (Feels a solid heart shaped lump under the lower fabric of Kristin's dress and says) What the-? What's this?

Kristin:No I didn't know that the neckline was torn (Reaches inside her dress and pulls out her heart shaped locket and says) My-my locket, the one father bought me at the market as his way of apologizing for being so harsh to me,slapping my face and spanking me in a fit of uncontrolled anger. After he had cleared his mind of all the anger at the market, he spotted this and bought it for me and slipped a portrait of him in one side and a portrait of both me and father into the other pane. The heart is from what he told me, is supposed to represent his eternal love for me. When I opened it after father had left my room from tucking me into bed, I opened it and a four paged letter fell out and I unfolded it, read it and felt the sorrow that my father had felt after he had struck me several times and never apologized for hitting me. The the final paragraph of the letter read " I'm sorry that I'm not the father that I could be. I'll understand if you want me to put you up for adoption so that another more loving and deserving family can adopt you into their home and give you the love and attention that I can never supply you. I apolgize for the lousy way of life I have to offer you , when I know that someone else could easily provide the things that you always seem to be silently begging for me to purchase for you at the market that I know I could never in my life time be able to afford to purchase for you. Please accept my humblest of apologies and I'll be gone from your life first thing in the morning, never to resign over you again. In your young eyes, I must seem like a tyrant who doesn't want you to have a social life and have friends. I am hoping that this letter will give you at least 24 hours to find a much much much much more subtiable family to adopt you so that I can go back to living alone and childless, back to living the life where no child will be there to greet me when I come home or cuddle up to me while I sit in my chair and ask for me to read or tell them a story before they go to bed at night or during a rainy day. The life where there is no child to tuck into bed at night after they had fallen asleep sitting beside me, nor was there a child who woke with the sunshining in their eyes to come and wake me the morning of market day excited that they were finally going to the market with me. Please don't look for me, as you will not be able to find me, I need time to myself to think of the situation that I have gotten myself into.
Love always
Your former father
Morcam Dorial

Jordan fighting back tears says:That's awful! Now that you've been kidnapped, he'll be feeling mighty bad for writing those words. As for your dress now, I just noticed the rip in your dress and Melissa-our seamstress-could fix it while you're having that hot bath,then I'll massage your ankle. From the looks of things;this dress has seen its final days of wearing. I hope that there's another dress waiting for you to change into or at least take with you when your friends or father and uncles come to get you.

Kristin: You know that's exactly what I meant by urges Jordan. I can tell you're aching to massage my ankle to help the blood continue flowing. (whispers into his ear) Jamie's awake,I can tell since her mind is a little bit clearer now than it has been. Maybe you should go and see her once my friends arrive to claim me.

Jordan:You know I haven't seen Jamie since Patrick slipped that sleeping drug into her wine six months ago and I've been worried sick about her. (when they reached the front door of Jordan's place,he shifts her weight, turns the door knob,shoves the door open and says) Well here we are, home sweet home!

Kristin: You mean that this is your home?

Jordan: Yes this is where Jordanna and I,Terrance his wife Callie and their children all live. (Kicks door shut with his foot and walks down the front hall and turns to his left and opens a door to a large room that he walks into saying) This is where you will be staying until your friends come for you.

Kristin looks around the spacious room and says to Jordan: What room are we in? The den? The family room?

Jordan sets Kristin on the bed and says: The master guest room. Let me see if Brianna is home. (Calls out) Brianna are you home? It's Jordan

Brianna comes out of nursery from nursing her son and comes into the master guest room andsays) Jordan that you?

Jordan:Yeah it's me. Brianna could you do me a really big favour?

Brianna:Sure what is the favour that needs to be done?

Jordan:Could you get a nice hot bath for Kristin ready?

Brianna notices a filthy Kristin laying on the bed and says) I'll go and heat up some water for her bath (Hurries into kitchen and heats up a large wash basin full of water for Kristin's bath,then carries it into the master bedroom where she pours it into the tub that Jordan had pulled into the center of the bedroom saying) Now off with that filty torn dress and take everything off underneath then into the tub for your bath

Jordan: If you two ladies will excuse me now, I'll go and get Kristin's meal ready for after her bath. (Gets up and leaves the master guest room and heads into the kitchen where he finishes making the stew that Brianna had abandoned when her children had to be changed and fed)


Kristin slowly removes her torn dress,hands it toBrianna who tosses it over a near by chair, then Kristin unties her stay and removes it until she is naked and walks over to the tub with help from Brianna. Cautiously,Kristin sticks her right foot in and eases her left foot into the tub and slowly slides down until she is sitting in hot water and starts lathering soap on a cloth to wash her filthy body free of dirt and grime,while Brianna wets her hair and starts shampooing it. Finally a few minutes later Kristin-with the help of Brianna-steps out of the tub,towels off and gets dressed in the clothing that was laid out on the bed for her to wear: A pair of midnight blue shorts,a royal blue tshirt and a powder blue sock on one foot. A few minutes later Jordan knocks at the door to see if Kristin is decent enough for him to come in.

Jordan:Brie? Is Kristin dressed and in bed yet?

Brianna: Yes Jordan she is dressed and in bed. You can come in now.

Jordan enters bedroom carrying his medical kit,walks over to the bed and sits beside Kristin. He then opens his black medical bag and pulls out a modern elastic bandage and says) I'll put this on after you've had ice on it for a while then we'll see if you can or can't walk on it ok? Oh yeah,your six course meal is almost ready,we're just waiting for the soup ladle to cool down so that I can put some into a bowl for you and bring it in on the tray. I've spoken to Terance and he's spoken to Terranceran who has tracked down your father and told him the news, the message from him was that he is honestly and truly sorry for abandoning you and will be here to claim you if your friends don't show up.

Kristin trying not to let her hunger take control:I can't wait much longer Jordan,just bring in what's on the tray so far then bring in the soup later. (Feels the wave of lonliness crash over her and says) He-he still does love me! He never meant to permanetly abandon me, he just didn't know what to do when the stress of his life and raising me hit and hit hard so he packed and ran somewhere where he could sort things out in peace and quiet.

