A Summer Night's Dream

By Hayden Davidson

Copyright Hayden

Authors note and disclaimer: For mature readers only!!! If you have a problem with sexaul situations go back now!! This is you last warning!! NC-17!!!!!!this has nothing to do with any of my other stories....yes it does get steamer in the second half...isn't there always more action in the second half of the game? ...if you don't like mice human realtions don't read on.....Please sign the comment book at the bottom and tell me what ya think.WARING!!! I'm about to get preachy!!! This is the only time I'll do this. This story contains pre-matertal sex, but I don't engoure it. Abestines is the best policy. Gals and guys do yourself a favor wait til marriage. The safest sex is no sex outsid marriage.....now we return from the preachy message of the day to the story

It was a quite lazy day in the city of Chicago. The sweltering heat had drove even the most dedicated summer ocean slacker into the coolness of the air condition. The ozone warnings kept the rest of the population home, with the exception of a few courageous teens who braved the heat to the movie theater. All around, though, the citizens were equally thankfully for the invention of the blessed air condition.

A wonderful modern conveyance Charley would have killed for at that point. She sat on the couch, no correction--she was stuck to the couch in front of a fan that was set on high. Even with the semi-cool breeze of the fan and only wearing a tank top and shorts, Charley was still burning up. Her hair was damp with sweat and clinging to her skin in places. Beads of sweat trailed down her chest between her breasts; she had taking off her bra long before. She was tempted to take off her shorts in her desperation to get cool. If it wasn't for Vinnie she would have stripped and sat there completely unclad.

Charley smiled, well that would take Vinnie's mind of the heat. At the least it would shut him up about how hot he was and how he wished he had gone with guys. Both Modo and Throttle had gone for a visit to Mars. Modo to visit is sister and he family; Throttle to see Cabarine, a fact he'd been teased for to no end. So they had missed the beginning of the heat wave. Charley was beginning to think they had planned it that way.

She did feel sorry for Vinnie though. If she was hot in this heat, he must be miserable with all his fur. Poor thing, wasn't prepared for the hottest summer Chi town had had in along time. Dam El Nino!

Charley was about to go up to her room and fill the bath tub with ice cold water; then submerge herself, clothes and all in the cold water. When Vinnie came in, from riding his bike in admit to get cool....or so she thought.....

"You still look miserable," Charley said, smiling at Vinnie. He looked like he'd been trapped in a sauna.

"And you think you look much better?" Vinnie smiled back. He hated being hot, but he wasn't going to let Charley-girl no that. He threw a towel at her. "Get your suit on."

"Huh?" Charley said, throwing the towel aside.

"Get your bathing suit on, we're going to the beach," Vinnie told her.

Oh, that sounded good...nice cool water...hmmm...... She smiled sensual for a moment then shook her head.

"Vinnie, need I remind you that we can't exactly go to a public beach....you'd scare the hell out of most of the people there!!!" Charley told him, even as she stood to go up stairs.

"Hey!!" Vinnie exclaimed. "What are you trying to say?" He teased her.

Charley laughed. "That a Martian mouse isn't something most people expect to see on a beach, or at all for that matter. Not that they don't know what their missing... but seriously Vinnie..."

"Got it covered, Babe. Besides only crazies and people with A/C are out on the beach today!" Vinnie said, he gave her a little push to the steps. "Now get your suit on, and get whatever you want to take with you. I'll get the snacks!"

Charley sighed but was to hot to argue. She headed up the steps, then back over her shoulder. "Put some rootbeers in for me, okay? Don't just bring stuff for yourself!"

"Hey would I do that?"

Charley just stuck her tongue out at him.

An half-hour later the two of them were on Vinnie's bike driving down the highway to the beach. Charley had put her new black bikini and had slide her jeans shorts back over the bottoms. The top alone had been enough to distract Vinnie, it covered the minimal amount of skin and was held up by to thin black cords. Charley smiled at the memory of his jaw hanging open. She couldn't wait to see his reaction to the bottoms.

Charley blushed a little, glad that Vinnie couldn't see her face. The fact was she had brought this bikini with Vinnie especially in mind. When she had tried it on she had imagined Vinnie slowly taking it off her, little by little. Kissing every inch of skin he uncovered, caressing and learning every curve. Then him kissing her like he did the other day. Charley shivered despite the heat of the day. She held on to Vinnie a little tighter.