Jordan being the oldest child and having been through the ordeal that Kristin was going through says: Of course your father loves you! He loves you with his entire heart! Morcam just doesn't know how to tell you that sometimes he can't always buy you what you want but he'll get Throttlerian to pick it up and hang on to it until he can pay him for holding on to it and give it to you. Food,clothing,shoes,winter and fall clothing, boots, shoes, firewood and bedding all come first, Morcam spoke to me and told me that he felt dirty and cheap for not buying you the pretty dresses that you liked, so he went back and got you the hair ribbon set, the shoe set, new under garments,the dresses and a new cloak set to match the dresses. He was trying to keep you from knowing that he had those things in his possession under lock and key at the palace. Those items were to be given to you at easter time which is just around the corner. He's not holding out on you, of course he'd get you something from the market if only you'd speak up and ask him to get it for you! He doesn't read minds Kristin, if you don't ask him to buy you the item your looking at and you two walk away from the cart empty handed, you start to feel upset and he gets angry and storms back and purchases it for you just to avoid making a scene and becoming embarrased to the point where he wouldn't be able to rear his head in the market. He confided in me because of the time he hollered at you in the market. So instead of asking what took you so long, he let his temper take control and raised his voice at you, yelling that if you took any longer then you would have to fend for yourself and make it home on your own. Needless to say that when he calmed down at home, he realized that he had left you alone in the hustling and bustling market place. Horrified at his mistake, he left things where he had put them and practically ran back to the market full speed to find you and take you home. As for your meal, I'll just bring in what's on the tray so far. As for now,leave this on your ankle to reduce the swelling. (Slides a cold compress under Kristin's ankle and one on top then fastens it with the elastic bandage saying) The cold will stop your ankle from swelling anymore than what it already is. I'll go and get your meal now.

Brianna comes in carrying a fully loaded tray and says after setting it over Kristin's lap) Here now you eat up and when you're finished, I'll come for the dishes and help you settle down for a long nap all right? Take your time eating so that you won't get sick to your stomach. These are rich foods you're eating and your stomach hasn't digested these types of foods in a while so take it easy and go slow don't rush.

Jordan:Let's go and leave Kristin alone to eat. She can just set the tray on the floor when she's done.

Kristin starts eating slowly then increases the speed at which she eats until every last bit of food and wine are gone and she says) You've forgotten that I grew up eating rich foods and drinking rich wines so it won't really make me sick. You can take the dishes and help me lay down so I can go to sleep until my friends or father and uncles come for me.

Jordan:Wow you really were hungry! I've never seen anybody eat that fast! Well then if you're tired then I'll help you settle down for that long awaited nap. (Props Kristin against his chest and lays pillows down on bed then lays Kristin back on them pulling the covers up around her waist while gently kissing her forhead saying) Just call if you need anything at all ok Kristin?

Kristin sleepily: Uh huh (Lets her eyes flutter shut and is instantly sound asleep.)

Jordan turns and says to Brianna: Come on and I'll help you empty and clean out the tub,then I'll do these dishes.

Meanwhile in the the palace court yard

Patrick runs in direction of Sir Joel's home and goes up to door and knocks on it until Sir.Joel opens it

Joel:Yeah waddya want?

Patrick hands Joel the letter in Jordan's handwriting and waits while he reads it.

Joel finishes reading the note and becomes angry knowing how fragile Morcam's only child is and says: Why you filthy rotten beggar! You better not have hurt her anymore than her ankle!(turns and calls for Sir James who was visiting saying) James! Come to the door we've got a visitor!

James comes to the door and says) Hmm that be me what would you like?

Joel hands James the note and says) Read this

James takes note from Joels hand and starts to read it. When he finished reading the note, James grabs Patrick by his tunic saying) Thought you'd get away with kidnapping Morcam Dorial's only daughter while he's away on a personal retreat did you? Well I know someone inside the castle that would love a surprise confession. Are you coming with me Joel?

Joel:You bet James. I want to be there when Ned explodes and loses his temper! (calls to his wife) Caitie darling, I'm heading out with James to the castle and I'll be back before supper!

Caitlin comes out of kitchen with her hand resting on her bulging stomach and gets her good bye hug and kiss from her husband saying) All right then, I'll have a nice hot supper waiting for you when you come home. Now go on and get going if you're going to the castle.

Joel looks into Caitlin's beautiful teal green eyes,lays his hand on top of hers on her bulging stomach and says) Promise me you'll take it easy and not over do your self since it should be any day that you'll be giving birth? If you don't then I'll have to call Jordan home to tend to you while I'm away.

Caitlin looks up into Joels deep brown eyes and says) I was on my way to go lay down when you called me. I think that it should be anytime today that the baby will be born.

Joel: All the more reason to go and lie down for the rest of the afternoon darling. This pregnancy hasn't been easy on you and I know just how fertile you really are. Once these little ones are born,you won't bear me anymore children until these guys are ten,so I want you to go and lay down in the bedroom and promise to send Brooke for me when it comes time. (Gently shoves Caitlin in the direction of their bedroom saying)You go lay down now.

Caitlin: All right I'll go and lay in the bedroom and maybe have a nap while I'm at it. (Kisses Joel's cheek and says) Now get going if your heading to see Ned.

James calls to his wife: Tanner honey? I'm heading out to the castle with Joel and we'll be back before supper time.

Tanner comes out of kitchen with their three month old son in her arms and gets her kiss good bye saying) All right I'll have supper ready so Caitie can rest and be laying down when her water breaks.

James kisses his wife and son saying)Well see you later sweetie and I hope he's not catching something, he feels pretty warm. Unless of course its the warmness that occurs when you fall asleep.

Tanner looks down at her son and says: No he's just sleeping. It is nap time for little Jarred here and I was just going to lay him back in his bassinett for the remainder of the afternoon.

James:Well I'll see you when I get home. (Kisses the tip of his son Jarred's head whispering) Sweet dreams little one and daddy'll be home when you wake up from your nap. (Turns and heads out door behind Joel)

Mean while in the the palace

Ned quietly speaks to the sleeping Jamie in her mind while holding her hand) Jamie,I'm not sure if you can hear me, but you've gotta call those friends of yours and tell them that Kristin's been kidnaped. They'll come for Kristin's safety and you know it. They're our last line of defense until mother comes home from her visit with Charlotte and her family. I can't do anything with this sprained ankle, it's all up to you Jamie. Please do it for Kristin's life and her poor father who is feeling bad enough that he wrote that letter that Kristin read that he had to go and find his inner chee. Now with his daughter being kidnapped, he'll be out looking for her, frantic for her safety.

Jamie to Ned in his mind) I don't know if I have that much strength to reach out that far ahead in time or do you want me to call Kristin's father away from his personal retreat or do you want me to call plain old Modo?

Ned: Jamie you have to try both ways and see who answers first.

Jamie: I'll try them in the future. It'll take awhile.

Ned: I don't care, for the love of the poor frightened child please just do it.

Jamie gently connects to Modo's mind and quietly calls his name) Modo?Modo. It's me Jamie

Modo feels the connection the hears Jamie's voice in his mind and silently answers: Jamie? Jamie what's wrong? Why are you talking to me now? I'm years away!

Jamie: Ned and I need you boys here, it's about your counter parts only child

Modo: Kristin?

Jamie: Yes it's about Kristin

Modo: What's going on that you need us there to help you with?

Jamie: It's hard for me to explain, but come and Ned will tell you everything.

Modo: All right I'll let the others................

Jamie: Not to worry they all ready know what's going on and agreed to come. I've been sick and forgot to tell you about this.

Modo: If you are sick, I want you to lay back and take it easy until I get there understood?

Jamie: Yes I understand perfectly well.