Vinnie was enjoying the feel of Charley pressed against his back. He was very glad he couldn't see the tiny black bikini top she wore any more. He had taken one look at her, barley contained in the scrap of fabric, and almost gone out of his mind. It was bad enough she had been walking around in next to nothing the last few days! And that kiss the other day....he was going to go mad if this kept up.

Ten minutes later Vinnie pulled off the highway on to a small access road. After a few more minutes he brought his bike to stop at the edge of a small secluded beach. Pure white sand stretched out before the pair. The blue-green water crashed deliciously cool and inviting against the seashore. The salty smell of the sea was carried by a equally cool and enticing breeze.

"It's a paradise Vinnie!! How'd you find this place?!" Charley asked as the spread a blanket out over the sand a little ways up from the crashing serf.

Vinnie grinned at her. "That's my secret, sweetheart!" He told her teasingly, setting the cooler in the sand by the blanket. "You like it?"

"I love it!! I hate crowed beaches!" Charley sighed in happiness, putting on some suntan lotion. "This is so serene and secluded. It like we're the only two people in the world....."

Vinnie kicked off his jeans, revealing a pair of swimming trunks. He watched Charley put her suntan lotion on, grinning as she tried to apply some to her back. "Need some help, Charley-girl?" He asked.

"Thanks, Vinnie." She handed him the tube and held her hair up.

Vinnie massaged the lotion in, deliberately and attentively. He adored touching her, her skin was so yielding and so smooth beneath his fingertips. By the time he was done she was almost putty in his hands. Not to mention her back was NEVER going to get sunburned. Charley sighed and beamed in happiness.

"There you go, babe." He said, handing her back the tube.

Charley took it from him and smiled sweetly. She let her hair fall back down her back. Her green eyes captivated him, enchanted him. Charley leaned forward a little, Vinnie breathed in the aroma of her skin under the smell of the lotion. Raspberries. He resisted the desire to draw her near and bury his face in her thick chestnut locks, breathing her scent in deep.

"Thanks Vinnie. My hero." She said sweetly.

Charley leaned forward and kissed his check in thanks. She could feel his body heat radiating from him as she leaned close. Vinnie caught her in his arms and drew her closer. Charley breath quickened as he lowered his mouth to hers. She knew he was going to kiss her. Every part of her being was tensed in anticipation. As his mouth drew closer, Charley almost stopped breathing altogether. Her eyes drifted shut, and her hands curled into the blanket.

The kiss was tender and gentle at first, though very extraordinary. Charley felt electric shivers race up her back, as Vinnie moved his mouth slowly lovingly upon hers. His fur brushed against her bare skin, creating the most delicious warm sensation in her lower body. Charley wrapped her arms around his neck moving closer, rubbing against him causing him to tremble. Vinnie deepened the kissed, pulling her into his lap. She gasped a little as the kiss turned more intense, more demanding. He took the opportunity to dart his tongue into her mouth. Caressing her tongue and the roof of her mouth tantalizingly with his tongue. Charley responded in kind, opening her mouth a little wider.

Charley felt a tightening tug at her lower body as a slow pulsating fire began to burn between her legs. All clear thoughts were beginning to fade away. She buried her fingers in his fur. Vinnie's hand began to stroke her skin, causing her to burn even more. The feel of his fur against her flesh was driving her wild with want. Oh--God---that feels--so--good--oh dam---oh shit---why'd I wait so long to let him---OH!!!!

She felt his gaze burning through her eyes lids, a cold heat entrenched her trembling form. Charley opened her eyes meeting is intense, hungry pink eyes. The need and adoration for her she saw burning in eyes, turned her on more then anything. She kissed him harder, rubbing her body slowly up and down against his; relishing the fire it sent through her already boiling blood.

Vinnie was on fire for her. He was becoming more and more aroused by her movements and the caress of the kiss. Nothing in his wildest dreams could compare with the simple pleasure of kissing her. No kiss had ever done this to him. He could smell her scent and it did more to him than any drug ever could. He pressed his hand between her leg and rubbed her through the bikini bottoms. Charley arched her back a little, pressing her thighs together in an effort to keep his hand where it was. Shit--she feels---so--very--dam--good----oh--gods I want her----- Vinnie heard her gasp his name. That little sound brought him back to reality. He stopped in mid-kiss. What am I doing? Dam it--I shouldn't be taking advantage of Charley like this!! She not just some girl--she's---she deserves to be treated better than this---

Vinnie pulled away from Charley and quickly stood. He walked to the edge of the serf. Charley sat dumfounded on the blanket. One minute he was kissing her like she was all that mattered, the next he acted like he wanted nothing to do with her. The fire inside her had dismissed when he had pulled away, like someone throwing water on a campfire. Leaving Charley feeling chilled to her very soul, despite the burning heat of the mid-day sun.