Modo: Good. Hopefully we will be there shortly. As for now rest, I can feel your not awake. Is everything all right with you?

Jamie: No, I've been in and out of consciousness for weeks. I have a really high temperature and it just keeps getting worse and worse.

Modo: Message from Terrence: BREAK OFF THIS LINK AND LET YOUR MIND REST!. Your fevered he can tell and I have to say that he's not too thrilled with this link that you've set up and is telling me to say good bye and we'll be there soon. Soon as in a few mere moments. Lay and rest think not of me but of other things like getting better.

Terrence: I will tend to the fever when we arrive, as for now, go straight to sleep. This type of stress is not good for your mind and body which are fevered.

Jamie: yawns and says) Sure I'm going back to sleep anyway. I'll see you shortly if I'm awake


Modo see's Jamie's face and how peaceful she looks and says to Ned) How long has it been?

Ned: Three maybe four weeks since it set on. I don't honestly know. Right now, I have my own problem with my ankle. I slipped and fell on it and now the swelling won't go down.

Terrence: Let me see your ankle Ned and I'll see if I give you anything for the pain.

Ned removes cold compress from ankle and allows Terrence to gently probe it before saying: Can it be healed properly?

Terrence gently squeezing Ned's ankle: Of Course it can! It's not broken! Just sprained! The swelling will go down in a few days. Ice it for twenty four hours and then heat it for twenty four hours. The swelling will decrease and soon you can slowly start putting pressure on it.

Ned:That's it? Ice then heat and slow pressure?

Terrence: That's it!

Modo leans over Jamie and quietly says:Jamie can you hear me at all? Squeeze once for yes and give me a slack hand for no. (Faintly feels Jamie squeeze his right hand once and says) I'm here now don't worry. (Whispers into Jamie's ear softly) I'm near you and I'm the same mouse that cared for you in the future when you were sick. Please won't you wake up for me sweeetheart?

Jamie slowly starts to awaken from her long sleep and tries to focus her blurry eye sight and says) Hum? M-Modo?

Modo: That's me what....Jamie! You're awake!! (leans down to hear Jamie's voice) what did you say?

Jamie, voice barely above a whisper says: I heard you identify yourself and that's what broke the fever.

Modo: The...identification....broke....the...fever?

Jamie: Yes. I had to hear that it was you who was near me,other wise the fever would have lingered alot longer that it did. It's hard to understand and even harder to explain.

Modo: You just lay and rest sweetheart,the fever took a lot out of your strength. How do you feel?

Jamie: Really tired and starting to feel a little chilled

Throttle pulls blanket from the foot of Jamie's bed around her waist and asks) Is that any better? So why are we here?

Jamie: A little bit. But I'll be fine once I regain some of my strength. But Kristin's been kidnaped and has been missing for the past six weeks. The recent letter that we recieved while her father's away on retreat stated that Kris will be killed tonight at sunset unless her captor get the money that he wants for her.

Mean while outside Jamie's bedroom

Joel,using his special knock whaps on door loudly

Jamie: Is that you Joel?

Joel opens door and bows in respect saying) Sorry to interrupt you,but we have a surprise visitor with us to tell your friends here where to find Kristin Dorial.

James shoves Patrick in and says gruffly) Spit it out.

Jamie feels the blood drain from her face and says to Joel in a trembling voice: J-Joel- he-he's the one who slipped the drugs into my drink when he thought that I wasn't looking.

Joel picks up Jamie's hand and gently squeezes it saying: Are you sure that's him your highness?

Jamie: Absolutely positive Joel. He used to work in the kitchen as an apprentice then he worked with Neil's father as a Medical Apprentice, that's how he got the stuff to drug my drink,Joey's drink,Sammy's drink and Toby's drinks with. That's why we're all sick with fevers and drifting in and out of consciousness. (Picks up a little golden bell and rings it to call for Neil) Only one way to find out what drug he used and thats to talk with Neil

Neil walks into Jamie's open chamber and bows respectively saying: You call for me your highness?

Jamie: Yes Neil I did call for you and thank you for coming in on such short notice.

Neil bows respectively and says: I am always happy to be of service. What can I do for you your highness? Something to ease the chills or the vomiting perhaps?

Jamie: No, no thank you Neil, I'm fine. I want you to take a look at my chalace and tell me what kind of powdered drug was slipped into my drink six weeks ago. Mind you we haven't washed the chalices that were used by me, Joey, Sammy and Toby. (Hands Neil her chalice and says) Do you recognize the substance Neil?

Neil takes Jamie's chalice from her hand and looks at it in direct light and immediately sets it down and says: Yes and I need to check you over for any possible side effects that this drug may have.

Joel: What is it Neil? Rat Poison Pills? Sleeping pills? Pain Killers? Vomit Inducers?

Neil in a grim tone of voice: All of the above Joel, all of the above. She's very lucky to have survived this. Especially when the dosage was so extreamly high, in situations like this, the victim usuallly suffers for a long time before slowly dying. Jamie fortuanately, had an upset stomach at the time and did not drink very much wine or she would have gotten sick to her stomach. At around nine nine thirty, Jamie sought my help in settling her stomach down so that she could sleep and not wake up and be sick all over her bedding because she couldn't make it to the lavatory. Claeb was sick in bed and could not manage to drink any wine so she had gingerale instead due to her sore throat, Joey had Diet Coke since she doesn't like the bitter taste of wine, Toby's pregnant and refuses to touch anything with alcohol in it until after her child is born and Sammy's been sick with the flu and has never touched a drop of wine yet. The queen deemed Sammy much too young to drink wine.

Patrick terrified at the sight of the muscular 6 foot maritan mice stammers: She's she's

Pike grabs Patrick by the front of his shirt and growls) Where is she? You are talking to a rougher version of Arrenceran so either speak or else you will face my ancestor's wrath and he won't be very gentle when he finds out that you've hurt his niece !

Patrick: She's with Jordan at his cabin in the woods near the brook

Throttle:Have you even dared to hurt her?

Patrick still terrified by the size of the seven mice stammers) uh uh....

Joel reading highlights from Jordan's note: According to Jordan she's got herslef a mighty bad sprained ankle and that mister smart alec here didn't feed her properly. Jordan's feeding her slowly so that she won't get sick on the rich foods she's missed out on.

Vinnie:Where is his cabin and how can we get there?

Jamie: Out in the woods in the west side of the kingdom.

Terrence:Is there an alterante faster way that we can get to the woods?

Jamie: Yes, this may sound nuts but go through the mirror and it will take you directly to the woods.

Throttle: No, that's sane, nuts would be going through the mirror and ending up in wonderland playing croquet with a pinkflamingo as the bat and a porcupine as the ball. That's nuts.

Jamie: Just go before I loose my royal temper

Terrence leans down and hugs his future bride muttering how much he missed having her around saying in a voice audible only to Jamie: You sure you'll be alright to go back ahead of us? I'll leave with you now if it'll make you feel better.

Jamie in a voice audible only to Terrence: Yeah, I'll be fine until you get home. No you stay here, I'll be in bed when you come back home to me.

Terrence leans down and places a gentle kiss on Jamie's mouth whispering: Good bye love, I'll be home as soon as we can.

As the other mice step through the mirror,Throttle finds himself three feet away from Jordan's cabin

Throttle turns to Terrence and says) You care to knock and see if this is it?

Terrence goes up to door and knocks four times until Brianna answers the door and says) Yep this is the place all right!

Brianna opens door juggling some dirty dishes and says) Hi come on in. Kristin's in the master bedroom sleeping. She just got through eating a huge meal a few moments ago and is resting her body and letting her ankle heal. You can go on in, it's the first door on your left hand side. Jordan left it open a crack so you can't miss it.

The mice follow Brianna's directions to the master bedroom and ulitmately decide that Vinnie should go in first

Terrence: You go in first since that's what you want to do.

Vinnie opens door to the master bedroom then turns and shuts it, walks over to Kristin's bedside and kisses her left cheek gently to awaken her saying) Hi. Are you alright? I half expected you to still be filthy! What happened?

Kristin wakes up and slides her arms around Vinnie's neck saying) Still scared but other than my ankle, I'm fine now. I had a hot bath and washed the dirt off and let Brianna wash my hair with her herbal shampoo and I had to get rid of my torn dress, it was too far gone to be mended or cleaned. You're here to take me home right?

Vinnie: Yes baby, we've come to take you back home where you belong.

Kristin:W-which home is that? This home or the other home?

Vinnie pushes back the covers,sits Kristin up,slides his arms around Kristin's small upper body and cautiously picks her up out of the bed, being careful of her wrapped left ankle and says) The home you left behind to come here along with Jamie and the others.

Kristin nestles her head on to Vinnie's shoulder and allows her eyes to close slipping into the much deserved sleep that she never recieved while Patrick kept her awake all night. Suddenly she starts to hiccup) Hiccup hiccup hiccup

Vinnie notices that Kristin had fallen back asleep and has the hiccups and says) Hold your breath and count to a hundred. That's it,Sweet dreams Sweetheart (Goes and whaps his foot against the door until Terrence opens it)

Terrence carefully picks up his six week old sister in law's left ankle and gently squeezes it saying) This is not good at all! She needs
X-Rays to see if she's done any permanent damage to that ankle. I'll do it when we get back to where we came from originally
to start with.

Kristin half asleep: Mac?

Rimfire:Is she dead?

Stoker picks up Kristin's left wrist and feels for a pulse and finds one saying) She's alright just soundly sleeping.(Gently brushes her bangs out of her closed eyes with the side of his hand then kisses her forehead gently whispering) Sweet dreams angel.

Modo: Then why isn't her chest or stomach moving up and down with each breath she takes?

Throttle: Yeah that's what I've been wanting to know. Jamie's chest and stomach move when she breaths,but why can't we tell
if Kris is breathing?

Pike reaches out and runs his hand up and down Kristin's side and says in a disgusted tone of voice) I think that she's got a tightly laced corset on that's why it's hard to tell if she's breathing at all!

Kristin lets out her breath hoping that the unwanted hiccups have gone) hiccup,hiccup hiccup (half asleep) Mac?

Rimfire:Wrong Pike, she's got the hiccups and she's calling for Mac, but he couldn't make it so would you take her for Mac Terrence?

Vinnie carefully lays Kristin in Terrence's arms saying: Here she wants Mac, but since he's not here you take and talk to her.

Kristin half awake:Mac?

Terrance takes Kristin from Vinnie's arms and answers her call saying: No Kris, Mac's back in the future tending to your kids who are sick, so I'm here in his place,go back to sleep.

Kristin instantly settles into a peaceful sleep after Terrence confirmed that he was holding her in his arms and she wasn't dreaming.

Vinnie touched by the love that Terrence was showing towards Kristin saying: Ya know, maybe I was wrong to think that you and Jamie shouldn't have gotten married. I never seen the light until now and now I know how much you really care for her. (Lays a hand on Terrence's shoulder and says) I'm sorry for what I said at your wedding-Terrence-I guess it was hard on me to see the little blonde haired girl that I watched grow up,marry off for a second time and kept thinking that you were going to up and leave her unexpectedly like Tristain did when he died in his sleep.

Terrance in a low voice so he wouldn't wake up Kristin: You know Vinnie, this is the first time you've ever addressed me as 'Terrence' and not 'Doc'. (Looks down at Kristin and thinks of her as Jamie and says) I just can't believe that I was so pushy and impatient with her without knowing that she was hurting inside from the loss of her first husband who died in his sleep. I should've asked her what the problems were before I became impatient with her and threatened to leave her unless she told me who she was having the affair with. Turns out that she's still in mourning over her first husband.

Kristin stirrs in Terrence's arms and cuddles closer to his chest muttering sweet nothings under her breath that only Terrence could understand

Terrance kisses the side of Kristin's head saying: Hush and rest. Save your strength you need every last bit of sleep while you still can get some peace and quiet.

Kristin stirrs in Terrence's arms and cuddles closer to his chest muttering: Caitlin,Jarred,Callie,Max? Caitie, Jarred,Callie,Max where are you? Caitlin, Jarred ,Callien,Max its dinner time,time to come in now before it gets too dark outside. Play time's over,time to come in and have supper then get ready for bed time.

Rimfire puzzled by the names Caitlin,Jarred,Callie and Max and asks: I don't mean to intrude on your personal lives here Terrence, but who are Caitlin,Jarred,Callie and Max ?

Terrance in a quavering voice: Th-the two sets of little twins Kris and I adopted before she died and came back. They've been missing for quite a while now. Almost a year.

Modo touched by the love that Terrence was showing towards the missing children and says: If they're anywhere on Earth, we'll find them and give ya a call so that you can come and take them home with you.

Terrance touched by Modo's caring attitude towards Caitlin,Jarred,Callie and Max and says: Thanks Kris,Mac,me and Jamie would all appreciate having them back home where they belong. They would have turned one today if they were with us. They were nine months when they vanished into thin air just before supper time.

Throttle: Got a picture of the little ones that we can use for reference so that once we get started, we'll know what we're looking for?

Terrance: Yeah in my left lab coat pocket there should be a picture of Caitie, Jarred , Callie and Max all together. I'd get it for you but I've got my hands full carrying Kristin who's sleeping right now. (Says to Pike) Pike you know where the picture of your nieces and nephews is, could you get it out for me?

Pike reaches into Terrence's left hand lab coat pocket and pulls out the small framed picture of his missing nieces and nephews and says) This is the last picture we have of Caitlin,Jarred,Callista and Max before they came up missing. Please take care of it. (Hands a small framed picture to Throttle who takes it from Pike)

Throttle,Vinnie,Modo,Charley,Rimfire and Stoker at the same time at the sight of little Caitlin,Jarred,Callie and Max's smiling faces: Awww they're so adorable! Who would wanna hurt four little angels like these guys?