She slid off her shorts and walked down to him, leaving footprints beside his in the wet sand. She came up behind him and put her arms around his waist. She could feel his strength and raw physical power as she embraced him, but to her surprise he trembled at her touch. Charley rested her check against his soft fur, breathing in his scent. Chocolate and almonds she realized with a start. She smiled and nuzzled and nuzzled him.

"Vinnie?" She whispered, her voice was worried. "What's wrong?" Worried that she had done something to cause him to draw away from her.

Vinnie let his head fall back. He wished she would go away. He wished she would never leave him. Vinnie didn't want to feel this way about a female again. This was more than just lust between him and Charley, and he knew. And it scared him more than anything in his life ever had. He couldn't risk losing his heart again. Not after what happened to....he squezzed his eyes shut harder, he couldn't lose Charley like that. Vinnie felt her pressed against his back warm and alive, her strong, yet femine arms around him. Even her voice, though a soft whisper, held strengthen in it. No, Charley was a fighter..not like......

"Nothing--" He turned around, losing himself from her grip, and smiled at her, his reckless, carefree smile. But the heart of it was missing Charley smile back simply because the haunting sadness behind the smile was to painfuly to comptenplate. "Are you still hot?"

Charley looked at him closely to see if there was a double meaning to his words. "Burning up..." She said, smiling slyly wondering if he's catch the double meaning behind her words.

"I guess we're just gonna hafta cool you off then, Charley-girl!" Vinnie smiled slyly back.

"Oh--no--you woul--"

Vinnie pushed the past aside and Charley into the breaking wave. She landed completely soaked on her butt sinking into the cool wet sand. She glared at him.

"No fair! That waters cold!!" Charley protested, she realized his action was to keep her from probing what had just occured to deeply but she let it past.

"Well your cooled off no aren't ya?" Vinnie grinned.

Charley smiled sweetly back up at him and grasped his leg as the next wave came roaring on to the sand. Pulling him into the wave. She stood and giggled looking down at him.Her jade eyes danced playfully in the sun.

"You look like a drowned mouse!!" She laughed, running into the water as he stood and chased after her.

"I'll show you a drowned mouse!!!" He caught her as they got to deeper water, laughing just as hard as she was.

Charley shrieked with laugher as he dunked her under the water. She pulled him in with her, laughing and screaming.

"This means war you know!!" Charley said laughing, swimming away from him.

The water war kept up for about an hour. Vinnie came out the winner having dunked Charley twenty time while she only dunked him ten. She swore she had let him win though. Finally the two had declared a truce and went back up on to the beach to get some food and drink.

It was then that Vinnie first saw her bikini bottoms. His mouth fell out, and he stood there gaping at her until she hit the back of his head. They weren't thongs, though Vinnie wished they were, but they were very VERY reveling. With high cut hips and only enough fabric to cover the important stuff, they made for a very distracting item.

After that the two spent the rest of the day playing in the cool ocean water and relaxing on the sand. And of course eating, well mostly Vinnie did that. Charley took it upon herself to bury him completely in sand and he tried returned the favor, without much success it should be noted.

The earlier incident was almost forgotten. But neither of them could forget how they had felt in the other's arms. At one point Charley had slipped in the serf and Vinnie had caught her in his arms in an act of pure instinct. The two had stood staring at each other, barely breathing, for a long moment before Vinnie pulled away.

Charley's bathing suit, of lack there of, drove Vinnie crazy for most of the day. Several times he had had to mental slap himself for imaging what she would look like without those thin scraps of fabric. He enjoyed spending time with her immensely, but --oh-- it was easier to concentrate when she was fully clothed. While Charley found herself wishing that Vinnie had worn speedo. And wishing, and wishing....

Charley shook herself out of daydreaming several times. She final amitted to herself that she had it in a big way for Vinnie. In fact, she had probably had since the moment he had come, well slipped, to her rescue that first time. But she couldn't figure out why he had pulled away from her. It had been obvious he had wanted her just as much as she had wanted him. So what was the deal?

About six Charley got up from sunbathing and walked to the water for one last swim. She sighed and looked back at Vinnie who was seemingly asleep. The silence had become uncomfortable about an hour ago when all conversation had died. Since then Charley had been restless and edgy. She couldn't keep still. Her whole body was tensed in readiness for something.