Charley having been quiet the whole time says: I have a funny feeling who would want to hurt a toddler and their initals are LL and DK

Throttle,Vinnie,Modo,Rimfire,Stoker and Pike all at the same time: Limburger and Karbunkle!

Pike: I shouldda known that stench anywhere! When I went outside to look for Caitlin ,Jarred,Callie and Max myself, all I could smell was Plutarkian. When I found their little jackets on the ground even they had plutarkian stench all over it, so I decided to follow the stench and wound up infront of a transporter where I found these....:(Pulls Caitlin, Jarred,Callie and Max's teddy bears and golden good luck charms on four 24 karat gold chains out from inside his vest and says) I know Caitlin,Jarred,Callie and Max too well. They never go anywhere with out their teddy bears! Mac gave these bears to them when they first came home from the orphanage where they were abandoned shortly after birth and I gave them these good luck charms as a reward for sleeping the whole night through with out waking up periodically crying.

Throttle: Could I take a look at Caitie's necklace for a second here Pike?

Pike: Sure (Hands Throttle Caitlin's necklace saying) Here ya go.

Throttle takes the chains from Pike's hand examines the clasp then says) Take a look at this Pike

Pike: What is it?

Throttle holds up the clasp for Pike's inspection and says) Someone must've yanked these off their necks since the clasps are broken and is still holding on to the rings on the other side of the chains.

Pike notices the broken clasps and says) Those were not like that when I bought it for them.They were brand new chains and they wore them around their necks proudly and that's how they got her pet names Proud Heart, Loyal Haert,Playful Heart and Tender Heart. When I get my hands on them two I am not going to be a very friendly person to mess with. They took the one thing that made my life brighter and now they're gonna pay if they've hurt Proud, Loyal,Playful and Tender.

Throttle,Vinnie,Modo,Rimfire, and Stoker: We're with ya Pike.

Rimfire: Caitie,Jarred,Callie and Max'll be terrified by now and wanting to go home, they're still babies and won't understand why mommy and daddy aren't there to wake them from their bad dream. We'd better get going if we wanna go and find Caitie,Jarred,Callie and Max.

Terrence and Charley : We'll stay behind with Kristin and the others.

Throttle,Vinnie,Modo,Rimfire,Stoker and Pike all at the same time: Fine by us. Let's get going now.

As Throttle and the others leave Jordan's cabin, Kristin awakens and slides her hand into the pocket of her dress and pulls out a letter addressed to Terranceran of Marsis and gives it to Jordan.

Kristin: J-Jordan? Do me -hiccup-one last -hiccup-favour?

Jordan: Sure what's up?

Kristin: Give this letter to you know who for me please?

Jordan takes letter from Kristin's hand and says) Sure,it's just about time for his visit to see you and if you're not here when he arrives then he'll be mighty worried about you're whereabouts. Why not use the wish Crystal and wish yourslef to his doorstep and tell him yourself? You know he gets worried about you easily.

Kristin:You're right Jordan,I should do it myself. (Lays hand over crystal and wishes to be outside on Terranceran's doorstep leaning on crutches. When Kristin opens her eyes,she finds that she is outside of Terrenceran's quaint little cottage and reaches out to knock on his front door hoping that he's home and not on his way to visit her. After several knocks,Arrenceran answers the door and she says) Hi!

Arrenceran studders at the unexpected arrival of his friend saying) W-what are you doing here? We were just about to leave to go out looking for you! (Envlopes Kristin in a tight hug saying) Are you alright? We've been worried sick about you ever since we first heard that you were missing.

Kristin a little surprised at Arrenceran's tone of voice and says) Is Terrenceran home? I came to see him about something that's between the two of us. (Touched by Arrenceran's worry, Kristin returns his hug and replies) Yes Arrey, I'm fine now. He didn't hurt me.

Arrenceran recovers his manners releases Kristin and says) Oh I'm sorry you're on crutches,come on inside and I'll get Terrenceran out from the library. Have a seat in the mean time. (Helps Kristin sit on the couch and pushes the foot stool under her left ankle to elevate it and relieve the swelling while saying) I'm thankful that you weren't hurt and aren't dead. (Hurries off to haul Terrenceran out of the library. After a few minutes his voice could be heard faintly saying) No I'm not joking! She's in the living room sitting on the couch waiting to see you! Don't be rude Go out and see what she wants!

Terrenceran comes into living room and is surprised to find Kristin sitting in his living room and says) Oh god are you alright?(Drops to his knees infront of Kristin and allows her to wrap her arms around him and says) I've been worried sick about you for the past six weeks! Did he hurt you in any other way besides your ankle?,what brings you all the way here that couldn't wait until I showed up?

Kristin wraps her arms around Terrenceran's neck and allows the tears that she had held back to flow and says between sobs) Yes Terry, I'm fine now. No he didn't hurt me in anyother way besides my ankle. (Unwinds her arms from around Terrenceran's neck and fishes the note out of her pocket and says) I-I'm going home to the future and I won't be at Jordan's cabin when you arrived with father,so I thought that I'd spare you the trouble of showing up and being told that I'm not there. (Hands Terrenceran the letter saying) This-this is for you,um it deals with the dream that I had and told you about a few weeks back during your last visit. You said you'd tell me if you knew what it was trying to tell me. (Pulls out another envelope with her father's name on it, reaches up to remove her locket then drops it into the envelope and seals it saying) Here this one's for my father when he returns from his retreat, he'll want to be sure that I haven't been killed or badly injured.

Terrenceran eases Kristin back and takes letters from her hand saying) You know,um,I've kinda been replaying that little chat back in my mind and I've come to realize what it was trying to tell you. But first I realize just how badly I acted and how rude I was to you. I uh hope that you can see fit to forgive me for being so rude.

Arrenceran: And I hope that you can see fit to forgive me for the way I've been treating you. I realize now that it isn't right to
take my fould moods out on other people the way I took the majority of my bad moods out on you.

Kristin:Usually this would require alot of thought,but since you two have owned up to your mistakes and bad behavior and inappropriate manners. I hope that next time you two will act much more like adult men rather than children. After all do you actually realize what kind of example you were setting for me to follow when you acted the way you did?

Terrenceran and Arrenceran at the same time with heads bowed in shame) We do now but we didn't then

Kristin:I'm still not happy with your individual behaviours. I want a solome vow from each of you one at a time that you'll change and correct your behaviours and attitudes and manners. Starting with you Arrenceran since this started with you. Down on your knee and make that vow infront of me.

Arrenceran obediently drops to his knee infront of Kristin,places his left hand hand on his heart and gives Kristin his right hand and says: I-I'm sorry little one, I should know better and be setting better examples for you to follow. The majority of the examples that I have been setting have been extremly bad and I'm hoping that you don't follow those examples and get into trouble with your father. (Stops and waits for Kristin to forgive him)

Kristin:All right Arrenceran,after hearing your vows I've decided to forgive you

Arrenceran: Yes your highness. (Stands up and moves out of the way so that Terrenceran could repeat the same vows)

Kristin: Terrenceran its your turn to recite the same vows as Arrenceran recited.