God, he's handsome....and cute.....who would of thought I'd find the man of my dreams in a cocky, egotistical, reckless Martian Mouse? She dived under the cool blue-green water, swimming out a little ways to where the water was deeper. hmmm.....Charlenee Van Wham....Mrs. Charley Van Wham.....whoa bad line of thought Charley-girl.....don't get to attached too him...he'll be going back to Mars someday...leaving you behind.....don't do anything stupid...like fall in love....She shook her head at herself.....a little late for that. Sigh....my taste in men really needs work.....Charley started back at the beach and for the first time wished the mice had never come to Chicago. She swam slowly back to the beach.

Vinnie watched Charley stand slowly letting the waves crash around her. She was so beautiful standing there. Charley walked out of the water and stood on the beach looking out across the ocean. He felt an aching pain in his heart as he looked at her. In her Vinnie had found everything he had ever wanted or needed, and that scared him. Scared him to the bone.

Even as he stood he told himself he shouldn't feel this way about Charley. He could never be worthy of her, never hope to be anything she'd ever want or need. As he reached her, he felt a tremor go through him all the way to his soul. Her body glistened in the light; water dripping from her wet hair, making it seem darker and lighter at the same time. She appeared to be made of nothing more than light and water molded into the shape of a female. How could he live with out this wondrous creature before him? He couldn't and Vinnie knew it. But he'd rather be a prisoner of Kurnkuncle for as long as he lived then be forced to watch Charley go through what She had.

Charley sighed sadly and shrived a little, a cold breeze had began to blow though the sun had yet to set. She crossed her arms and shifted a little. Charley had no idea that Vinnie was standing only a few feet away. That she was being watched by him with awe and adoration. Vinnie seared the image of her standing there into his memory, for the long nights when he had gone back to Mars. A image to cherish and worship for all time, something no one could take from him.

Charley turned to go get a towel, and found herself facing Vinnie. Her eyes meet his. Charley found herself puzzled at the sad and yearning look in his eyes. It was like he was looking at the most precious thing in the world and it was about to be destroyed before his very eyes. She found she wanted to go to him, comfort him. The look in his eyes shattered her heart, she felt as if she could sense his anguish and torment. There was a tragic memory behind those eyes that she could almost see, almost.

"Vinnie--?" She murmured quietly.

Vinnie shook himself slightly and managed to smile at her. He could see the concern and sympathy in Charley's eyes. But he didn't want her sympathy. He made himself smile a little bigger though his heart wasn't in it.

"Hey, babe. It's getting late. We probably should start heading back," He said, turning away from her.

Charley took a step forward. "Vinnie? About earlier today..."She had to say something.

Vinnie look at his feet. "Look Charley---Charlene--I'm sorry about that---I shouldn't have---I mean it was wrong for me to--" he searched for the words, that could make them both laugh off the whole thing. So they could go back to the way the had been. "---I promise I won't say a thing about it---I'll never mention it again---please forgive me---" His eyes begged her.

Charley walked quickly to his side and silenced him with a finger. Never before had she seen Vinnie so unsure of himself. He look so vulnerable standing there, his voice quivered a little. "Vinnie I know nothing to forgive." He looked at her a bit dumbfounded. "You didn't do anything wrong---I---I liked it---" Charley flushed as she spoke the words. She ran her fingertip over his furry check, to his ear. She traced the rim, looking at him. Concealing nothing in her dark green eyes. The words poured out unchecked. "I liked it a lot---in fact--I wouldn't mind if you kissed me again--I want you and I--I wouldn't mind if you---"

Vinnie hushed her with his mouth upon hers, sealing both of their fates. Drawing her into his arms, Vinnie ran his palms up her back. Feeling more than a little cold in the increasing wind Charley cuddled into Vinnie's warm embrace. Thanking every one of her luck stars individually and by name that he had fur. Her hands ran up his back, loving the feel of his soft fur, then scratched her nails back down to his wasit. His whole body tensed at her action.

Vinnie wrapped one hand around the nape of her neck, pulling her deeper into the kiss. He felt the emotions and doubts that had gripped him earlier melt away in the heat of his desrie. He knew he wouldn't be able to stop himself this time, and he didn't care. Charley wanted him and that was all that mattered. His other hand tangled in her damp hair, and he wondered of silk could ever compete.

He kissed her thoroughly and intimately. His skilled tongue doing things that made her weak in the knees. Charley griped Vinnie's arms trying to stay balanced. Her heart beat quickened, echoed by another pulsating beat which made it's rhythm in her lower body. She had never wanted anyone this badly in her life. When Vinnie's hand caressed her breast she felt her knees buckle. She gasped her, back arching at even such a light of touch.