Terrenceran obediently drops to his knee infront of Kristin,places his left hand on hand on his heart,and gives his right hand to Kristin then says: I-I'm sorry little one, I should know better and be setting better examples for you to follow. My examples were the worst of all. Instead of trying again I kept on giving up on what I was doing and abandoning hope of doing it right, making the impression that it's ok to not finish what you started which is something that your father gave me the devil for. He told me that you've picked up on my bad habits and he's had a hard time breaking you of those habits. I'm sorry from now on I'll keep working until things go right. (Stops and waits for Kristin to forgive him)

Kristin: All right Terrenceran,after hearing your vows I've decided to forgive you

Terrenceran: I'll be sure to give your letter to your father when he stops by on his way home. (Stands and whispers into her ear) As for the dream interpretation, meet me tonight by the old oak by the brook, come alone. I'll be waiting there for you at around 12:30 since that's when the dream starts becoming clear to you.

Kristin: Now I have to get back before they start worrying about me.

Terrenceran: Since you have to leave now, I'll come to you in your dreams tonight with a close cut translation of your dream and explain what it is trying to tell you. I too had the same dream so it shouldn't take me long to translate the meaning of the dream into the place where Caitlin,Jarred,Callie and Max are being held. Before you go, can I get one last tight hug?

Kristin wraps her tiny arms around Terrencerans neck saying: I'll miss you but I'll miss seeing father.

Terrenceran returns her hug saying: I'll miss you when you're in the future. Thank God that your safe and unharmed. I've been worried sick about you.

Kristin: I'll miss you too. (Lays her hand over the wish crystal and closes her eyes and wishes to be home in the future in bed tucked in snugly with her ankle propped up. When Kristin opens her eyes again,she finds herself in the future tucked into bed with her ankle proped up and falls back asleep, praying to the gods that her children are safe,unharmed and will be found soon and be reunited with her and that her father recieved the letter that she left behind and felt relieved that his only child was alive and well)

A few hours later, an uncertained Vinnie opens Kristin's bedroom door and sticks his head in to check in on her and found that she was semi-awake. Seeing that Kristin was awake, Vinnie opened her door and walked in closing the door behind him and went straight to her bedside and sat down beside her

Vinnie: Sits down on the side of the bed and pulls Kristin into a hug saying) Hi you're awake! How're you feeling? You look a whole lot better than you did when we came back.

Kristin slides her arms around Vinnie to hug him back and lays her head on his chest and says) Did you find Caitie,Jarred,Callie and Max? Are they alive? How-how did we get from the past to here?

Vinnie: Yes we've found the little one's and right now they're being pampered by their fathers and unca Pike. Ned opened the gates of time for us to come back. I guess your wish took a lot out of you as did the lack of sleep. Did you want to come out into the living room or were you going to go back to sleep? It's up to you. No one's rushing you to get out of bed and be on your feet. If you're still too tired to get up yet then go back to sleep a while longer.

Kristin: I'll just go back to sleep a while longer. Oh thank god! So their having a bath huh? No I'm still too tired to get up yet.

Vinnie lays Kristin back against her pillows,brushes her bangs away from her eyes,stands up to pull the covers back up around her waist,leans down and kisses her forehead saying) Yep. You rest and go back to sleep awhile longer baby I'll be back in later on to check in on you. Now close your eyes and go back to sleep, that's it. Sweet dreams little one. (Quietly leaves Kristin's room to allow her to continue to sleep and is greeted by Stoker who had just come from the washroom.)

Stoker: How is she?

Vinnie: Still tired, she just fell back asleep before I left. Her natural rosey coloring is starting to come back into her cheeks and her old sparkle is starting to show back up in her eyes bit by bit.

Stoker: Well at least she's back where she belongs and is getting some well deserved sleep. She had me worried when we came back, I thought we had lost her there for a while until she started to breath again. Maybe I should go in and see her before Terrence, Pike,Rimfire and I all have to head back to Mars where we're needed.

Vinnie: Try not to wear her strength out. She has very little strength and tires very easily. If she starts to doze off just let her go back to sleep to regain her lost strength, the more sleep she gets the more strength she'll have to stay awake longer.

Stoker: Vinnie have you forgotten that I've raised all four of Rusty and Patrick's kids from infant hood to where they are now? I don't need to be told about sleeping. CJ's down with Mono and so is Martin while their younger siblings have the flu. The older kids are looking after them until I get home and that's why we're leaving early instead of when we planned. The phone call was from Devon; Timmy's fever broke and he's awake, so I'm needed back home to care for CJ and Martin whose fevers are gettin
worse instead of better.

Vinnie: I guess I did forget about you raising them. Want me to go round up the other three for you?

Stoker:Yeah, tell 'em to haul their tails into Kris's room before they even think of leaving.

Caitie comes running down the hall in her undershirt,socks and under pants and heads straight for Stoker

Mac calling from the living room archway: Streaker! Don't let your mother find out you streaked in your underclothes!

Stoker catches Caitlin in his arms and says: Hello gorgeous, does daddy know we're streaking in our under clothes huh?

Caitie giggling: No

Vinnie: My my my, aren't we a little dare devil. (Turns and says to Stoker) She takes after her mother when she was little.

Pike comes down the hall looking for his niece calling) Caitie? Sweetheart, where are you? Come on and finish getting dressed! Daddy's looking for you sweetie. (Sees Caitlin in Stokers arms and says) There you are! I've been looking all over for you punkin. C'me on and lets finish getting you dressed. (Takes Caitlin out of Stoker's arms and says) Atta girl

Caitie giggling: No dwess! No fwills.

Pike: Well giggle puss, you can tell your father what you want, I'm sure he's got something else in mind for you to wear besides a dress with frumpy frills that make you look like a China Astor Doll.

Terrence comes down the hall calling for his daughter: Caitlin? Caitie, come out come out where ever you ran off to! (Continues to walk down the hall towards Kristin's bedroom and finally sees Caitlin in Pike's arms and says) There you are! Come on and finish getting dressed.

Pike: Tell your father what you want.

Caitie leans over and goes to her father saying:No dwess! No fwills.

Terrence takes Caitlin out of Pikes arms saying: Request has already been taken care of. (Puts Caitlin on the ground and takes her tiny pale blue T-Shirt off his shoulder and says to Caitlin) Arms up punkin, atta girl (Pulls the tshirt down over her head then pulls a tiny pair of dark blue short over alls off his shoulder, turns them around with the bunny bib facing front ways and says) Ready left foot in left leg hole, good girl, now right foot in right leg hole, very good you're getting to be better at this and pretty soon you'll be dressing your self instead of waiting for me or mommy to do it. (Fastens the straps to the ears and pulls a tiny pair of powder blue high cut sneakers with a bell on each shoe lace out from his lab coat pocket and says) Now sit and give me your left foot. Good girl (Slips shoe on to Caitlin's foot and ties the lace saying) Now give me your right foot and we're almost done. (Pulls out a comb and tugs it through Caitlin's hair and gathers it back in a pony tail and fastens a powder blue ribbon in her hair and one on her golden tipped tail then says) There we are all done! Now then shall we go and pick out a puppy to take home?