Vinnie felt her knees give way and sweept her into his arms, never breaking the kiss. Desire corseted through his veins, his head buzzed with his rushing blood. Walking to the blanket, Vinnie laid her gently down. Reluctantly he stood back a moment, dragging his gaze slowly down her form. She writhed and squirmed under his eyes, she felt as if her body was being set afire. She licked her lips. Charley held a hand out to him, coaxing him down to her.

Vinnie sat beside her leaning over her slightly. He kissed her again tenderly but then moved down her neck. Charley moaned as he licked and nipped his way down her neck. She couldn't believe what he was doing to her. Every nerve ending in her body was on fire with delight. His fur rubbing against her exposed skin made her want to scream, laugh and cry all at once. When Vinnie reached the base of her throat, he dipped his tongue into the hollow. Charley panted and wrapped her hands in his fur.

"Vinnie--" she breathed.

Vinnie smiled up at her and continued to kiss his way down from her throat. He tasted her skin and the salty water that still clung to her. Her body trembled and shrived under his touch, while her voice whispered breathless encouragement's to him. He nuzzled the valley between her breasts and caressed the sensitive sides of her breasts with his tongue,causing her to wimper. Her blood turned to molten lava, her pupils dilated staring into nothing. Charley let out a pent-up moaning sob as he worked his way back up to her parted lips.

Vinnie had noticed that Charley had started to shake even harder in his arms. He suspected it had more to do with her wet bathing suit than passion. He was only partly right. Charley's wet bikini only heightened her arousal. Her every movement caused the wet material to rub against the sensitive place between her legs, creating an almost unbearably feeling. Vinnie's hands slipped beneath her back, raising her up to his kiss a little more.

It took ever ounce of control he had, not to rip the bathing suit off her and sink himself deep into where he wanted to be. Her ever movement, her ever cry tested his restraint. His lower body hungered for her. Slowly he began to remove her bikini top, little by little. Every inch of skin he bared, he showered with kisses. Caressing that bit of skin until he was certain she couldn't take anymore. Then started the whole process over as he uncovered more skin. Vinnie's fingertip followed, dragging trendils of molten lava down her.

Finally her chest was bared to his eyes. Vinnie intimately caressed her breasts with his gaze. Lowering his mouth to her right breast, he keept his eyes lock with hers. Watching the dazed, glazed look in the jade spheres. He circled his tongue around the bud of her nipple, drawing a little cry from her parted lips. Vinnie's hands lifted her breast up to his mouth as he took that bud into his mouth. Charley's head fell back in rapture, as he suckled her tenderly. She stroked the back of his head, out of her mind with pleasure. The blaze in her grew and grew, until it was a raging inferno between her thighs. Her back arched and buckled, as she cried out his name.

Just when he thought she had all she could stand he moved to her left breast. He repeated the process, drawing louder cries from her. He went back and forth between her breasts repeating the same treatment to each. Her reaction grew more and more frenzied. Her back arched more and more into his hungry mouth. He loved the taste of her, she was all he had imagined and more.

He went back up her body until he had reached her face again. He rubbed his thumb over her bottom lip, causing her to tremble. He brought his other hand up to cup her face, tracing his tubs over her cheek bones. One of his hands left her face to trail down her side again. It gently brushed her bare breast, brining a soft cry from her, then went lower to grip her hip.

He pulled her up against his now aroused body, gasping a little at the feel of her warm form pressed against his. Charley whimpered as his other hand slowly stroked her back. Her lips were parted, begging for him. Just as another part of her was begging for him. Vinnie dipped his head to the vurnable curve of neck, tasting her rapid heart beat. He smiled, knowing he was the cause of the fast paced rhythm.

Charley moaned, torn between the mind shattering sensations that tore through her and complete frustration. She wanted his mouth upon hers again. She wanted to breath his breath. Stroke her tongue against his. The tempo in her lower body picked up a bit. A liquid warmth pooled between her legs. Charley arched her back as he pulled her hips tightly against his, his manhood throbbed against her throbbing warmth. She threw her head back, biting her lip to keep from screaming as he worked back down to her breasts.

"Vi-Vin--n--i--ie----" she gasped on raged breaths. He raised her head to look into her jade depth, glassed over with pleasure.

"Yes, Charlene?" He purred against her skin, his hot breath sending electric shivers up her spine. He kissed her skin again, his mouth open. There was something intoxicating about her simply lack of fur. Her smooth skin was salty and sweet under his caressing tongue.