Caitlin looks at her mothers half closed door and starts to cry saying: No want mommy!

Stoker scoops Caitlin into his arms then opens Kristin's door walked in closing the door behind him and went straight to her bedside and sat down beside her gently brushing her long blond bangs away from her eyes saying) Hey rise and shine for a bit before I head back home angel.

Caitlin gently pats her mother's nose and says: Want mommy want mommy

Kristin:Hmm? (Opens her eyes and give a faint smile to Stoker who was sitting on the edge of her bed and says) Headin home so soon? (Notices Caitlin sitting on the bed and says) Caitie, baby come to mommy while she's awake.

Caitlin crawls over her mother and snuggles up and falls asleep

Stoker: Yeah, my kids need me at home to take care of four sicklings. (Carefully sits Kristin up against his chest being careful of the napping Caitlin and gives her a gentle good bye hug saying) I'd hang around a while longer but Caitie,Marty,Cynthia and Timmy all need my attention.

Kristin slides her arms around Stoker saying) Well don't let me stop you from goin back to your family who needs you. I've got the boys in the living room to come when I need them.

Rimfire opens Kristin's bedroom door holding Max in his arms and walks in followed by Pike and Terrance who closes the door behind him and says) Hi,we came to say our goodbyes too,but I think that Pike and Terrence here want to say theirs in private; so I'll make mine short and sweet. (Sits on the edge of Kristin's bed, sits Max beside Caitlin and gives Kristin a hug then tucks a blanket around Caitlin and Max saying) I'll call you when D and I set a date for our wedding so that you can plan things around that date instead of cancelling your plans to attend the ceremony. So start and get your strength back so you can help D and I plan this thing with some help.

Kristin slides her arms Rimfire and snickers saying)Down boy down. I'll be back on my feet before the time comes and a wedding reception is not a THING its an EVENT TO REMEMBER!

Rimfire: Yeah well just hurry up and get back on your feet!

Kristin : I will, I pwomise

Rimfire: Yeah you'd better pwomise. Well it looks like Pike wants to talk to you alone for a bit before he leaves, so Stoke and I'll be leaving you two alone. (Gets up and leaves with Stoker and Terrence leaving Kristin and Pike alone.)

Pike walks over to Kristin's bedside with Jarred and Callie in his arms and sits down beside her and pulls her into a hug while quietly saying) Geeze it seems like when ever we try to get to know eachother,fate interferes and drives us further apart from each other. (Carefully lays Callie and Jarred in Kristin's arms and says) Here we go, here's Mommy.

Jarred and Callie sleepily: Mommy?

Kristin slides her arms Pike and says) I know Pikie I know it's hard to get to know me. All I can say is that I'll be home for quite a while recovering my strength so you can come for a visit anytime you have some spare time, ok Pikie? (Wraps her arms around the two toddlers and says) Shh and lay down. Its nap time and you two need a nap. That's it lay down and go to sleep.

Pike: Sounds fine by me. I'll wait and see how things work out with the missions I'm due to head out on when I get back to Mars. Well I best be laying you back down so that Terrence can come in to talk to you with further instructions on what you're to do for awhile longer. (Gently lays Kristin back against her pillows saying quietly) So I'll give you a call when and let you know when I can and can't come for a visit ok?

Kristin: Fine by me and Pikie?


Kristin: One last hug for the road before you leave?

Pike: Sure,then I have to get going and let Terrence in to see you (Gives Kristin a tight hug before pulling away and laying her down saying) I'll see you later,as for now Terrance has been waiting long enough to see you. (Stands up and walks to door and opens it disappearing around the otherside of the door into the hall being replaced by Terrence who comes directly to her bedside)

Terrance: I've taken X-Rays of your ankle and I'll look at them when I get back to Mars and give you a call when with the verdict on the damages your ankle sustained OK? (Looks at the four sleeping toddlers who flank their mother on both sides and says) Are you sure that you want them here after what you've been through?

Kristin: Sure. I'll be home for quite a while. (Glances at her four sleeping children and says) My motherly instincts tell me that this is where they wanna be for a while until they're completly over being scared out of their little minds.

Pike opens door and sticks his head inside and says) Hey bro,rides's here and Mac's waitin to head back home.

Terrance: All right, I'm coming Pike. (Sees Kristin looking for Mac and says) Tell Flyboy he's being paged.

Pike ducks out and heads back into living room and returns a few moments later with Mac trailin behind him and says) She's in there resting her foot along with four sleeping toddlers, two on each side.

Mac opens door and walks into the spare guest room and over to the bed where Kristin was laying saying) You call m'dear?

Terrance gets up and leaves the room so that Mac and Kristin could be alone

Kristin sits up a little further and holds her arms open for a hug: Maccie!, long time no see!

Mac sits on the edge of the bed and envlopes Kristin in a hug saying) Hi and the same here lover! It's been too long since we
last seen eachother! Look,I'm takin the kids to elevate the noise levels around here so you can rest and take it easy. OK? (Sees the four toddlers and says) They alive or did stink face kill 'em?

Kristin wraps her arms around Mac to return his tight hug saying) No they're having an afternoon nap session. Yeah sure ,anyways its your weekend to have them. I should warn you that Tawny's been lacking her usual energy and Caitie's getting over the measles and Fawn has the flu. As for Dustin and Freckles, they're fine health wise. Freckles has a sprained ankle and Dustin broke his arm a few days ago and is mighty grouchy due to the pain and the weight of the cast on his arm and the akwardness of the way he has to sleep at night. So be fore warned that he's grouchy so that you don't misinterperet his grouchiness.

Mac worridly: Maybe before we leave Terry'll have a gander at Tawny and check her over. I don't like what I'm hearing right now. Thanks for tellin me about Dustin's arm and Freckles's ankle. I'll just have to be alot more paitient with Dustin.

Terrance comes in from Tawny and Caitie's bedrooms and says) Sorry to interrupt but I felt Mac should know that Tawny has a chest cold,Fawn has the flu and Caitie has a bit of a temperature but both can head back home with us but should be put straight to bed as soon as you get home and in the door. I want to check Caitlin every month after the spots are gone,since this is the first time that Caitlin has had the measles. I'll be giving her her annual booster shot after she's recovered. Now that she's had the measles, she'll be immuned to them but she'll still get them only not as bad as the first time. The same with the chicken pox.

Mac: Terry,Caitlin hasn't had the chicken pox yet. Give her some time and she'll contract the chicken pox so that she'll be immuned to them.

Terrance Confused: Oh? I thought that she had already had them. Maybe I made a mistake. I don't have any records on her so I'm only throwing blind darts as to her health.

Kristin: Check my filing cabinit under MacCloud,Caitlin 2019/12/25

Terrance opens Kristin's filing cabinit and pulls out Caitlin's medical records and says: Your parents send these to you?

Kristin: No our future son -Scout- sent them. He takes over our practice when we take some well deserved time off for our second honeymoon.

Terrance: Yeah well the next time you see your future son,tell him his future father says thanks for the records on Caitlin.

Kristin: I will Terry, I will.

Mac stands up and says: Well we best be on our way back to Mars before Menda has my head on a platter. You take care of yourself and stay off your ankle and I'll give you a call to up date you on Caitlin and Tawny (lays Kristin back against her pillows and says) Oh and before I forget love,is Dustin taking any pain killers for his arm that I should know about?

Kristin:Yep,Dustin's already got them packed away in his bag in a hidden compartment away from curious little hands that could mistake them for candy and eat one. He'll give them to you if you ask him for them.

Dustin comes into his mothers room holding two sandwich bags with his and Freckles's medicine in it and says) Hey dad,here's my medicine for my arm. The brownish red ones are to be taken twice a day,the green ones three times a day and the white ones are to be taken at bedtime with the brownish red ones. Two of each two brownish red ones and two white ones. The brownish red ones are pain killers,the green ones are also pain killers but at a much lower dosage and the white ones are antibiotics. This bag has Felina's medicine in it. An pack that's to be frozen and laid on her ankle to bring the swelling down and it can also be heated for the twenty.four hours of heat after the twenty four hours of icing. (Notices the four sleeping toddlers on each side of his mother and says) Are they alright?

Caitlin rather sleepily:Dusty?

Dustin brushes the hair out of Caitlin's eyes and kisses the side of her head saying: Shh and be a big girl and go back to sleep. I'll see you on Sunday night before bedtime. Night night.

Mac walks towards his son and takes the bag containing the medicine and walks out the bedroom door with Dustinsaying) We'll leave you two alone now since you didn't get much of a chance to say your good byes (gently shoves Dustin out then turns and closes door.)

Kristin looks at her martian brother in law and says: So when can I get outta bed?

Terrance looks at his beautiful human sister in law and says:When ever you feel like it,just don't put any pressure on your ankle for a while. Let it heal by using the crutches. Y'know ever since we married, I've begun to wish that I had taken you with me back to Mars for our honey moon instead of not having one at all. That's the one thing that I regret the most in this marriage.

Kristin looks at her brother in law,shifts her body to the center of the bed pulling the sleeping Jarred and Callie close to her side and pats the edge of the bed saying: C'mere Terry

Terrance sets Caitlin's files on top of the filing cabinet and walks over to his sister in law's bed and sits down saying: Hmm?

Kristin: Isn't there any way that you can possibly take a bit of time away to spend it with Jamie here? 'Cause if you're that lonely then why not stay her for a little while or pack Jamie up and take her with you?

Terrance thinks over what his sister in law had said and replies: I'll see what happens when I return home. If I'm not needed then I'll pack a duffel bag and a book bag ,have Mac bring me back and I'll definitly spend the honey moon right here doing physio therapy on your ankle. But there is something that I've been longing to say to you darling.

Jamie comes in and says: Aww no ya don't! A Honeymoon isn't supposed to be spent with your sister in law, it's supposed to be spent with the one you married away from her home! Hmmm? What is it? (Grips his right hand in worry) Is anything wrong Terry?

Terrance smiles,lays his left hand on Jamie's cheek and says: No honey everything is finally perfect except for the words and
actions that I'm gonna say and do wether you like it or not and (Glances tenderly at his four sleeping children and says) except for the four empty cribs back on Mars that belong to Jarred,Caitlin,Max and Callie. But at least I know where they are and that they're safe and sound if they're with you.

Jamie: Then what is it? What was it you wanted to tell me? What did you want to give me?

Terrance: This (leans down and gives her a long and deep kiss on the mouth then kisses her once more before he breaks it off saying quietly) I love you Jamie Cley more than I loved you when we married.

Jamie kisses Terrence back and utters the same words: And I love you Terrence Cley, more than when we married. Do you wat Kris to wake them up and get them ready to head home with you?

Terrance looks at the four sleeping toddlers and says: No let them sleep. They need their sleep.

Pike opens door and sticks his head inside and says) Mac's waitin to head back home. Ya coming or what?

Terrance and Jamie groan at the unexpected interrruption by Pike making Terrence say: Ohh alright already,I'm comin, I'm comin! Don't tie your tails together. (Turns back to Kristin saying) You wanna get up and see me off sister dear?

Kristin pushes back the covers and being cautious of the four sleeping toddlers that were on both sides of her swings her full 5'12" lean muscular body out of bed,waits for Terrence to bring the crutches over to her and stands up leaning on the bed post for support while she gets a grip on the crutches and says) Yeah I may as well stop being lazy and come out. Did you wanna leave them here or take them with you back to Mars?

Terrance looks into Kristin's dark blue eyes and says: Now that's what I call determination! (Voice drops so he won't wake his youngest adopted children and says) No,I'll take Caitie and Max and Pike can take Callie and Jarred After all we legally adopted them and they love Bulletshock and Ludwig like an older sister and brother. The same thing goes for the other kids, they adore them dearly.

Kristin drops her voice to a low whisper saying) They'll be thrilled to go home with you. I'll come for a visit as soon as I can.

Terrance gathers up Caitlin and Max blanket and all and says: Well take your time and let that ankle heal and get plenty of sleep. I can handle these guys for a few weeks. (Tenderly kisses Caitlin's golden bangs that shone radiantly against her pitch black fur and does the same to little Max who stirred but fell back asleep not wanting to wake up from his deep nap.) I'm so thankful they're all right and alive.

Pike opens door and sticks his head inside and says) Mac's waitin to head back home. Ya coming or what?

Terrance turns and says to Pike: Do me a favour and take Callie and Jarred while I take Caitie and Max

Pike walks into Kristin's bedroom and over to the bed where he carefully scoops up Callie and Jarred blanket and all and walks out the door

Terrance turns and says to Jamie: Coming dear?

Jamie: Yeah I'm comming

Kristin: I'm coming as fast as I can right now.

A few moments later in the spacious back yard, Kristin kissed each of her four younger children then Mac while Jamie kissed Terrence and said their good byes as she watched her husband's figure until he could no longer be seen at all. Shortly after Terrence disappeared into Mac's ship, the door closed and Mac started to take off. Kristin watched the ship until she could no longer see it in the darkening night sky and sent a mental good by message to Terrence reminding him to call Jamie as soon as he could and told him to remind Mac that he had promised to come back if he wasn't needed and spend time with her, then turned and went back inside her home with her three best friends to head to bed for the rest of the night.