Charley wound her fingers in his hair, trying to raise his mouth back to hers. "If---if--y-yo--u---do--n-n't----ki---ki--i--s--kiss--m--e--s--oo--on--I'm--I'm---gon--gonna---" She said on raged, swallow breaths. Pressure was quickly building up inside her, testing the limits of her sanity. "--I'm gonna---d--di--i-die--" Last part came out as a sobbing moan.

Vinnie smiled at her in masculine pleasure. No woman had ever responded to him like this. With so much passion, so much abandon.....by the GodsHe kissed her stomach, teasingly. Then moved up her body to her lips. Caressing every inch of flesh as he did.

Charley thought she was going to die from the pleasure of it all. All she want before she did though was to become one with Vincent. To feel him deep inside her. Then she could die a very, very happy woman.

"Now, then--" Vinnie whispered as he reached her lips. He covered her body with his, pinning her roaming hands above her head. "We can't have you passing on for something I'd so willing give you--" His breath blew hot against her lips as he covered her mouth with his.

The kiss burned Charley lips and made her yearn to feel Vinnie inside her even more. She kissed him back with all her passion. Arching up beneath him, pushing her hips up against his. The feel of his manhood pressing against her as she did so drove her further out of her mind.

Vinnie trailed a hand down her side to the hem of her bottoms. Moving off her slightly, his fingers dipped between her thighs. He began to rub her slowly through the cloth. When Charley felt his hand between her legs, she opened her eyes again. Feeling the passion rise higher in her, she looked deep into Vinnie's eyes. She knew then, for certain, that this more than sex for both of them. But the thought was quickly vanished as he slipped his hand under the cloth.

Vinnie moved his finger upon her with skilled strokes and caress. He knew how to make a female go crazy with want, and he planned to use every bit of the knowledge to make his Charley very happy. Her hips thrust up, begging for more. Vinnie looked deep in her eyes and smiled at what he saw. He stroked her hair out of her eyes with his free hand.

Charley cried out at the first touch of his fingers. The pressure in her was almost to the breaking point. She thrust her hips her blindly, her back arched. Vinnie left her lips and licked his way down her neck. He nipped and soothed the base of her throat with his tongue and teeth, adding to her burning passion. Charley threw her head back, her back arching hard, as he slipped a finger in to her tight, moist feminine channel.

"VINNIE!!!!e screamed in joy. The fire in her was burning hotter and stronger. She knew what was coming. The fire was consuming her whole.

Vinnie chuckled softly, amazed at how her saying his name like that made him feel. "I'm here, babe--come on, sweety--fly for me--" he whispered on a hard breathe. It was taking all his control to keep himself from losing all control. "--fly for me Charlene--I'll be here to catch you--always be here---"

Charley cried out again as he slipped a second finger into her. He moved them slowly in and out of her. Slowly drawing them out, spreading the wide apart. Holding her open, for a long aching moment. Before dipping back into her warmth. It was then she realized that somewhere along the way her bottoms had been taken off. Her muscles tensed, her hands curled into the blanket. Her head was pressed back, her neck arched into Vinnie's teasing mouth.


Vinnie kissed her lips again, continuing to move slowly in and out of her. Stroking her fiery hot insides. He moved down her body, in a smooth skilled movement. He could feel the pressure in her strain to break free. He knew she was almost ready to go over the cliff. She just need a little push.

"Fly-for me Charley-girl--fly--Charlene--" He coaxed her, his eyes burned straight to her soul.

Having said this, he dipped his head between her legs. Vinnie added his tongue to exploration. Tasting her deeply, stroking the through the hot folds with skill. Her spicy-sweetness tested him even more. His tongue gentle caressed the center of her fire.

When Charley felt his tongue upon her she did her best to contain her cries. But when his tongue found the sensitive button, she was out of control. She could barely breath. She fell headlong into a world of fire and light. Explosions rocked behind her eye lids, in white hope bursts. Her back arched, her hands tangling in his hair holding him close. She screamed his name, a cry to the heavens. Her body began to spasm, the tremors rocking her to her soul. She whispered Vinnie's named over and over in a hoarse voice, she hardly recognized has her own.

The tremors her were still rocking her when Vinnie slid up her body and held her close. He held her against his chest rocking her gentle. Whispering into her sweat damp hair tender endearments in his own tongue. He kissed her lips tenderly, sharing with her a taste of her own sweetness. Then she fell into the dark warm blackness. And she knew no more......

The End......? ;-)